How to Drop Photos from Camera to Phone

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In today’s blog article, we’ll talk with you about how to drop photos from the camera onto a computer or laptop? If you take a lot of pictures on your smartphone or camera (especially on vacation or on some holidays), then sooner or later the memory on the device runs out. I think many users have already been convinced of this more than once, when there is absolutely no space left on the smartphone or camera. This means only one thing. it’s time to drop all the captured photo on a computer or laptop, and remove them from the camera.

How to take a photo from a camera
to a computer or laptop?

The question of how to drop a photo from the camera to a computer or laptop is solved very simply, at least in two different ways.

1. You can connect a smartphone or camera to a computer using a USB cable.
2. You can remove the memory card from the camera and take pictures to the computer through the card reader.

Let’s look at both ways in order.

1. Connecting the camera to a computer
using a USB cable.

The first method is the most popular and allows you to quickly resolve the issue of how to drop the photo from the camera onto a computer or laptop. Usually, a USB cable comes with the device (for example, a camera, smartphone or tablet). One side is inserted into the connector of a laptop or computer, and the second into the device itself (see. Fig. Below).

How to Drop Photos from Camera to Phone

If this is a camera, then after connecting it must be turned on. After a few seconds, the computer detects the device and will work autorun, where you will need to click on the button “Open folder.”.

If autorun does not work, you can open the camera file folder manually. To do this, find the icon on the desktop “A computer” and run it with a double click.

We will display all disks, drives and connected devices. Usually somewhere at the very bottom the connected camera or smartphone is displayed.

Open with a double click and inside we see all the files. Now, if you want to upload all the photos to your computer, you need to select them. You can do this with the mouse cursor, or simply by pressing a keyboard shortcut on the keyboard CtrA. Then you need to right-click on any selected file and select the item in the menu that appears “Copy”.

Now open the disk of your computer, where you already have photos (for example, photo albums), or create a new folder. Inside, you will need to click on the free space with the right button and select Paste.

The photos copied from the camera will be on your disk. Thus, you can move any files from your phone, tablet, camera and other devices.

2. Copying photos from a memory card
using a card reader.

The second way, to solve the problem of how to drop the photo from the camera to a computer or laptop, is of course to use a card reader. What is it, you ask?

Card reader. This is a device designed to read memory cards and USB-flash drives. Today, every camera or modern phone is equipped with an SD or Micro SD memory card. It can be removed and inserted into the card reader (see figure below).

By the way, almost always laptops have a slot for SD memory cards, which are used in cameras.

We insert the memory card, wait a few seconds, when the computer detects the device. Next, we act by analogy with the first method, which was discussed above.

In fact, it is very simple to solve the question of how to drop a photo from the camera to a computer or laptop. The main thing, before deleting pictures from the camera or smartphone, make sure 100% that they were successfully copied to your laptop or computer.

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