How to enable ringer on iPhone XR

Turn on flashlight on iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR from the lock screen

If you have an iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XS, or XR, there is another, sometimes faster, way to turn on the flashlight, right from the lock screen. On these iPhone models, the lock screen displays a flashlight button in the lower left corner of the screen. To turn the flashlight on or off, tap the flashlight button.

One of the great things about the iPhone flashlight is that its brightness can be adjusted. To find out how to do this, read the next section of this guide.

BONUS: adjust the brightness level of the flashlight on your iPhone.

In iOS 12, you can also adjust the brightness of the flashlight. To do this, first, open the Control Center on your iPhone. Then press and hold the flashlight button.

Your iPhone should display a new screen where you can see a slider with multiple levels. Swipe up or down to adjust the brightness level of the flashlight.

Keep in mind that the brightness level can be adjusted regardless of whether the flashlight is on or off.

Fire up the flashlight on your iPhone using Siri

iOS also allows you to turn on the flashlight by asking Siri to complete this task. Say “Hello Siri” and then something like “Turn on the flashlight”.

If Siri understood correctly, she will turn on the flashlight and say that “It’s on.”.

Likewise, if you want to stop the flashlight on your iPhone, say “Hey Siri” and then “Turn off the flashlight.” After turning off the flashlight, Siri tells you that “It’s off.”.

4 Ways to Turn On Flashlight on iPhone

If you find yourself in the dark, with no light sources other than your iPhone, you might want to turn on its flashlight. Do you know how to do it? It’s easy, and in this tutorial we’ll show you how easy it is. Here are four different ways to turn the flashlight on and off on your iPhone, and adjust the brightness level:

NOTE: We used an iPhone SE running iOS 12.3.1 to create this tutorial. If you have a different iPhone model or a different version of iOS, things may look different on your smartphone, but the basics should remain the same.

  • 1. Turn on the flashlight on your iPhone from the control center
  • 2. Start the flashlight on your iPhone using Siri
  • 3. Turn on the flashlight on iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR from the lock screen
  • 4. Install an app that can turn on the flashlight on your iPhone

Turn on the flashlight on your iPhone from the control center

To turn on the flashlight, open the control room. If you have an iPhone X or later, swipe from the top of the screen. If you have an older iPhone like iPhone 8, swipe from the bottom of the screen.

To turn off the flashlight, press the flashlight button in the control center again.

Install an app that can turn on the flashlight on your iPhone

You might prefer to install and use an app that can turn on the flashlight on your iPhone. Tapping an app on the iPhone home screen can be much faster than opening Control Center or asking Siri to turn on the flashlight. Luckily, there are tons of flashlight apps on the App Store. Open the App Store, enter flashlight in the search box and wait for the search results. Then choose one of the Flashlight apps you like and click Get to install it on your iPhone.

Once installed, the app can be opened from the iPhone home screen.

Usually these types of apps are easy to use, and give you a screen with an on / off button for a flashlight.

Note that you can also get some other flashlight modes like SOS or strobe mode.

Do you know other ways to turn on flashlight on iPhone?
This is what we know about turning the flashlight on and off on iPhone. If you know other methods, feel free to share them in the comment. Also, if you have any questions regarding the flashlight feature on iPhone, ask them below.

iPhone XS / XR: How to Disable, Force Restart, Enter DFU and Recovery Modes

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are already on sale, and XR will join their ranks in the near future. Most users will switch to new items from devices that had a Home button. In this article, we have collected instructions on how to turn off, force restart, enter DFU and Recovery modes for iPhone X, XS and XR.

If you recently updated from an iPhone 8, iPhone 7 or earlier. you noticed that the “X” models lack the Home button, because of this decision, Apple had to change the mechanics of forced restart, as well as putting smartphones into DFU and Recovery mode.

How to Force Restart iPhone iPhone XS / XR

All of the above items must be performed in quick succession.

  • Press and release the volume up button.
  • Press and release the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the side button until the device reboots.

How to Turn Off iPhone iPhone XS / XR

Press and hold the side button and any of the volume buttons at the same time until a slider appears. Then move it.

How to put iPhone iPhone XS / XR into Recovery mode

Steps 3-5 must be performed in quick succession.

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes.
  • Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.
  • Press and release the volume up button.
  • Press and release the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the side button and keep holding while restarting your iPhone until the Connect to iTunes screen appears.
  • Launch iTunes. the application will inform you about the connected device in recovery mode and offer to update or restore it.

To exit recovery mode on iPhone XS, XR or X. press and hold the side button until the iTunes connection screen disappears, after which the smartphone will restart.

How to enter DFU mode on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or iPhone X

Items 2-5 should be performed in quick succession.

  • Connect iPhone to Mac or PC with a cable.
  • Press and release the volume up button.
  • Press and release the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the side button for 10 seconds until the iPhone screen turns black.
  • While continuing to hold the side button, press and hold the volume down button for 5 seconds, then release the side button while continuing to hold the volume down button for another 10 seconds. When done correctly, the screen should remain black.
  • Open iTunes and you will see a message about the connected device in recovery mode.

How to get out of DFU mode on iPhone XS, XR, or X

  • Press and release the volume up button.
  • Press and release the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

DFU exit method can be used to exit Recovery mode.

Geolocation on iPhone. Enabling, disabling and configuring tracking

Today we will look at how to enable geolocation on the iPhone 5s (for example) and related services that ensure the smooth operation of the device, as well as programs for collecting and processing confidential information.

To answer the question “Where to enable geolocation in the iPhone”, we will try to figure out what the meaning of this function is and to whom it will be useful.

Many of us do not know how to turn on the location finder service on the iPhone, nor do we know how to turn it off. This is not difficult. Read carefully the table of contents in the instructions and choose the most suitable solution to the problem.

How to enable location service on iPhone?

To answer this question, we need to find the location of the geolocations in the iPhone settings. Go to the “Settings” section. “Confidentiality” “Geolocation Services”.

You can customize each app to your liking. We advise you to understand in detail the services and applications or games that you use most often. Flexible customization can significantly save your iPhone’s battery.

To enable the Coarse Location service for your iPhone, check the slider that was moved to the right. If tracking is working properly, the slider will be green, as shown in the screenshot.

For reference! It’s easy to enable geolocation on iPhone 6 or newer iPhone 7. Our instruction is universal and is based on the updated version of the software. iOS 11.

Location services on iPhone. What is it and how are they useful??

Geolocation in iPhone is an integral part of your device. They allow you to track your location all day long. It all depends on the settings, which have a rather flexible functional interface. One of the most striking examples is the search for the most convenient restaurant or cafe for you, the nearest taxi, car-sharing car, as well as an available hotel room.

Most of the services that determine the location of you and your iPhone in particular are easily configured through the standard settings. Apple for setting up geolocations on the iPhone highlights a whole menu item in which you can enable or disable items that use location data, including system services.

You must understand perfectly well. The more apps use your location data, the faster your iPhone’s battery will drain and deteriorate over time. That is why flexible configuration of geolocations in the iPhone is so important, which we will tell you about in more detail below.

How to set up geolocation on iPhone?

The needs of the applications that users install on their devices are different from others. That is why we cannot say for sure what you should enable or disable in the geo-location data settings. But, we will try to provide detailed information about the system location data so that you can make the most informed decision when enabling or disabling various functions.

To set up geolocation on the iPhone, go to the “Geolocation Services” menu item, which you already know from the previous step of the instruction. Scroll down the list of suggested options. Go to “System Services”. It will also allow you to answer one of the popular questions: “Geolocation in the iPhone, where to find?”.

We advise you to leave enabled services such as: “Calibrate compass” and “Tracking”, “Find iPhone”, “Time zone” and “Find cellular network”.

To determine the location of a person or iPhone, you should carefully prepare your geolocation settings. This is necessary so that no one else but you can change the GPS settings or completely disable the tracking services “Find iPhone”.

You should impose restrictions on the use of settings in the menu of your iPhone. Go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Restrictions”. Enter the preset passcode. Scroll through the restriction settings to the “Privacy” section. “Geolocation Services”.


How to charge percentage on iPhone XR?

As you probably know, the iPhone is not the best device on the market in terms of battery life. It’s not very bad, but these smartphones have never been in the top for this indicator.

Therefore, you have to constantly be aware of how much is left until the next charging session of the device. You have to count a little so that you do not end up in an awkward situation later.

The percentage of charging helps a little with this. Today we will try to understand how to make it on a fresh “budget” iPhone XR.

The most interesting news about Apple technology and not only.

How to enable battery / battery percentage on iPhone XR?

Even on older iPhones, you had to dig deep into the settings to enable this indicator. It didn’t take too long, but the problem was that it was difficult to find the first time.

Now everything has become much easier and you don’t need to turn on anything. After all, it is activated by default and you just need to know where to look.

If you are the lucky owner of an iPhone XR, then just open the Control Panel by swiping from top to bottom. Now, in the upper right corner, you will find the required indicator.

Calling charge percentages. swipe from the top right corner

Is it convenient? I think yes. Apple cares about its users and doesn’t want you to be nervous about it. I think it is for this reason that percentages have been removed from the desktop.

over, it is “iPhone XR” that is now the top-end in terms of battery life among all iPhones. All thanks to the Liquid Retina display.

How to turn on silent mode on iPhone

Your iPhone can notify you of an incoming call not only with a ringtone, but also with vibration. When someone calls you, you will not hear the ringtone, but you will feel the vibration.

You can adjust vibration in Settings Sounds and vibration patterns (or Sounds).

Configure these options:

  • Vibration while ringing: your iPhone will vibrate and you will hear a ringtone
  • Vibration in Silent Mode: iPhone will vibrate in silent mode.

How to turn sound on or off on iPhone

On iPhone, you can mute an incoming call. This can be done using a dedicated switch or through the settings. Below we will show you how to turn sound on or off on iPhone.

This method is relevant for iPhone 7 and newer. For older models go to Sound Settings.

How to turn off sound on iPhone

The easiest way to put your iPhone on silent is with a dedicated switch on the left side of your smartphone. It is located above the volume buttons and serves to mute the sound on the iPhone.

When the switch is closer to the back of the smartphone, and the orange indicator is visible, the sound is muted. When you slide the switch to this position, an icon with a crossed out bell will appear on the screen.

To enable ringtone on iPhone, slide the switch closer to the front of your smartphone. The bell icon reappears on the screen.

Other options

There are many options on the iPhone related to calls, messages, notifications, and more. To customize them, go to Settings Sounds. These options are responsible for this:

Silent mode is off, but there is no sound?

Controlling silent mode on an iPhone is simple in theory. with a toggle switch. However, in reality, everything is a little more complicated. Silent mode is disabled on iPhone, but you still can’t hear the sound of an incoming call? There may be several reasons for this.

You may be in Do Not Disturb mode. You may have blocked the number calling you, so you cannot hear the sound. First, check everything, and then review the settings again.

How to put charging percentages on iPhone XR

The answer is simple. no way. Yes, it’s sad, but you cannot enable the display of percentages on the main display. Although all previous models of smartphones from Apple had this feature, with the release of the tenth series, the function disappeared. The reason for this is the transition to frameless devices with a cutout at the top of the screen. Everything is trite. there is no room for interest. It is this cut that most of all causes complaints from users, but they have to endure.

For the iPhone XR, like the entire X-line, the ability to turn on the charge as a percentage has been removed from the settings. But one option remained, let now you have to do extra body movements for this. If you are more comfortable focusing on specific percentages, you need to go to the “Control Center”. The developers left us no other options. This is done in the following way:

  • You need to touch the upper right corner of the screen. Where the battery icon is displayed.
  • Hold down the button and drag it down. The “Control Center” should open.
  • An indicator and percentage of the consumed charge will appear at the top of the display.

Displaying charge as a percentage on iPhone XR

The need to carry out such an action every time causes discomfort for users. But only the first time. then you get used to it. By the way, there is another way to see the percentage charge. To do this, you need to ask the Siri voice assistant: “What is the current battery level?” Smart utility will answer you with a voice message.

Why did you remove the percentage of charging

Of course, the main reason why you can’t see the exact charge level now is the lack of free space due to the cutout. However, fans of the Apple brand have put forward their own theory. Since Apple has always prioritized user comfort, they could deliberately hide the percentage display.

It’s all about psychology. Even when 49% of the battery charge remains, a person starts to get nervous. suddenly there will not be enough for the rest of the day. In fact, in this state, the smartphone (at medium loads) will work for another six to eight hours. But the discomfort has already appeared. Accordingly, if the digital values ​​are not visible, the person worries less about the battery charge.

How to enable charging percentages on iPhone XR?

The battery, or rather its capacity, is one of the most important factors when choosing a smartphone. The iPhone XR is no exception. Most users are used to keeping track of the charge level as a percentage. clarity makes it possible to better navigate how much more time you can actively use the gadget. But with the release of the tenth episode, everything became much more complicated.

As it was before

In previous iPhones, in order for the numbers to always be visible on the home screen, it was necessary to activate the corresponding function in the settings. This was done as follows:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on the “Battery” tab.
  • We translate the slider “Charge in percent” to the green position.

After that, on older iPhones, the percentages could always be seen on the main information panel.

How to turn on hotspot on iPhone: Internet distribution step by step

Good day! Today we will look at instructions on how to turn on the hotspot on your iPhone. In fact, there is no difference and the distribution of the Internet on the iPad is turned on in the same way. First of all, I want to advise you to check for an update on iOS. This is necessary for the phone to work without errors and problems. This is especially true of those who have never updated their smartphone operating system at all.

Further instructions apply to all iPhones 4, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 7S, X, XS, XR. The thing is that all smartphones use one operating system, which is regularly updated and optimized as much as possible, even for older versions of iPhone and iPad.

HELP! If you have any difficulties in the process, an error will come out or something will not work. feel free to write in the comments and I will help you.


  • To create or make an access point from your smartphone, you first need to go to the settings. To do this, find the round gear icon on the main desktop and click on it;
  • We select the section “Modem mode”. Here it is called that way, a little incorrect name, but the very essence is clear.
  • Now you need to turn on the top slider;
  • Next, you will see a window where you will be asked to choose exactly how you want to distribute the Internet: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. Yes, the Internet can be distributed not only wirelessly, but also by connecting to a computer or laptop via Bluetooth or USB cable.
  • After you select “WI-FI”, your iPhone will start building a wireless network around itself, to which you can connect.

Further, there is nothing complicated, you will need to connect using the network name and password. The password will be displayed just below and you can change it, in which case. If you are using a USB cable, you should see a new network connection on your computer or laptop. To check, try going to any site.

Now the difficulty may arise in the fact that when distributing such an Internet, your mobile operator will start asking for funds. To bypass these restrictions, we have separate articles on the portal for each operator:

The same Megafon, while not asking for money for the distribution of unlimited Internet, but we are monitoring the events and in which case we will write an article on bypassing this operator. In any case, you can always contact our experts with your questions in the comments.

How to turn flash on / off when calling on iPhone

reading time: 1 minute

Apple is known for its special treatment of people with disabilities and strives to adapt its devices and their functions to the appropriate restrictions. Oddly enough, some of the accessibility features designed for people with disabilities will be useful for healthy iPhone and iPad owners. Many people like the visual notification of an incoming call or message in the form of blinking when calling on iPhone. How to turn on the flash on iPhone when you call, we will tell you today.

By default, those included in the iPhone are accompanied by a polyphonic melody and vibration generated by a tiny vibration motor built into the smartphone. Users can set their own ringtone and even set an individual vibration to a contact in the iPhone. In most cases, this is enough, but you can also stand out. You can add another type of notification about an incoming call in just a minute with a few steps.

How to turn flash on or off when calling on iPhone:

  • on the iPhone desktop, open Settings;
  • go to the Basic section;
  • click on the Universal access item;
  • scroll down and find the Hearing section;
  • click on Flash alerts;
  • move the slider to on or off.

It turns out that everything is so simple, a few familiar movements in the right direction and, in addition to sound and vibration indication when you call, you also have a visual one at your disposal.

Please note that the flash blinking on an iPhone call will only occur if the iPhone screen is locked. If the smartphone is unlocked (the “Home” screen “is on”), the flashlight will not pulsate with an incoming call, and why, if a corresponding notification will be displayed on the screen itself. As you can see, even this insignificant function is thought out to the smallest detail, allowing you to save battery power.

By the way, when the “Flash Alerts” function is activated, a flash is turned on for notifications on the iPhone, including incoming SMS messages, which will also be indicated by flash signals.

How to turn off iPhone XR or XS. instructions

Often, iPhone users have a problem. they can’t turn it off, they just don’t know how to do it. The fact is that in the new versions. XS / XR. a completely different device, a standard reboot will not help in this case. Frameless iPhones are distinguished by a modified interface, which often becomes a problem for the user. They lack buttons, and standard combinations do not work, Siri is also useless. The question naturally arises, how to turn off the iPhone XR.

How to force shutdown iPhone 7

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to reboot different iPhone models, including the 7 or 7 Plus version. The method using the Home button will also not work in this case, because in this version Apple also changed the physical button under the screen to a touch button, which can also freeze. What to do in such a case?

It is proposed to carry out the following actions:

  • Hold down the on / off Power button, which is on the right.
  • Without releasing, press the volume down button located on the left.
  • It is necessary to keep the keys pressed until the Apple icon appears on the screen.

This combination is quite simple, the main thing is to perform all actions sequentially.

How to Force Restart iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, or iPhone SE

Older iPhones (6s, 6s Plus, or SE) may also require a reboot. This may be necessary in the event of a software update or some errors.

In order to turn off and turn on the phone, you need to do the following:

  • You must press the power button (located on the sides of the device or on top of the iPad) and hold it for a few seconds.
  • The screen will display: “Slide to Power Off”.
  • After performing this action, the smartphone will turn off.
  • To turn on the device, you need to press this key again.
  • The machine may ask you to enter a password even if you have only used your fingerprint before.

It is recommended to take your time and carry out all the actions sequentially in order to get the desired result.

Force restarting iPhones of this model is a simple process:

  • Hold down the home key (there is one on the front panel) and the power off button at the same time.
  • Do not release the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • After that, press the keys and let the device restart.
  • Enter a password, even if previously identified with a fingerprint.

Such a shutdown helps to cope with many problems when the device has ceased to respond to any action. If all the steps are done correctly, the iPhone should be restored.

How to force shutdown or restart iPhone X, XS, XR

In some situations, it may be necessary to force or urgently restart and turn off the iPhone (iPad, iPod). Most often, this is necessary when the device freezes for any reason and does not want to work normally.

There are two options for restarting a smartphone. soft and hard. In fact, they are one and the same, however, there are several nuances that you should pay attention to:

  • A soft reset is possible if the device continues to respond to pressing. The action is applicable when updating the software, to clear memory and to shutdown background applications.
  • A hard reset is required when the device does not respond to anything and freezes. iPhone has to be forcibly turned off and then on.

To restart the device if the application crashes or the headset does not connect, you must do the following:

  • Press and immediately release the volume up button.
  • Repeat similar actions with the volume down button.
  • Next, you need to press the power button and hold it in this position for a while, until the product reboots.

Attention! The described actions must be carried out quickly, without long interruptions.

The shutdown circuit is quite simple, but requires adherence to the sequence

You can also restart your iPhone using the previous method. turn it off and then turn it on again. Such actions will help to reset errors and restore the iPhone.

To restart iPhone 11 (max pro 11) or other versions, you can also create a virtual restart button. To do this, carry out the following actions:

  • Go to Settings. Accessibility. Touch. AssistiveTouch.
  • In this menu, you need to activate the main switch.
  • After that, the Restart button is added to the iPhone 11 or Pro Max 11 menu.

If desired, the button can be added manually to the Top Level Menu. If you need to reboot, you just need to select a key and confirm your action. This method will help in the event that the menu and sensor are still active, and not stuck together with the device.

You just need to swipe on the command that appears on the display

How to turn off iPhone 10? You can turn off iPhone X by using the Power and volume up buttons. You need to hold them down at the same time, the shutdown menu will appear on the screen.

How to turn off iPhone XS / XR

On new models, starting with the iPhone X, three keys are installed. the volume (increase, decrease), as well as the power key on the right side. With the help of these buttons it is possible to turn off and on the device.

To turn off your iPhone, you need to do the following:

  • Press and hold the side power button and any of the volume buttons. As a result of the manipulation, a dialog box will appear on the display.
  • At the top of the screen, you need to swipe to the right, which will force the smartphone to turn off.

There are several ways to turn off the Apple device

How to turn on iPhone XR after all the steps? For iPhone XC or XP to start turning on, you need to press the power button once.

How to put iPhone XS and XR into Recovery Mode

Recovery mode means recovery. Sometimes the user may need it too, so it is worth knowing how to correctly enter the phone into this state. The procedure includes the following steps:

  • iTunes is installed on the computer. It is important to select the latest version of this software.
  • Connect iPhone (iPad) XS or XR to a computer using a cable, open iTunes.
  • Press the volume up button and release.
  • Repeat the action with the volume down key.
  • Press and hold the Power button while the restart is in progress. Release after the iTunes connection screen appears.
  • Then you will be prompted to update or restore the device.

If using a computer, you need the iTunes app

To turn off Recovery Mode, you need to hold down the Power button until the iTunes Connect screen disappears. It is important to perform all actions quickly and follow the necessary sequence.

How to put iPhone XS / XR into DFU mode

DFU mode is used when the phone does not boot the iOS system. This function allows you to restore the normal operation of the smartphone. To do this, follow these steps:

  • iTunes must be installed on your computer.
  • Connect iPhone x er or x es to your computer using Lightning (this is a cable) and do not disconnect until the end of the work.
  • Press the volume up button, release.
  • Do the same with the volume down key.
  • Press the Power key and hold it in this state for 10 seconds, the screen should turn black.
  • Simultaneously hold Power and hold down the volume down keys for 5 seconds, then remove your finger from Power, and hold the volume for 10 more seconds. If everything is done correctly, the screen remains black.
  • Next, open iTunes, information should appear that the recovery has begun. Action needs to be confirmed.

Important! All actions must be performed quickly and in order to get the desired result.

An Apple icon will appear on the screen, which means everything went well

How to put ringtone on iPhone: step-by-step guide for 2 OS. Windows and Mac

Many people are interested in how to download a song from PC to iPhone 5s or another Applelophone, because the call wants an original melody, which no one else has. In fact, this is not difficult to pull off. The main thing is to keep close at hand this guide on installing ringtones on devices with iTunes 12.7, as well as newer versions for owners of computers on Windows and MacOS.

How to set ringtone on iPhone via PC on Windows?

You don’t need to buy anything to install your own ringtone on an Apple-made phone. In this section. life hacks for those who work on Windows.

How to put a ringtone in iTunes 12.7 or iPhone with a newer version of the application:

To be able to load songs on a call, you first need to change one setting in Windows, namely, to give the ability to rename the audio file created by the user. To do this, go to the “View” (located in the properties of folders) and remove the check mark from the item that hides extensions for registered file types.

In the iTunes application, you need to select the audio file from which you want to create a ringtone. However, you can use an alternative option by adding the file to the library. Now you need to listen to the track and write down or remember the time when the segment of the ringtone should begin and end.

Note: the ringtone can be up to 40 seconds long.

Now you need to trim the audio recording and convert it to the required extension and format. How to do this is described in the table.

Now you need to connect your smartphone to your computer via USB and select it in the iTunes window. The required file with the required extension will need to be sent to the list displaying ringtones. He’s in Sounds. The last step is to click “Finish”.
That’s all: after these actions, the ringtone will be displayed on the iPhone. All that remains is to remove the time limits for playing the original track by unchecking the boxes that were set earlier.

How to set your song to ring using Mac?

It is even easier for Mac owners to download their ringtone to iPhone. You don’t need to download a special program, as in the case of Windows, you don’t have to buy anything either. everything can be done quickly and for free.

So, how to install ringtone on iPhone:

  • Launch iTunes and select the track from which you want to create a ringtone. Go to song details by right-clicking on the audio file with your computer mouse.
  • A window will open where you will need to enter the “Options” and specify the interval when the song should start and when it should end.

Advice: before choosing a time limit, it would be good to listen to the song in advance and remember from what time to how long the ringtone will last.

  • Now you just need to connect your iOS phone to the Mac and select it in the application window. Move or copy the created song for a call to the “Sounds” section (located in the “On my device” column) in the list of ringtones. Confirm that everything is ready.

Advice: after adding a new ringtone to the device, you need to remove the start and finish time of the original track. just remove the ticks that were put before.

As you can see, you can put your own ringtone on the iPhone for free. True, for this you will have to cut the track yourself and add it to iTunes in the desired extension. However, doing it yourself is not so troublesome, and on any computer OS, even Apple’s, even Microsoft’s. If you think about it, it’s even better than buying a ringtone: you don’t have to look for the part of the iTunes song you like.

What is Volume Correction on iPhone?

Volume Correction aligns the level of the current song in relation to the previous one. To make each song play more emotionally, it is better to turn this setting off.

How to turn on flash on call on iPhone XR?

How to turn on flash on incoming calls and notifications on iPhone with iOS 13

  • Open the Settings app and go to the Accessibility section.
  • Select Audiovisual Material.
  • Slide the Flash alerts switch to On.

How to increase ringer volume on iPhone 11?

Open the application “Settings” → “Sounds, tactile signals” on your smartphone; In the “Ringtone and message sound” section, move the slider all the way to the right to turn on the maximum volume; If you want to adjust the volume of the ringtone using the physical buttons, move the slider opposite the option “Change with buttons”.

How to increase ringer volume on iphone?

Why is there a quiet sound when calling on iPhone?

But the two most common reasons for a quiet sound when talking on an iPhone are technical problems either on the side of your device or on the side of the cellular operator. your phone just doesn’t pick up, so the volume and sound quality will fluctuate during a call.

What to do if the interlocutor is hard to hear on the iPhone?

If there is no sound or sound from the speaker on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Checking Sound Settings.
  • Clean receivers and speakers.
  • Check the sound on your device.
  • Try to make a call

How to increase the volume during a call?

How to increase volume on Android? You can increase the volume through the engineering menu. To enter it, you need to open the dialing number and enter the following combination: ###. Next, go to Audio, select Normal Mode and Type = Sph, and after that we successively change the values ​​from Level 0 to Level 6.

Hardware problems

In addition to software troubles, smarts can be subject to quite “everyday” problems. For example, the phone can be inadvertently flooded with liquid or clog the speaker with dust over time.

Software errors

Problematic utilities, freezing of the OS, and so on can lead to the fact that the sound on the smart starts to disappear. It is worth dwelling on each such problem in more detail.

Failed jailbreak

This is hacking of the smart file system. Why do users need to do this? In iOS, the cost of various software and toys is quite high, so users go to various tricks like jailbreak.

How does it threaten iOS:

  • the warranty for the device flies;
  • applications from third-party resources can harm smart.

Unsuccessful hacking of the system leads to the appearance of errors in the OS code. Hence the consequences: there is no sound when calling on iPhone 6 or any other.

Incorrectly set iPhone settings

Problems with the disappearance of the melody may be hidden in the wrong sound settings.

enable, ringer, iphone

How then in iPhone (for example, X Space Gray) turn on the sound of an incoming call:

Step Open “Settings” on a smartphone
Step Click on the item “Sounds”
Step Move the slider left / right to change the ringer volume
Step Opposite the “Change with buttons” item, move the slider to the right

The last step will allow you to adjust the volume level using the button located on the left side of the smart.

Why iPhone lost sound: possible reasons

Most often, the problem lies in the carelessness of the user himself. For example, you can mistakenly put Smart into silent mode or activate Do Not Disturb. How to turn on the ringtone on an iPhone (for example, a 32 gig seven) in such cases? In the first, you need to move the volume switch on the left side of the iPhone. and the music will play again when you call. In the second, the user will see a crescent-shaped icon on the screen. You need to swipe down from the top of the screen and turn off the “Do not disturb” mode.

Didn’t help, is there still a call on the iPhone. no sound? Then it’s a software or hardware problem. Which ones. you can find out by studying the following sections of the article.


How does this threaten the device? Among other things, oxidation of the headphone jack microcircuits. Because of this, Smart mistakenly “thinks” that a headset is connected to it and does not play sound when you call.

Operating system freeze

The OS may be outdated and an updated version needs to be installed. Or you just need to reboot Smart in forced mode.

In any case, the freezing of the operating system leads to a malfunction of the device, hence the problems with the sound during incoming calls and SMS.

No sound (disappeared) with an incoming call on iPhone: 8 reasons and what to do

Smart phones from the “Apple” brand are reliable devices, however, they are not insured against small lags in work. One of them may be the following. the ringing sound has disappeared in the iPhone, that is, the call from the subscriber is in progress, while the set melody is not played. The same problem applies to SMS messages. What is the reason, what to do and where to carry the device? Below are the answers to these questions.

Troubleshooting with AssistiveTouch

Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch.

Go to the AssistiveTouch section and activate this function through the corresponding toggle switch. A virtual button with additional menus will appear on the screen, which can be positioned anywhere on the display.

Tap on the AssistiveTouch menu and select “Apparatus”.

iPhone XR: Incoming Call Ringer Gets Low (Problem Solved)

On the right there should be a “Mute” icon with a crossed-out bell (if not, then put this function in this position), and on the left, tap on the “Louder” (volume up) button to increase the ringer volume.

Disable AssistiveTouch as unnecessary.

No sound on incoming call on iPhone. headphone mode is turned on by mistake

If you have tried all of the above methods, but none of them helped, then the problem is somewhat more complicated. For example, your iPhone may have remained in headset mode by mistake. This can be easily checked in the Music application or Control Center by clicking on the “Devices” icon.

How to Fix iPhone Not Ringing for Incoming Call (100% Works)

Try plugging and unplugging headphones several times, gently cleaning the audio / Lightning connector with a toothpick, restarting your iPhone.

IPhone may be muted

In most cases, the ringtone stops playing due to the iPhone being set to silent (silent) mode. Of course, this explanation is very simple, but often it is this explanation that is the most correct, especially for very “new” owners of the gadget.

To fix this problem, check the volume switch on the left side of the iPhone. If the switch is in silent mode (an orange mark is visible), just slide it, and when a call comes in, music will play again.

Silent Mode On (iPhone Speaker Sound Off):

Silent Mode Off (iPhone Speaker Sound On):

Check your sound settings

It is possible that problems with the ringtone arose due to incorrect sound settings. Open “Settings”, select the section “Sounds, tactile signals” and set the appropriate volume of the ringtone and notifications. Here you can also enable “Change with buttons”, which will allow you to adjust the volume of the ringtone using the volume button on the left side of the iPhone.

What to do if there is no sound (disappeared) of an incoming call on iPhone

Despite the fact that the iPhone is a very reliable thing, sometimes users are faced with a sudden disappearance of the ringtone when making a call. There is an incoming call, but there is no beep, what should I do? Below we will tell you how you can solve this problem.

iPhone needs restart

If the volume switch is in the correct position and the ringtone still does not sound, your device may need to be rebooted. A hard restart will fix software bugs that could have caused the ringtone to disappear. We talked about how to restart iPhone (4 ways) in this article.

No sound on incoming call on iPhone. Do Not Disturb is activated

If the ringtone on your iPhone stops ringing, check to see if Do Not Disturb is turned on. Users often mistakenly activate this mode without noticing it. If you see a crescent-shaped icon at the top of the screen, it means that you have Do Not Disturb mode turned on, which turns off all sound notifications.

Solving this problem is as easy as shelling pears. Open Control Center and turn off Do Not Disturb mode. The beep should now appear again.

Do not disturb mode settings can be changed by going Settings → Do not disturb.

No sound (disappeared) on incoming call on iPhone, what to do?

If the sound of an incoming call or messages has stopped playing on the iPhone, this does not mean that it is time to run to the service center. There is a chance that you have stumbled upon a rare, but not a single bug. A banal reboot or turning on / off the silent mode switch may not help, which is why try using our instructions.

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