How to Enable Screen Recording On Phone

Using the recording function is very easy: just press the key combination Wing to call up the game panel, and then press the button “Start recording”. You can call up the panel by pressing the “Xbox” button on a compatible controller, in addition, the use of hot keys is also supported for individual functions: WinAltG. record the last moment, Winaltlt. start or stop recording, WinAltPrntScr. take a screenshot, WinAltT. show or hide the timer.

How to Enable Screen Recording On Phone

After the start of the recording process, the panel will automatically close, and a timer of recorded playing time will appear in the upper right corner of the game window. Such a counter is also available on the game panel, in addition, you can launch the Xbox application directly from there, save the clip, if the recording was in the background from the start of the game, take a screenshot and go to the basic settings panel.

In the settings panel, you can enable background recording, set its duration and terms of use (on battery, on wireless screens), disable the timer display, tips for using the DVR for games, launch the game panel by pressing a button on the gamepad, save the current application as a game in the Xbox database.

options are available in the panel. Settings → Game DVR Xbox apps. There you can turn off this function altogether, set your own keyboard shortcuts for all the main functions, specify the maximum duration of clips, select the appropriate quality and resolution, turn off sound recording and set its quality.

Recordeds are saved in the folder \ Clips, MP4 files are assigned names indicating the name of the game, date and time of shooting. Then you can use them as you like: view, edit, publish, send to friends.

You can view the recorded game in the Xbox application, in the section with the talking name “DVR for games”, by filterings and screenshots of the games. Playback is supported in windowed and fullscreen modes.

If necessary, you can crop the movie directly from the application, applying the changes to the original (Trim source clip) or its copies (Save copy), rename or delete.

Finally, the can be published in the Xbox Activity Stream (Publish), and it will be uploaded to the Xbox Live servers and will be available even after deleting the local copy on the disk.

It is possible that in this review we forgot to mention something else interesting about the DVR function for games, if you have something to add or have questions, welcome to the comments below.