How To Enable Trade Confirmation Via Phone

To enable trade confirmation automatically on Steam, you must enable Mobile Authenticator on Steam. To do this, you will need to: make your inventory open, download and install the application on your phone, activate Steam Guard on your computer.

Making the account visible

The first thing you should do is open your account so that your friends or any other users can offer you an exchange of things. To do this, you must:

    • Open Steam Client;
    • Hover over your login in the upper right corner. In the drop-down menu, click "Inventory";
    • Click on the “” tab, and select “Privacy Settings”;
    • Check the box next to the word “Open” in the sections “Profile Status” and “Inventory”;
    • Click Save Changes.

    Exchange inventory visibility

    Install the mobile authenticator

    Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is an additional measure of protecting your account. To connect the Steam Guard mobile authenticator, you need a mobile phone based on Ios or Android. For a phone on Android, you need to go into your phone and download the mobile application through Market:

      1. Click on "search" and drive in "Steam"
      2. Install the application from Valve corp by clicking on the “Install” button. After installation, click "Open":
      3. Next, we need to log in by entering your username and password in Steam.
      4. Then click on Steam Guard in the upper left corner and wait for the application to load. The authenticator often lags at this step, so wait 15-20 seconds:

      Video: How To Enable Trade Confirmation Via Phone

        1. In the interface, click "Settings".
        2. If you do not have Steam Guard connected, then here you will have a tick “Receive Steam Guard codes by e-mail”

          How To Enable Trade Confirmation Via Phone
          1. To connect Steam Mobile Authenticator, put a tick in the option “Receive Steam Guard codes on your phone”.
          2. Then click the blue “Next” button to confirm the operation.
          3. You should receive an SMS with a 5-digit confirmation code on your phone (which is tied to your Steam account). For example, 98451. Enter our code in the appropriate field and click "Submit".

          Code entry field

            1. We get to the page with the recovery code. This is an important code that may come in handy for recovering your account if you lose your SIM card. Such a code begins with the letter R, consists of five digits and the letter R at the beginning.

            Important! If you encounter any problems with the authenticator, use the technical support service:

              1. After that, we get to the screen with the authorization code. The code consists of 5 characters: Latin letters and numbers:

                1. After we connected the Steam authenticator on the phone, we go into our account from the computer. Now to enter it is not enough just to enter a username and password. Now you need to enter also the generated authorization code from the mobile application:
                1. After entering the code, click Ok. After that, authorization in the Steam account will occur.

                After connecting the mobile authenticator, 1 week should pass before you can exchange your things again. But in a week you will be able to trade automatically. Thus, you connected the confirmation of trades in Steam!