How to enable the dark theme on Instagram iPhone

How to Enable SUPER DARK Mode on iPhone

How to make a dark theme on Instagram

When we watch photos and videos on Instagram, its bright white layout can be uncomfortable for our eyes. Such discomfort inspires many developers to create the so.Called “dark” topics for their applications. The latter allow us to conveniently enjoy content, especially when viewing occurs in the dark. Youtube, VK, our site made and other mobile applications went along this path, and at the beginning of October the turn of a popular Instagram came. In the first decade of October, Instagram was replenished with an official black theme that caused mass user delight. But when the Instagram is launched, we may not find the switch on the black theme in the program settings. Where to look for him? Below you and I will analyze how to make a dark topic in social. Instagram network, and what we need for this.

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said in. That the black theme for Instagram has become available for Android and iOS users. It is activated automatically with the next application update, and works exclusively on versions of IOS 13 and Android 10 operating systems. Inside instagram manual switching on a dark topic has not yet been provided.

Unlike the Pseudo “Smart-Industry”, which existed on iOS 11, the new implementation of the dark theme competently conveys the colors, and is convenient in both dark and bright times.

The pluses of the dark topic are obvious, but how to use it? Let’s figure out how to activate the black topic.

The question immediately arises: how to include a new mode of operation?

We answer: the only way is to enable the dark mode for all iOS.

Open the “Settings” application Find the “Screen and Brightness” in the third set of parameters, “Dark” instead of “bright” you can also turn on automatic settings (at the bottom of the “design” field) to automatically switch to dark mode at sunset and back at sunrise.

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And one more important nuance. The topic is available exclusively if on a smartphone, tablet is the latest version of iOS, that is, iOS 13. If Instagram has not yet darkened, then you need to update to the latest version.

How to enable the dark version of Instagram on Android

If you do not have Android 10 or iOS 13 yet, you can take some actions to save energy consumption in the Instagram application, as well as save traffic.

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So that you can scroll the tape without stopping, the application downloads images and videos in advance. You can limit this behavior. Click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the program, then on the settings icon below. Click “Considerable”, “Using Mobile Traffic” and activate “Saving traffic”.

This will prohibit the video load in advance, it will be loaded only when you click on its play. It is unlikely that this will have a great influence, but still will reduce energy consumption and traffic at least a little.

How to make an instagram dark theme on Android

So far, an officially black theme on Instagram is included only in iPhone owners with iOS 13. But the adherents of the Android also have the opportunity to try the black design of Instagram.

To get the dark theme of Instagram on Android smartphones and tablets, register in the beta version of the application.

Go to the reserved beta version and follow the instructions to join the group and test the version that will be immediately available in Play Store through updating.

  • As an alternative, use a special APK to install Instagram Alpha and directly change the appearance of the application. The application does not have the possibility of display with a dark regime: the topic is activated automatically.
  • If the night mode is activated on a smartphone or tablet, the application will also present this configuration, so it is necessary to update Android to the latest version of the operating system.

If you do not like to bother, but you want to try, you should wait a bit. Most likely the technical support of Instagram after tests will turn on this design for all.

Why use the dark instagram mode?

There are several reasons why you should enable the dark Instagram mode on Android and iOS. For example, this helps with eye tension, especially when you leaf through the tape in the dark. In addition, it also helps to save battery charge. However, there are several reasons why you should also not use a dark topic. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the dark mode and explain why you should (or should not) use it.

  • Stylish
  • Save the battery charge
  • Reduce eye stress in low light
  • Reduce glare on the screen and reduce flicker and blue light
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How to disable the black and white screen on the iPhone

Relatives appeared on the network relatively recently, saying that each owner of the phone would be nice to change the color screen of the mobile phone, replace it with black and white. Scientists explained this with the following reasons:

  • A person spends less time on the phone, because dim images do not bring joy, as a result, the user does not pull to the device;
  • The load on the organs of vision is reduced by reducing the effects of light from the monitor on them;
  • Overall health improves, anxiety decreases, insomnia disappears.
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Such studies indeed have introduced users into bewilderment, but most hastened to correct the appearance of their phone. With the course of time, many had an irresistible desire to return everything back. And if you turn on the monochrome mode in several ways, then it is easiest to turn off just one. How to change a black background on iPhone to another? How to remove the black and white screen:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Choose the column “Basic”.
  • Open the “Universal Access” tab. “Adaptation of the display”.
  • Select “light filters” and configure with the help of a slider a pleasant to the eye the ratio of white, gray and black, return them to its original position.

After that, the colors on the screen will return, become as bright and saturated as before.

To whom is a black topic available

This color scheme is available to owners of the following types of mobile devices:

Important! For those users who have earlier versions of software, the black solution of the screen is absent in the list of standard color solutions. However, even in this case, you can find a way out. It is necessary to download additional modes and plugins, which will not take much time.

Owners of the 11th version of iOS have not recently been able to use this function. However, due to the appearance of Smart Inversion technology, the situation has changed. Now the holder of the 11th version of the “apple” gadget can apply this technology to change the color regime. Darkening the display at will. Many options use this option.

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Psychologists do not recommend using the dark color scheme of Black constantly, because black color can have a negative effect on people prone to depression. Change topics on the screen should often be, because any visual changes motivate a person to creativity and constructive thinking.

Important! It is not recommended to put a dark theme on Instagram if the user not only watches photos, but also reads a lot of text. Light letters on a dark background are very difficult to distinguish.

Dark theme on Instagram iOS

In order to fully evaluate the innovation, it is worth performing a couple of simple operations. The action scheme depends on which OS the phone has at the disposal. Previously, a similar effect was achieved through special applications and browser extensions of the PUB category. But this caused many negative factors. The theme and content of the social network became dark.

For this reason, users perceived the new adopted innovation very actively. In the application of the social network, the darkened regime is not provided for. To install a comfortable option, you need to act through the settings. This provides an opportunity to use the background for dark time of day. In order for the screen to become dark, it is required to reduce the brightness on the gadget, you can’t find a more convenient option.

How to change the topic on Instagram to white on iPhone

Inverting the colors that we mentioned in the subtitle for “Googlefons” is true for “apple” devices. In order not to think why Instagram has become black, keep in mind-iOS gadgets support such a change in colors from the 7th version.

Check the Dark Mode shutdown in the portable settings:

If you set up a new phone or set the settings after reset to the factory configuration, in the “Description” window, select the “Svetle” tick. Then touch the point “Next” and follow the instructions of the master.

Finally, the algorithm fair for the owners of gadgets based on iOS 13:

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