How to Enable Wifi On Acer Aspire

Now no modern laptop is available without the built-in Wi-Fi adapter. This statement is also true for Acer laptops. If the adapter is activated, then the PC connects to the network immediately after loading the operating system.

The only thing left for the user to enter is the WiFi access code if it is password protected. But often, the wireless PC module is not active by default, and you need to turn it on yourself. The following is a guide on how to turn on the WiFi adapter on a laptop using models from Acer as an example.

Despite the fact that different manufacturers provide different ways to turn on the adapter, there are standard methods for their activation, so the following instructions will be useful in solving the problem for owners of laptops of other brands.

How to Enable Wifi On Acer Aspire


The problem with the activation of the wireless module of laptops is quite common among their owners, therefore it can be stated with confidence that when the user is briefly familiarized with the main stages of the implementation of the question, the task is already solved at this stage, and often there is not even the need for a detailed consideration of all the points in this guide advanced users.

  1. Find out if drivers are installed for the correct operation of the equipment. If necessary, install software suitable for a particular model from the manufacturer’s official resource;
  2. Inspect the laptop for the presence of a physical activation switch for the Wi-Fi adapter;
  3. If there is no physical switch, carefully inspect the keyboard in search of a button with a characteristic wireless network icon;
  4. When the first three stages were unsuccessful, activation of the module by means of the operating system is required;
  5. After unsuccessful attempts to dig into the Windows tools, you need to use special applications from the developer and start the adapter.

Experienced users in a significant number of cases, after familiarizing themselves with the above items, they manage to solve the problem. And if not, then below all the specific actions on how to enable Wi-Fi on a laptop are discussed in more detail.

Driver installation

Without appropriate software, the module simply cannot function. Therefore, it is required to install it.

To do this, just a few steps should be taken:

  1. Open the “Device Manager”;
  2. Next click on “Network Adapters”;
  3. Pay close attention to the line with the word “Wireless”. When the “!” Icon, usually yellow, is displayed in rows, it can be concluded that the problem has already been found. But even if everything seems normal in appearance, it is still recommended that you install the software from the official developer resource again, since it will not bring any harm to the computer.

Module activation

Sometimes after installation and a reboot in the computer, the Wi-Fi adapter is already activated, and you can immediately connect to the wireless network, but if this is not so, then the user will need to do the following:

  1. Find on the side faces or other panels of the laptop a button or switch specially designated for this purpose. Basically, the manufacturer next to her puts a picture with an icon symbolizing a wireless network. In case of detection, set it to the “On” position, while on some models the green indicator lights up;

Note: some owners of Acer aspire, as well as owners of Acer Ferrari, find the required switch directly above the keyboard or on the front panel of the laptop.

Occasionally, the manufacturer places it at the end of a PC.

After the user has ascertained that there is no physical toggle switch and that WiFi still does not turn on, you will have to continue searching for the dedicated button on the keyboard itself. Also, in most cases, it should have an image symbolizing Weifai. If the desired key is found, simply pressing it will not activate the adapter. It is necessary to click it while holding the key with the letters “Fn”;

Note: most often in Acer a combination of Fn and F5 is used, but sometimes the button responsible for turning on is F3 or another function key, so the user may need to experiment with all the options if the buttons themselves do not have characteristic icons.

Using OS tools

The action algorithm consists of the following steps:

  • Find the network icon in the system tray and click it;
  • Next click “Network and Sharing Center”;

Note: if the user was not able to find the desired tray icon, then the above section can be accessed through the “Control Panel”;

  • Then in the menu that appears, click “Change adapter settings”;
  • If you have a Wi-Fi module here, you can conclude that the device drivers are correctly installed, which means that it is simply deactivated, and the inscription “wireless network connection” is usually gray. It is necessary to call the context menu from it and click “Enable”.

Using special applications from the developer

If the owner of the Aser laptop got to this section of the manual after unsuccessful attempts to dig into the Windows tools, then you will need to use special applications from the developer and start the adapter.

These program control modules should already be on the laptop.

You can find them by following these steps:

  1. Click “Start”;
  2. Move the mouse to the line “All programs”;
  3. Find the Wi-Fi or WLAN tab and activate the application;
  4. Done.

If the Wi-Fi module could not be put into operation by all the above methods, then a technical problem is most likely, and it is recommended to take the computer to a service center for diagnosis and subsequent repair.