How to enter direct from a computer

How to see direct on Instagram on a computer. description

The social network Instagram, which mobile photographers love so much, had a significant flaw for a long time. there was no section for personal messages. To communicate to users it was offered only by leaving Комментарии и мнения владельцев to publications, but they could see them literally all. And how to discuss something personal without private correspondence? The developers have corrected the situation by coming up with Instagram Direct, in which it is possible to conduct dialogues.

But the problem has not been solved completely. Users are still perplexed by how to view direct on Instagram via computer. To the official site user comes out without a hassle, publications can be viewed, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and likes are allowed to leave. And it is impossible to add a photo from the computer, but we will tell you how to do this in different ways. And where is the direct in instagram on the computer, it is not clear. So you can’t send a message or read a private correspondence? From a normal web page, alas, it is impossible to perform such actions. But there is a way out. And not even one.

The first variant, how to view the direct in Instagram via computer. Install the official application. But it is not available to everyone. The developers did not care about old versions of Windows and made a nice exception only for the “ten”. So if your computer or laptop is on an operating system below Windows 10, don’t try to look for the Instagram app. Only after the update you will be able to install it. And it is better to download Instagram in the official Microsoft Store. After installing it, you will notice that on your computer monitor everything looks about the same as on your phone. The only difference is the orientation will be horizontal, not vertical.

How to view direct on Instagram on your computer. description

The second option is to download an emulator program. It will simulate all the functions of a mobile application on your computer, including direct. But be prepared for the fact that your machine will be slower. Emulator requires a lot of power.

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The third option. an appeal to online services. This method, perhaps, has the most disadvantages. First, you will most likely have to pay for the connection of the service. Second, it would be dangerous to send information of a confidential nature to direct. These services are poorly protected against leaks. Thirdly, fraudsters can hide behind the signboard of such resources. So check the site thoroughly before trusting it with credentials and personal correspondence.

Let’s take a closer look at the compromise option of accessing direct Instagram from a personal computer. this emulator. The most famous program is BlueStacks. It simulates the operation of an android-based device. To download it, it is better to go to the official website of the developer

Press the button to start the download. Wait until the download of the installation files is complete and open the program. Be warned that it takes a long time to install. The weaker the computer, the longer it will take to install. And sometimes it can stop altogether.

After installing BlueStacks, you will be prompted to sign in or create a Google account. And then you’ll have to download the Instagram app from the Google Play store and enter your personal data to enter your profile.

When you complete the preparatory process, the result will be an exact copy of the Instagram application on your phone. But as we said other programs you use on your computer will start to slow down. That’s the price of simulation.

If you can’t get along with the BlueStacks emulator. try another one. Users praise GenyMotion. It is not so well known, but is said to work efficiently.

And now a few more words about what Instagram Direct is for. It’s not just banal messaging. You can send text, photos, and video from your feed, as well as pictures you’ve just taken, pixmaps, other users’ profiles, hashtags, and geotags. For each shipment there is a different procedure. Sending text and video from conversations you cannot post to linked accounts on other social networks.

Everything you send as a direct message will only be seen by your recipient or recipients. By the way, you can have up to 32 people at a time. Until recently, the number was half as many, only 15.

To have someone to correspond with you should read the article “Search in Instagram without registering people from your computer and phone”. We will also tell you about the different ways to save photos from this network and what to do when you suddenly forgot the password from your Instagram page.

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How to open and go to Instagram direct on your computer

The situation is more complicated if you are using an outdated version of the operating system. In addition to the official app, you can use the Instagram web page, but it has a limited set of functionalities. For example, you can not send or receive a message, as well as publish a particular entry in the feed or storis.

To solve this problem, you need to download additional programs or use online services. There is a simpler way. to turn the web page of the social network into a mobile version. To write a direct message to Instagram on your computer you need:

This method is good if you need to send several emails. To avoid repeating the procedure every time, install a special extension on your browser, for example, Instagram Web, which will allow you to use the mobile version of the site and open direct on PC.

Through the emulator

To work in the mobile version on your computer you can install the Android emulator. Such a program will allow you to download and open applications for your phone on a PC. How to write a message in Instagram? To send a message to direct from the computer, follow the instructions:

With this emulator you get full functionality of the service on your PC.

Through online services

If you don’t want to install anything on your PC, use third-party online services. Most of these programs and platforms are used to create a mass mailing of messages to a large number of recipients, in order to promote your own product or service. At the moment you can use the following services:

Almost all of them are available on a paid basis. After registration, you need to choose a tariff and subscribe with a certain package of services. Such sites are hardly suitable for simple communication with users.

For an example, let’s look at how it works in

All other platforms and sites work in a similar mode.

As a conclusion

In this publication, we described how to go to direct on Instagram from a computer, told how to watch and send private messages from a PC. You can, of course, use third-party programs. But what’s the use of them, if now everything is available in the official version of Instagram?

And the last. Direct allows you to organize a mass mailing of messages that can be considered by the system as spam. If you do not want to get a ban with the blocking of the account, then you should observe the limits on the number of messages in Direct: per day, per hour and per minute.

Where to find direct on Instagram on your smartphone and PC?

A few ways, how to write to Direct in Instagram

Do not send messages to Direct Instagram: causes and ways to fix them

The official Instagram app for Windows 10

Instagram has its own official app on Windows Store for Windows 10 that allows you to use Direct to send messages. Here everything is organized similarly to the mobile version of Instagram, including Direct. Do the following:

    Download and install the official Instagram app on Windows Store;

Download the official Instagram app from Windows Store

Click on the Direct icon to go to communicate with the right user

In this publication, we told you where direct is in Instagram, in the mobile client and the web version for PC. Messenger not only takes communication between users to a new level, but can also be used to spread spam, which is closely monitored by the administration. To avoid getting blocked, it is necessary to respect Instagram’s limits, which also apply to the permissible number of messages in Direct.

Algorithm for sending a photo to Instagram direct

A few ways on Instagram to write to Direct

Direct in Instagram as a means of communicating with potential customers

Not sending messages in Direct Instagram: causes and ways to fix them

How to send a message

Direct tab is very easy to find, it is located on the main page in the newsfeed at the top bar. The icon looks like a paper airplane, by clicking on it, you will get to the personal chat. Here you can select the desired user and send them a text message or attached digital content.

It should be taken into account that Instagram Direct has one important limitation. The social network has set a strict limit on the number of messages sent. According to the requirements, you can write no more than 50 letters to outsiders you are not subscribed to, and negotiations between friends and subscribers have a limit of 100 pieces. Such measures were introduced by the service to prevent spam and the use of promotional mailings.

For violation of these rules, Instagram has every right to restrict access and ban the profile.

Below we will consider in detail how to start communicating on mobile devices with different operating systems.

From Android

If you use a mobile app on your Android smartphone, the procedure for sending a private message will be as follows:

  • Launch the utility on your phone.
  • Sign in to your account, write your password and login.
  • You will find yourself on the main page of the service with a news feed.
  • The personal chat section is located on the top panel of the workspace. The icon is in the form of a paper airplane.
  • Click on it to open a new window with a list of all your subscribers.
  • Choose the person you want.
  • A chat box with an input field will be displayed.
  • Write a personal message and send it to the recipient by clicking on the appropriate button.
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To write an email to an outsider account that you are not subscribed to, follow the following procedure:

After that, the recipient must confirm and allow the message to be received, otherwise the message will be blocked.

If you receive a new message, you will receive a notification, and a number (the number of new emails) will light up on the directive indicator.

From the iPhone

The procedure for writing a private message from the iPhone is done according to the instructions above. The only difference is the placement of the main controls on the workspace. To send a message, follow the algorithm:

  • On the main page of the social network, find the icon in the form of a paper airplane and click on it, it is located in the upper corner of the screen.
  • A list of all the users you are subscribed to and who are subscribed to you will open.
  • Select the desired contact and write a text message.
  • Press the send button, ready.

Instagram group chat can include 32 people at a time, follow these steps to create it:

  • Sign in to your social networking account.
  • In the main menu, go to direct. indicator in the form of a paper airplane.
  • On the top bar, find the button to create a new chat and click on it.
  • The next page will show all the users you are subscribed to.
  • Tick the box for everyone who will be included in the public chat.
  • After that, the correspondence window will open. Type a text and send it to your recipients.

You can like each message in the chat by clicking on the heart indicator.

How to see a message on Instagram from your computer, alerts

If you’ve read the first chapter carefully, you’ve probably already guessed how to view a message in Instagram from your computer. To do this, you will need the “Direct” section. And you can get it in the web version by applying one of the three options:

Put the official application, but note that it only works with Windows 10;

turn to third-party resources or services, but among them there are not safe for the health of your computer.

So, if your choice is the BlueStacks emulator program. And you’ve already put it up and opened it, so you’ve got a semblance of Instagram on your phone on your monitor. And the “airplane” icon is, like on your cell phone, in the upper right corner. You’ve probably already figured out where the messages in Instagram on your computer. They’re hidden in the “Direct” section.

To view your e-mails, you should left-click on this “airplane”. When an email is received from someone you have subscribed to or an old conversation partner, look for correspondence in your inbox. To open the message, just click on it.

If the message is from a user you’re not subscribed to, it will be preceded by a read-request message. You can approve or reject it by clicking the appropriate button. If you have at least once received an e-mail from a particular conversation partner, the notification about new e-mails will not appear.

You can also clear your email of all messages at once. To do this at the bottom of the screen, click on the words “Reject all”.

You now know how to view a message on Instagram from your computer. And now a few words about Instagram exotics. disappearing messages. They disappear from your inbox and from the directive as soon as the recipient opens them. To learn more about sending such emails, read “Instagram direct message: how to delete, write, see”. And we’ll talk about how to view the vaporized message again. Make it like this:

Go to the correspondence where there was a disappearing message;

Click on “View photo/Watch video.”

Then close the correspondence and select the “Repeat” command.

But keep in mind that you can only do the action once, and you shouldn’t delay repeating it. In addition, the user who sent you the vaporized message will know that it has been viewed twice. And it will also get a notification if you’ve taken a screenshot.

As you have seen, it is not difficult to send and read messages in Instagram even on your computer, if you use an emulator or a special application. However, it happens that in correspondence there are unpleasant messages waiting for you. Let’s say you approved an email in Direct from a stranger. And when you open the message, you find spam or even an insult. It is necessary to complain about such actions, otherwise the unpleasant situation may occur again. You have to click on the message and hold it down until the command menu appears. And in it, select the “Complain” command.

In addition, you can block the user you do not like. Or completely close your Instagram page from strangers.

How to enter the direct from a computer

If you open instagram.You will not see any Direct messages in your browser, as if it were 2012. That’s because the web version hasn’t yet added this feature, and even the browser extensions (particularly Instagram Web and Web for Instagram) don’t offer much direct access. you can read it, but you can’t write it.

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Here’s what Web for Instagram says: For technical reasons you can’t write to Direct directly from the extension, use a separate app for that.

So, you can fully use Direct on PC through:

Through the app

The official Instagram app is for Windows 10 computers, tablets, and Windows phones. If you have a different operating system, you will not be able to use this program. In this case, try an unofficial application or another option.

The official app is distributed for free through the Microsoft Store. The Web for Instagram app can be downloaded right here, also free.

What’s interesting, the person you’re talking to doesn’t have to use the same means of communication: you can write through one app, he through another. and everyone will see each other.

In the official app, Direct looks like a paper airplane in the top right corner on the home page. Click.

In the search bar, we write the recipient’s name and get into a private chat with him. Camera icon on the left. to send recordings directly from the webcam. Icon image on the right. to send media files from your hard drive. With a click on the “Photofilm” we switch the content type: photo or video.

You can also get to Direct in another way:

  • click on the search icon;
  • write the recipient’s name (the name of the channel) to whom we want to send a message;
  • Click on it and in the window that appears press “Write”.

Through the emulator

It is possible to run mobile applications, including Instagram, from a computer. For this purpose it is necessary to install the emulator of operating system Android. For example, Bluestacks.

In the upper right corner is the search bar, which we use to find and install Instagram.

Launch it and see the Direct icon also in the top right corner. It looks like a paper airplane, the tip of a spear, a triangle, which is actually a quadrangle.

We click on it, and we’re almost ready to write messages to Instagram. We just have to decide who to write them to. To do this in the line at the top we search for the person of interest, and when we find him. click on him in the list.

And we get to the chat room for one-on-one messaging. The most observant may notice that the interface of the mobile app (and we’re essentially running the APK on a PC, after all) is slightly different from what we saw on Instagram on a Windows 10 PC.

For example, in the list of recipients a camera icon is drawn next to each name. for quick sending photos from the camera.

There are also several additional buttons inside the chat:

Another way to get to this chat room: in the main Instagram window click on the magnifying glass, search for the necessary person, click the left mouse button to enter his profile and click “Write.

Through online services

Instagram is a social network with a billion users. It is natural that such an audience is cultivated by all kinds of advertising men, marketing experts and other graduates of humanitarian science institutes.

One of the means of processing. mass mailings through Direct Instagram. For this in the first place and are sharpened such services as:

Their interface is markedly different from the standard:

There is no point in dwelling on it in detail, as it is different in each service, but in general it is clear and without unnecessary explanations. It does everything for the convenience of work, and work is the key word here.

These services are designed to attract new subscribers, promote your brand, communicate with your customer base, etc.etc.п. An ordinary user, who does not conduct business in social networks, but only wants to communicate with friends in Instagram through the computer, it is not rational to use a paid service for this purpose. Especially since the other methods described above. completely free.

How to know if you’ve been blocked on Instagram

The first sign. the user disappeared from your list of subscribers or subscriptions.

  • Go to your profile at bottom right.
  • Next to the user’s avatar open the list of subscribers or subscriptions.
  • If you were subscribed to it and you don’t see it when you search among subscriptions;
  • If the user is a subscriber, but you don’t see him/her among your followers.

You can ask any question related to Instagram. Reply quickly.Ask a question

The second sign. the publications are not visible in the user’s profile.

  • Find the user by name.
  • Open the user’s profile.
  • If it says no postings yet and shows 0 in profile header.
  • Open the member’s profile.
  • Click the Subscribe button.
  • If the button works, but after a few seconds the “Subscribe” button appears again.

Fourth sign. it’s not possible to see the user’s subscribers.

The fifth symptom. no messages are received.

Have found yourself showing the signs described above? So the user has blacklisted you.

If the user has decided to restrict access to his profile, it will be more difficult to find out about it:

Video experiment: how to know if you’ve been blocked on Instagram.

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