How to edit video on iPad

Screen video recording using iOS

Starting with iOS 11, a built-in function for recording screen video appeared on the iPhone and iPad, however, a novice owner of an Apple device may not even notice it.

To enable the function, use the following steps (remember, you must have iOS version 11 or higher).

  • Go to Settings and open the “Control Center”.
  • Click “Customize Controls”.
  • Pay attention to the list ” controls”, there you will see the item “Screen recording”. Click the plus sign to the left of it.
  • Exit the settings (press the “Home” button) and drag the bottom of the screen: in the control point you will see a new button for screen recording.

By default, pressing the screen recording button starts recording the screen of the device without sound. However, if you use a strong press (or long press on iPhone and iPad without Force Touch support), a menu will open like in the screenshot, in which you can enable sound recording from the device’s microphone.

After the end of the recording (performed by pressing the record button again), the video file is saved in.mp4 format, 50 frames per second and stereo sound (at least on my iPhone this is the case).

Below is a video instruction on using the function, if something remains incomprehensible after reading this method.

For some reason, the video recorded in the settings was out of sync with the sound (accelerated), so I had to slow it down. I assume that these are some features of the codec that could not be successfully digested in my video editor.

ways to record video from iPhone and iPad screen

If you need to record a video from the screen of your iOS device, there are several ways to do this. And one of them, recording video from the iPhone and iPad screen (including with sound) on the device itself (without the need to use third-party programs) appeared quite recently: in iOS 11 there was a built-in function for this. However, in earlier versions, recording is also possible.

This manual describes in detail how to record video from the iPhone (iPad) screen in three different ways: using the built-in recording function, as well as from a Mac computer and from a PC or laptop with Windows (i.e. the device is connected to a computer and already on it records what is happening on the screen).

How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen Video on Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7

Note: to use the method, both the iPhone (iPad) and the computer must be connected to the same network, it does not matter via Wi-Fi or using a wired connection.

If necessary, you can record video from the screen of your iOS device from a Windows computer or laptop, but this will require third-party software that allows you to receive broadcast via AirPlay.

I recommend using the free program LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver, which can be downloaded from the official website http://eu.lonelyscreen.com/download.html (after installing the program, you will see a request to allow it to access public and private networks, you must allow it).

  • Launch LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver.
  • On your iPhone or iPad connected to the same network as the computer, go to the control point (swipe from bottom to top) and click “Screen Repeat”.
  • The list will show the available devices to which the image can be broadcast via AirPlay, select LonelyScreen.
  • The iOS screen will be displayed on the computer in the program window.

After that, you can record video with the built-in Windows 10 screen recording tools (by default, you can call the recording panel with the WinG keyboard shortcut) or using third-party programs (see Best programs for recording video from a computer or laptop screen).

Screen Recorder in QuickTime on MacOS

If you own a Mac computer, you can use the built-in QuickTime Player to record video from your iPhone or iPad.

  • Connect your phone or tablet with a cable to your MacBook or iMac, if necessary, allow access to the device (answer the request “Trust this computer?”).
  • Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac (you can use Spotlight search for this), and then, from the program menu, choose File> New Video.
  • By default, webcam recording will open, but you can switch the recording to the mobile device screen by clicking on the small arrow next to the record button and selecting your device. There you can also select the sound source (microphone on iPhone or Mac).
  • Click the record button to start recording your screen. To stop, press the “Stop” button.

When you finish recording your screen, choose File> Save from the QuickTime Player main menu. By the way, in QuickTime Player you can also record Mac screen, for more details: Record Mac OS screen video in QuickTime Player.

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How many minutes can you record? Recorded the screen for 1 hour 50 minutes, and the recording did not come.

I don’t know for sure, but Google suggests that someone wrote down for two hours, i.e. most likely rests on the availability of free space on the device (sort of like 1 GB for 4-6 minutes, depending on the resolution)

Hello! I am making a screen recording with sound. Everything is preserved. Then I want to send via WhatsApp, telegram or email. it is sent without sound. Tell me, what is this problem and how to solve it? Thank you!

Identical problem. It would be interesting to understand why this is happening.

Thanks a lot! I used to look and did not understand how people do this, but now I understood Thank you!

Very cool site, helped me figure out everything that interested me, explained everything verbatim, thanks!)

Dear admin, thanks for the useful info! Tell me which iPhone model is the article talking about? I would like to know which iPhone writes stereo sound

Hello. I tested it all on an old iPhone 6 Plus. There were definitely two audio tracks, but now I can’t say for sure whether they are different or not (in my opinion, yes).

Can Track iPhone Screen Recording If I Record?

Hello. Didn’t quite understand your question.

Good day. As soon as I turn on Sound Recording, the sound in the video is muffled (very much to barely audible). During playback, noise and sounds from the outside are heard, and the sound from the video is almost inaudible. What could be the problem?

Hello. Do you want to record a video with sound that is playing on your phone right now? He can’t do that. And when you turn on the sound recording, he writes from the microphone and mutes the playback sound, and what appears on the recording is what “got” into the microphone. In general, it’s not easier to download a finished video somewhere without recording from the screen?

Hello. On this program from the iPhone The maximum video recording time is 2 minutes. Why is that? I would like to record a video up to 20 minutes long.

edit, video, ipad


Perhaps these methods and computer recording will work?. https://remontka.pro/mirror-iPhone-screen-pc-mac/

Thank you very much, otherwise you will look at these paid applications, plus everything with their cosmic-ebical prices. Thank you for such people

Cool, thanks for the tips, in general, I really like your portal, everything you need and to the point.

How to apply filters or overlay text to videos in iMovie on iPhone and iPad

To apply a filter on a frame, select a photo or clip in the timeline and click on the icon with three circles.

In order to overlay text (titles), click the icon with the letter “T”.

If you want to see what the edit you made looks like, then move the vertical scale to the beginning of the frame. To rate your special effect or melody within the created video, click the play button.

Create a project, upload photos and videos to iMovie on iPhone and iPad

Click on the “Create Project” button and select the “Movie” item.

On the display of your device, you can see the materials available in the library.

Check the photos or videos you want to combine and click “Create Movie”.

After that, they can immediately be seen in the timeline (timeline), which will allow you to start editing.

Tap a video or photo in the timeline. A yellow border should appear around it. Move the frames on both sides to trim the video to the desired length. If you suddenly deleted an extra piece, you can undo your action by clicking on the button in the form of a rounded arrow on the right side of the screen.

If you need to divide the edited clip into several small fragments, select the file, drag the vertical white scale to the required place and click the “Divide” button.

To change the sequence of clips on the timeline, drag the selected video or photo to the desired location.

To add new videos or photos, click the “”.

To remove unwanted uploaded photos or videos from the timeline, just click on them and swipe them up. At the same time, a dust cloud icon will appear on the upper right corner of the thumbnail.

How to add audio to video

To add music to a video, click on the “” icon on the right and select “Audio”.

You can add both your own sound files and choose from a variety of ready-made soundtracks.

The section “Audio Effects” will give you the opportunity to use the noise of the surf, the rumble of thunder, the roar of a car and other similar effects. You can add a voiceover, for this you need to click on the microphone icon, leaving the main menu.

The melodies and sounds that you have chosen will be shown in the timeline below the video.

They can also be edited: cut, increase and decrease the volume. Note that the soundtrack is muted by default. When working with transitions, it is worth aligning them with the rhythm of the music.

iMovie or how to edit video (from videos and photos) on iPhone or iPad for free

Apple’s iMovie app lets you edit videos right on your iPhone or iPad without having to use your computer. At the same time, you have the ability to remove unnecessary frames, apply filters and add music.

IMovie is developed by Apple and is completely free. With a user-friendly interface and support for intuitive Multi-Touch gestures, iMovie is one of the best video editors on iOS and iPadOS.

To create videos, you can use ready-made trailer templates with stunning graphics and music from popular composers. In addition, the program allows you to change transitions, overlay text, slow down and speed up video, add effects, etc.

How to customize transitions in iMovie

You’ve probably noticed that there are small squares on the timeline between the elements of the movie you are creating (be it photos or clips). These elements are responsible for the transition from one scene to another, making it smooth.

To edit the transition, click on the square and select the appropriate effect option in the lower menu.

If two videos shot at the same time and in the same place are glued together, then you can try to abandon the transition altogether (there is such an option). Then the change of the picture will not seem too sharp. In the very bottom line, you can also set the transition speed. An interesting point. in the transitions “Slide” and “Shutter” you can change the direction of the effect by simply double-clicking on this icon.

To test the transitions, click the Play button.

How to change the speed of certain clips

In order to increase or decrease the speed of a certain clip, select it and in the lower menu click on the button with the speedometer icon. Use the slider to adjust the playback speed, if it is maximum, you get the effect of accelerated shooting.

Final steps and video export to iMovie

After the installation is complete, click the Finish button, after which the main page of the created project will open.

To return to editing the project, click the Edit button.

To rename the project, tap the My project label and enter a new name.

To save the video to the Photos app, Files app or send the video via social networks, click the Share button and select the required option.

iPhone or iPad duplicating photos? There is a solution!

Hello everyone! The iOS operating system is full of surprises that do not always please the unprepared user. Pop-up windows, errors, the inability to perform this or that action all these horrors cannot even be listed! 🙂 But today we will talk about a slightly more relaxed topic. So, quite recently, an acquaintance approached me with a very simple question: “Why is it when I look at photographs I see two identical pictures? I photographed once! “.

However, we figured out this problem more or less quickly, and the person again believed in Apple’s technology. And I, in turn, believed in the need to create instructions on the topic of repetitive photos in iPhone and iPad.

Are you ready? Its time to begin. Let’s go!

So, here are the main reasons for the appearance of duplicates:

  • And the most common of these is HDR (high dynamic range). It is this option that is responsible for the fact that after photographing you have two identical images. Although if you look closely, you can see that they are not exactly the same and are slightly different. this is how it should be. Because one photo is the original and the other is an HDR enhanced image. To enable or disable the function, you don’t even need to open iOS settings. just launch the camera and click on the HDR icon.
  • If your iPhone is duplicating photos from another iPhone or iPad, it does so through one of two features: iCloud Music Library and My Photo Stream. They work this way. you take a picture on one device, and it is sent via the Internet to all other iPhones and iPads in which your Apple ID account is entered. Don’t want to see the same pictures on all your gadgets? Open “Settings. Photo and Camera”, find “Media Library” and “Photo Stream”, turn them off.
  • When creating a photo, is it accompanied by a short dubbing video? This is not surprising if a special mode is turned on. “Live photo”. Like HDR, it can be turned off right in the camera interface. even the icons are next to each other. Click on the icon and deactivate the “LIVE” option.
  • Remember about burst photography. if you press the shutter button and do not release it, the device will take many photos in a row. Of course they will look alike.

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural. the most common (I would even say. basic) functions of the iPhone and iPad are to blame for the distribution of duplicates.

By the way, a situation is possible when you open the “native” application “Photos” and see exactly the same pictures that are in different folders.

Photos located in the “Camera Roll” folder can be duplicated in other albums. both standard (selfies, faces, etc.), and those created by you. But “physically” their number does not increase and they do not occupy memory. That is, roughly speaking, there is only one original and it is located in the “Camera Roll”, in all other albums there are only labels.

For example, if you have the same photos in the folder “My Photo Stream” and “Camera Roll”, then you do not need to worry. this is not duplication of files. Just iPhone (iPad) displays one picture in two albums at the same time.

Finally, one more important point or answer to the question. how to get rid of duplicates?

In fact, there are not so many ways:

  • Delete manually. It is more convenient to do this by simply connecting the device to a computer (what if it does not connect?). iPhone or iPad opens like a regular flash drive. select the same photos and delete.
  • Download one of the applications in the App Store that is designed specifically for these purposes. Hint: better search for the phrase “Photo cleaner”.

The first method is reliable and free, but the second is faster (with a large number of objects), but developers sometimes want money. It’s up to you! 🙂

How to edit video on a computer

Smartphones and tablets in our time are simply space, but still a full-fledged video without a computer is problematic. In order to start editing video on a PC, you need to select and install a special program in which you will work.

You can choose the program that you like the most. But we recommend that you pay special attention to those presented below.

  • Lightworks. This is an English-language program that has a sufficient set of functions for amateur and semi-professional editing. There are versions for Windows, Linux and OS X. A full subscription to use costs 25 per month, but you can use a stripped-down version with limited functionality for free.
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X10. If you are going to devote your whole life to video editing, then you can safely start with this program. It is complex and designed for professionals, but after mastering it. all the rest will be for nothing. It only works on Windows, there is a free trial. A full purchase will cost 6,300 .
  • Vegas Movie Studio. The program used to be called Sony Vegas. This is another full-fledged video harvester, on which you can even mount Game of Thrones. The program is available only to Windows users. There is a free demo version, full use will cost 50.
  • iMovie. From the name it is clear that this program works only on Apple devices. It is easy to use, but the set of functions is enough to edit a solid video. Free distribution.

To learn how to process video, you first need to master the basics of working with video editors. Let’s take a look at the basic editing techniques using Vegas Movie Studio as an example.

How to Edit Videos in Sony Vegas Movie Studio

After starting the program, you can see that it already contains a preinstalled video clip and files from which it was edited. You can also learn from the already downloaded fragments, but we deleted them to start from scratch.

This is what the program looks like after the first run:

To start from scratch, you need to delete all the files that are there, or start a new project. We use the second option.

Click on the icon with a piece of paper in the upper left corner of the screen. The program should remove all preset parameters and files.

Next, collect all the files that you plan to use when creating a video into one folder on your computer and upload them to the program using the “Add Video and Audio” button in the upper left corner. In the window that appears, click on “Add Media” and select the previously collected files.

Now the stage of creativity begins. Collect the files in the order in which you want. Then add effects, filters, transitions and titles. All in all, unleash your inner artist.

To trim a video, you need to hold down the left mouse button at the beginning or end of the fragment and drag it to the required side.

In the upper right corner of the program there is a built-in player. In it, you can look at your work at any stage in order to make adjustments. To save the video, click on the “Make Movie” button on the left side of the screen, select the desired file format, adjust other parameters and save in a convenient place.

detailed instructions on how to edit your first video in Vegas Movie can be found here:

How to quickly and for free edit video on a computer and smartphone

For your convenience, we have divided the article into two parts: video editing on a computer and video editing on a phone.

How to edit video on your phone

It should be noted that it is unlikely that it will be possible to carry out a serious installation using a smartphone alone. But to whip up a few funny fragments, apply a beautiful filter and post on Instagram or send to friends. please.

The easiest and most reasonable way to do this is to use the application of the same popular social network. Instagram. It is available on all modern mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), allows for the easiest video editing and trimming and, of course, makes it possible to instantly share your creation with friends.

So, first, launch Instagram and create a new post.

The app automatically prompts you to share the last video or image saved on your device. However, this is optional, you can select any file you want.

At the stage of choosing a video, three functions are available to you: optimizing the expansion of the picture for the news feed (the button is in the lower left corner), creating a “boomerang” (a branded Instagram feature, requires downloading an additional application. The button with an infinity is responsible for it), and publishing several videos at once (the button is in the lower right corner of the picture).

Try each one to see when to use them. The buttons are indicated in the illustration above.

After selecting the video and other parameters, click on the “Next” button in the upper right corner. You will be taken to the video editing screen. Three tabs will appear at the bottom of the display: “Filter”, “Shorten” and “Cover”.

This tab is active by default. During her work, there are 24 filters under your video, each of which can give a video a certain flavor. You can use several filters at once and adjust their intensity on a scale from 1 to 100. To do this, you need to double-click on the filter icon.

If the standard set is not enough for you, then you can scroll the list to the right, to the end. There will be an icon called “Control”, by clicking on which you will be taken to the menu for activating additional filters. Tick ​​the necessary boxes and they will appear in the main list. Additional filters, like the rest of Instagram, are free.

This is the second tab and has only one function. In it you can trim the video. The space below your video is divided into two parts: the timeline and the timeline and crop sliders. Adjust them as you see fit.

This tab is also responsible for only one action. It allows you to choose an image that will be the cover of your video.

The cover of the video is the picture that is visible until the video is started to be watched.

To change the cover, drag the slider along the video scale to the desired location.

This, in fact, ends the video editing on the smartphone. Click the “Next” button in the upper right corner of the screen if you want to publish your video. If you just want to save it, click the Back button and choose Save as Draft from the pop-up window. The video will appear in the gallery of your device, in the “Instagram” album.

Of course, for smartphones there are a lot of much more sophisticated video processing programs that are more powerful than Instagram in their functionality. But we believe that its capabilities are quite enough for creating small amateur videos. And for those who are going to edit the 8th season of “Game of Thrones”, we advise you to get computers with powerful processors, complex programs and large screens.

No matter where and what kind of video you are editing, you need to try to avoid mistakes. over, there is a whole list of violations that beginners especially often like to commit.

Common mistakes in video editing

When you master the basic techniques, learn how to edit the simplest videos and feel confident in the interface of video editors, you may have a desire to upgrade and learn how to create professional videos. To do this, we advise you to study specialized resources and watch video tutorials. Therefore, keep a selection of training materials.

Pinnacle studio

Pinnacle Studio is a professional video editor that has a wide range of effects in its arsenal. Simple and easy to use, functionality is not worse than others, intuitive to operate. than 2 thousand transitions and effects for video and audio. Support for all popular formats.


There are a large number of products on the market from well-known and not-so-famous companies. Each representative of such software tries to stand out with something special, and target a different audience. Someone makes Accent on a simple interface and usability, while someone adds a huge number of functions, built-in libraries and tools. We’ll take Sony Vegas Pro as an example. This program is easily mastered by beginners and is actively used by professionals.

    First you need to download the video, cut it into fragments and arrange them in the order on the timeline as you need. It is possible to load several records at once in different tracks, this will simplify the gluing process.

Add video effects. It is not necessary to use the brightest effects, it is enough to use the built-in library, it contains everything that will only emphasize and highlight the picture.

It remains only to add audio recordings. A separate track is allocated for them in the editor, where you can immediately adjust the playback volume, cut the music or cut it into fragments.

edit, video, ipad

This completes the mounting process. You just need to save the project in one of the supported formats using your own settings. In addition, an instant download of videos to YouTube is available, this saves a little time.

The only significant downside to Sony Vegas Pro is the paid distribution. If you are not ready to spend money on the purchase of this program, but you need to mount it, then with instructions on how to work in the free editor.

Sony Vegas is not the only popular software that is enjoying popularity. There is other software from recognized companies. Each representative offers a unique set of features and tools. We have instructions on how to use some of them on our website.

In this article, we examined in detail two ways by which video is mounted on a computer. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, and also allows editing at different levels, which means that any user can choose the ideal option for himself. amateur editing or complex professional.

Thank the author, share the article on social networks.

A few years ago, there was no question of being able to independently edit a video at home on your computer. This was impossible not only because domestic users did not have an appropriate level of knowledge about this process, but even because there was no necessary software for editing high-quality videos. Nowadays, learning how to edit videos at home is not only possible, but also necessary. over, there are a great many programs for self-editing. The simplest option for assembling a high-quality video with your own hands can be found on this

With the help of this lesson, you can learn how to edit any video well (music, news, master class. there is no difference). Now a video clip with music or that important information that the user wants to share can be created with your own hands and at home so quickly that it may seem surprising. Here are just a few programs that will help you create a high-quality video at home and with your own hands. They will allow you not only to create a new video, but also to cut a long clip into several separate fragments, without any loss of meaning.

The best video editing software

The rating is compiled from personal experience, thanks to a survey of installers and authors of various projects. You can write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what you use and why.


VirtualDub is a free program with standard functionality that allows you to easily cut, trim an uploaded video file, add an audio track, titles, images. Completely portable program, does not require installation, can be easily copied and transferred to another device.

How to edit video on PC

Stitching together, adding music, applying effects, and many other processes are collectively called video editing. There are many programs and online services with which this task is carried out. It is these two methods that we will consider in this article.


An app that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide engaging social media videos.

Add video To have something to edit.

Select a background track from the application library The one that will convey the “energy” of what is happening.

Choose an editing style than 10 styles are available in the application, including “fashion”, “country”, “travel”, etc.

The program will trim the videos itself, so as to create an exciting video sequence. In the free version, the maximum length of videos is 2.5 minutes. To increase the length of the video and remove the logo, you will have to subscribe.

Movavi clips

Another application for non-linear editing. Here you can easily cut a video, arrange the pieces in any order and brighten it all up with music. At the same time, you can add both your own audio and any track from the application’s audio library. There is also an opportunity to add any stickers with emoji and enable rewind and slow-mo mode.

An excellent choice for beginners, as it provides a full-fledged course for “dummies”, and the brand’s YouTube channel regularly publishes training videos showing new features.

The disadvantage of the app is that the app watermark remains on the rollers. But with a monthly subscription, you can get rid of it.


One of the most popular programs for editing video on the phone, in which you can work with videos, pictures and even gifs. She can create collages and videos for social networks. over, the application can blur the background, which gives the illusion of shooting with a DSLR camera, even with budget smartphones.

Insta bloggers love InShot for its range of social media templates. Alas, it adds a watermark to the finished videos. But you can get rid of it by purchasing the premium version.


Simple and straightforward app for creating posts on social networks. With its help, you can glue several videos into one, add transitions and filters.

By choosing overlay effects, you can get breathtaking clips in the style of your favorite clips and TV shows. And the addition of any stickers and emoji will further convey the spirit of what is happening.

If you need to crop a frame, here it is done in one click. The video is immediately exported to social networks: from to and TikTok.


With KineMaster, there is no need to think about the order in which to add clips. here the function of non-linear editing is available. Imperfect light can be corrected with color correction, and unnecessary objects are cropped in one click.

You can also add handwritten text. a choice for those looking for a replacement for the usual fonts. And the possibility of voiceover allows you to create content at the level of top youtubers.

So this editor is suitable for everyone who loves to “sweat” over the video editing. At the same time, it is also suitable for beginners who are not particularly versed in such programs, but want to learn how to work with video. Having passed the “school” KineMaster, the user will be ready to move on to weighty programs on the PC.


A program from the creators of GoPro. Here you can do the following:

  • add transitions,
  • use multiple audio tracks at once,
  • glue different videos together,
  • make transitions.

The only solid drawback is that the app is available only on iOS. Android smartphone owners will have to look for other programs.

How to Transfer Videos to iPhone and iPad from Computer

One of the possible tasks of the owner of an iPhone or iPad is to transfer to him a video downloaded on a computer or laptop for later viewing on the road, waiting or somewhere else. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to do this simply by copying video files “like on a USB flash drive” in the case of iOS. However, there are plenty of ways to copy a movie.

In this guide for beginners. about two ways to transfer video files from a Windows computer to an iPhone and iPad from a computer: the official (and its limitation) and my preferred method without iTunes (including via Wi-Fi), as well as briefly about other possible options. Note: the same methods can be used on macOS computers (but sometimes it is more convenient to use Airdrop for them).

Copy Video to VLC with iTunes

  • Connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.
  • Select your device in the list, and then in the “Settings” section, select “Applications”.
  • Scroll down the program page and select VLC.
  • Drag the video files to VLC Documents or click Add Files, select the files you want and wait for them to be copied to the device.

After finishing copying, you will be able to view the downloaded movies or other videos in the VLC player on your phone or tablet.

Copy Videos from Computer to iPhone and iPad to iTunes

Apple has provided only one option for copying media files, including videos from a Windows or MacOS computer to iPhones and iPads. using iTunes (hereinafter I will assume that iTunes is already installed on your computer).

The main limitation of this method is that it only supports the.mov.m4v and.mp4 formats. over, for the latter case, the format is not always supported (it depends on the codecs used, the most popular is H.264, it is supported).

To copy videos using iTunes, just follow these simple steps:

  • Connect the device, if iTunes does not start automatically, start the program.
  • Select your iPhone or iPad in the device list.
  • In the “On my device” section, select “Movies” and simply drag the desired video files from the folder on your computer to the list of movies on your device (you can also choose from the “File” menu. “Add file to library”.
  • In case the format is not supported, you will see the message “Some of these files were not copied because they cannot be played on this iPad (iPhone).
  • After adding the files to the list, click the “Sync” button at the bottom. When synchronization is complete, you can disconnect the device.

How to edit video on your iPhone or iPad with iMovie. Full Tutorial

After you finish copying videos to your device, you can watch them in the Video app on it.

Using VLC to Rip Movies to iPad and iPhone over Cable and Wi-Fi

The main advantage of this and other such applications is smooth playback of almost all popular video formats, including mkv, mp4 with codecs other than H.264 and others.

After installing the application, there are two ways to copy video files to the device: using iTunes (but already without format restrictions) or via Wi-Fi in the local network (i.e., both the computer and phone or tablet must be connected to the same router to transfer ).

Transfer Videos to iPhone or iPad over Wi-Fi in VLC

Note: for the method to work, both the computer and the iOS device must be connected to the same network.

  • Launch the VLC app, open the menu and enable “Access via WI-FI”.
  • An address will appear next to the switch, which must be entered in any browser on the computer.
  • Having opened this address, you will see a page on which you can simply drag and drop files, or click on the “Plus” button and specify the required video files.
  • Wait for the download to finish (in some browsers, the progress bar and percentages are not displayed, but the download is in progress).

Once completed, the video can be viewed in VLC on the device.

Note: I noticed that sometimes after downloading VLC does not display the downloaded video files in the playlist (although it takes up space on the device). Empirically determined that this happens with long file names in Russian with punctuation marks. I did not reveal clear patterns, but renaming the file to something “simpler” helps to solve the problem.

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Hello. Should I change the file extension? Copied?

If the codec is supported. Those. what matters is that “inside” the file and this is checked when copying: ie, for example, one.mp4 can be copied, but the other cannot.

Forget iTunes. iTools is the solution to all problems. Do not consider it an advertisement, I use it myself and recommend it to all Apple water users.

Hello! My way is using nPlayer. It seems to be paid, but it plays all video files. And I never upload them to the iPad, there are many network protocols available in the Network tab: I use SMB / CIFS, but there are also Webdav, FTP, DLNA, several cloud services. In general, there is a lot of things there, control is very convenient, there is post-processing (if, for example, the video is too dark, this is easy to fix), the choice of audio tracks, subtitles, adjusting the sound and brightness by swiping across the screen on the right and left, respectively, etc. There were problems with dts codec in mkv, but I did not have to face them (I had to pay extra). For some reason, there are few reviews on this player in the network. Good luck everyone!

Hello. Sometimes you still need to download: for example, when there is a long flight in an airplane (after this I just wrote an article).

Thank you. you helped a lot! I have been familiar with VLC for a long time and I like this method better) Tell me, please, if the movie was transferred (synchronized) via iTunes (without VLC) and is displayed in the device’s library, does it mean it is in the iPad’s memory? If so, how to remove it from there or how to find it on iPad?

Hello. Yes, it is in the iPad’s memory, but it is deleted, if I’m not mistaken (I can’t check now, but I don’t remember exactly right away), right in the media library itself.

Thank you so much! They helped a lot! The best way to download!

I wanted to upload several videos in this way:

In the “On my device” section, select “Movies” and simply drag the desired video files from the folder on your computer to the list of movies on your device (you can also choose from the “File” menu. “Add file to library”.

nothing loads! And the films are also not transferred, something you do not finish.

Maybe it’s an unsupported format? Then use the VLC method. it plays and transfers everything.

The best way to transfer ANY (.) Files to your tablet is to throw Apple in the trash and switch to Android. We pull out the memory card from Samsung, insert it into the computer and rewrite everything that is needed))

You are GODS) Thanks for the article. I used Itools before. rushed to throw films on the road But it does not work This way you really saved me! Happy New Year, All the best; )

Thank you for the article! everything worked out the first time! the only thing that is bad! so if a bunch of small files they do not play one by one!

Lord is there really no normal way

Every time I am convinced of the crookedness of the iPad, I did not buy it

TV on iPad

Since we are talking about films, and even more so watching them online, we cannot ignore the topic of television.

Did you know that the ORT channel has created a special broadcast for the iPad on its website?

There are programs for watching TV in the App Store, but they all have one thing in common. instability. Now the application appears, then it disappears, then the video quality deteriorates I remember iProstoTV. It seems to be a good application, but it has sunk into oblivion as quickly as it appeared.

In general, my attitude towards TV is cool. I simply do not watch it for 7-8 years, and I download the necessary programs (there are few of them) after the broadcast.

Channel quality is often poor.

Some channels are there for show, but they do not work.

Paid subscriptions without a special guarantee of the service.


Say what you don’t say, but YouTube is the most popular video hosting in the world. He is so popular that the joke: “Tomorrow this video will be available on YouTube” after recording another funny episode of your life will soon be with a soooo long beard.

Which is unfortunate: Apple removed the standard YouTube app in iOS 6. YouTube disappeared, but a worthy competitor has appeared: Jasmine. YouTube Client. There are other programs as well. Videos can be watched on YouTube and, for example, in Safari, but this is not so convenient. There is also such a program as McTube, which allows you not only to watch online, but also to pre-download videos.

There are several channels on YouTube that moviegoers could subscribe to in the same Jasmine. I recommend creating a YouTube account and subscribing under it, so that later you will not regret that you lost 150 million subscriptions due to an application update.

Mosfilm channel. old Soviet and Russian films of the Mosfilm company (Office romance, Afonya, Irony of fate and others)

Channel Lenfilm. films of Lenfilm company (Wedding in Malinovka, Striped flight and others)

Channel Soyuzmultfilm. cartoons of our magnificent film studio (Leopold, Funtik, Treasure Island and others)

KinoRussia channel. films, cartoons, performances, and even ballet In general, not a bad hodgepodge of old films.

In the App Store, there are programs that appear and disappear. They provide a beautiful shell for YouTube channels. A typical example: the Stary Kino program. You can look in them. it won’t get any worse. True, there is no point in paying for such applications (if suddenly they become paid).

Everything is legal. Almost guaranteed high quality content; it’s YouTube. that’s high speed.

No new products, this method is suitable for watching good old films or cartoons.

Advertising. This is usually a pop-up ad that you see once and just close it once per movie.

In contact with

is a large archive of video files. There is everything you want, as the users themselves upload the video. And the moderators of. I have not heard that something there was diligently cleaned.

Since the censors of the App Store admit that there are programs to support in the App Store, it means that Apple admits the legitimacy of such applications as:

VKino is an unofficial program that only serves to watch online videos from the most popular social network in Russia.

You can find almost any film, even a novelty.

Usually good or very good quality of the video itself when viewed on an iPad.

Users post both TV programs and Sports events, etc.

Due to the abundance of video content, there is a lot of junk and amateur videos. It is better to keep young children away from video search on. because even sometimes innocent requests display obscene content in the results.

Online cinemas

Online cinema in the App Store is no longer a surprise. Anyway, any resource on the network that plays more or less licensed content must make its own application for the iPad.

ivi.ru is perhaps the best cinema in terms of the content presented. The biggest disadvantage is that it works only on the territory of the Russian Federation.

megogo.net. I would put this cinema in second place now. He, in my opinion, is the first in the App Store, which is turned to face people living outside the Russian Federation.

There is also a Stream Movies application in the App Store. The application works only on the territory of the Russian Federation. Movies must be purchased or subscribed there. There is an opportunity to buy new items. I cannot advise, as there is no way to test.

Licensed and free. Quite rich repertoire.

Beautiful shell has a home theater feel.

There are no (or few) novelties and blockbusters, but not to say that the films are old.

Sometimes they are buggy. Periodically, after updating the program, someone breaks down and the developers hastily fix it.

How to watch movies online on iPad

This question is constantly asked in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. From time to time people write that they cannot watch a movie on some website. As if the light came together like a wedge on him. Apple is accused of all deadly sins. They remember why the lack of flash on the iPad is in vain and generally write that since they did not manage to watch the movie, it means that the iPad is a useless piece of iron that needs to be urgently sold. Yes, yes. and there were such situations.

This article is for beginners. In it, I will answer a very burning question: how to watch movies online on iPad without any websites? And I will also answer the most popular questions from the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Sports streaming on iPad

I would also like to highlight the topic of sports broadcasts on the iPad. Russian football is the most fortunate. Our Football program absolutely justifies its price, which, by the way, has now dropped to 10. For several Tours in a row, I have been watching the Russian Football Championship online and moments of different games without any hemorrhoids. Also games are available in recording.

The same developers have created two more applications for the Champions League and Europa League. But if “Our Football” works everywhere, then these two applications work only in the Russian Federation. Licensing difficulties.

Why hasn’t the KHL launched a similar video project yet??

And at the end of the article I would like to answer the most popular and real questions of beginners from the Комментарии и мнения владельцев I formulate the general principle from memory.

I don’t have Wi-Fi, only 3G. Why online video is slow?

Unfortunately, in this case, for comfortable viewing of online videos on iPad, you better connect to Wi-Fi networks. 3G networks, of course, allow you to watch online, but this is fraught with possible glitches and an elementary lack of 3G speed.

I have an iPad connected via Wi-Fi at home. Why online video is slow?

The online video stream, according to my estimates, is about 1500 kbps / s on average. Usually this is a video with a high quality picture, but not HD. Therefore, check your Internet tariff. Simply put, one megabit is not enough, but two should be enough. But if you plan to use the Internet more often to watch online videos, then I recommend connecting a tariff of at least 3-4 megabits and, of course, unlimited.

The second problem can be if other people are connected to the network. For example, relatives at this time themselves watch a movie or download something. Solution to the problem: connecting an even faster tariff, limiting the download speed, finally mutual agreements. The 6 megabits tariff is enough for us to simultaneously watch two movies online in different rooms.

I have connected to the Wi-Fi network at McDonald’s. Why Online Video Doesn’t Work?

In public networks, this is often simply blocked. And a huge number of people can be connected to the point.

Do you have any additions to the article? What programs for watching online movies on iPad do you use?