How To Enable Proximity Sensor On Huawei

Does the proximity sensor not work? This element is installed in every modern smartphone. It is used for several purposes:

  • display lock during a call to prevent accidental clicks;
  • Prevent phone unlocking when carried in your pocket.

When the proximity sensor in the smartphone breaks down, the owners face the following problems:

  1. Accidentally unlocking your phone in your pocket.
  2. The screen does not go blank when approaching the face.
  3. Random clicks.

Why doesn’t the proximity sensor work on my phone?

Does the proximity sensor not work on Honor? Let’s look at the possible causes of this problem:

  • the sensor is disabled in the system;
  • the settings are lost, you need to calibrate;
  • installed protective glass interferes with the full functioning of this component;
  • crash in the operating system;
  • the sensor could have failed.

How to turn on and configure the sensor?

On Huawei and Honor devices, the sensor is activated by default. But you can turn it on yourself, if for some reason a shutdown has occurred. Required:

  1. Open system settings.
  2. Select the “Accessibility” or “Screen” section.
  3. Find an item with a proximity sensor.
  4. If the lever is disabled, then click on it to activate.
  • download the application;
  • run it;
  • The program will provide instructions for checking this component and its calibration.
How To Enable Proximity Sensor On Huawei

The Android OS used on Huawei is an open operating system. Thanks to this, the software installed on the device can gain access to the device’s parameters and facilitate setup.

After replacing the screen, the proximity sensor does not work

A common situation is when the proximity sensor on Huawei does not work well after replacing the display or glass. You need:

  1. Check if this item is enabled in the settings.
  2. Calibrate it. A small setup guide was provided above.
  3. Did not help? Contact a service center for diagnostics.

The proximity sensor on Android stopped working

The cause of the problem could be the installed protective glass on the display of the smartphone. It can change the amount of incoming light to the sensor, which is why this element is unable to fully work with the previous settings.

  • run the program for calibration;
  • Perform sensor verification in the application and setup;
  • After calibration is complete, evaluate the performance of this component.

Setup does not help? Then you must try to remove the protective glass from the device and check the functioning of the sensor. Some low-quality accessories can seriously interfere with the subsequent operation of this element.

Software Errors and Mechanical Breakdowns

The proximity sensor could fail due to software errors. The Android operating system is additionally optimized by the manufacturer for its devices. The company rolls its own shell onto the devices, and the mistakes made in the code can lead to disruption of the functioning of the smartphone components.

What should I do if the proximity sensor does not work after updating or flashing? There is only one way to solve the problem. reinstalling the operating system. You need to select a proven version of the OS in which all the components of the smartphone work stably.

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

Important! Performing a flashing on your own is not recommended. Inexperienced users can make mistakes that lead to serious problems with the smartphone, including its complete breakdown. It is better to trust such a procedure to specialists, especially if you do not have practical and theoretical knowledge on reinstalling the Android OS.

Has the proximity sensor stopped working? The most common cause is the breakdown of this component. It can also fail during operation and needs subsequent replacement.


You were not able to independently discover the cause and eliminate it? In this case, you must contact the service center for help. Professionals in the SC work according to the standard scheme:

  1. Get the device, find out the circumstances of the breakdown.
  2. Diagnostics are performed to identify the cause of the failure.
  3. Perform direct repairs.
  4. Return the device to the owner.

We recommend that users contact large and trusted service centers. Experienced specialists work in them, advanced equipment for diagnostics and repair is used, high-quality parts are installed. In each city, Huawei has authorized service centers that have received official approval from the manufacturer.