How To Enable A Pedometer On Honor 7a

What if you are bored with the wallpaper on your Honor 7, 7a, 8c, 8x, 10 and other models? The answer is obvious. the wallpaper needs to be changed. To do this is not as difficult as it might seem. The interface of any Android phone (and Honor runs on the basis of this mobile operating system) without special knowledge and skills can be customized according to your preferences.

Ways to change wallpapers on your Honor phone

There are two simple solutions with which the user can customize the wallpaper on the phone. In the first case, you will have to use the phone settings, and in the second you will need to install a third-party application.

How To Enable A Pedometer On Honor 7a

How to change wallpaper on Honor using settings

  1. Touch a blank part of the home screen that has no application icons or widgets. A kind of menu with pictures will open, in which you can choose an option for the home screen or lock screen.
  2. Select images from the standard samples offered by EMUI. Or you can select the images received from the phone’s camera, which are stored in the Gallery. In addition to the standard options and the photos available on your phone, you can choose live wallpapers. These are animated images. To do this, click the “” button.
  3. When your choice is over, you can edit (crop) the wallpaper.
  4. The next step is to choose the location of the new wallpaper. It can be a home screen or a lock screen.

You can select the appropriate wallpaper directly from the settings menu. To do this, go to Settings Screen Wallpaper.

The section contains four submenus:

  • “Customize Wallpaper”: here you can select and edit background images.
  • “Randomly change the wallpaper of the home screen”: the function to enable automatic change of wallpaper for the home screen.
  • “Interval”: the ability to select the time interval through which the screen saver will change.
  • “Album”: the choice of the place where the pictures used as wallpaper are stored.

If you want the wallpaper to change automatically, set the slider opposite the second item to the on position.

Set wallpaper for lock screen

In order to make changing wallpapers on the lock screen, developers from Huawei have provided a special function. It automatically manages the update of a collection of photos that are downloaded from the network. The user can add his own pictures to the collection, as well as determine the themes of the photo that he would like to see on his locked device.

This function is also enabled through the smartphone settings:

Settings Security and privacy Screen lock and passwords Unlock Magazine

In the last section there is a menu “Subscriptions. Hits Huawei | Travel | Transport | Life. ” This menu suggests choosing themes for lock screen photos:

  • Huawei hits
  • Leica cameras
  • Travels
  • Transport
  • Celebrities
  • Style
  • A life
  • Sport

Immediately in the “Subscriptions” there is an option for selecting images added by the owner of the Honor phone. The user can download these images from the Internet or make them using the phone’s camera.

Selected themes for photos are checked. It should be noted that the photos added to the watch list will be deleted after three months. To prevent your favorite pictures from being deleted, you need to add them to your Favorites.

Lock screen themes can also be changed via the Settings menu item Screen lock and passwords Lock screen style.

In this case, it becomes possible not only to change the wallpaper on the screen-saver of the phone, but also to configure other elements. display a pedometer or some inscription, remove the camera icon.

Using third-party applications

For fans of experimenting with the design of their phones, many third-party applications have been created. As a rule, in such applications there are a lot of various settings that allow changing screensavers, design styles, backgrounds, font color and many other parameters.

If you want the wallpaper on your Honor phone to change every hour, download the Wallpaper Changer app. If you decide to use GIF as your background image, then the easiest way is to install the AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2 application. Using it, you can turn any GIF image that is stored on your phone into an animated wallpaper.