How To Enable Nfc On Huawei

The icons on the Huawei screen notify the user of various processes occurring in the Android system. Not everyone is familiar with the basic icons that pop up at the top of the screen, or are on the desktop. Below we will study in detail what certain icons on the phone mean.

Icons on the top of the screen

The icons located in the status bar notify the user about the working functions in the phone. For example, you can see the state of charge, mobile network, etc. In total, the smartphone has many different icons. Consider what certain characters in the status bar mean.

VoWiFi icon on Huawei screen.

VoWiFi is a special technology with which you can send messages and make voice calls from a mobile number, but via Wi-Fi. Thus, you can use cellular communication even where the network does not catch. When the VoWiFi function is on, the access point icon will appear on the phone.

What is the VoLTE icon on Honor / Huawei phones

VoLTE is a technology designed for voice calls on an LTE network. The presented option provides the best quality of communication during a telephone conversation. In this case, the Internet connection will not be interrupted. This technology is an innovation, because of which its operation is impossible in some regions of the country, although operators offer a fairly extensive coverage map. Also, it is embedded only in the latest smartphone models. In a mobile conversation, you will notice the Calling symbol.

N icon (NFC)

Speedometer icon with arrow.

When you open the navigation program. Google maps or another application for tracking location and viewing the route, you will notice a speedometer icon with an arrow. That is, at the moment, the smartphone uses navigation systems and notifies you about it.

Quick charge

Quick Charge or Quick Charge is a special technology created by Qualcomm. The function is able to fully charge the gadget in 30 minutes, but it is not available on all Huawei smartphones. Check its availability and activate in the settings. To do this, go to the "Battery" section and find the "Fast charge" tab. Then, when you connect the charger, you will notice another animation and an inscription with the option turned on.

Dual charge icon

A double charge icon indicates that the battery is fully charged. Remove the phone from charging.


The picture notifies about the open camera. You probably started the application and minimized, because of which an icon appeared on the top line. But, also this image will pop up when starting third-party programs for shooting. Let’s say software for creating filters for photos is open. PicBeauty, B612, etc.


When a headset is connected, the headphone symbol appears at the top.

How To Enable Nfc On Huawei

Access point

The picture of the access point depends on which connection you are using. When connected to Wi-Fi, you will notice the corresponding image. Please note that the presence of this symbol does not guarantee online operation. This alert indicates a connection to an access point. If the transmitted module is not connected to the Internet, then you will not be able to use online.

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An hourglass indicates a timer or stopwatch is on.

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Gallery icon

A gallery symbol will appear if you downloaded an image from a browser. Extending the top curtain and clicking on the notification, the system will transfer you to the downloaded file.

Moon icon

The moon symbolizes the active Do Not Disturb mode. With incoming calls and messages, vibration will be triggered. That is, this is a simple silent mode. The function is configurable, for this, go to the settings in the “Sound” section.

Boot icon

A boot signals a running pedometer. a step counter.

Labels on application icons

Sometimes on installed and standard applications labels appear. They are a notification. For example, a red mark on the messenger indicates a new message, and if it appeared on the settings icon, then probably a new update has been released for Android.

Internet icons

Internet icons in status bar:

  • E is the weakest connection, providing access to online at speeds up to 380 Kbps.
  • N. the phone is connected to the HSPA network. It is also possible to connect H. The speed of such a connection varies from 21 to 42 Mbps.
  • 3G. the speed is up to 2 Mbps.
  • 4G. up to 100 Mbps.

Message icon paw

The tab on the message icon indicates the receipt of SMS. If the label is on the messenger, then it means they wrote to you, check the notification.

Other icons

We examined all the standard icons on the Honor screen. It should be borne in mind that different models of smartphones imply different icons. It also depends on the installed programs. To get acquainted with all the characters that may appear on your phone, then refer to the official website of the manufacturer.

How to remove icons on a Huawei / Honor phone

Too many notifications? A common problem is that sometimes users install applications that send alerts too often. Then the question arises, how to turn off this option for a specific software? Instruction:

  1. Go into the options.
  2. Go to the "Notifications and Status Bar" tab.
  3. Further "Dispatcher".
  4. Find the desired software in the list.
  5. Disable sending alerts by moving the slider.

In the same way, you can prevent all applications, including standard ones, from displaying notifications. Also, you can simply close notifications in the upper curtain by swiping to the right or left side.

How to return the icon to the screen panel

The icons on the top panel of Honor can be returned in the options. The instruction does not differ from the above. That is, it’s enough to go to the “Notification Manager” and give permission to display notifications to the desired program.

What does changing the background of the icons mean?

A change in the background of the icons could occur due to several reasons. For example, your Android has recently been updated or you have installed special software that can be used to change characters. This is often influenced by established topics.

How to resize screen icons

To resize the icons on the screen, go to settings. In the font section, you can change the size of the icons.

What to do if lock log management icons are gone

Are the icons at the top of the Huawei phone screen missing? Reboot the device. Perhaps there was a system failure, which was the cause of the error.

The second option is to make sure that you do not turn off the demonstration of notification messages.

One of the common reasons that caused the lock log management icons to disappear is considered to be an overloaded smartphone. Sometimes you should clean the internal and external memory of the device. If there is not enough storage space, many applications stop working or function with an error. That is, the program cannot get the necessary permissions and many options are blocked. Free up space by deleting the cache of installed applications and unnecessary software. You can use special utilities for optimization.