How To Equip Aquatorrarium For Aquatic Turtles

How To Equip Aquatorrarium For Aquatic Turtles

At home, turtles should be kept in conditions close to natural. Therefore, they should make an aquaterrarium – a special aquarium with a land area. To do this, you need to consider several features.

Aquarium volume depends on the dimensions of the turtles:

  • Individual length up to 10 cm – 40 l,
  • individual length up to 20 cm – 80-100 l,
  • the volume of the aquarium for two reptiles is 120-150 liters.

Water : settled or ordinary flowing.

Equipment :

  • external and internal filters,
  • ordinary lamp with a power of 40 watts,
  • water heater
  • land (coast) and gangway – for swamp and red-eared species,
  • UV lamp for turtles (5% UVB)

Where to buy a tank for the aquarium

A large container made of food-grade non-toxic plastic – inexpensive, convenient, easy to clean;

Carrying for young animals – as a temporary room for the young and if there is a container of suitable size.

Dimensions, material, shape

The aquarium should be made of glass, plexiglass or non-toxic food plastic in two versions – closed or open type. In the first case, there should be ventilation holes. The shape should be horizontal, that is, low and elongated in length. The volume of the tank should range from 40 to 120 liters, depending on the size of the reptile.

The average aquaterrarium has dimensions of 70x40x40 (length, width, height). When choosing, you need to consider that the length of the aquarium should be equal to the length of the shell × 7, and the width is equal to Length / 2.

The material may be glass, organic glass, food-grade non-toxic plastic, cast acrylic. The side or back walls can, as an option, be decorated with a decorative film.

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Optimum fluid volume in the aquarium

The most optimal water level is considered to be filling the aquarium half or two-thirds of the volume. It should be borne in mind that water should cover the carapace of the reptile twice. The water temperature should be kept within 26-30 ° C. This is the most favorable climate for the existence of individuals. It is necessary to monitor the purity and freshness of water, if necessary, change it. But even with moderate pollution, it should be changed up to two times a month. Before filling the aquarium, it is advisable to conduct a sample of water for the content of chlorine. Indicators should be minimal within normal limits. With an increased concentration of chlorine, small individuals can rub their eyes.

Aquarium ventilation

In an aquarium of a closed type, prudent vent holes should be made. They should be located at the top. To maintain a constant temperature of the liquid, it is necessary to use a water heater and a digital thermometer to measure it regularly. It would be useful to install a thermostat to prevent overheating of water.

To regulate the operation of all aquarium systems, as well as to set the desired day length for turtles, it is advisable to install a time relay.

Shore or land in the aquarium

A prerequisite for the favorable maintenance of turtles is the presence of the shore in the aquarium. To install it, you need to know that the ratio of land to water should be related as 20×80%.

The descent into the water should be done gentle for the convenience of lifting the turtle to land. However, the distance between the top point of the shore and the edge of the aquarium should be at least 30-35 cm. This is done so that the reptile could not jump out of the reservoir.

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To fill the aquarium, you need to purchase soil, non-toxic plants (turtles sometimes taste them), decorative stones with smooth corners. You can purchase a special mineral block for purifying water and enriching it with calcium.

Keeping turtles on the floor or in the wrong container poses a threat to the life of the turtles!

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