How to enable iMessage on iPhone

IMessage Activation

If you set up iMessage on iPhone, then first of all, insert a working SIM card into your smartphone.

Go to the menu item Settings. Messages and move the iMessage checkbox to the active position.

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A warning will appear that “Some cellular network operators may charge for SMS messages used to activate iMessage”. click “OK”.

Do not be alarmed, the iMessage service is completely free (works over the Internet), but Apple warns that when the service is activated, it is sometimes required to send an ordinary SMS, for which the mobile operator can write off funds from the account (in the amount of the cost of one SMS).

Click on the appeared link-button Your Apple ID for iMessage.

Enter your Apple ID and password and wait for the service to activate.

Setting up iMessage

Show contact photos. the function enables the display of iOS contact avatars in the Messages application.

Forwarding. the function activates the ability to send SMS and iMessage from other devices associated with the same Apple ID. In other words, thanks to this feature, you can send regular SMS even from a Macbook, the main thing is that it is logged into iMessage with a single Apple ID.

Moving the “Read Report” checkbox to an active position means that the interlocutors will see whether you have read the message or not;

The “Send as SMS” function allows the system to send a message as a regular SMS or MMS when there is no Internet access (there is no way to send iMessage).

Sending / receiving (detailed description at the end of the article). the settings section for managing e-mail addresses and phone numbers for correspondence in iMessage

Show subject. allows you to enable the display of the message subject.

Counting characters. the function works when the option “Show topic” is activated and only when sending ordinary SMS.

Blocked. this section of iMesaage settings is designed to create a black list of users.

The Filter by sender switch allows you to disable notifications from users who are not in your contact list. In addition, such messages will be displayed in a separate tab.

Using the Leave messages option, you can set how long messages are stored on the device. 30 days, 1 year or indefinitely.

In addition, it is possible to configure the automatic deletion of audio and video messages. By default, the parameter is set to 2 minutes. After this time, the audio or video message will be deleted from the conversation history. Naturally, there is also a Never option.

Raise to Listen. This option allows you to listen to and respond to iMessages by simply holding the iPhone to your ear.

Low quality mode compresses images before sending, thereby saving mobile traffic.

iMessage on iPhone and iPad: How to enable, set up and use

Starting with the 5th version of the mobile operating system iOS, Apple offers users the possibility of free (due to Internet traffic) messaging through the built-in messenger iMessage. However, until now, not all owners of iDevices know about its existence. by default, the service is disabled and requires activation. How to enable, configure and use iMessage on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, we will tell you in this material.

So, to work with a native messenger, you need to configure it, while a number of options may differ depending on the version of the system, so we will consider only the main ones.

Setting up sending and receiving iMessages

You should pay special attention to the item Sending / receiving.

In the section Your address for iMessages, you need to select the email addresses that will be associated with iMessage. In other words, you can send messages to the selected e-mail addresses. In order not to get confused, we recommend choosing one of the most used E-mail addresses.

The Start a new conversation with section specifies the phone number or email address from which all outgoing messages will be sent. Ideally, of course, choose a phone number.

What is iMessage?

iMessage is a free proprietary Apple messenger that works only on the company’s devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple Watch). The service allows you to exchange messages between users of Apple devices without the need to install third-party applications. iMessage works in the Messages app along with the usual SMS and MMS.

The service requires an Internet connection.

Why are iPhone messages blue and green? (in detail)

After activating and configuring iMessage settings, using the service (sending and receiving free messages) becomes possible through the standard iOS application Messages. just launch it on iPhone and iPad, select the desired contact and make sure that the input field is marked with “iMessage”, and the Submit button is blue. The text of the sent iMessage will also be highlighted in blue.

If the contact is displayed in green, it means that the subscriber has not activated the iMessage service or is not a user of Apple products. An ordinary paid SMS message will be sent to such a contact, provided that the Send as SMS item has been activated in the settings of the Messages application. The text of a regular SMS will be highlighted in green.

Solving problems with the service

In the process of using the messenger preinstalled in iOS, and sometimes at the stage of its activation, you may encounter some problems. Fortunately, they are all easily removable.

iMessage won’t activate

When trying to enable the service, one of the following errors occurs:

  • “Waiting for activation”;
  • “Activation failed”;
  • “An error occurred during activation”;
  • “Login failed, please check network connection”;
  • “Unable to connect to iMessage server. Try again”.

The algorithm of actions in this case should be as follows:

    Make sure iPhone is connected to the Internet. mobile or Wi-Fi.

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Check the date and time settings and make sure the time zone is correct.

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Disable and re-enable iMessage, that is, follow the steps in the first part of this article.

Make sure your mobile device is running the latest version of iOS, and if an update is available, be sure to download and install it.

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Contact your mobile operator and check if you have enabled the ability to send and receive SMS messages.

Important: The activation of iMessage in the iPhone settings does not occur instantly, and this can be noticed with the naked eye. the system takes some time to “think”, which may first be accompanied by a loading icon, and then the inscription “Waiting for activation”. It is often seconds or minutes, but sometimes the procedure can take up to 24 hours. Therefore, if after the first attempt to turn on the function, the function did not work, try again to perform the necessary actions for this a day later, not earlier.


iMessage, although it is a separate service, still does not have its own application. it is integrated into the standard “Messages”. That is, in order to start using it, it is enough to launch it, select the recipient from the list of contacts or enter his data manually, and then print and send the message.

How to Set Up iMessage on iPhone or iPad

During normal operation of the function, the message iMessage is displayed in the message input field, and the button for sending it is blue. the message sent in this way is free, and is also highlighted in blue. If instead of it you see green, read the corresponding paragraph of the next part of the article.

Data to receive and send

The main user ID in iMessage is the Apple ID, to which, in turn, not only an email, but also a mobile phone number can be linked. Both the first and the second can be used to send / receive messages.

    Under the iMessage line, the switch opposite to which was activated in step 2 of the previous part of the article, tap “Send / Receive”.

Note: On devices with iOS 12 and below, the “Send / Receive” item required to go to the considered setting is not the second, but the fourth in the list of available.

Note: In some cases, the ability to sign in to your account appears on the “Messages” direct settings page. where iMessage is activated.

Note: If you are already logged in to your account, but want to use another one for communication, and / or if you want to change the displayed location, tap on “Apple ID: email address” and select the appropriate option in the pop-up window.

  • Enter your account password (if required) or mail and password, depending on which of the options was selected in the previous step.
  • After logging into your account, you can choose where you will be able to read and send messages. the mobile phone number, if it is tied to the Apple ID, is initially marked, in addition, you can mark the email.
  • Below, in the “Start a conversation with” block, select the phone number or email address with a tick, depending on which of these identifiers you want to be displayed for message recipients.

    After making the necessary settings, tap the “Back” label located in the upper left corner of the screen.

    Additional settings

    The iMessage enable page has a number of settings worth paying attention to.

    Name and photo are visible Go to the section of the same name and tap “Select photo and name” or “Name and photo are visible” (depending on the original Apple ID settings) and do the following:

      Specify the name and photo that you want to show when communicating in the service.

    Then decide with whom you will share this data. only with contacts or choose yourself each time (upon request). Tap “Done” to confirm.

    After the first setting in this section, it will be possible to generally prohibit or allow the display of your photos and name.

    Forwarding If you have other devices that support the iMessage function (iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook, iMac), you can activate the ability to send / receive messages on them. The main thing is to log in to the same Apple ID account, after which in the considered section of the iPhone settings you can enable forwarding for any or all of them.

    Sending as SMS Enabling this option allows you to send regular SMS in cases when iMessage cannot work. for example, Wi-Fi and mobile Internet (3G / 4G) are unavailable.

    Other settings Most of the options remaining in this section are as simple as possible to understand and do not need explanation, especially since a detailed description is provided under the main ones. Switching on / off occurs by moving the toggle switch to the appropriate position. And yet, a few points should be cleared of attention.

      “Blocked contacts”. allows you to create a “black list” with subscribers from whom you will not receive voice and video calls, messages and e-mail. All that is needed for this is “Add the number” of the user to the specified list or block it from the address book (for example, after the receipt of an unwanted call and / or text message).

    “Filter by sender”. depending on which position the switch next to this item is in, active or inactive, you will or will not receive notifications from users who are not in your contact list. If this option is enabled, messages received from such senders will be placed in a separate list.

    Expires. by default, received and sent audio messages are deleted 2 minutes after listening to them. If this option does not suit you, select “Never”.


    At the previous stage, we just activated the messaging function, however, without proper configuration, you will not be able to fully use its capabilities.

    Paid SMS / MMS are sent instead of free messages

    The indicated “behavior” of the service is accompanied by the fact that in the input field instead of the inscription iMessage is indicated “SMS / MMS”, and the send button and the message window, if it has already been sent, is not blue, but green. The reason for this is that the person you are trying to contact does not have iMessage enabled or does not have a compatible Apple device. Therefore, either he needs to activate the service, or nothing can be done here. The very same paid SMS is sent because the corresponding item was activated in the settings (see the part of the article of the same name).

    How to enable Autoshazam on iPhone

    How to use Autoshazam on iPhone:

    • First of all, you need to run the application.
    • Swipe left to open a menu with login or registration.
    • If you already have an account, enter your username and password, if not, log in via mail or After activation, the program directs the user to your personal account.
    • Here you need to go to the settings and put a tick in front of the item “Autoshazam”.

    Note! You can turn on “Autoshazam” by holding down the main “Shazam” button on the screen.

    All smartphone owners need to know how to use Autoshazam on the iPhone. Once connected, the program will always run in the background. If necessary, this function can be removed at any time through the settings in the application.

    The use of automatic recognition implies that the program examines absolutely all sounds around. For this reason, it is recommended to use the function as needed. Otherwise, the memory will be clogged faster, and the list of recognized sounds will grow in the cache. As a result, chaos will begin in the application settings, which will then have to be cleared.

    How to turn on Autoshazam on iPhone and shazam music

    Shazam is a popular music recognition app. They use it on Android or iOS mobile devices. How to enable “Autoshazam” on the iPhone and configure its functions is discussed below. At the moment, the application is in the top of the most popular due to its high accuracy and speed of recognition of melodies.

    How to Shazam Music from Instagram on iPhone

    Instagram is a well-known online platform where not only photos are posted, but also video files. Often, publications are accompanied by music that you want to find later. It is not necessary to write to the person personally and wait for him to answer and tell the track. Installing “Shazam” on the iPhone will take a few minutes, after which you can use the program.

    To “shazam” music from Instagram, you need to open the application and hold down the central button. This activates automatic track recognition. Next, you should go to your Instagram profile. At this moment, a red icon will appear on the top of the smartphone panel, which means that Shazam is analyzing all sounds.

    As a result, it is enough to open the necessary post or story with a song to be found. “Shazam” will automatically determine the name, after which a notification will appear.

    For your information! Through the application, the user can view the history of song search.

    Why Shazam doesn’t work on iPhone

    “Shazam” will turn on and will work correctly only on phones with iOS version 8 and below (for example, S, SE models). Many users noted the fact that after the release of new software, the program stopped working on iPhones. This is due to the fact that advanced models have Siri voice assistant with built-in music recognition.

    Important! “Shazam” can still be installed on phones X, XR, but there is no need for it.

    Problems with the program may appear for the following reasons:

    • lack of internet connection;
    • not enough memory for installation or operation;
    • problems with your Apple ID account.

    How to Set Up iMessage

    The above problems are very rare and not difficult to deal with. In the absence of the Internet, the recorded segment is still saved in the program memory.

    Note! To prevent the appearance of a clogged cache, you should regularly clean your smartphone from unnecessary files. If you follow the rules, the extension works without unnecessary problems.

    How to set up pop-ups in Shazam on iPhone

    How Autoshazam works on the iPhone became known with the appearance of the latest program updates. The developers decided to add a background mode so that users do not have to go into the application and turn on search every time.

    For your information! “Shazam” is able to work in automatic mode during the operation of the device and the presence of an Internet connection. The smartphone is used normally while the app scans the music and sends titles to the specified section.

    How to enable pop-up “Shazam” on iPhone:

    • You need to go to the application and click on the “Settings” section.
    • Here select the item “Autoshazam” and below activate the slider “Receive notifications from the application”.

    Now pop-ups will appear every time the smartphone finds a new track.

    You can also disable the “Autoshazam” function through the settings

    What is “Shazam” for iPhone and how it works

    The music recognition software was originally intended for users of the Android operating system. Over time, the application appeared on Apple gadgets. The main purpose is considered to be the recognition of music by the minimum segment. It is enough to go to “Shazam”, activate it and bring it to the sound source.

    With “Shazam” you can find out the name of any song in a few seconds

    You can use the program anywhere, for example, in a car or a cafe, when you like a song.

    While working, “Shazam” records and analyzes the segment, sends it to the server, where the sound is processed and compared. If there are matches with the base, the name of the song and the artist will be displayed on the screen. You can also add a download link or listen to the song online.

    Program screen after successful track search

    Note! It is easy to launch the application even if there is no internet connection. The program will save the recorded piece and find the melody when you first connect to the Network.

    How to Enable iMessage in iCloud (2019)

    Other programs for recognizing music on iPhone

    In the first place in popularity after “Shazam” is SoundHound. The work is aimed at identifying the artist and the title of the song. Album art, duration and text are also displayed on the screen, if possible. The main advantage of the application is the ability to recognize songs sung into the microphone by a person.

    SoundHound can be integrated with popular YouTube and Apple Music services. Thanks to this, the owner of the smartphone gets access to watching video clips. The “Playlists” section stores your favorite music and provides quick access to it. Also in the program you can follow the rating in the world charts, watch new clips and listen to tracks sorted by genre.

    The Musixmatch service was founded to quickly search for lyrics and display them while listening to music. As a result of the updates, the application gained the ability to recognize tracks by comparing music with the existing database. You can determine the title and artist in just a few seconds. First, the program tries to make an analysis, and then displays the received data on the screen.

    Note! The program has a button for downloading text and viewing the best tracks of the artist. Musixmatch is combined with Siri commands, so the lyrics can be viewed on the lock screen while playing.

    Another free app is MusicID. The main advantage is a simple interface that is easy to work with. Compared to the above programs, it has a more meager set of functions. However, this does not interfere with high-quality music recognition in a few seconds.

    Siri is a voice assistant known for iPhone owners that is able to determine the name of a song. It is thanks to Siri that Apple technology owners refuse to install third-party applications. To find out the artist, just ask Siri what song is currently playing. The virtual assistant will give you complete information in a few seconds. The main information page will have a “Buy” section that redirects the user to the iTunes Store.

    Everyone should know how to “shazam” music from their phone, be it an iPhone or another model. The application helps the user to quickly find any tracks on the street, in the car or at home.

    Why can’t i send iMessage?

    There are several reasons for this: The recipient of the message does not have an Apple device. IMessage is disabled on your device or on the recipient’s device. To check if iMessage is enabled on your device, go to Settings Messages iMessage.

    How to activate iMessage on iPhone?

    Go to the menu item Settings. Messages and move the iMessage checkbox to the active position. A warning will appear that “Some cellular network operators may charge for SMS messages used to activate iMessage”. click “OK”.

    How to switch from SMS to Aymessage?

    • If when you send an SMS message, it is sent as iMessage (enclosed in a blue bubble) and the status bar freezes, hold your finger on the message and select Send as SMS / MMS.
    • IOS provides flexible settings for sending both traditional SMS messages and manipulations with iMessage.

    Why the contact is not displayed in Face Time?

    Make sure your device is connected to the Internet using a Wi-Fi or cellular data network. … On iPad, select Settings Cellular. Go to the FaceTime Settings menu and make sure FaceTime is turned on. If you see “Waiting for Activation” to appear, turn FaceTime off and back on.

    Why Messages Won’t Send on iPhone?

    If the SMS is still not sent (we are not talking about iMessage now), first of all try to force restart the iPhone. … Also check your SMS settings. make sure you have the toggle switch that is responsible for sending text messages if iMessage is unavailable. You can find it in “Settings”. “Messages”. May 15, 2016.

    How to enter SMS center number on iPhone?

    In order to check the SMS center number, which is registered in your iPhone, you need to dial the following combination of characters and numbers: #. Then press the call button. As a result, the number of the SMS center registered in the iPhone memory will be displayed on the dtsplay of your iPhone.

    How to write in iMessage?

    To activate this function, the first thing you need to do is go to the settings and open the message tab. Here you need to activate the first item. This requires your account information (Apple ID). IMessage does not activate immediately, you need to wait a few minutes.

    How to set up sending messages on iPhone?

    • Hold your finger on the message and select Send as SMS / MMS.
    • Go to Settings. Messages and make sure that the Send as SMS option is enabled, if it is already enabled, disable and enable it again, then restart the device.

    Why the contact is not displayed in Face Time?

    Make sure your device is connected to the Internet using a Wi-Fi or cellular data network. … On iPad, select Settings Cellular. Go to the FaceTime Settings menu and make sure FaceTime is turned on. If you see “Waiting for Activation” to appear, turn FaceTime off and back on.

    Where are SMS settings in iPhone?

    Go to the menu “Settings” → “Messages” and make sure that the switch “Send as SMS” is active. This function allows you to send messages exactly as SMS, in the event that the iMessage messenger is not available.


    Is there a power saving mode on the iPhone 4 and 4S?

    And what about old iPhones, is there such an opportunity to extend the time of using a smartphone on an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. I can tell the owners of the four right away that you can forget about it. The latest iOS on it costs 7.1.2, and this function appeared only in 9.

    For those who have iPhone 4S, the situation is a little more fun, because the latest version of iOS 9.3.5. You can safely use this mode, because you can find it in the menu.

    I had 4S and I stayed for 8 more. On it, lags and slow work tortured me just incredibly. Earlier, I sacrificed this function for the sake of more or less stable phone performance.

    How to enable / disable power saving on iPhone

    If you need to disable or enforce this function. That is, just turn it on yourself.

    Of course, the device has such an opportunity and you need to follow these steps:

    • open Settings;
    • go to the Battery section;
    • making the power saving mode active.

    Once activated, you will be able to watch your battery indicator turn yellow. This is what symbolizes that the function is active.

    I highly do not recommend using it if you need constant notifications from social networks, posts and other applications in the background.

    What is Power Saving Mode on iPhone?

    When iOS number 9 was born, people witnessed the emergence of such a mode as power saving. Let’s figure out what exactly it does and what it is for. It works as follows: when the level of the charge indicator of your iPhone reaches 20 percent, the device automatically prompts you to switch to this mode and you can observe something like this: If you agree and confirm the activation, then the indicator will turn yellow, and your the phone will consume less energy and for this the following actions will be performed:

    • the brightness of the display decreases;
    • animations in the menu are minimized;
    • phone performance is optimized;
    • all applications disable background loading of content;
    • completely disable iCloud Sync, Continuity and AirDrop.

    All this can significantly extend the life of your phone and you can use it for an hour or more. The thing is useful enough.

    As soon as you get to charging, after reaching the 80% mark, this mode turns off automatically. You don’t need to turn it off yourself.

    But what if you want to forcefully extend the life of your iPhone? After all, you understand that a very long day is planned, and wearing a Power Bank is not a hunt at all. on this later.

    Polish Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador

    The Polish Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to the republic, Sergei Andreev. This was announced by the official representative of the diplomatic mission Vladimir Alexandrov, writes RIA Novosti. The ambassador was indeed summoned to the Foreign Ministry today said Further.

    Ukrainian security forces conduct exercises on the border with Crimea

    The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), together with other law enforcement agencies, is conducting large-scale multi-stage anti-terrorist exercises in the Kherson region.

    What a show: Former Timati congratulated Muslims on the start of Ramadan and ran into criticism

    Anastasia Reshetova published a photo in a long dress and a hijab on social networks, but many subscribers reminded her of her more explicit images.

    Please login or register to add a comment.

    Georgian authorities respond to criticism over arrest of opposition leader

    The Georgian authorities consider criticism from the West in connection with the arrest of the chairman of the opposition United National Movement party Nika Melia “moderate” and expected. At the same time, as one of the representatives of the ruling “Georgian Dream” Nikoloz Samkharadze stated, the differences existing between the Georgian political forces can be settled through a constructive dialogue. At the same time, now a deputy, and in the past the head of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia (2012. 2020) Tea Tsulukiani criticized the “double standards” of the West. “We are the first political force in this country that has made every effort to ensure that the opposition is represented in parliament. We will continue in the same spirit, but no one can be above the law, as well as double standards are not allowed. If the Sturm of the parliament in one country is bad, then the same applies to our country, ”Tsulukiani said. At the same time, the deputy from the ruling “Georgian Dream” Giorgi Khelashvili noted in his commentary that speaking about international messages, it would be correct not to “pick raisins out of a roll”, i.e. not “look for what suits them.” In particular, as he clarified in an interview with the media, when the West called on the opposition to enter parliament, the opposition boycotting the legislature ignored these calls, and when Western partners began to criticize the authorities, opponents conspired about the authorities’ responsibility. “Let’s sit down at the negotiating table and start talking,” urged a representative of the ruling opposition force. It is noteworthy that the main demand of the opposition concerns the holding of early elections. According to opponents of the authorities, this is the only way to overcome the political crisis in the country. In this case, the “Georgian Dream” rules out a compromise, stating that “the issue of elections is closed and cannot be revised.” Nick’s background Melia, chairman of UNM, the party of former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, is involved in an investigation into the use of violence against demonstrators in Tbilisi in June 2019. Then he was arrested for attempting to storm parliament and forcibly seize power, although he was released the day after he paid bail. The politician was ordered to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, which he later. during a protest in November last year. demonstratively removed and thrown away. After that, the court ordered Melia to pay an additional amount as a bail, but he refused to do so, stating that he did not intend to “pay slavish tribute to Putin,” whose “emissaries” he considers representatives of the current leadership of Georgia. On February 17, a Tbilisi court decided to change the measure of restraint for Melia. from bail to custody. Melia’s arrest came after the Georgian parliament expressed confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers and its new head, Irakli Garibashvili, late at night on February 22. Previous Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia resigned on February 18 precisely because of disagreements in the ruling Georgian Dream over Melia’s detention. Gakharia, he said, was against the arrest of Melia, as he believed that an escalation of the situation would follow, but he could not convince other members of the ruling team of the correctness of his position. Criticism of partners Georgia’s Western partners reacted negatively to the arrest of the leader of the opposition United National Movement party. State Department spokesman Ned Price said at a press briefing on February 23 that the US is “deeply concerned” about the detention of Nika Melia and other opposition figures in Georgia. “Polarizing rhetoric, force and aggression are not the solution to Georgia’s political differences. We call on all parties to avoid actions that could further escalate tensions and to negotiate in good faith to resolve the current political crisis. The United States stands ready to support a democratic, secure and prosperous Georgia, ”Price said. A joint statement on the events in Tbilisi was also issued by US Senators and Congressmen Jim Risch, Gene Shaheen, Adam Kinzinger and Jerry Connolly, in which they warn that the use of Georgian law enforcement agencies and the judicial system to carry out “politically motivated actions” threatens Georgian democracy and Euro-Atlantic the course of the country. US lawmakers are calling for the immediate release of all political prisoners, including Nika Melia and Georgy Rurua, founder of the opposition television station. “All political parties in Georgia must stop provocations and agree on a peaceful settlement of the crisis,” say the senators and congressmen. A separate statement, which refers to the challenges facing Georgian democracy and the need to resolve the current political crisis in the country, was published on February 23 by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress and a group of friends of Georgia. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, in turn, wrote on February 23 in: “We are concerned about the arrest of Nika Melia in Georgia and call on all parties to avoid escalation and return to negotiations in support of Georgian democracy.” It is noteworthy that with the mediation of the US and EU ambassadors in Georgia, since November last year, four rounds of negotiations have already taken place with the participation of representatives of all parties that have passed to the new parliament. The fifth round was supposed to take place in December, but the uncompromising position of the parties on the issue of early elections led the negotiations to a dead end. Further.

    The UK accused the SVR of cyberattacks

    The British and US authorities have concluded that the Russian foreign intelligence service is behind the SolarWinds cyberattack. RIA Novosti # xA0 writes about this; referring to the statement of the British Foreign Ministry. Great Britain claims that for Further.

    How to enable geolocation on iPhone

    Many iPhone applications require geolocation to be enabled during their operation. These are usually applications that provide information based on your location. For example, applications for navigation or monitoring local weather cannot do without properly configured geolocation. In addition, other applications need geolocation data. For example, with geolocation enabled, the camera can record the coordinates of the point where the picture was taken.

    In this article, we’ll show you how to enable geolocation on iPhone. The article will be useful for owners of almost all iPhone models, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s and 7.

    How to set up geolocation on iPhone

    So, in order to enable geolocation on the iPhone, you first need to go to the “Settings” application. To do this, just click on the corresponding icon on the iPhone desktop.

    After that, you need to go to the settings section called “Privacy”.

    Next, you need to open the subsection “Geolocation Services”, it should be at the very top. If geolocation is turned off, then “Off” will be indicated in front of this subsection.

    After that, the geolocation settings will open in front of you. In order to enable geolocation, simply move the switch to the “On” position.

    After enabling geolocation services, a list of programs that use or do not use geolocation will appear at the bottom. If “Never” is indicated opposite the program, it means that the use of geolocation is prohibited for this program. In this case, the program will not be able to use geolocation, even if “Geolocation Services” are enabled. In order to enable geolocation for such a program, you need to open it in this list and change the value “Never” to “When using the program” or “Always”.

    At the bottom of the list of applications there is a section called “System Services”.

    In the “System Services” section, additional geolocation settings are available on iPhone.

    Here you can turn on or off Apple’s geolocation-based ads, geolocation-based alerts, and other similar features.

    Additional settings

    After the profile for MMC has been configured, experts advise you to reboot the gadget. Then you will need to indicate the shipment number or enter the number:

    • you must enable “Settings”;
    • go to the “Phone” section;
    • at the next stage you need to choose “My number”.

    After that, you will need to enter the number of the SIM card that you are using. For numbers registered in Russia, all numbers start with 7.

    When the subscriber makes the necessary settings, you will need to restart the smartphone again. Otherwise, the function will not be enabled and the subscriber will not be able to receive and send MMS. Only after the next reboot will you be able to fully enjoy multimedia messaging.

    It should be noted that when the subscriber sends each message, the camera icon should be displayed to the left of the text input field. If there is none after the next reboot, then you will need to enter all the settings again from the beginning. The phone will automatically detect the type of message being sent. And if there is no photo in it, then it will be sent as a standard SMS message, and if a file is added, then it will be designated as multimedia.

    MMS setup process

    This article will focus on general MMC setup on iPhone. In this case, for each individual operator, settings are made that differ from each other. You can find them on the official websites of mobile operators.

    Below is an example of basic MMS settings on iPhone:

    • you need to go to “Home” and select the “Settings” menu;
    • after that you need to click “Basic”;
    • then you need to go to the “Network” section;
    • after that you need to enable the option “Cellular data network”.

    At the final stage, the settings of your operator for MMS are made. Subscribers can find out the settings for their operator on their official websites of cellular companies.

    Setting up MMS on iPhone

    MMS for many mobile users is an important component of comfortable communication and work. With multimedia messages, you can send photos, videos, and audio files. However, in order to use this function, you need to make the correct settings. So how to enable and configure MMS on iPhone? We will talk about this further.

    Sending MMS

    To add, for example, a photo to a message, the subscriber must click on the camera icon. When sending a file, the subscriber is offered “Select available” or the second option. “Take a new picture”. The user just needs to choose the appropriate option, for example, he can take a new picture. After that, a new window opens, or rather the camera window. After the shooting process has been completed, and the result suits the user, just click the “Use” button.

    In MMS, you can also include any text and click the “Send” button. After that, the download time will expire. If the message has not been sent, an icon with an exclamation mark will be displayed next to the photo. By clicking on it, the subscriber will receive information with the reason for the impossibility of sending a message.

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