How to Enable Mobile Internet on Samsung Phone

Configuration via SMS

  • In order not to enter the settings manually, and also not to look for where this can be done on the phone, you should call your operator on the hotline and ask to send a sheet with the settings in an SMS message. In the upper left corner you will see such an envelope with a gear.
  • We open the message through the “Shutter” menu. Or you can find it in the SMS section of the main menu.
  • Opening the configuration message.
  • Now we set the settings.
  • You may be asked to enter a 4-digit PIN-code, try to enter one of the values: 1234, 0000, 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444. If the code does not fit, then call the operator again and ask what PIN they set.
  • After that, you will see a message that the installation is complete. Open the same “Shutter” menu again and turn on the mobile Internet.
  • But it’s too early to rejoice, it’s worth restarting your smartphone. To do this, find the side button and hold it down for a few seconds. After that select the option “Restart”.

Manual setting

  • On the main desktop, go to the “Menu”.
  • Find and click on the gear icon.
  • Go to the section of all wireless communications “Connections”. Not all firmware has this item, if you cannot find it, then skip this step and move on to the next.
  • Next, you need to find the section that is related to “Mobile networks”. It may be hidden, so you will need to click on the “” button.
  • We go to the subsection “Access points”.
  • Adding the configuration.
  • Now you need to enter the settings manually depending on your carrier.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select the “Save” button from the drop-down menu.
    • Now, just like at the very beginning, you need to turn on the Internet menu and be sure to restart the smartphone. we hold down the main side button and restart the system.

    How to turn on the Internet on Samsung: connection, settings and Wi-Fi

    Hello! Today I will show you how to enable and configure mobile internet on your Samsung phone. To do this, you must have a SIM card inserted in your smartphone and pay for any of the tariffs that have the Internet. After that, in 99% of cases, you do not need to configure anything, just swipe your finger from top to bottom, open the “Shutter” menu, click on the item “Mobile data” (“Data transfer”).

    To test the connection, go to the Samsung Internet browser and enter any query in the search bar. If after this there is no Internet, we will try to configure it manually. Also, do not forget that you can access the Internet using Wi-Fi. I will talk about this at the very end of this article.

    Wi-Fi connection

    If you want to organize a Wi-Fi network at home, in the country or in an apartment, then you need to take several steps. they are all described in detail here. If you are connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network, then you need to do the following:

    • Open the “Menu”, go to “Settings” and go to the wireless network section. Next, enable this module.
    • In some firmwares, this subsection is located in the “Connections”.
    • As soon as the module is active, you will see all the nearby wireless networks, select any and connect. When connecting, you will need to enter a password.
    • You do not need to enter the password all the time, and it is now easier to turn on the Wi-Fi through the same “Shutter” menu. Just turn on the module, and the smartphone will automatically connect to the network.

    How to turn on the Internet on Android

    Today the following communication standards are available in the Russian Federation. 2G, 3G, 4G. The first is the most common and the slowest. This network mainly allows standard calls and SMS forwarding. 3G allows you to access the Internet at medium speed, with low, medium video quality for example.

    4G is already a full-fledged high-speed network coverage and the network is available only in settlements (and even then not in all). It is unlikely to be able to use it on the road. However, data is sent and received at a high speed.

    If 2G is specified in the default settings, then you will not be able to use newer generation networks. With 4G enabled by default, your smartphone or tablet will support all three types of connections, depending on region and coverage. The ability to use traffic largely depends on it. Let’s take a look at the connection method using Samsung Galaxy as an example. Step-by-step instruction:

    • In the main menu, tap on the “settings” button,
    • Select “mobile networks”,
    • In the “network mode” section, select 3G or 4G, depending on the configuration of the device.

    Check your data connection in the main menu in quick settings or in network settings.

    Internet connection via Wi-Fi

    The first option is global, this one is local. Wi-fi is available only in those points where there is an appropriate device. a router or modem that distributes wireless communication.

    Public places, cafes and restaurants, airports and train stations, libraries and universities, as well as shopping centers are in most cases equipped with Wi-fi routers. And the public hotspot is not password protected. Just turn on the Wi-Fi mode on your phone (data reception) and select the desired network. If you have a password, ask the owner of the cafe or other place and enter it. Any modern Android device has the function of receiving a Wi-FI network and distributing it. Let’s consider the latter in more detail.

    How to enable mobile internet on an Android phone

    How to turn on internet on Android phone? This is a simple step, however, in some cases you will need operator assistance or remote assistance from your mobile operator’s support team.

    It is hard to imagine the world in the XXI century without Internet access. Previously, this was done only from a computer, but in the era of digital technologies, almost everyone carries in their s a device with access to broadband mobile Internet, which is not inferior in speed even to regular wired home Internet providers.

    The Internet is necessary in a smartphone not only for viewing sites, but also for the operation of all applications, support for updates, and watching videos on YouTube. A device without access to the world wide web loses part of its functionality.

    Of course, games without a connection will work, but messengers, YouTube, a browser and social networks will not. In addition, more and more users of smartphones on the android or iOs operating system prefer to communicate via popular instant messengers. WhatsApp or Viber to regular calls. They allow you to make free not only audio calls, but also video communication. And to connect a standard package of SMS-messages, thanks to messengers, is not worth it at all.

    The connection to the network occurs automatically under the following conditions:

    • The device has a SIM card,
    • The region has Internet coverage and 3G and 4G networks,
    • The tariff plan implies the use of mobile traffic (both limited and unlimited, depending on the operator),
    • Smartphone is properly configured to receive and transmit data.

    Sometimes automatic configuration does not work or the Internet is disconnected and you have to resort to methods of manual parameter selection. Let’s see how to set up a connection using the example of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone from a popular Korean company.

    Internet connection from another phone

    A known method of gaining access to the World Wide Web is an access point or “distribution” of the Internet. This is especially useful when the tariff provides unlimited Internet. To do this, check this option in the tariff settings and in the quick access menu to the settings, click on the “access point” icon.

    Then, from another device, connect to the access point via the Wi-Fi function. You will need to enter the password set by the user (if installed), distributing the Internet. We recommend setting a password so that everyone around you does not connect to you.

    How to enable and disable mobile Internet on Samsung a50

    The secret lies in the simplest solution. Just check if data transfer is enabled. To do this, go to the settings and select the “Connections” category.

    Then go to the “SIM-cards manager”. Indicate your SIM card there. If you have one, as I have now (the times of two sims are no longer as relevant as it was before).

    Now the final stage. Below, select the item “Mobile data”. After that, click on the SIM card with which you want to receive mobile Internet.

    If you have two SIM cards, then you can configure it so that the Internet goes from one, and calls from the other. This is important if one provider has cheap calls, and the other has Internet.

    You can disable it in two ways (enable it as well) The first is as described above, just select the “Disabled” item

    The second way is easier and faster. Pull the screen from top to bottom once, then again. this is needed to open quick settings.

    Then just click once on the icon below which there is an inscription: “Mobile data”. this is an icon with two arrows, one points up, the other down.

    You can also choose another way. it is to choose the flight mode. In both situations, the mobile Internet on your Samsung a50 will be disabled.

    How to enable or disable the Internet on Samsung a50 phone

    Lack of internet on your Samsung a50 phone makes it at least half crippled.

    Many people generally live in it, if there is no Internet, then they are ready to escape even to the underworld. I know a lot of them. they immediately fall into depression.

    Today there is even such an anecdote: “How to quickly get your whole family together? You just need to turn off Wi-Fi (router) and stay near it for a minute “.

    The number of mobile Internet users who connect to networks using their smartphone is regularly increasing every year.

    than half of the world’s population is now online and has already exceeded 4 billion people.

    The Internet is an instant connection with the whole world, so you must be able to connect it. Let’s see how to enable it on Samsung Galaxy a50.

    How to connect or disconnect Internet via Wi-Fi on Samsung a50

    Turning on Wi-Fi is also easy. Only now, in the same settings, select “WI-FI”, more precisely, and move the slider.

    All networks that your Samsung a50 sees will be displayed there. Choose to which you know the password.

    Enter it and click connect below. Like the picture above. These are all cases. You can also turn on Wi-Fi Internet, through quick settings, as I wrote above, only now click on the WI-FI icon.

    You can disable it by doing the opposite. It may happen that the phone connects to Wi-Fi, but it has no active Internet. Then the problem lies with the router or the airplane mode is on.

    Therefore, it is worth checking if you entered the password correctly, and also look into the security mode, which is enabled on the router.

    When the internet isn’t working on your phone, it’s not enough to just throw it against a wall or floor to enjoy excellent full access again and reap its benefits.

    The longevity of the old Nokia 3310 is long gone, and modern phones require much more delicacy to use.

    Therefore, always try to find reasonable solutions to the situation that has arisen, for example, move to another place to reduce the range. Success.

    How to set up mobile internet on Samsung

    How to set up mobile Internet on Samsung using the smartphone menu? Let’s deal with this issue using the example of the popular Samsung Galaxy android from a reputable South Korean company. To do this, turn to the configurable items of the phone in the menu.

    Nowadays, almost everyone cannot do without a smartphone, and even more so without the World Wide Web. And in recent years, mobile traffic has become widespread and developed. The speed of the mobile connection is similar to the speed of the wired one from many top providers. Any operator is trying to improve their technologies in terms of speed and quality of data transfer in order to gain customer confidence.

    Therefore, after purchasing, reconfiguring or installing a new system after flashing, the first thing to do is turn on the Internet connection. Let’s look at several ways to easily set up a mobile Internet connection on Samsung.


    To get the settings, send a special request (SMS with the text “internet” to number 5049).

    Choosing names and parameters:

    • Network name: similar, for example megafon.
    • APN: similar.
    • Username / Users: also,
    • Password / Password: also.
    • Point:

    Save customized data. Remember that you must use the parameters that were sent to you by SMS or that you looked at the official website.

    3G or 4G connectivity

    To always get access to the World Wide Web at high speeds, switch to a more modern communication standard. 4G. To enable the standard, go to the menu called “network type”. After the manipulations described above, 4G will connect automatically, under the conditions:

    • The device supports 4G standard,
    • The region has access to fourth generation networks and the coverage reaches the village or home.

    If 4G is not working well, try switching to 3G. This network covers more areas of Russia.


    • Name: beeline.
    • APN: similar.
    • Username / Users: also any or empty string,
    • Password / Password: same as previous.
    • Period: intenet.

    Automatic internet configuration

    The fastest way to go first is to automatically activate traffic through the smartphone’s customizable settings menu. For this:

    • Go to the menu with smartphone settings,
    • Choosing “wireless networks”,
    • Click on the sub-item “mobile network”,
    • We click on the subsection “operators” and check the correctness of inclusion.

    If a SIM card is installed in the gadget and it is identified, then the operator’s connection will be determined automatically. If there is no connection, then click on the operator’s name (for example, Megafon). Most often, this instruction helps, but what to do if it was not possible to automatically access the connection. You will have to choose the necessary parameters yourself.

    Ways to set up Internet on Android

    There are two ways to connect:

    • Automatic. preset in 95% of cases. It is easy to execute and here the user does not have to connect additional functions.,
    • Manual method. they rarely have to be used when the automation does not work correctly.

    Consider both ways you can turn on mobile internet.

    Tele 2

    With Tele2, everything is the same, only specify tele2 in the name, and in the address of the point. Remember to save your choice.

    After the process of selecting parameters, check the connection in the parameters under the item “data transfer” on the desktop by swiping the menu curtain down (quick access menu).

    After the performed manipulations, restart the device.

    The third method is to ask the operator to automatically adapt to your network or contact an employee at the post office.

    Manual internet configuration

    How to set up Internet on Samsung Galaxy phone manually. Step-by-step instruction:

    • First of all, you need to know the list of configurable parameters of the operator used. In this case, the support service will help you during the call or send a special request so that the operator sends the list by SMS or look at the information on the website if there is Internet on another device,
    • In the submenu of configurable parameters, select the “connections” tab,
    • Tap the word “mobile networks”,
    • Expand the “access points” panel,
    • Click on the “add” inscription at the top of the screen.

    Next, we fill in the proposed parameters, depending on the operator. It should look like this:

    Let’s consider this process using the example of the most famous companies providing mobile services.

    • Name: it doesn’t matter, but it’s better to call it by the name of the operator. MTS.
    • APN: internet.
    • Users: select any or leave the input field as it was,
    • Password / Password: come up with any or input field as it was.
    • Access point:

    Save the configured parameters of the MTS network.

    Setting up the Internet in a dual-SIM smartphone

    Mobile traffic can also be used from two SIM cards from different providers (however, only one is active, the second will be 2G). All settings are the same, only you need to make them twice. The main thing is not to confuse the names when entering the name and address of the access point.

    The most common problems when trying to connect an IOS phone to Wi-Fi

    It often happens that they seem to have done the right thing and followed the instructions, but nevertheless it is not possible to connect the phone with the IOS operating system to Wi-Fi. Do not despair and think that the saying “Technique in the hands of a monkey is a piece of iron” about you. Most likely, it’s not a technical glitch.

    If you can’t connect your phone to Wi-Fi, do the following:

    • Check the router connection. And also make sure you are in range.
    • Check that your smartphone has Wi-Fi enabled. Go to “Settings”, then to “Wi-Fi”. If there is a blue check mark next to the desired name, this means that the connection in the phone is completed and problems are observed in the router.
    • If you want to connect your phone to Wi-Fi at home, then check if the cables are connected correctly and if the router is configured correctly.
    • Reboot your IOS phone and reconfigure it.
    • Reboot your router and reconfigure it too.

    If all else fails, try the following:

    • If you are trying to connect a smartphone in a public place, contact an employee of the establishment and ask him to set up Wi-Fi.
    • Check the connection on other devices, such as a laptop, or ask others if the Internet is working for them. If the other devices are also not connected, then there is a problem with the Internet provider. Contact your internet provider.
    • Try connecting to a different location or Wi-Fi. If attempts are unsuccessful, contact a service center to check your Iphone.
    • Update the firmware version of the router and check that your smartphone is in the list of supported devices.

    Wi-Fi connection on phones and smartphones. How to connect Wi-Fi on Iphone

    • Go to the home screen and go to the “Settings” menu.
    • We are looking for the line “Wi-Fi” and enable the option.
    • Then it will automatically search for available Wi-Fi.
    • Choose a name and connect.

    This method is suitable for connecting to unsecured routers, for example, in public places.

    If you are connecting to secure Wi-Fi, the sequence will be slightly different:

    • Open the “Settings” menu.
    • We are looking for the line “Wi-Fi” and enable the option.
    • After automatic search for Wi-Fi, select the desired access point.
    • Enter the password and click “Connect”.

    If you cannot connect your phone to Wi-Fi in this way, then you are entering the wrong password. To find out the correct one, contact your Wi-Fi administrator.

    There are also situations when you need to connect your phone to a hidden access point that is not displayed in the general list. To connect a smartphone, you need to know the exact name of the Wi-Fi:

    • Open the “Settings” menu.
    • We are looking for the line “Wi-Fi” and enable the option.
    • Click “Other” and enter the exact name.
    • Click “Security”.
    • After that, you need to select the type of protection, as shown in the illustration below.
    • We return to the item “Other network” and enter the password.
    • Click “Connect”.

    How to connect Android to Wi-Fi

    Many people think that setting up an Iphone is really not an easy task. Few would argue with this statement. But about Android, many believe that these are easy-to-use smartphones that even a child can handle. However, in fact, when trying to configure Wi-Fi, some difficulties may arise here.

    In general, the popularity of Android is growing every day. Probably, there is no longer a person who does not have a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system in the arsenal of home appliances. Even the smallest children today actively use these gadgets instead of the usual toys, dolls, cars, etc. But at the same time, few people know how to properly configure Wi-Fi.

    Once you connect a smartphone, and in the future, the smartphone will independently connect to Wi-Fi. But it is not uncommon to observe situations when you need to configure Android manually.

    For a visual illustration, we will use the LG G4 smartphone with the Android 5.1 operating system. However, the model doesn’t matter, Android smartphones are almost the same

    Before you start configuring Android, you need to set up Wi-Fi by turning on the adapter. The adapter can be turned on in two ways:

    • Through the toolbar.
    • Through device parameters.

    The first method is very convenient: swipe your finger across the screen (from top to bottom) and see the toolbar, as in the figure:

    We are looking for a Wi-Fi button with a corresponding icon. Click on it and thus activate the Wi-Fi model.

    After that, the system starts searching for available wireless networks and the following list appears on the screen:

    Select the one you need and connect. If it is protected with a password, enter a combination of characters and click “Connect”. The whole process is automated and does not take much time.

    Another question is if the connection is hidden in the router parameters or the DHCP function is disabled. Then you need to configure Android manually.

    How to manually configure Wi-Fi on Android if the router connection is hidden

    As with the first method, we first need to enable the adapter. But the methods listed above do not suit us for this. Changing the strategy: first go to “Settings”. And then we act depending on the version of the phone. We find the item “Wi-Fi” and open its menu. We turn on the adapter. If you have an earlier model, then find the item “Wireless & networks” and select “Wi-Fi Settings”. We translate the adapter into the on position.

    Next, we proceed to the manual search for available connections: you will be presented with a list of access points that were found automatically. If you are connecting to a hidden network, click “Add Wi-Fi”:

    Enter the exact name of the hidden access point (SSID) and proceed to security, as in the illustration below:

    After that we save the changes.

    How to manually set up Wi-Fi on Android. if DHCP function is disabled

    In order to add a new connection to a router with the DHCP function disabled, put a tick in the “Connect additional parameters” line. Next, you will be able to independently enter the IP address, proxy server and other information. To enter an IP address and other information, select Static for IP Settings. We fill in the lines that appear with data about the router and start “Save” or “Ok”.

    As you can see, special professional knowledge and skills are not required, the process is simple and straightforward. If you follow the instructions provided and do everything correctly, you will be able to set up your Android or Iphone in a matter of minutes. We hope this article helped you.

    How to set up internet on Samsung phone

    On a Samsung phone, as on any other device, you can correct data such as username, password, access point characteristics, change the data transfer channel, and profile name. As a rule, the network starts working immediately after installing the SIM card without any additional actions from the user, since the entire installation takes place automatically. If this did not happen, you will have to figure out the problem yourself. There are two ways to enable mobile Internet on Samsung.

    How to turn on Internet on Samsung manually

    Manual tuning is not much more difficult than automatic tuning. You can connect mobile Internet like this:

    • Ask your service provider for the setup information. Keep in mind that there are no universal settings, and therefore without this information you will not be able to establish mobile Internet.
    • Open the settings on your mobile device, and then select the menu with connections.
    • Go to the section “Mobile networks” and “Access point”.
    • Select “Add-ons”.
    • In a new window, you will have an empty profile that you need to fill out based on the recommendations of the telecom operator. After filling out all the forms, save the settings.
    • Select the created point and activate “Mobile data”.
    • Reboot your mobile phone.

    Table. Parameters for manual configuration of the Internet.

    How to connect your phone to the Internet automatically

    The first thing to do, if the Internet has not appeared, is to configure its automatic installation. You can turn on the Internet on Samsung like this:

    How to Enable Mobile Internet on Samsung Phone
    • Open the settings message. Usually, the installation SMS comes automatically immediately after the card is installed. But if this did not happen, send a request to the telecom operator.
    • Open the text of the message and in the window that opens, select “Application: Internet”.
    • Click the install button. Most likely, you will be asked to enter a pin code. The standard codes are 0000 and 1234.If none of these options came up, we recommend contacting technical support.
    • After the installation is complete, please activate mobile data and restart your phone to enable mobile data on Samsung.

    Even this simple procedure usually helps if the Internet does not work on Samsung. That is why we recommend starting with it. If automatic setup is useless for you, and mobile data does not work on Samsung, go to manual.

    Step-by-step setup of mobile Internet on Samsung phones

    Mobile Internet, like smartphones themselves, have almost become an integral part of the life of almost all citizens. Someone finds useful information in them, someone makes an important meeting, and someone even works. Therefore, the lack of a network is at least a nuisance. Learn how to turn on Internet on your Samsung phone.

    How to set up Internet on Samsung Duos

    If your phone supports the installation of two SIM cards, you can configure the network for each of them separately. This must be done, as in the previous cases, in the “Mobile networks” menu in any of the two ways described above. Immediately after configuration, the user has the opportunity to use functions such as:

    • Data roaming. Here it is possible to either enable or, conversely, disable data transmission, depending on the need. Using the Internet of some Russian operators on the territory of other countries is very expensive, so it is much more profitable to completely turn off data in roaming.
    • VoLTE calls. Activating this feature improves the quality of voice calls if this option is activated. This condition only works with working 4G networks.
    • Network mode. If you can choose the network mode yourself. By default, LTE is installed, but if you wish, you can change it to another mode. For example, if you do not need the Internet, but it is important to support calls and SMS, then we recommend choosing a network with 2G Internet.
    • Access points. As a rule, no changes are required in this case. All settings are automatically sent by telecom operators and are automatically set when the phone is turned on. If the user suddenly knocks the settings, he has the opportunity to return to the previous settings.
    • Network operators. In this, as in the previous case, all settings are set automatically, without user intervention. But if there is such a need, then the mobile phone holder can choose the network operator himself. For example, this is necessary when automatic settings are not optimal in terms of performance.

    How to switch 3G and 4G

    Connection of such a service is not available in all cases. For this, a number of conditions must be met. First of all, the gadget must support the corresponding function. It is not difficult to check this. just go to the settings and find the line about switching the network in the parameters. Secondly, the area in which the phone will be used must have both 3G and 4G coverage. You can find this information on the official website of the telecom operator. Third, the SIM itself must support both networks.

    In order to switch 3G and 4G networks, you will need:

    • Go to “Settings” and “Mobile networks”.
    • In the window that appears, select the most preferred network type.
    • Go to “Mobile networks” again.
    • Open the “Network Mode” tab.
    • Select the mode relevant for 4G.

    If, after installing new settings, mobile data does not work on Samsung, you will need to restart the phone as usual. If this does not help, repeat all the installation points again.

    Now you know how to set up the Internet on your Samsung phone. The only problem that can arise with this is the lack of a network during automatic or manual installation. Usually, a simple reboot of the device helps in such cases. But if it does not help, and all settings are correct, we recommend contacting the service center: they will help you to enable 3G on Samsung Galaxy.