How To Feed Land Turtles

How To Feed Land Turtles

Most species of land turtles feed on plant foods. Therefore, if such a turtle is contained at home, then you need to be very careful about its diet. People who faced a fatal problem, began to maintain special journals of nutrition of their pets:

  • daily;
  • weekly
  • monthly.

As a rule, the menu is prepared in advance, with planning for every day. This takes into account all the necessary vitamin supplements, in the form of calcium and various amino acids. If you bought a turtle, and you don’t know how to feed it, then for starters you should at least make a preliminary planning of its diet. In the process of feeding, it becomes clear how to adjust its nutrition. In order not to take risks, it is better to turn to a specialist for information or to “rummage” on the Internet, where there is a lot of useful information.

How To Feed Land Turtles

It is very important that the food is optimal and balanced. The tortoise must not be overfed, but it must not be allowed to starve. The diet of her diet should include foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals to ensure the pet normal development and growth.

If the turtle eats a lot of different foods, this can negatively affect the health and longevity of the pet. As a result of overeating, turtles can develop liver and gastrointestinal diseases.

With insufficient amounts of food, the turtle will not receive the required amount of nutrients, which can lead to developmental defects.

Despite the fact that land turtles eat mainly plant foods, care should be taken to ensure that the turtle also consumes animal food. This may be no more than 5% of the total diet, but this is quite enough for its normal development.

Who does not know how to feed this animal, can purchase special artificial additives with vitamins, proteins and other trace elements. How many such additives to the main diet are required is indicated on the package.

A complete list of permitted plants and vegetables can be found here.

Turtle diet

  • Greens – 75%;
  • Fruits, berries and vegetables – 15%;
  • Complex dishes in the form of various cereals – 5%;
  • Vitamin supplements – 5%.
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In the process of drawing up her diet, one must take into account the fact that certain substances, such as vitamin D3, can adversely affect her health. You should carefully study the list of substances prohibited for land turtles.

It should be remembered that in animals that fall into captivity, there is a shift in its behavior. With a lack of nutrients, she will begin to eat everything in a row, including the land located in the terrarium. To prevent this from happening, you should be very responsible for catering to your pet. With proper and balanced nutrition, the turtle will delight others for many years.

Therefore, before starting to feed the animal, you should make an approximate diet:

  1. As stated above the basis of the diet is greens, in the form of lettuce and dandelion leaves, plantain and alfalfa, thistle and sorrel, lawn grass, as well as legume leaves and stems (peas or beans). In addition to this greenery, turtles are happy to eat inflorescences of various plants. The main component must always be in the trough, and how much it will be decided by the reptile.
  2. In second place are vegetables. Turtles love to feast on pumpkin, fresh carrots, ripe zucchini, young beets and radishes. Once a month, the turtle can be given a taste of cucumber or horseradish.
  3. Apples and pears should be included in the list of berries and fruits.. From time to time, you can include apricots, plums, raspberries, strawberries, as well as watermelon in the diet, but in small quantities.

Do I need to water the turtle

As a rule, land turtles receive the main dose of moisture from vegetables, fruits and herbs. Most experts claim that once a week it is enough to provide the turtle with a bath of water and it will not suffer from a lack of moisture. The fact is that turtles can replenish the lack of water through the skin. If the turtle swims for 10 minutes in a bowl of water, then this is enough for her.

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There are times that after the acquisition of the turtle this small animal still suffers from a lack of moisture. In such cases, the turtle should be provided with daily baths with water for some time. Water needs to be poured to half the body so that the head peeks out of the water. For this purpose, at first you can install a drinking bowl with clean water so that the turtle can drink at any time.

What do turtles eat in their natural habitat?

How To Feed Land Turtles

The diet of land turtles consists of plant foods. Being in natural conditions, the turtle consumes all the necessary nutrients to ensure its normal development. At the same time, the turtle always feels which particular trace elements it lacks at one stage or another of its life path and it copes with this task perfectly, looking for the food that it needs.

The tortoise can be in a state of searching for scarce food for a long time without harming its health. You can learn a lot of interesting things about these amazing animals by reading the relevant information on the Internet.

What can not feed land turtles?

Unfortunately, the list of prohibited products is very extensive and should be read. This list includes cockroaches, crickets, eggshells, potatoes, garlic or onions, various meat products (including sausage and minced meat), bread, milk, various cereals (except for hercules), peel from citrus fruits, cherries, seeds from any berries. These products can cause liver disease, which will significantly reduce its lifespan. Therefore, when starting to compile its diet, one should take into account the harmful effects of the above products on the liver of the turtle and not include them in the diet.

A complete list of prohibited products can be found here.

Turtle feeding in winter and summer

Despite the fact that the animal is in captivity, it can feel the approach of cold weather, which contributes to a change in taste preferences. In the summer, the turtle eats juicy foods more, then with the advent of the colder season, it prefers soaked hay and less juicy vegetables. In any case, you need to monitor the behavior of the turtle, as well as the fact that it consumes more from food.

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How To Feed Land Turtles

In addition

Being in captivity, the tortoise tries to follow natural instincts and can fall into hibernation. Naturally, this can be facilitated by certain conditions of detention associated with lowering the ambient temperature within the area of ​​the animal. It can be not only winter, but also summer hibernation. In nature, turtles hibernate for two main reasons – this is cooling or lack of the required amount of food. To avoid this, you should maintain the temperature at the proper level, as well as provide the pet with a variety of food. It should always be remembered that even a turtle should sleep under certain conditions, which is extremely difficult to provide her with at home.

In order not to risk the health of a small pet, you need to provide her with the appropriate regime, located at the border of the maximum level. Under such conditions, the tortoise is unlikely to think about its hibernation, especially since it has eaten all the necessary products.

It is very important that the heating resembles the heat that the turtle felt when exposed to the sun. Indeed, in the sun, the turtle is not only basking, but also receiving a dose of UV radiation, which helps to better absorb calcium in the body. Without calcium, the turtle will not be able to develop fully and this should always be remembered. Therefore, the presence of a UV lamp is required, as well as its inclusion for several hours throughout the day.

From this it should be concluded that the future of a small pet depends entirely on who cares for him. You should not think that the animal will grow on its own, without proper care. Unfortunately, this is not so, given the dangers that await the little turtle, if you do not pay due attention to its contents.

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