How To Feed A Turtle

How To Feed A Turtle

Wanting to have a turtle in your home, you should know not only that they are land and water. After all, the squad of a turtle is further subdivided into many species, and how you will care for the turtle, its feeding and maintenance depends on this. To learn how to feed a domestic turtle, you should learn as much as possible about it.

How to feed land turtles

Land turtles feed mainly on plant foods. They need a lot of moisture in food, vitamins and minerals. The basis will be the leaves of cabbage, lettuce and dandelion. In summer, give salad and dandelion, and in winter cabbage. Some turtles will gladly eat dandelion buds.

Vegetable foods also include vegetables and fruits that need to be fed turtles. Whole carrots and beet turtles will most likely not eat. Such hard vegetables will need to be cut into small pieces. But cucumbers and tomatoes adore turtles! Cut the tomato in half and give to the turtle. In no case do not feed your pets spoiled vegetables. Feed the turtle a variety of berries, pears, peaches, apricots, plums and apples. If you give her a watermelon or melon, then wipe her mouth with a cotton swab moistened with water.

What else can feed the turtle? Animal food should also be given to land turtles, but in smaller quantities. Cook hard-boiled chicken egg, let it cool, cut in half. Add cottage cheese to the feed. Boil the fish before feeding the turtle. Sometimes in the diet include raw or boiled meat of beef, chicken, can be in the form of minced meat. Fresh bloodworms, earthworms, snails, immobilized grasshoppers, crickets. also excellent food for turtles. Please note that from snails it is allowed to give turtles only a garden (water snails should not be fed!).

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How much to feed land turtles? The frequency of feeding depends on the type of turtle, as well as its age. Observe the appetite of your turtle, its condition. Adult turtle is fed 1 time in 2 days, young. 1 per day. The fact is that overfeeding a turtle can lead to obesity. There are times when a turtle is not even able to hide in its shell! If you decide to take a turtle, take care of it, look at its individual characteristics in nutrition.

How to feed aquatic turtles

First of all, water turtles need to be fed with animal feed: bloodworms, earthworms and dry aquarium feeds. The latter include dry daphnia, feed from Wardley, Sera or others. Be sure to include dry gammarus (crustaceans) in the diet of aquatic turtles. Small and young turtles such food will be enough.

Large water turtles need to be fed in addition to beef, chicken, both boiled and raw. Such meat is best cut into strips for turtles. Also feed turtles raw fish once a week. If you give fish more often, then hold the fish in boiling water for one minute before feeding. Please note that large water turtles must be given insects: larvae, beetles and cockroaches.

Learn the important rule: trampled and not eaten by turtles should be removed immediately from the aquarium. Leave the food in the aquarium for 30 minutes. Turtles will get used to this mode. Do not overfeed the turtle, but do not make it starve. When deciding how much to feed a turtle, consider the temperature of the water. At room temperature, water should be fed to the turtle once a day. If the water is warmer, then 2 times a day.

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How to feed a red-eared turtle

  • Young turtle should be regularly fed shrimp. They contain a lot of calcium, which is necessary for turtles in the first 2. 3 years of life. Trachemys love shrimp.
  • Once a week we should give our predators beef liver and heart, as well as a couple of pieces of small fish in boiled form (excluding sprats, capelin and mackerel, this is a fatty fish for them), a little minced meat. But too often it is impossible to feed the tortoise with meat; she develops rickets. Let there be more meat in youth, and with age, transfer the red-eared tortoise to vegetable food.
  • How to feed a turtle besides this? They also eat vegetarian food: dandelion leaves, lettuce, cabbage, slices of banana, for example. Salad leaves must be in the diet. If they lack plant foods, all the algae in the aquarium will be eaten. In general, turtles need to be fed on time, otherwise they will eat fish that are in the same aquarium. But overfeeding is still impossible.
  • If you have already decided to have a red-eared turtle, have taken responsibility, sometimes feed it with larvae of flies, earthworms, caterpillars and snails.
  • Granular feed turtles eat with pleasure.

How and how much to feed the turtle? At first we put food at the water’s edge so that the turtle gets used to it. Then you can feed the turtle already on the islet, even though the food will lie in a saucer of water.

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