How To Equip An Aquaterrarium, An Aquarium For A Water Turtle

How to equip an aquaterrarium, an aquarium for a water turtle

Aquarium size: 40-50 liters for a turtle up to 10 cm long; 90-120 l for a turtle up to 20 cm long; 120-200-. l for two turtles up to 20 cm long or one turtle larger than 20 cm.

Water: suitable for the species, usually from a tap or standing

Type of aquarium: with a flat shore, on which there is a lamp for heating

In English there is such a terrarium term – "Death bowl". It can be translated as “Bowl of Death”, “Death Cup”, in general, who has enough imagination to call this basin. This word is called – what would you think? Yes, those very miserable small containers with a palm tree and colored soil, in which naive buyers have red-eared turtles!

Actually, this thing was called so for a reason. This is really not something that any turtle can be kept in. And yes, multi-colored pebbles, a palm tree and a cute green turtle, which the seller sells under the guise of a dwarf decorative one, are all very pleasing to the eye, but all this husk, as many know, has nothing to do with reality. Not a single turtle, as the description says correctly, lives on the beach with a mini-palm – everyone needs water, a lot of water and a lot of space for movement.
It’s even a pity that somehow we still haven’t taken root in any capacious and fair name for this trough – because it’s just in our country that the scale of the disaster can hardly be overestimated.

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Shape, length, width, height, material, volume?

The shape of the aquarium is only horizontal, turtles swim mainly in length, and not in depth.

Aquarium material: glass, non-toxic plastic. It can be indoor or outdoor. In closed there should be a ventilation system.

The total volume of the aquarium, depending on the size of the turtle, can be from 40 to 120 liters. If there are more turtles, then the aquarium is taken larger. At the same time, the water in the aquarium is not poured over the entire volume of the aquarium, but about half.

Average size of the aquarium: 70x40x40 (length, width, height), approximately 100 liters of volume. For 1-2 turtles: the length of the aquarium should be 7 times the length of the shell of the largest turtle, the width of the aquarium should be approximately half its length. For each additional turtle we add about a tenth of the bottom area.

How much water to pour, what should it be?

The water should be about half the aquarium. The height of the water can be 2-3 turtles, for large water it can be more. The water level should exceed twice the length of the shell of the smallest turtle, if there are several.

The water should be clean and warm enough (about 26-32 ° C) depending on the needs of the turtle species. Moderately chlorinated tap water is not dangerous for turtles, although small turtles can rub their eyes for the first time after changing the water. Water must be changed as it becomes soiled, but at least 1 time per month.

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Land or shore in an aquarium

The ratio of land to water should be 20% to 80%. The shore should be such that the turtle could easily climb onto it, but could not jump out of the terrarium (the height from the shore to the edge of the terrarium should be more than 20-30 cm).
The land or islet should be so large that all animals can simultaneously be accommodated on it, while the weak ones should not be crowded out and not collide into the water.
Either an aquarium with a shore is immediately bought, or it is done independently.

How To Equip An Aquaterrarium, An Aquarium For A Water Turtle

What does a finished aquarium for a turtle look like?

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