How To Enable Otg On Huawei

One of the most magnificent and necessary features of the android system is otg support. What is OTG? How to use it? Can my little android give me support for this feature? This article provides answers to all these questions in a simple language, with a minimum number of special terms, so that everyone can understand the essence and productivity of this android feature.

OTG on the phone: what is it and how does it work?

OTG or USB-OTG (On-The-Go in English) is a USB 2.0 extension that allows gadgets with a USB port to use this input with more flexibility. Or, speaking quickly and roughly, this function allows you to connect any gadget to our smartphone, tablet using the USB port, whether it is a digital camera, USB modem, keyboard, mouse and others. As a result, the device connected to our gadget loses its “independence” and we get full access to its functionality, for example, to any information contained in its memory. For example, you can use OTG cable to connect a smartphone to a flash drive.

Just imagine what opportunities are opening up before us. The ability to connect a hard drive via a OTG cable to a smartphone, and get access to everything contained in it, movies and music at once. Or connect a smartphone to the camera and use it as additional memory, or use it as a photo processor.

On the other hand, we can think about the world of games. Connecting our device to DualShock or Xbox via bluetooth is not always easy, you need to install additional programs and so on. With smartphone or tablet, supporting USB OTG technology, we can connect our device to the specified gaming devices and enjoy the game process by controlling the characters with our own hands.

You can also connect our device to a printer and print any images without installing any drivers. There is a whole fan of possibilities, which you can try yourself.

How to use OTG cable

Naturally, not everything that glitters is beautiful. Our android is usually equipped with a micro USB input, and most devices that can be accessed are equipped with a USB port. Therefore, we need a cable, as in the previous photo. This USB OTG A-B cable allows us to connect port A (micro-USB input of our gadget) to port B (flash drive). This cable is not very expensive. Indeed, if you search the global network, you can find a huge variety of and lengths of these cables. Large companies selling electronic devices usually offer a wide catalog at a bargain price.

USB OTG cable is very easy to use, because you just need to connect it and you’re done! However, as mentioned above, not everything is so simple, since all devices need source of energy that will make them work. And, of course, if our device does not have OTG factory support, then even by connecting a cable and some device to our device, it will not be surprising that nothing happened. Note that almost all electronic devices operate on a voltage of 5 V, and usually this voltage is required for connection via a USB port, and if we do not have factory support for USB OTG technology, then our port will not be able to provide the necessary voltage and we will not be able to connect to it another device.

However, even in this case there is no need to give up, because there is a solution to any problem. And if you connect an additional power source, then you can enjoy the OTG functionality, and our gadget will see other devices. Such a connection can be made through the so-called HUB USB cable, that is, a Y-shaped cable, the connection diagram of which is quite simple.

Can I use the OTG functionality on small android?

Perhaps this part of the article is the most “bitter”, because not every android has the specified function, not every device sees devices connected to it. Unfortunately, there is also no official list where you can find your device and find out finally whether it supports OTG technology or not. There are many different gadgets and devices, so it’s hard to make a single list. The best way to understand if our device supports the OTG USB function is to go to a special forum and find out. The most famous forums are listed below:

On these forums you can get answers to many questions, and if our device supports the specified technology, then here you can find the answer to the question of how to activate this support function.

The only thing that can be cited in this article is a small list of devices, which support OTG to one degree or another, and without problems they see the electronic devices connected to them:

How To Enable Otg On Huawei
  • Samsung Galaxy S3, S2, S
  • Samsung Galaxy Note, Note II
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 (P3100), Tab 10.1, Camera
  • Nexus One, S, 4, 7, 10
  • HTC Desire, One X, One S
  • Sony Xperia S, P, U, Miro, Acro S, Go, Pro, Tipo, Sola, Arc S, Arc, Neo V, Play
  • Sony Tablet S
  • Acer Iconia Tab A200, Tab A500
  • Motorola RAZR, Atrix, Xoom, Xoom 2
  • All BQ models except Davinci, Darwin and Voltaire
  • some chinese tablets

Of course, there are thousands of devices that support OTG technology. Only the most popular ones are listed. Therefore, your device may support OTG and not be on this list.

In conclusion

USB OTG technology offers us great opportunities. Usually we carry in our pocket our minicomputer, which we continue to call the telephone, although more and more often we use it not as a telephone. This mini personal computer with a five-inch screen, connected via any cable to our car, speaker or other device, and having a good movie in our memory, can turn the night even on a mountain peak into an unforgettable pastime.