How to Enable Voice Assistant on Android

How to Enable Voice Assistant on Android

Speech recognition technology on Android is regularly improving. Along the way, voice search and voice assistants are developing, capable of accurately translating what was said into text. This type of query input requires less time and effort, so the function has become popular among young people. In this article, you will learn how to activate voice search on a smartphone / tablet and computer.

How to enable voice search in Yandex and Google browser on Android

The voice search function is active by default in all browsers on Android, including Yandex.Browser and Google Chrome. To enter a voice query, just click on the button in the form of a microphone in the search bar. Then make a request and press the button to go to the browser.

The button to enable voice search in Google Chrome.

Voice search button in Yandex Browser.

If the head search is used for the first time, the application will ask for permission to record voice once, in case the request was not received after installing the program.

Click on the “allow” button for voice recording. Actual for devices on Android 6.

Voice Search also works outside the browser. This requires placing the widget on one of the screens on the desktop. Then just click on the button in the form of a microphone and make a request.

Widget with voice search function.

It is worth noting that the work of voice search in Yandex.Browser and Google Chrome is slightly different. Since the end of 2017, the voice assistant Alice has been included in Yandex.Browser. In addition to voice search, the program can handle typical queries: exchange rates, weather, transport schedules, etc. Primitive communication and activation is also supported by the phrase, and not by clicking on the corresponding button. It is enough to say “Listen to Alice” or “Listen to Yandex”, as the assistant immediately activates.

In Google Chrome, by default, only voice search is available. In addition, each said request is sent to Google to improve the speech recognition function. And all requests are stored in the archives of the account. To view and delete what was said, learn from the article “Deleting Personal Information Collected by Google”.

How to enable voice search and assistant in Android OS

A voice assistant developed by Google is built into most Android devices. After configuration and activation, the program processes voice requests and commands from any application, it is enough to say “OK Google”.

To activate the assistant, do the following:

Open the system settings.

Next is the Google section.

Select Google.

Scroll down to where to select “Search, Assistant and Voice Control”.

Select Search, Assistant, and Voice Control.

Select the settings where you activate the voice assistant function. Set work options based on personal preferences.

Click on the “settings” button to configure the voice assistant.

Activate and configure the voice assistant.

Return to the Search, Assistant, and Voice Control section. In the “Search” field, click on the line “Voice Search”.

Then “Voice Match.”

Select “Voice Match”.

Voice Match is disabled by default. Set the switch to active.

Turn on Voice Match.

In order to exclude the likelihood of activating the assistant by another user, a request for voice recording will appear, click “Accept” to start recording.

Activate your voice. Click on the “Start” button.

Next, say the phrase “Ok Google” one at a time. Speak with different intonations to improve the accuracy of the assistant.

A voice sample is stored on the device. If necessary, erase the sample or overwrite if the voice has changed. These actions are performed in the item “Voice Match”.

Overwrite and delete voice options will appear after the first recording.

To start the assistant, say “Ok Google,” and then the appropriate command, for example, open a website or application. The “OK Google Teams” application, which describes more than 300 teams and illustrative application examples, will help you get started quickly.

Android Voice Search Applications

Voice search functions are also available in third-party programs. Typically, such utilities do not stand out, except for the content of a large number of contextual advertising. As an example, consider two such programs.

UX Apps Voice Search

The application is positioned by developers as a voice assistant. The initial window allows you to place icons for quick access to calls, messages, browser, maps and an extensive list of search engines. And in all cases only voice search is used.

The window of the program “Voice Search UX Apps”.

There are practically no settings. Only regional settings are available, the function of disabling the history storage and the dark appearance are blocked. To access hidden features and turn off ads, a one-time fee of 1.59 USD is required.

The placement of shortcuts on the desktop is also supported. Each shortcut is allowed to assign an action: open the application or start a search. RAM consumption during operation did not exceed 123 MB.

Main advantages:

  1. Moderate RAM consumption.
  2. Ease of use.
  3. Extensive selection of search engines.

The main disadvantages:

  1. Availability of advertising.
  2. Some functions are blocked in the basic version of the program.
  3. No useful settings.

Final grade:

The application is not overloaded with unnecessary functions, voice search is available on the Internet and on a mobile device. And the consumption of RAM up to 123 MB allows you to use the program on low-power devices. The impression does not spoil the banner on the main page, which cannot be said about the need to purchase the full version of the program, for the opportunity to clear the history and choose a dark design.

Voice Search PI LLC

On the main page are the service icons. To search, click on the icon. YouTube or Google Play, and then make a request. If the search returns several results, just poke your finger on the correct option.

Application window “Voice Search PI LLC”.

Settings and widgets in the program are not available. For that there is a full-screen advertisement that appears after each action. On average, a banner ad displays 5-7 times in a single voice request. For disabling advertising, developers are asked to deposit a one-time 2.09 USD. RAM consumption. 155 MB.

Main advantages:

  1. Search in services and applications.
  2. Ease of use.

The main disadvantages:

  1. Aggressive advertising.
  2. insufficient optimization.
  3. No useful settings.
  4. Weak functionality.

Final grade:

Using the application in the free version is not possible. After each action, full-screen advertising appears. So the utility is not overloaded with unnecessary functions and easy to use. But consuming 155 MB of RAM is a lot, for such a simple program.

How to enable voice search in Yandex and Google browser on a computer

Activating voice search in a browser on a computer is also available by default. It is enough to connect a microphone and click on the voice input button in the search bar. The first time the browser asks for permission to use voice input.


In the article, we examined in detail how to enable voice search of Yandex and Google: how to enable it on Android, in Yandex Browser, on a computer. The voice search function is turned on by silence, both in the mobile and desktop versions of the browser. Therefore, additional actions are not required. And to enable voice control in the system, pre-activation is required. The process is not complicated if you follow the instructions in the article.

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