How To Enable Distribution On Huawei

On this page you will find information on how to distribute the Internet on Honor via Wi Fi, maybe the instruction will be relevant on other Android smartphones and tablets. You can share the Internet from your smartphone with other devices using the phone as a Wi-Fi access point, you can simultaneously distribute the Internet to several devices. Modern smartphones, including Huawei Honor, support high-speed Internet and if you have a tariff with unlimited internet, you can easily share it with other smartphones and tablets. We will also show how to configure a Wi-Fi access point, how to find out a Wi-Fi password, how to change a wai-wai password and other possible actions that allow you to distribute the Internet from your phone to another phone or other device. In our example, we use Honor 9, the information should go well with other Android devices. Do not forget to turn on the Internet on your phone to share with other devices.

There are several ways to enable the access point and give out Wi-Fi on the phone.
1) Pull down from the top of the screen with your finger until the quick access to useful functions menu appears. See screenshots below. Here we need to find and click on the icon with the signature “Access point”, after which the access point is activated and the icon changes in color. Now you can turn on Wi Fi on another phone, find the access point of the smartphone from which you distribute the Internet and use the Internet on another device.
2) The second method also allows you to enable Internet distribution on the phone. As in the first method, we drag your finger down from the top edge of the screen and see how the quick access menu for useful functions comes out. At the top of the screen we see an icon in the form of a gear on which we need to click. Next, in the opened settings we find and go to the item “Wireless networks”. Look at the pictures attached below.

In the window that opens, select “Modem mode” and in the next window select “Wi-Fi hotspot” then turn on the Wi-Fi access point and distribute the Internet from the phone. See screenshots below.

How To Enable Distribution On Huawei

You can configure how to distribute WiFi and set a data transfer limit. You can also see the Wi-Fi password, change the Wi-Fi password, change the encryption type, for this, go to “Configure Wi-Fi hotspot”. Now you can find out what password for wai wai or you can change the password for Wi-Fi. If the password is not visible, then click on the crossed eye icon and the password will be visible. See pictures below. When you distribute the Internet from your Honor smartphone, those who want to connect to Wi-Fi and use the Internet must enter this password.

Also, you can quickly get into the Wi-Fi settings by clicking and holding on the same icon a bit when we turned on wi-fi by pulling a finger from the top edge of the screen and calling up a menu for quick access to useful phone functions. If necessary, you can change the password and make other settings for the access point as you wish.