How to Drop Photos From Xiaomi To Computer

Hello. In this article, I will show how to transfer photos from a phone to a computer, a laptop through a charging cable (USB cable).

A large number of photos ands take up a lot of space in the device’s memory or SD drive. Also, there is a risk of losing the phone, and with it all valuable photos.

Therefore, from time to time, photos need to be transferred from the phone to the computer.

This is done quite simply, but many users, especially adults, may experience difficulties. To prevent this from happening, below in the article, I will give step-by-step instructions.

How to take photos from phone to computer, laptop via USB cable

1. Connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable.

How to Drop Photos From Xiaomi To Computer

2. When connecting for the first time, you need to wait some time to synchronize and install the drivers. While on the computer, the window does not open “Autostart”.

3. If the autorun window does not appear, then you need to change the priority of using USB, for this we lower the curtain on the phone, and click on the item “USB Charging” (on different phone models, the item name may differ).

4. In the window that opens, click on the item “File transfer”.

5. Now that a window has opened on the computer “Autostart”go to paragraph “Open device to view files”.

6. Since by default, photos are saved in the internal memory of the phone, go to the internal drive.

7. Find the folder DCIM and go into it.

8. Now, we need to go to the folder Camera it contains all our photos.

9. Select the photos that need to be transferred, then copy them.

10. Paste the copied photos into a folder, preferably not on the system drive.

Now you know how to transfer photos from a Xiaomi phone to a computer, laptop. This method is suitable not only for Xiaomi phones, but also for other models, such as Samsung, Meizu, Huawei, Honor, ASUS, Alcatel, Nokia, ZTE, etc.

Attention, if your computer does not see part of the photos or does not see the photos at all, read the article What to do if the computer does not see the photo on the Android phone.