How to Enable Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2. the flagship of 2011, many users are still in service and regularly perform their functions. But every year the mass of smartphones of this model begin to grow up with problems and more often upset their owners. One of the common problems. samsung galaxy s2 does not turn on, it happens, it happens even after charging the battery.

The bulk of users do not try to restore the device’s performance and usually throw it away. Although, such a technique has a large margin of safety and you can try to repair it with your own hands.

Reasons why the smartphone does not turn on

There are several main reasons why the device may not work:

How to Enable Samsung Galaxy S2

The first and most common reason is the battery

Charger malfunction, the reason why Samsung Galaxy 2 does not turn on. As in the first case, it may be a fake and it is worth checking the charger. But there may be a situation, the wire is broken or pinched, one of the cores in this case breaks and therefore the phone does not charge.

A kind of charger problem, overheating of the board, when the Samsung C2 that is not turned on lies for a long time with the power connected, overheating and failure of the power controller are possible, followed by “bricking” the device.

The third reason why the phone does not turn on is software

For Android smartphones, firmware periodically flies, especially for old people such as samsung s2, you should not panic and throw away the device, in most cases everything is restored. How to restore the firmware, see the at the end of the article.

A kind of software failure is the lack of space for starting the system both on the internal memory of the smartphone and on the external memory card. In this situation, the Samsung Galaxy 2 does not turn on and the Samsung inscription constantly lights up on the screen.

What to do when samsung galaxy s2 does not turn on?

Symptoms of malfunctions when the phone does not turn on are the same for all Samsung Galaxy 2s. the device does not boot or only boots up to the samsung logo. The treatment is simple, but you must follow the instructions strictly according to the list:

  1. We go into the recovery mode of the device, for this we press and hold the “” buttons of the volume control, the on / off button and the Home button.
  2. The service menu will open (as in the picture), you must select (navigation with the volume keys) “wipe data / factory reset” and press the Home button.
  3. We perform the same operation, but now select “wipe cache partition”, confirming the selection with the Home button.

After these procedures, we get a clean samsung galaxy s2 i9100, with factory settings and without user data in the internal memory, on the SIM card and external memory card, all data is saved.

Downloading the device should go without problems, it remains only to configure the smartphone for yourself and use it further. For a couple of years, you can forget about the problem when samsung s2 may not turn on at the crucial moment.