How to enable the voice set of text on the iPhone

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Voice input texts online and offline

Many Google Documents users do not even suspect that this service supports dictation. True, the function only works in the Google Chrome table browser. To enable it, press the “tools” and select the “voice input”. A microphone icon will appear on the screen. Click on it when you are ready to dictate.

“Google Documents” recognizes punctuation marks. So if you say “point”, “commas”, “exclamation mark” or “question mark”, the service will add the corresponding symbol.

In addition, Google Documents support voice commands for formatting, selecting and navigation in the text. But so far in Russian, only two can be used: “new line” and “new paragraph”. The rest of the teams are available only in English. Their full list can be viewed in the certificate of “Google documents”.

The accuracy of recognition of the service is not bad, which cannot be said about speed: sometimes the text is displayed with a delay. In addition, after points, the algorithm often inserts lowercase letters instead of capital or not to place the letter “K”.

Ways to turn on the voice set for Android and iOS

One of the best options for turning on the voice set on your Android phone is the GBOARD application, which is preinstalled on every Android phone in the world (except China). If your phone is not on your phone, you can download it from Google Play Shop.

Steps for turning on the voice set for GBOARD:

1] Activate the keyboard by opening any application on the phone.

2] Go to the keyboard settings by pressing the gear icon on the toolbar just above the digital keys, or press the Emoji icon next to the gap and draw a finger to the six.

enable, voice, text, iphone

3] go to the “voice entry” and turn on the switch.

4] Now you can easily press the microphone icon in the upper right corner of the keyboard and pronounce everything you want.

Additional tools for vocal input of text

Yandex.Keyboard and Gboard (Google Keyboard)

If you work for most of the time from a smartphone and want to use the possibility of voice input of the text, use the functionality of voice input, which is in keyboards from Google and Yandex:

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So you can dictate the text in any application that you usually use to organize personal and work notes, tasks and similar ones (Google Keep, Notion, Trello, etc. D.).

Using voice input is easy:

  • Open the desired application (for example, Google Keep) and create a note;
  • Open the keyboard and click on the microphone icon (below is an example of how to do it in GBOARD);
  • Start dictating a note. The system recognizes speech and converts it into text.

GBOARD Voice Enter (Google keyboard)

Google Docs

Those who work a lot with Google documents are useful to the built.In voice input function (supports the Russian language).

If you have not yet known about her, here’s how to turn it on: “tools” → “voice entry”.

On the left will appear a pop.Up window with a drop.Down list for choosing a speech language and a button with a microphone icon.

Select the desired tongue, click on the button and start dictate the text.

Reviews about the application of the vocal set of text (7)

SMSCONSULTING. July 30, 2021 at 20:55:46 # 1. Great application.2. Settings. Apperance. Ogographic error, d.B. “Appe her” 3. I would like to dynamically switch the recognition language, as well as add recognition of special systems and (basic) commands of editing the recognized/recognized text. Perhaps they are. I just installed this application.4. If there are such functions or when they are added, then the application price can be safely lifted to 199 and above.5. I would like to remove advertising. The application seems to be paid? Reply

Andrewsimple. March 16, 2021 at 23:33:34 # The application apparently uses the standard text recognition function, which is in the standard keyboard and is available from any application. The screenshots are placed in the screenshots: the application arranges them only if dictated to them obviously. That is, it is completely not clear what is better than a standard application of notes, in which there are even more functions. Reply

VLAD PRO. December 31, 2020 at 00:50:42 # I will say right away, advertising in the application of the appendix. Well, this is for yourself. But this is not the main thing. One. Poorly recognizes speech. No better than a sound set built into the keyboard. Maybe sometimes worse. 2. “Smart” set that should help only interferes. Strongly distorting words. Gains completely different and dissimilar words, nothing in common with what has pronounced. 3. Cannot be edited while recording. No, formally you can delete the words during the record, but as soon as you say new words. Everything remote will return to its place again. The only way to edit. Stop the record and start again.

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In general, the design of the application is pleasant, for this, but from a technical point of view. It’s a pity, but I do not recommend (answer

Chrisdazlious. December 30, 2020 at 23:35:42 # Russian speech is not recognized. When trying to start recording, nothing happens, or the application flies out. After each action (pressing any button), advertising starts. It is impossible to work. Reply

Tvoerazvitie. December 30, 2020 at 23:35:40 # In short, they took 29 r and then you still need to turn off the advertisement for 99 r. Well super, well done, the main thing is to hide it.So you can’t get good assessments. In fact, you are deceiving people to answer

Titania. December 30, 2020 at 22:45:39 # There are simply no words. I have long had plans for this type of application, but still my hands did not reach to find something suitable and get down to business. That surprisingly, the type application is hard to perceive my speech. And this application is at times better. Yes, there are light complaints, for example, when you start editing the text, after I spoke it, the program corrects the option that she heard. Gives edit only when I enter my hands and don’t say anymore. In general, I am satisfied with this application, I will use it, I hope that they will not abandon it and bring it to mind. By the way, this review was written using this program) Reply

Farit48. October 16, 2018 at 19:48:49 # I did not like this application because I expected that it would record the text continuously. But it turns out this is not so it records the text until you stop. I wanted to use this application in lectures, but it seems it is not good for this. Reply

Turn on the dictation on iOS

Music management

Voice Control can also help you control that it plays on the iPhone. Try teams like:

  • Reproduction of songs (name of the performer)
  • Play (song name)
  • Reproduction (name of the album or playlist)
  • Reproduce music
  • Suspend music
  • Reproduce the next song or reproduce the previous song
  • Next song or previous song

As in the case of questions, try different versions of these teams. Voice Control understands many of them.

Iphone 13/13 Pro: How to Enable/Disable Dictation/Microphone Input on Keyboard

How to effectively use voice control in iOS 13

Initially, the option is in the universal access section. As in the case of a mouse connection, it is focused on users with disabilities. However, this does not interfere with the use of a steep chip in everyday life to the other owners of Apple technology.

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Smartphone and tablet are often used in the kitchen. It is convenient to view recipes on the gadget, communicate with friends while cooking or watch your favorite series. In order not to touch the device with dirty hands, voice control will come in handy.

enable, voice, text, iphone

Some users repair and repair something according to the instructions from the gadget. In this case, during dirty work, management without touch can also be useful.

You can interact with a smart house through voice control, which in practice is more convenient than through the Siri assistant.

Another use of voice control may be the use of a smartphone driving. No need to use CarPlay with a meager set of capabilities or limited siri. Just ask you to press the desired screenshot or start a chip with the right number.

Instructions for iPhone

A few words on how to configure the vocal input of the text in WhatsApp on the iPhone. In the smartphones of this brand there is a similar function at the program level! Nothing complicated, let’s try to activate the option together:

  • Open the settings of the device;
  • Go to the section “General”;
  • Find the “Turning Turning” tab and switch the toggle switch to an active position;
  • Below you can configure dictation languages ​​- English or Russian (or both together).

How to Fix iPhone Voice to Text

Now we are going directly to the case, try to convert a voice message to the text in WhatsApp.

  • Open the messenger and find the desired dialogue;
  • Taping the field for entering the message, the keyboard will open;
  • Find the microphone icon from the bottom right, press and start talking.

If you changed your mind, just press the keys to the key in the lower right corner. To send a message, just click on a blue airplane icon.

It was interesting to know how to write a message in WhatsApp? The set of the set will come to the rescue if you type the text tiring, but you can’t record a warrior. Use and simplify your life!

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