How To Enlarge The Screen On An Iphone

Third party app settings

In some applications, especially if these are instant messengers or social network clients, in which communication through correspondence and reading messages plays an important role, there is a built-in ability to increase the size of the pre-installed font. These include Twitter and Telegram clients. Using their example, we will consider how to solve our today’s problem in cases when this does not allow changing the system settings.


Open the application, swipe from left to right across the screen to open its menu and go to the Settings and privacy section.

In the General settings block, tap on the item and sound.

Select your preferred font size by moving the similar system slider and focusing on the preview with text.


  1. After launching the application, go to the Settings tab, and then to the Appearance section.

Scroll a little down the list of available options, then in the Text size block, move the slider to the right, similar to that in all the cases discussed above.

Choose the optimal font size by focusing on its display in the preview area or by opening the main interface or one of the chats.

As you can see in the screenshot below, in Telegram you can increase the main text (labels in the interface and the content of messages), but not nested so, for example, the font in the preview of links does not increase. By adhering to the above recommendations, you can increase the font size in any third-party application, provided that it supports this function.

What font does Apple use?

To date, Apple has completely revamped the fonts on its official website and also completely redesigned iOS using the San Francisco font. This type of text was first introduced by the company in 2015 along with the Apple Watch.

San Francisco is a condensed sans serif typeface that is very similar to Helvetica. It was created specifically for small displays like the Apple Watch. San Francisco is great on large Retina displays because of its clean design. Many users confuse San Francisco with Helvetica because these fonts are almost the same.

San Francisco is the first font on an iPhone to have a name in the last 20 years. In the 80s and 90s, Apple used several fonts that were created in-house. But the company stopped making its own text fonts back in the early 1990s.

Information from the Wikipedia website.


As you can see, there is nothing difficult about increasing the font size on iPhone, and you can even set it to a value larger than the default. Many third-party applications that are not covered by this feature provide additional options for resizing text.

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Increase font size on iPhone

The default font size on Apple mobile devices can be safely called the most comfortable for reading text on the screen, but for some users it may still seem small. In our today’s article, we’ll show you how to enlarge it on iPhone.

How to change the font on an iPhone

Apple has a fairly good policy on the use of devices, they try to make the settings as simple and convenient for users as possible.

If you feel that the current font size is not large enough for you, then you can safely increase it. Why bother when everything is provided.

  1. On the desktop, click Settings, go to item The main;

Now looking for Universal access, click on the line Enlarged text;

Below we see a slider, by moving which, the text also changes (if this is not enough, click on the top Increased dimensions).

Everything is set up quite simply, choose a font and you don’t even need to confirm anything. The text changes with that when you move the slider. This will help you customize everything exactly for your screen.

Easiest way to enlarge text on iPhone

In order to use this function, you do not need to make any additional settings. Pinch-to-zoom function, which became one of the main features of the original iPhone, allows the user to enlarge text in various multi-touch applications. The function has long been familiar to users, but just in case, let’s remind how it works: in order to enlarge the text or image in the application, touch the screen with two fingers and slide them apart. Pinch-to-zoom does not work in all applications, but standard applications, for example, Safari, Photos, Mail, support it.

This also includes the Smart Zoom function. In the same standard applications, or applications that work with text and images, for example, third-party browsers (Google Chrome, Puffin), you can increase the displayed content by quickly double-clicking on the same place.

How to record screen on iPhone using Windows

If you have iOS less than 11, it is better to use a computer to record the screen. This method is suitable for those who can place a smartphone and a computer on the same Wi Fi network. You will record from your computer screen using the LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver.

Before using it via iTunes, set up the AirPlay connection between your computer and device. To do this, you will have to connect the devices with a cable, allow them to interact in iTunes. Then download the LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver program from the official website, open it access to private networks. This will complete the device pre-configuration step.

Follow the instructions to record the screen:

Run the program on your computer.

  • Expand the control center of your smartphone and find Screen Repeat among the available options. This tool’s icon looks like a rectangle with a filled triangle underneath.
  • You will be presented with all available screen transfer devices. If the connection with the computer is configured, then you will see in the list LonelyScreen.
  • Select this program. Go to the computer screen, on it you should see the desktop of your smartphone.
  • Now you need to use another utility for capturing from the computer screen or turn on the standard Windows tool for this. In version 10, this tool is called by WinG buttons.
How To Enlarge The Screen On An Iphone

How to record screen on iPhone

If you want to teach your relatives or friends how to use a smartphone, then it is best to make a step-by-step instruction for them, which will show you how you activate certain functions. There are several ways to record your screen on an iPhone. Can be obtained with the standard capabilities of the operating system, using players or a computer. We will tell you more about each method.

To record a computer or laptop screen on iPhone, you can use one of the programs:

Nvidia ShadowPlay is suitable for those with a similar brand card installed. It allows you to record with sound, with accompaniment from a microphone, or only with the sounds of the computer itself. Also, the user has the ability to adjust the quality, make it as acceptable as possible.

  • Open Broadcaster Software is a professional utility used by bloggers and streamers. In this utility, you can record sound from several sources, a combination from the computer screen with what is received from the laptop’s webcam. An important advantage of the program is that it is Russified.
  • Captura is a simple and easy to use program for beginners. It allows you to superimpose an image from a webcam, keyboard input, sound from the computer itself and a microphone on the screen. The lack of Russification will not create additional obstacles for the user, since the interface is as simple as possible. Another important detail the program is suitable for all versions of Windows.
  • Rylstim Screen Recorder is a program with a simple interface, in which you just need to specify the file storage location, select the codec for and frame rate. The program is controlled using the F9 button.

    The advantage of using a computer screen to record is that the file will be saved in the memory of your PC, which means you do not have to delete data from your smartphone. All of the listed Windows screen recorders are free, but it’s best to have a system with at least 4 GB of RAM to use them.

    How to enable screen recording using standard IOS features

    First of all, you need to bring the Record tool into Control Center. To do this, use the general settings of your device:

  • Go from the general settings section to the Control Center;
  • Select the Customize Items menu option;
  • Go to the general list of items and click ;
  • Find Screen Recorder and click on the icon.
  • Now in the section responsible for managing the smartphone Screen Recording will appear. You can drag this tool in the list above by holding your finger on its name. The built-in tool is easy to work with:

    • Open Control Center;
    • Click on the Screen Recorder tool, it looks like a circle with a dot in the middle;
    • You have 3 seconds to close Control Center and go to the screen that you will be recording.

    After starting recording, the top of the screen will turn red. Now you can do all the manipulations that you wanted to reflect on. Please note that the file will contain all notifications that appear on the screen at the time of creation. Temporarily disable the delivery of notifications so that others do not see anything unnecessary. To stop recording, just touch the red bar. Immediately after that, a notification will appear on the screen prompting you to stop recording or return to it.

    If you stop recording the screen, the file with it will be saved in the same section with photos. It will be in mp 4 format and playable with sound in all compatible players.

    Please note that before recording clips, you need to free up the device’s internal memory. It will take about 1 GB to record 4 minutes. If there is not enough disk space, then it will not be saved.

    How to Record Screen on iPhone Using Mac Computer?

    There is another easy way to record screen on iPhone 7 and others. If you have a Mac, you need a cable to record your smartphone screen. The advantage of this operating system is that it has a built-in program for recording from the screen. Working with the program and the operating system is simple:

    Connect your smartphone with a cable to your computer or laptop. If a question is displayed on the smartphone screen, is it worth trusting this computer, allow access by clicking Yes.

    • Open QuickTime Player. In it, expand the File menu and click on the New entry item.
    • The program will prompt you to record from your webcam, but you can change the source. To do this, click the arrow next to the record button, and then select your device from the list. Configure the sound source there, it can be your iPhone or Mac.
    • To start recording, click the round button with a red dot in the center, and to stop it, click on the Stop square.

      If the QuickTime Player tools aren’t enough for you, you can use other programs. One of the best Mac utilities is TechSmith Camtasia. It allows you not only to receive high-quality from the smartphone screen, but also to edit it if necessary.

      Setting up audio in recording

      Most often, users ask how to record a screen with sound. The iPhone has standard tools for this, you just need to know how to use them. To be able to configure the sound while recording to save the external audio track and the internal one, you need to enable Screen recording by long pressing. A menu will appear in front of you, in which you will see the Start recording button and microphone icons.

      If you click on the Microphone, then during the recording you can comment on what is happening and this audio track will also remain in the file. If you deactivate this button, then only the internal sound of the smartphone will remain on the recording.

      Please note that the ability to record from the screen with sound is only implemented on IOS operating systems over version 11. In earlier versions, users were asked to makes without sound, since the creation of such recordings was used to record telephone conversations without notifying the interlocutor.

      Disable zoom in Apple iPhone

      Software glitch or iPhone enlarged screen?

      Yes, sometimes this happens the iPhone lock screen has picked up and enlarged! The screen with icons and any running application can also increase. Therefore, today we will figure out what to do if the iPhone screen has increased in size. Before we start, I would like to thank the reader Natalia for the comment, which became the topic of this short instruction.

      So, if you see an enlarged image on the iPhone phone screen, it can be application icons or just individual elements of the iOS operating system, then you should not run to a service workshop or try to flash the phone. Just do the following:

      With three fingers, tap three times on the iPhone screen. The screen will shrink to normal size. If, when making the third tap, you tear your fingers off the screen too quickly, the screen will not shrink, but a menu will appear where you can press the Zoom out button or drag the slider to the left, thus, the display size will be normalized.

    • If after repeated attempts to touch the 3rd, nothing happened (the iPhone screen is still enlarged), then restart the iPhone and perform the 1st step again.

      Now we see that enlarging icons to fill the entire screen of the iPhone phone is not a glitch, but only one of the functions of the iOS firmware, which is called Magnification, and allows, if necessary, to enlarge any part of the screen and examine it up close, which can be useful for people with disabilities.

      I will move a little away from the topic and offer a couple of useful instructions for beginners:

      When the iPhone screen is in zoom mode, you can move around the screen with a 3-finger gesture, touch with three fingers and, without releasing them from the screen, move left, right, up or down, thus viewing any part of the screen without leaving the mode increase.

      If you decide to completely disable (or, on the contrary, enable) this function, then this is done in the accessibility settings. The zoom mode has additional features: filter, controller, etc. If you cannot deal with them yourself, write in the comments. Well, tomorrow I will tell you how you can use the little-known iPhone Screen Enlargement function for additional protection. Good luck to all!

      Three easy and quick ways to enlarge your computer screen on the Internet

      Having brained, I found three easy and quick ways, How to solve this problem.

      I tried to show you how I do it. I accompanied the description with screenshots to make it clearer for those who want to use these methods.

      Three easy and quick ways to change the scale of the PC / laptop screen in Yandex and Google Chrome

    • Method one. Very fast, literally with one click (click). Using the so-called “hot keys”.
    • On the keyboard, I press two keys simultaneously: 1) Ctrl (in the picture under the number 1) and a key with a minus (-) or plus () sign. They are indicated under number 2.

      That is, when I want to achieve an increase, I press “plus”. Accordingly, to zoom out, I click the same way. On the Ctrl and Minus keys. And everything, the dimensions changed instantly!

      • Method two. A little longer (well, half a minute) in the settings of Yandex or Google Chrome.
      • Let’s look at two examples in turn.
        So, in the upper right corner of Yandex I find the “washer” (number 1), I press on it. And in the window that opens (see the picture), I move the mouse cursor over the word “Scale”. The size in brackets is the size I am currently using.

        For example, the scale was set to 125%. When you hover the mouse next to it, a new window immediately opens, with various options to choose from. The one that I have at the moment is already marked with a dot.

        I just have to choose another value, click on it. And then the computer screen will change its size! Everything happens quickly, much faster than described. 2. Now google chrome. The algorithm is the same. Only, fortunately, even shorter.

        When you click on the “puck”, all in the same upper corner, a window will open.
        And in it you just need to click on the “plus” or “minus” sign, depending on the need to enlarge or reduce the screen. If you try it right now, see for yourself that it is very easy and simple!

        Now, when I open the various pages of the sites, they expand to the indicated scale. That is, the result is saved, and when switching to other blogs, etc., I do not need to re-install everything in the desired scale.

        • Third wayavailable on google chrome. And allows you to set not only the screen size, but also fix the desired font sizes for web documents.
        • It is also performed quite simply and quickly. Again I open the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar, i.E. I click on the “puck”. Only now I select the “Settings” item.

          Now, when I go to different pages on the Internet, I see text of a fairly large size. This is very convenient, your eyes do not get tired because the scales do not change on different pages.

          And “at hand” always remains method number 1. In that case, if suddenly the font on the site is initially large enough, I decrease it with hot keys. Or, conversely, when you need to quickly zoom in on which paragraph, I use fast zoom.

          Agree, these are really three quick and easy ways to enlarge the screen size on a computer or laptop while working on the Internet. I think if you did not know about them, you will definitely like.