How to Enable Noise Reduction On Iphone 8

Most recently, official sales of the iPhone 6 and its older brother iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8 on board have started. Novelties can cause a lot of questions, so we have prepared a brief instructions for using the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8.

How to Enable Noise Reduction On Iphone 8

What comes with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Headphones Apple EarPods with microphone and remote control for listening to music and watchings, as well as making calls.
Lightning cable. Used to synchronize data between a computer and a phone, or to charge using a power adapter.
USB power adapter. Use it with a Lightning cable to charge the device from the network.
Tool to remove the SIM card. Use this paper clip to remove the SIM card tray.

Essential Elements of iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus Icons on the desktop can be located very differently, the picture above is just an example. It all depends on your settings and installed applications.

Install SIM card in iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus The process is very simple, although not familiar. The iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus comes with a special tool for opening the SIM card tray (in the picture above), which, however, can be replaced with a paper clip. Using this tool, open the SIM tray, insert the NanoSim card from your mobile operator and carefully insert it back. A special latch built into the mechanism of the tray will not allow you to make a mistake, the main thing is not to confuse the side, but this is not easy to do thanks to the specially designed tray.

The most important buttons of the iPhone 6

Lock / power button When you are not using the phone, you should turn off the screen by pressing the lock button. This will put the iPhone into sleep mode, which will help save valuable battery power and avoid accidental taps on the screen. In blocking mode, you will continue to receive calls, FaceTime calls, SMS messages and notifications from applications. You can also listen to music and adjust the volume.

On iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, this button is located on the right side edge. iPhone enters lock mode automatically if you don’t use it for about a minute. You can change the auto-lock time in “Settings” “Basic” “Auto lock”.

If the iPhone is off, hold the power button to turn it on until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If the iPhone is in sleep mode, press the lock button or the Home button, and then drag the screen from left to right to unlock the phone.

If desired, you can set a password that will be requested each time the device is unlocked. Open “Settings”, go to the section “Touch ID Password”. Make a safe combination or set up Touch ID to unlock with the built-in fingerprint sensor.

Home Button
Whatever application is open, the Home button will return you to the home screen, on which all the icons of your applications are conveniently located.

Find out which applications are currently running by double-clicking on it. With a long press, you will call Siri’s personal voice assistant, who will answer your question or execute an assignment in no time.

Volume buttons Using these buttons, you can adjust the volume in music, movies, third-party applications and games. By default, when music or is not running, these buttons are used to adjust the ringer volume, notifications, and other sound effects.

Ringer / Silent Switch To enable silent mode, switch this lever to the position with a red indicator. In this mode, iPhone replaces ringtones and notification sounds with vibration. It is worth noting that some applications (for example, an alarm clock or “Music”) in any case will continue to play sound through the built-in speaker.

You can also mute calls and notifications using Do Not Disturb. To do this, drag the screen from bottom to top. The “Control Center” will open. Click on the crescent icon to turn this mode on or off.

Basic gestures for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus
IPhone uses a touch screen with support multi-touch gestures. The main gestures that will come in handy when working with the phone are clicking, scrolling (paging), “swipe” (swiping) and “pinch” (narrowing, squeezing).

Launch applications
To launch the application, simply click on its icon on the “Home” screen. There can be several screens; you can switch between them by swiping your finger left and right.

Put everything on the shelves! Hold the icon of any application until it starts to move. While applications are shaking from fear that they can be deleted at any second, you can change the order of the icons. Overlay one of them to create a folder.

Making calls To launch the Phone application, boldly click on the green icon with the handset icon. Often it can be found in the lower left corner of the dock on the home screen. The application consists of several tabs. If you need to dial the phone manually, select the Keys tab and start dialing the number. In most cases, you will of course use the Recent and Contacts tabs.

If you cannot reach the top, tap the Home button twice. The entire contents of the screen will slide smoothly down so that you can get to the desired item.

Notifications All notifications, including those that you missed, go to the Notification Center. To open the control center, drag the screen from top to bottom. Also here you will find the Today tab with current calendar events and available application widgets.

In this short guide, we tried to briefly talk about all the basic features of the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus. To unleash the full potential of your device, we advise you to read the detailed instructions prepared Apple (unfortunately, while it is available only in English). If after reading this manual you will still have some kind of exciting question, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments, we will try to help.