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How to turn on bluetooth on Samsung and LG TV

Modern televisions are not just TV sets. These are entertainment media centers that allow you to surf the Internet, play various games, connect various media devices. In the latter case, the operation is performed using a Bluetooth connection that pairs the TV with the desired device. Many users don’t know how to activate this option. In this article, we will analyze how to enable bluetooth on LG and Samsung Smart TVs. And also we will describe the steps that we need for this.

  • What you need to know about turning on bluetooth on Smart TV?
  • How to turn on Bluetooth on Samsung TV
  • How to activate the engineering menu on Samsung TV
  • Enabling Bluetooth on your LG TV

Enabling Bluetooth on your LG TV

As you know, LG Smart TVs use their own operating system WebOS, which previously supported only proprietary sound devices from LG. Starting with the third version of webOS, you can connect devices from other manufacturers to your TV.

You can activate Bluetooth module on LG Smart TV as follows:

  1. Press the Menu or Setting s button on your TV remote control;
  2. In the menu that opens, select the Sound section;
  3. Check the box next to LG Sound Sync / Bluetooth;

If the full work with Bluetooth on your TV is blocked, we recommend using the capabilities of the engineering menu.

To call it, press and hold the OK buttons on the remote control, as well as on the TV panel for a few seconds, and the service menu will appear on the screen.

For some TV models, you may need to press the Menu buttons on the remote control and on the TV panel at the same time for a few seconds to access the service menu. On some TV models, both methods work and open different service menus.

If a password is requested in the service menu, enter 0000 (four zeros). If 0000 doesn’t work, try 7777 or 0413 or 8741 or 8743 or 8878.

Then you can make changes to the desired settings. Press the button on the remote control to save the changes.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Samsung TV

To connect the desired audio device via bluetooth on your Samsung TV, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the settings menu of your Samsung TV;
  2. In the menu, select the Sound section and click on OK;

This procedure is generally similar for most Samsung Smart TVs, differing only in details.

What you need to know about turning on bluetooth on Smart TV?

As you know, not all Samsung and LG TVs support bluetooth. Therefore, it will not be possible to turn on bluetooth on all TVs. Usually, this requires the presence of a Smart TV and a hardware module responsible for the operation of the specified technology.

You can find out if your TV supports Bluetooth connection by examining the specifications of your TV. To do this, type in the full model name of your TV into a search engine, and study the technical characteristics of the device. Specialized web resources like fullspecs.Net can also help.

If you have Smart TV brands Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips with Bluetooth support, then it is likely that your device will not allow you to connect via Bluetooth from other manufacturers. For example, many Samsung models only allow you to connect soundbars from the same manufacturer. And do not interface with other brands of audio devices.

Nevertheless, in many TVs, you can activate a special system menu that allows you to unlock Bluetooth functions and connect the desired device to your TV. Below we give options for a set of buttons on the remote, allowing you to access the specified menu.

Let’s figure out how to enable Bluetooth on your home TV from Samsung and LG.

How to activate the engineering menu on Samsung TV

As we wrote above, Bluetooth connectivity may be blocked for devices from other manufacturers. To resolve this issue, it will be necessary to activate the engineering menu in Samsung TV, and configure it to activate bluetooth and support third-party devices.

To activate the engineering menu on TV, do not turn off your TV. Leave it on, then quickly press the following buttons on the remote:

Mute 1 1 9 (OK / Select)

The OK / Select button is located in the center of the Left, Right, Up, Down buttons. After dialing this sequence, a secret menu will open, which will allow you to turn on / off the desired bluetooth mode (for example, BT Audio ON).

Changing the volume through the engineering menu

To change the microphone settings, you can use the engineering menu. You will need a special code specific to your smartphone model. You can find it in the instructions for the device or on the manufacturer’s website. It looks like ####, where the asterisks are the code for your smartphone.

To enter the engineering menu, go to the call menu and enter your code in the field for entering the subscriber number. Press the call button. A list of system settings appears on the smartphone screen.

We need the Audio item. Depending on the smartphone model and Android version, the menu may contain different items. From the general we single out:

  • Normal Mode standard speaker sound, no headset connected.
  • Headset headphone sound level.
  • Headset Loud Speaker headset call volume.
  • Debug Info button to reset parameters to factory defaults.
  • Loud Speaker sound level during speakerphone.

Opposite each line you will see two columns of numbers with the current value and the maximum. You can increase each parameter to its maximum value. Press the Set key to adjust the digits.

Software glitch

Malfunctioning programs are also often the cause of broken microphones. To get started, just try to reboot the device, it can fix the problem immediately. When restarting, pull out the battery for a few minutes. After starting the smartphone, check the system operation. If the problem persists, move on.

Check if your device needs an operating system update downloading and installing a new version can fix many problems.

Connect the machine to your computer using a USB cable. Check the sound driver is working.

How To Enable Multitasking On Samsung

How to enable microphone on Samsung Galaxy

Have you noticed that the interlocutor does not hear you during the conversation, and the voice commands are not executed as they should? Check if the microphone is working properly. This material will help you learn how to turn on the microphone on your Samsung phone

Loop away (bad contact)

Another common cause is damage to the ribbon cable that connects the microphone to the motherboard. You can fix it yourself, using a soldering iron, if you have experience with microcircuits. If you do not have such experience, we recommend that you contact a specialist.

Ingress of moisture

If you associate the breakdown with the recent hit of the smartphone in water, try drying it. Disassemble the case and take out the battery, gently lay it on an absorbent cloth in a dry place. If the phone gets very wet, dry all parts except the battery with warm air from a hair dryer.

If the back cover on your smartphone cannot be removed, unplug the device and put it in dry rice. Groats will absorb excess moisture by drying the device.

Reasons for not working microphone on your phone and how to fix it

The reasons for the breakdown can be different. Most often, the microphone can break due to mechanical damage or software failure. Also, the speaker may crash when a certain application is Skype, Viber, Vk or any other that uses a microphone. Let’s take a closer look at all the possible reasons.

2. Divide the screen in half

Android also has the ability to place two applications on the screen at once. For example, you can open Google Docs in the lower half of the screen, and in the upper browser to copy the desired text into your document, without wasting time switching.

To open two applications at the same time, click on the program switch button (square) on the navigation bar. Drag one app to the top of the screen. Then just click on the second one. The screen will split: one program will be on top, another on the bottom.

In Android 9.0 Pie, with gestures instead of buttons, the procedure is slightly different. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the edge. Applications you open will appear, press and hold the desired one. Then select the Split Screen option. Open the second program and the screen will be split in half.

By dragging the separator between applications, you can choose which program will take up more space on the display. And if you drag an element to the top or bottom, you will exit split screen mode.

Unusual bullet plane made its first flight

A collective portrait of a modern passenger aircraft, a cigar-shaped fuselage and wings with an impressive span. The aircraft, developed by the American company Otto Aviation, stands out from the usual picture: the novelty is made in the form of a winged bullet and is equipped with an engine configuration atypical for the industry. The model previously lit up at the airport has already started flight tests.

A teenager from the USA solved the problem of blind spots in cars

Despite all the manufacturability of modern vehicles, it has not been able to get rid of some of its shortcomings for several decades. Blocking part of the driver’s vision with the body struts creates blind spots, which sometimes cause accidents. Automakers are trying to solve the problem with the help of advanced technologies, but the latter has already found a much more affordable alternative.

How to remove the second screen on Android

The easiest way to get out of multitasking screen usage is to restart your gadget. Most devices, however, allow you to act more logically to close, minimize, move each of the open windows with a special shortcut on top.

If you entered the mode of using multiple windows using a separately installed application, just turn it off.

If we are talking about the Picture-in-Picture function for Android Oreo (8.0), the small screen with in its upper right corner will show a cross. You just need to click on it.

As you know, the multi-window mode appeared in the Android 7 Nougat operating system. In the new version of the system, two applications can be opened on the screen at once, but earlier this function worked only if the developer provided it. As it became known, there is an item in the developer’s parameters that is responsible for multi-windowing for all other programs. The option works even in games where the full screen mode opens by default.

To enable multiple windows for all programs, you must:

1. In the “About device” menu, quickly click on the field with the build number many times, and the item “For developers” will appear in the settings.

2. In the new menu, activate the option “Resize in multi-window mode”.

3. Reboot device.

Please note that some applications in the mode of two active windows are still displayed incorrectly. For example, Netflix pauses the player if the user switches to another program.

How to enable multitasking on android

The Second Screen application for Android has become available for users of the operating system. From now on, two windows can be simultaneously displayed on the device screen, regardless of their content, it can be a game and an application for reading, a browser and a social network, and any other combinations.

Valve has announced a new Half-Life. Most gamers won’t be able to play it

Gamers have long been accustomed to accepting rumors about Half-Life sequels with hostility. 12 years have passed since the release of the last part of the series (Episode 2), and the industry has moved on. Who is interested in Gordon Freeman and his friends today, it would seem. However, when rumors about the imminent announcement of a new HL project spread across the Internet yesterday, fans perked up their ears as usual. As it turned out, not in vain: Valve is really working on a game in the legendary universe. True, over not quite ordinary.

Google unveils six new Android TV features

The Google Play branch for Android TV already has about 7,000 applications, and smart TVs themselves have long outgrown the status of single-tasking devices. The developers of the operating system published in their official blog a new post on six of its upcoming features, and revealed the features of each of them.

Popular utility CCleaner was blacklisted by Microsoft

The CCleaner application that searches for and removes unnecessary files and Windows registry keys is known to many PC owners. But, as it turned out, the creators of the popular desktop OS, the built-in antivirus, did not share the people’s love for a useful utility and branded the program as potentially dangerous. Microsoft representatives have already commented on the situation and explained the reasons for the incident.

Google Pixel 4A is the company’s most inexpensive smartphone

Google unveiled its most inexpensive smartphone, the Pixel 4A. Despite the low cost, the novelty has adopted an advanced camera from its older brother. Also, the gadget received a 5.8-inch OLED display and a Qualcomm processor.

Xiaomi has published a list of smartphones that will receive Android 11

Xiaomi recently presented a list of devices that will receive a stable version of the MIUI 12 proprietary shell. Now, the official forum of the company has updated information about gadgets, the owners of which can count on an update to Android 11. The list includes over 30 devices. In addition, it became known which users models just right to think about upgrading.

As you know, the multi-window mode appeared in the Android 7 Nougat operating system. In the new version of the system, two applications can be opened on the screen at once, but earlier this function worked only if the developer provided it. As it became known, there is an item in the developer’s parameters that is responsible for multi-windowing for all other programs. The option works even in games where the full screen mode opens by default.

To enable multiple windows for all programs, you must:

1. In the “About device” menu, quickly click on the field with the build number many times, and the item “For developers” will appear in the settings.

2. In the new menu, activate the option “Resize in multi-window mode”.

3. Reboot device.

Please note that some applications in the mode of two active windows are still displayed incorrectly. For example, Netflix pauses the player if the user switches to another program.

Redmi introduced a new version of the smartphone Note 8 Pro SE

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Xiaomi, the Redmi brand has unveiled a special edition of one of its most popular smartphones. A model called Redmi Note 8 Pro Special Edition in the original bright colors has already lit up on official teasers.

How to set up sync with accounts on Samsung Galaxy. What is sync

From the article What is an account, we know that an account is a place on the Internet and there you can store your data. You can think of an account as a virtual box in which different information is put. In our example, we will consider a Google account as the most common.

One of the possibilities of a Google account is to store contacts from the phone book of a smartphone. He does this using synchronization: add a new contact to the phone book, the smartphone copies it to the account, change the existing contact in the smartphone, the changes appear in the account.

Synchronization in our example is convenient because:

  • Contacts on all devices with this account are always the same; they changed something on one, automatically changes to all the others;
  • If you buy a new smartphone, just add an account and all the contacts that were on the old one appear. No need to manually save and transfer contacts, everything happens automatically.

Each account can only sync certain information. Some sync browser bookmarks and contacts, some also sync calendar entries, and some do not sync anything at all.

How to choose what information to sync with your account

Select Accounts Backup or Cloud Accounts. If there is no such item, go to the next step.

Select Accounts.

Select an account, in our example, select a Google account. If there are several accounts, select the required.

If the required account is not on the device, register it (if an account has not yet been created) or log in (if an account has already been created).

Select Sync your account, if you have one. If there is no such item, go to the next step.

A list of data that is being synced to your account appears. Turn on the synchronization of the data you need. If you don’t use something from this list, feel free to disable.

Can’t select data to sync

Go back two steps to select accounts.

Turn on Auto sync or Turn on sync and try selecting data again.

If there are no such items, press the Menu or Options key (it may look like three dots in the upper right corner). The item will appear in a pop-up menu.

What is auto-dialing on a phone

Auto redial on the phone is a function that, when turned on, allows you to automatically dial a phone number many times until the subscriber picks up the phone. Reset or busy line redial.

This function is extremely useful if you have to repeatedly dial the same number, which for some reason is busy or unavailable.

For example, auto-dialing will be relevant when trying to get through to any institution where there is no multi-channel PBX.

Especially the convenience of using auto-dialing will be appreciated by all those whose activities involve the need to make a lot of calls: collectors for calls to debtors, call-center employees, promoters and other people working in the field of advertising to call customers.

The auto-dial function on the phone can be set in several ways:

  1. With the help of programs built into the phone (if available);
  2. Using applications;
  3. Order a service from special online services (paid);
  4. With the help of services from mobile operators (MTS, Beeline, Tele2, Megafon).

How to make an auto redial on an Android mobile phone

Most modern cellular mobile phones running the Android operating system already have a built-in program for automatic dialer in their arsenal, it is simply not activated in the settings. Auto dialer is available in phones Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Meizu and other popular brands.

Let’s look at how to make an auto-dialer on an Android phone using the built-in feature, and then look at auto-dialer apps.

How to set up an auto redial on an Android phone

Author: Yuri Belousov · 10.07.2019

Topic: How to enable auto redial on Android phone | Free applications and programs for auto-dialer on Android smartphone online.

Many modern landline telephones have an auto-dial program at their disposal, which is often badly needed. Those who have used it know how effectively it can save time. But nowadays, mobile phones have overtaken landlines in popularity, so in this article we will consider how to enable auto-dialing on an Android phone.

But before considering the question of how to set up an auto-dial on an Android phone, let’s figure out what an auto-dial is, what it is for and who can be useful.

How to enable auto dialer on Android phone (Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei)

To enable auto redial on your Android phone you need:

  1. Go to Android settings;
  2. Go to system applications;
  3. Go to phone settings;
  4. Open advanced settings;
  5. Activate the switch opposite the Auto redial mode.

Auto dialer apps for Android: download programs

In addition to the built-in function, the user has the ability to download and install auto-dialer applications on his Android phone or tablet.

List of free Android dialer apps on Play Market:

  • Auto Dial (Water Labs)
  • Auto dialer (lithiumS)
  • Autodial (Solar Software Systems)

All applications are quite simple and intuitive.

Screenshot of Water Labs Autodial app:

Auto redial settings allow you to set the following parameters:

  1. Call duration;
  2. The interval between calls;
  3. Provide phone number.

In advanced settings, you can:

  • Turn on the function of activating the speakerphone when dialing;
  • Enable dialing to several different numbers if the subscriber has more than 1 phone;
  • Set call recording.

After completing the settings, the user only needs to press the large call button.

It is worth noting that you can enable auto-dialing from both an open number and a hidden one, in which case the subscriber will see information that the call is being made from an unknown number.

Calls can be made to both mobile and home landline phones. But do not forget that such calls have a separate tariffication and are often expensive.

Other applications from this list are very similar in their functionality and also easily allow you to make an auto-dial from your Android mobile device to the desired number.

Stationary dialers

You can buy stationary dialers for a good price on Yandex Market:

I hope the article How to connect the auto redial function on an Android mobile phone online was useful to you.

Didn’t find the answer? Then use the search form:

How to set an alarm

We found out where the Samsung alarm clock is in the phone, now we need to activate the function. After switching to the Clock, a screen will appear, you will need to move the slider to the position at which the bar will turn blue.

Activation completed. To set the time, you need to tap on the numbers and set the indicators in the window that opens:

  • Response time;
  • Days you can select only weekdays or weekends, several days a week or just one;
  • Come up with a name signal can be configured to induce the owner to take certain actions. The name will help you immediately remember what needs to be done;
  • Set up the signal. The standard offers several loud invigorating melodies;
  • Off time interval after which the signal will stop sounding without user intervention. The functionality is wide, the installation of a third-party application is not required. Unless the user wants to install a more colorful or animated widget;
  • Set the duplication of digital indicators by voice. This is a convenient function for those who find it very difficult to understand what time it is early in the morning while half asleep. Of course, the option is primarily intended for people with vision problems.

Important: the installation process must be completed by saving changes.

The utility allows you to create several reminders, each of which has its own settings and settings. Adding a new one is done by clicking the item.

Where is the alarm clock?

On the main screen of the smartphone, there are clock numbers, it can be either an analog or a digital widget. To go to the reminder, you need to tap on the image.

Another path to the Clock app:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, a screen with program icons will appear;
  • Select Clock.

The manufacturer has simplified the user’s transition to reminders, since this function is one of the most popular among smartphone owners.

How to set an alarm clock on a Samsung smartphone

The alarm clock in Samsung performs a number of functions. It can be called a reminder. The reminder is already contained in the standard programs of the gadget, it does not require additional download steps. The functionality is wide, but a number of users note the poor interface, lack of animation and bright colors. If the owner of the Samsung Galaxy has a desire, then for Android you can download any similar utility. Choose through the Play Market.

How to set an alarm on a Samsung phone

Modern smartphones are a whole complex of communications, cameras, games, payment utilities and many useful applications. One of them is a sound reminder. It will help you get up on time, remind you to take your medication, or go to an appointment early. The Samsung alarm clock is not a separate application, but is included in the Watch. It is more convenient in one place several useful functions are collected at once. Let’s find out: how to activate the function, where it is located in the Android smartphone, how to set the desired melody and set the volume.

How to turn off Samsung alarm

To turn off the reminder function, it is enough to follow the sequence of actions that the user went through when turned on:

  • Go to the Clock application;
  • Select the reminder item that you plan to disable;
  • Put the slider in inactive mode (gray bar).

Deactivation does not delete the reminder, it puts it in standby mode. To delete, tap on the item and select the item from the list that offers to delete the settings permanently.

How to set an alarm ringtone

A melody that should wake up can be bright and invigorating. Some of them are so not perceived by the ear that it is simply impossible to wake up to their sound. To do this, Android provides the ability to personalize the ringtone. The owner can choose the Samsung alarm melody for himself. Algorithm:

  • Go to the program according to the scheme described above;
  • Tap a reminder for which you need to set a ringtone;
  • Tap the Sound item;
  • In the melody selection window, find a suitable one from the proposed options, set a custom one. For sound, you can adjust the smoothness and volume;
  • Save configured parameters.

An alarm clock in a Samsung smartphone is a standard option located in the Clock application. The set of functions is wide. There is a possibility of scoring time parameters with a voice, setting sound melodies, smoothness and time of switching off, repetitions. It is possible to create several positions with different settings at the same time. If the appearance and functionality of the user utility are not satisfactory, you can install a third-party widget for Android. Play Market offers a large selection of reminders.