How to Factory Reset Windows 10

Factory settings on the laptop may be required in a variety of cases. For example, your computer is very clogged with various programs, or errors often occur, the computer is very slow and nothing helps. Also, using a reset, you can get rid of the problem of a blocked Windows.

All these problems can be solved by resetting the laptop to the factory settings. Let’s get started.

By the way, I want to say that there are times when it is not possible to come to the factory settings. The fact is that some users who bought a laptop immediately, or after some time, reinstall Windows, which came bundled with the laptop. Often, a hidden partition is deleted to allow recovery on the hard drive.

It also happens that by calling the wizard on computers, he reinstalls Windows, then, most often, the same thing happens. the recovery section is deleted. So, it’s better to do it all yourself.

If this happens, most likely you will have to look for a data recovery disk, you can try to download the image on the network. The best option, of course, is to reinstall the system.

We will move on to those cases when it is possible to bring the laptop to the factory state.

But this will delete all data from drive C, Windows will be reinstalled and you will not need to enter a key. After reinstalling and starting the system, installation of drivers and other components will begin.

How to restore the factory settings of a laptop ASUS

  1. First you need to disable the built-in quick boot function Boot booster, which speeds up laptop loading. This is done in the BIOS. To do this, turn on the device, when the download starts, click F2, Once in Bios, we find where this function is turned off. Go to the tab Boot and there we are looking for an item Boot booster, press Enter on it and select Disabled. On the last tab, select Save changes and exit. The laptop will save the settings and reboot. After loading, turn off the laptop again.
  2. Turn on your device and then press the F9 key. A download screen will appear.
  3. The factory settings program will prepare the data for recovery, after which a message will appear stating whether you really want to restore the data. Do not forget that everything will be deleted from the disk!
  4. Next, do not touch anything, the recovery process is automatic. During recovery, the computer will restart several times.

Video: How to Factory Reset Windows 10

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Restore factory settings on your HP laptop

So, to carry out this operation on an HP laptop, you need:

  1. Turn on the laptop and press the F11 key, the Recovery Manager recovery program will appear.
  2. Select System Recovery.
  3. If prompted to save the necessary data, save.
  4. The process of data recovery will begin, also do not touch anything, the process is automatic and the computer. The computer may restart several times.

How to restore Acer laptop to factory settings

To do this on an Acer laptop, you need to do the following:

  1. Turn on the laptop and while holding Alt, press F10 several times, the system should ask for a password.
  2. If you have not previously restored anything, then the standard password is six zeros (000000).
  3. In the window that appears, select Factory reset (reset to factory settings).
How to Factory Reset Windows 10

By the way, a return to the factory settings can be done in the Windows operating system itself. To do this, you need to find the eRecovery Management utility on the computer, go to the Recovery tab and reset the settings.

How to reset factory settings on a Samsung laptop

In order to restore this laptop to its factory state, you need to use the Recovery Solution utility which is located in Windows itself. If this utility does not exist, then restart the computer and press F4, the recovery utility will start.

  1. Select the Restore item.
  2. Next, Complete Restore
  3. Select the recovery point Computer Initial Status.
  4. A reboot message appears, click “Yes”
  5. Follow the system instructions.

After completing the work, you will need to restart the laptop again to activate the recovery made by the program.

How to restore factory settings on a Toshiba laptop

To restore the laptop, you will have to carry out as many manipulations:

  1. Press on the key 0 on the keyboard and HOLD.
  2. Turn on the laptop.
  3. Release the 0 key when the computer starts to pick.

The second entry option on this laptop, if the first one failed:

  1. Turn off the laptop, then press F12.
  2. Without releasing your finger from the F12 key, turn on the laptop.
  3. Waiting for the corresponding window to appear.

The recovery utility will start, just follow its instructions, it’s not so difficult there.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10

I hope this article helped you in solving your problems, if you have questions, ask in the comments.

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