How To Feed A Blind Turtle

How and what to feed the turtle.

In the most terrariums "good natured" the animal is a turtle. Very often, she becomes a favorite pet and for many years pleases the owners with her peace-loving character. Aquatic turtles differ from their terrestrial counterparts in more carnivorous inclinations, however, both of them are happy to eat plant foods.

Favorite dish of a water turtle. it’s shrimp. This food contains calcium so necessary for the growth and health of the turtle. In second place among the delicacies for the turtle. small fish. Sea fish is steeped, and freshwater fish is preferable in living form. Ichthyopathologists suggest including it in the diet of a turtle at least once a week, notes It is very useful to feed turtles with chopped cattle giblets, preferably beef liver or heart. Vegetarian food is offered to a wide range of water turtles: fruits, vegetables, plant leaves and flower petals. Supplement the diet with everything that floats, crawls and flies on water and on land.

The shelling of turtles for their formation requires a special diet, especially for young turtles. Their diet needs constant monitoring of the content of calcium, magnesium, as well as vitamins and minerals in food. If the food of these animals does not contain the necessary minimum nutrients, then this contributes to the development of rickets, which in turtles is practically incurable.

How To Feed A Blind Turtle

How and what to feed the turtle.

In addition to the main diet, young individuals require additional nutrition: river and sea crustaceans are better. daphnia, freshwater snails, insect larvae and earthworms. It is recommended that turtles be given meadow plankton, which is especially valuable in that it contains a large number of small insects. They get it as a result of mowing, better in the first half of summer. We must not forget about industrial feed, which provides vitamin and nutritional supplements.

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Young turtles require a lot of attention, especially during the formation of the shell. They grow very quickly, so their feed should be saturated with trace elements. Vitamin and mineral supplements give turtles in accordance with their size: 0.2 g are designed for 6 cm in length, if the baby has grown in length more than 6 cm. 0.5 g, and for an adult. 5 g

For normal development and growth, the first three months the turtles need food, where they are combined in percentage terms: shrimp. 50%, amphipods. 40% and fish flakes. ten%. This provides the optimal ratio of vitamins and minerals in the body of a young turtle and contributes to the healthy growth and development of the shell.

However, animals need to be fed not only this food. the diet should always be varied depending on the season. In summer, it is better to cook a salad of greens, in winter. from vegetables and fruits. Sun baths are very beneficial for turtles, since vitamin D, which is necessary for the absorption of calcium, is produced under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, they love to bask in the sun. Notice the lack of calcium in the body of a turtle can be on a tuberous shell. If the animal is not properly maintained, its carapace becomes convex, sometimes softening of the shell is observed.

The following is a recipe for 8 liters of ready-made pudding:

1 kg squid; 1 kg of low-fat fish; 0.5 kg of shrimp; 0.5 kg of beef or beef heart; 0.2 kg of beef liver; 1 liter of skim milk; 5 eggs; 1 kg of carrots; 4 tablets of multivitamins; 1 tbsp. l seaweed flour; 700 g of gelatin powder with a minimum viscosity of 260 Blum units.

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Boil the carrots for a couple of 5 minutes and pass it through a meat grinder along with squid, fish, heart and shrimp. Add eggs, milk, seaweed powder, multivitamins, dissolved in water, and mix well. Heat everything over low heat to a temperature of 40 ° C.

Pour the gelatin into the pan, pouring 1.75 liters of cold water into it. Stir until smooth and leave for 20 minutes. Put the pan on the fire and dissolve the gelatin with constant stirring, bringing it to a temperature of 40 ° C.

Then pour the mashed potatoes in portions along with the dissolved gelatin and refrigerate them. Cooled pudding can be given to turtles. Just do not overfeed your pets. adult turtles eat 3 times a week.

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