How To Enable T9 On Samsung A70

Quick shutdown T9

Let’s say you forgot where the settings menu item is for the keyboard or a specific input panel. What to do in this case?

Most versions of Android allow you to turn T9 off and on in quick mode and change the keyboard. To do this, go to any application or system service where you can enter text. For example, in notes, search, messages. Now press in the input field and hold your finger for a few seconds. The Input Method tab appears. Here you can already select any keyboard for input and set up work with T9.

How To Enable T9 On Samsung A70

Now you know how to disable T9 mode on Android, regardless of Android version and phone model, if this function bothers you. You also know how to enable the function directly through the system settings or even if such an action is not provided. We are talking about the above applications that install a simple keyboard.

If you often enter text from your smartphone, then the easiest way to do this is with the T9 option enabled, because in this case, typing will be somewhat faster. If you have a smartphone with a large diagonal, then you can enter text without using T9, for example, if you are used to touch typing on the same computer. You can enter letters and symbols using two hands. And remember that this technology works by default for both Russian and foreign layouts.

How T9 works?

Compared to simple letter-by-letter typing, this method can significantly increase the speed of typing. This is achieved through the use of an algorithm that intelligently, referring to the built-in dictionary, is able to predict which word the user is currently typing.

The principle of operation is simple, we quickly type a word, and the system detects it right in the process of typing and displays it next to the keyboard.

It is noteworthy that errors are also made during input, since in most cases the system is able to correctly identify a word based on only 50-70% of the characters correctly entered by the user. Conveniently? Not that word!

Of course, the possibilities of intelligent word selection are limited by the m dictionary. As a rule, most modern keyboards for Android are able to independently memorize new words entered by the user, which were not in the dictionary before. Also, in some cases, you can download additional dictionaries created by developers or other users.

Initially, T9 mode is already enabled on most devices. However, in some cases, for example, if bare Android is preinstalled on a new device, the dictionary for T9 may not be installed.

What to do if the function is needed again

Over time, you may want to return AutoCorrect. How to enable T9 on Android in this case? You just need to repeat the steps described in this article in the reverse order. It’s worth noting that when using Gboard, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the dictionary has memorized most of the phrases you use and is performing significantly better than right after installation.

How to turn T9 on and off on Android?

It would seem, who and why might need to disable the T9 mode? It almost always works correctly and does not make significant mistakes when defining words. However, as practice shows, in some cases, T9 can interfere with comfortable work. For example, if a user is typing text on a tablet computer screen with a large diagonal or if you need to enter some specific words (for example, when typing texts with technical m). In such cases, T9 can be removed.

How to disable T9 on Android? It’s simple:

  1. First of all, open your phone settings.
  2. Go to the Language input submenu and find among the options to customize your keyboard. For example xperia keyboard or HTC keyboard.
  3. After selecting the desired keyboard in the list, go to the Smart Typing tab.
  4. In the dialing settings, find the T9 mode and deactivate it.

That’s all. If you need to re-enable the mode, you can do it using the same method.

Important! If there is no option to disable T9 in the keyboard settings, you can get rid of it only by installing a new keyboard and adjust it in accordance with your requirements.

Unfortunately, not all device manufacturers allow the user to independently disable smart input on Android. Most often, such surprises are typical of some devices from Chinese developers.

You can see how this is done on Samsung and Meizu devices.

How to install Smart Keyboard on a smartphone

Oddly enough, but on the devices of many users, the ability to enter using T9 may be completely absent. If you are one of these users, we suggest you install the Smart Keyboard application on your phone. It is a great alternative to standard input panels and T9 technology. Here the dictionary is much more extensive, the T9 technology recognizes words as you type more correctly, and works several times faster. When typing in various applications on Android, you will no longer have any problems.

  1. And so, first go to Google Play and install the Smart Keyboard program on your device.

Next, you will need to go to Settings and select the Language and Keyboard tab.

Here, click on the gear icon and select Smart Key. If you need T9 mode, then check the box opposite it to activate.

Does T9 work anyway? There is an exit! In the Google Play service, you can additionally download a dictionary for T9. These are huge databases that do not weigh very much, but they allow you to correctly enter all words and phrases when typing. In the search, enter the query Download Dictionary or Dictionary T9 and the system will give you a huge list of dictionaries from different developers.


If you often have to type texts on your Android device, it is better not to turn off T9. However, if you are used to blind typing or use a device with a large screen size, you can try entering text without T9.

Remember that in addition to predictive input, keyboard settings allow you to customize some other input options. By customizing the keyboard for yourself, the typing process can be made easier and faster.

On new models

An easy way to activate automatic fix on modern machines:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the Management section.
  • Go to Language Input.
  • Choose among the options the Samsung keyboard.
  • Find T9 Mode in the list and activate it.

How to enable T9 on Samsung

When buying a Samsung phone, users who are accustomed to T9 want to activate this technology on their gadgets. Depending on the model of a particular phone, you can use T9 on Samsung as follows:

How to disable T9 on Samsung

If the T9 mode on Samsung did not suit you, then you can always turn it off. To do this, follow the path indicated by me above and move the activation-deactivation slider to the Off mode,

Installing T9 on new Samsung models

Click on Apps Settings General Management Language and input.

If you own the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 models, then tap the On-screen keyboard and then Samsung Keyboard.

Select Predictable text or T9, turn the corresponding option lever to active mode, and so you can activate T9 on Samsung.

Activate the Predicative text option on new Samsung models

How to enable t9 on samsung j2 prime

How to enable T9 on Samsung? It is not difficult to activate this function; you will need to spend no more than a minute on it. In our material you will find instructions describing the procedure.

How can you replace T9 on Samsung?

You have learned how to enable T9 on Samsung J5 and other smartphones from the Korean manufacturer. Most owners use a standard keyboard, which is set by default as the main one. It copes well with its tasks and is quite convenient to use.

But the manufacturer allows you to replace the standard keyboard if necessary. Gbord is in demand among Android users. This is a keyboard from Google that provides convenient typing, has a lot of settings to adapt to the owner of the device, supports changing the design.

The T9 system (Text on 9 keys. Typing on 9 buttons) got its name for a reason, it was used on push-button telephones. In modern smartphones, keyboards support prompts, however, as a rule, the system is called differently, but in Samsung, surprisingly, it is called T9. And today we will show you how to turn it on.

Open Settings on your Samsung smartphone.

Next, find General Settings and open them.

Click on the line Language and input.

If you cannot find this item, for example, for the simple reason that a different menu design is used, enter the word language (without quotes) into the search box and select the appropriate item that will show you the search.

Tap on Virtual Keyboard.

Select Samsung keyboard.

Wi-Fi in sleep mode

To save battery life, I recommend turning off Wi-Fi when you are not using it. Another thing is that constantly enabling / disabling is not very convenient. Samsung has provided an automatic option to manage Wi-Fi.

Go to Settings Wi-Fi Connections Advanced Wi-Fi in sleep mode. When the phone enters sleep mode (display goes out, lock screen), there are 3 options available to control wireless transmitters:

  1. Wi-Fi is always on. You do not bother and do not even remember about it. The option is convenient, but it consumes battery power.
  2. Wi-Fi on when charging.
  3. Wi-Fi is disabled. This consumes mobile traffic. If you have unlimited, it’s good, but more often mobile operators give traffic packages for 5/10/15/20 GB. You can forget and drain your entire cash balance.

In general, choose the option you need based on your situation: either convenience and quick battery discharge, or long work and constantly monitor traffic and Wi-Fi consumption.

Wi-Fi control log

And this is a very useful feature in terms of security (for experienced users). Here you can find information about which applications turned on / off the Wi-Fi connection themselves without your participation. If you remember, when you first launch the application, it asks for access to control the phone (access to the microphone, contacts, camera, etc.) So, you can monitor applications and “punish” especially independent, depriving them of access to control the settings of your device.

Go to Settings Wi-Fi Connections Advanced Wi-Fi Control Log.

Connecting to Wi-Fi via WPS

Each router has such a WPS button. It allows you to connect to WiFi from this router using a simplified scheme. You will not need to manually enter the name of the network, the system will do everything automatically to choose the encryption. Just press the secure Wi-Fi setting button on the router with the symbol “WPS” or icon “renewal”. Usually 1 minute is given to connect.

Connection to the router is possible via WPS using a PIN code (written on the box). The code must be entered when connecting.

Add Wi-Fi manually

You can add a network manually if you are an experienced user and know the name, password, encryption type, IP parameters (dynamic or static address), proxy (if used.

To encrypt data, a wifi network usually uses the following modes: WEP, WPA / WPA2 / FT PSK, 802.1x EAP (tab “Safety”). All of these modes are suitable for the average user. I do not recommend using WEP, i.E. It is outdated and does not guarantee the security of the transmitted data.

To protect the transmitted data, you can use a third-party proxy server. To configure the Proxy manually, you will need to enter “Proxy hostname”, Port and for which sites to use (optional), login and password (depends on the type of proxy).

Wi-Fi network management

By default, your phone / tablet remembers all previously saved Wi-Fi networks (with passwords). You can remove the network or select the option “Connect automatically”, when there is appears in the reception area.

Go to Settings Wi-Fi Connections Advanced Network Management.

I advise you not to bother with this option, do not delete saved networks.

Wi-Fi Direct

Waiway Direct is a wireless communication standard that allows two or more devices to communicate with each other, exchange files. To configure, go to the Wi-Fi Direct tab (Wi-Fi Connection Settings). To “connect” phones with each other, you need to enable Wi-Fi Direct on both. And your device must be visible (not hidden in discovery settings).

Tap on the device you want to send an invitation to connect to the second device. Just confirm your request. Everything, the devices are connected. Select the desired file, “to share” Wi-Fi Direct and a connected second phone.