How to download video to iPad. No conversion to mp4 (any video format)

How to download movies to your iPad

Apple’s iPad tablets are considered one of the most comfortable and practical devices for working and watching many movies. All this due to the fact that it gets a good picture, the processor is powerful enough, and it also has a special mobility, which is very convenient for users. However, before you start watching, you should make sure that the tablet can support the video format the user wants. If the tablet supports everything you need, you should start downloading new movies to watch them later on the road, at home, or just in your free time.

To begin with, the user should understand that not all video formats are supported by iPads, but only certain ones. If you look at it specifically, it’s MPEG4. This is the only standard format supported by the player from Apple, iOS operating system. Other formats will not play or an error will be displayed as the user tries to activate the tablet.

Note! The MPEG4 format also supports videos with mp4 and m4v extensions.

These video formats are common because almost all audio recordings are made in this format. However, these are often small clips. If the user wants to download a movie, he is likely to find only these formats:

Before transferring any files, the user must be sure that this format is supported by the device, and that it is possible to transfer it to the Apple tablet, and if it is not possible, it is worth recoding the format. There are different programs for this, more about which is worth discussing below.

What video formats are supported by iPad

The standard media player from Apple, built into both iPad and iPhone, and even iPod supports MPEG4 format, corresponding to the following extensions:

  • .m4v.mp4 these formats readily accept the H.264 and play videos up to 4K resolution (it’s easy enough to find such high quality content in the iTunes Store and third-party sources;
  • the only problem is the impressive size of such files. you will have to spend 30 GB or more of free space);
  • with MPEG-4 codec (probably the most common variant of video, run on iPad, however, the situation will change with time, the codec is outdated);
  • .movi with the Motion JPEG codec.

As a result, using standard methods (using iTunes), add any video with the and.avi. If you can’t find a movie with the listed requirements, however, that leaves you with two options:

  • Use a third-party media player. You can find everything in the App Store, and you certainly won’t have any problems with applications capable of playing video files of any format. There are plenty of options here. and PlayerXtreme Media Player with high-quality design, subtitle support and control panel to turn a fairly modest (for starters) player into a real home theater, and VLC, that can play movies from any source and immediately load everything into the internal memory, and AV Player, that can easily deal with any content. even with music. It remains to choose an assistant and figure out how everything works (you need iTunes, a USB cable and the algorithm described in the next section);
  • Proceed to convert source files to a supported format. About this possibility. at the end of the article. And, as practice suggests, it is not necessary to use any video editor, downloaded to your computer, the files are processed directly in your browser, you just need to find the right service.
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How to Transfer Video from PC to iPad or iPhone via iCareFone

iCloud and iTunes are official applications for Apple smartphones. There are many similar services and software on the internet. One of the most popular is Tenorshare iCareFone.

iCareFone is a multifunctional utility. The program includes:

  • 1. An option to store and restore a backup of your iOS system settings;
  • 2. The ability to fix bugs in the system, as well as in the applications installed on your iPhone-smartphone;
  • 3. File manager. Gives you the ability to transfer files ( videos, photos, music and more).

The main feature of the program allows you to copy files without the Internet (works in offline mode). The program can work on the OS:

If you want to download video from computer to iPhone:

Step 1. Download the program. Connect your smartphone to your computer via cable.

Transfer video to iPhone

Step 2. In the main menu select “Management” tab. In the window that opens (file categories) select the video.

Step 3. In the top box, click on “Import” (transfer from PC to device) and “Select Files” in the top options bar, select the video and click “Open”.

To transfer video folders, select “Import. “Select folder”, then select the folder and press “OK”.

Final part

As a result, we can conclude that it is very easy to download videos from computer to iPhone. You can do it via official services or alternative programs. The main thing to remember is that iPhone does not support all types of video files.

Copying videos from computer to iPhone and iPad in iTunes

Apple has only one option for copying media files, including videos, from your Windows or MacOS computer to your iPhone and iPad tablets. using iTunes (hereafter I assume iTunes is already installed on your computer).

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The main limitation of the method is that it supports only the following and.mp4. And for the latter case, the format is not always supported (it depends on the codec used, the most popular is H.264 is supported).

To copy a video using iTunes, just follow these simple steps:

  • Connect the device, if iTunes does not start automatically, start the program.
  • Select your iPhone or iPad in the device list.
  • Under “On My Device,” choose “Movies,” and simply drag the desired video files from the folder on your computer to the list of movies on your device (you can also choose “Add File to Media Library” from the “File” menu).
  • In case the format is not supported, you will see the message “Some of these files were not copied because they cannot be played on this iPad (iPhone).
  • After adding the files to the list, click the “Sync” button at the bottom. Once synchronization is complete, you can disconnect the device.

Once you’re done copying videos to your device, you can watch them in the Video app on your device.

Transferring video via iTools

Using iTools application is another way to transfer video file to iPhone. This program guarantees fast and safe transfer of video content selected by the user. The procedure involves the following steps:

  • After downloading and installing the iTools application on your computer you need to run.
  • You connect your phone to your computer with a cable.
  • In the menu on the left side you need to open the Video section.
  • At the top of the page you need to click in the Import line.
  • Then a window will open for selecting the file to be transferred to the iPhone. After specifying it you need to confirm the choice.
  • Then the transfer will start, which will last for a few seconds. You need to wait for its completion.

As a result the video file will be put into “My Videos”.

Now you will be able to open the file in the selected video player.

How to buy or rent video from iTunes and watch it without the Internet

Consumption of legal content is becoming more and more widespread among domestic users. Many of them have appreciated the advantages of buying movies, TV shows, and series, as compared to downloading them from pirate resources. One of the largest aggregators of media content is the iTunes Store. you can buy practically any new releases of cinema, television and music industry there.

At the same time, you can rent a movie from the apple store, which saves a lot of money. The process of buying or renting video content from iTunes is described in detail in this article.

After buying a film or video clip, it can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad for offline viewing. It’s easy to do. just log into your Apple ID (from which you purchased the content) via Settings → App Store, iTunes Store,

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and then go to the Videos app (Movies section) and tap the cloud icon in the upper right corner, then the video will be saved on your iOS device.

Downloading videos from file exchange networks

How to download movies to iPhone and iPad via VLC

VideoLAN’s VLC media player can be downloaded from iTunes or the AppStore. Standard video file formats: MOV and MP4. VLC Media Player can even play MKV format, works with MP4 codecs that support decoding. To transfer files you only need a computer with a video and a smartphone or tablet. There are two ways to send videos from your laptop to your smartphone:

In the first case, your mobile device and laptop (or PC) must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then their IP-addresses will be in the same subnet. This is necessary to exchange data using a single protocol. In the second, it is enough to connect the gadget to the computer with a cable and run the iTunes application on the PC. To transfer a video clip from PC to iPad or iPhone, the VLC app must be installed in the mobile device. VLC iPhone instructions on how to use the transfer of media files in different ways are given below.

To summarize

As can be understood from the methods presented above, users can easily transfer videos to the tablet and enjoy watching. Thinking about choosing the best way to download a movie to your iPad? Guided by your capabilities and skills, you can make a choice in favor of the appropriate method. All three options for downloading video to iPad are suitable for use and will bring the desired result.

One of the most common breakdowns of a laptop is the problem of switching on. A laptop is a complex and multifunctional device, so there can be many reasons for this failure.

It is not uncommon for the owner of a smartphone to turn it on and find one or more colored dots on the display. They do not disappear with time and they remain in place when you change the picture. Dots like these are dead pixels.

Today we will learn how to repair the monitor yourself, if instead of the usual picture you saw a frightening blackness.

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