How To Download Viber Iphone

Free Viber functions for iPhone:

How To Download Viber Iphone

Chat with friends via voice communication in Viber for iPhone in Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G networks.

  • Messaging. Chat with a company or tete-a-tete. Communication is not limited only to the circle of iPhone owners, it is possible to send messages to any user, regardless of whether he uses a smartphone, tablet, pc or other platform.
  • Group communication. Wherever you are, enjoy each other over HD communication.
  • Shares photos, pictures, audio and files.
  • Decorate SMS with emoticons, GiF stickers, etc.
  • Report your location on the map.
  • Send a contact from the directory.
  • Requirements

      iPhone 4s or later iPad Devices with iOS 9 or later

    Registration in Viber on Iphone

    After downloading the program, install it on the gadget and go through a quick registration. It is very simple to register in the program. Enter the phone number and nickname of the user’s choice. Next comes the activation code, enter it in the provided field. Log in with your details or Facebook account. That’s all! Viber is set up for free on your iPhone, and now you can chat without restrictions!

    Numbers are synchronized automatically from the directory, Viber automatically finds application users from your contacts. In the “Keypad” tab, you can manually dial the desired number. If it is not in the address book.

    When minimized, the application does not consume battery power. To accept or reject a call in ios, Viber will switch to active mode and just tap the screen once.

    No jailbreak

    The simplest and most proven way of working with two Vibers is to manually configure the application, especially since this function is not prohibited by the developers. So, if one Viber. You previously downloaded it through the App Store, then it remains to add a second similar application:

    From your smartphone, go to the built-in Internet browser from Apple. S

  • Paste the following link into the address bar. Othman.Tv.
  • Go through it and see a menu with a large number of applications.
  • You need to select “Viber 2”, and then download this utility to your phone.
  • Run the installation file and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Then go to the smartphone settings, select the section “Basic”, “Device Management”.
  • Manually add a certificate named VNE Software and confirm device trust.
  • Just a few minutes. And the second Viber is installed. Next, you will be left in the usual order to launch it from the desktop of the phone, go through the authorization process using the phone number of the second SIM card and you can start using it. This method is uncomplicated and has proven itself in work. In addition, the presence of two identical applications does not slow down the device and does not clog up the operating memory.

    Installation methods

    How to install another Viber under a different phone number on an Apple smartphone? This can be done using one of the proposed methods: without jailbreak and with the installation of jailbreak.

    Install Viber on iPhone

    What is it for

    Why install two Viber on one phone? Considering how quickly and progressively the Internet industry is developing, where communication with potential customers rests on correspondence, the Viber messenger becomes a working platform. Having two accounts on one phone allows you to differentiate your personal life from your work life. It is very convenient and does not create confusion when communicating with different users. Thus, the meaning of using the second Viber application on an iPhone is as follows:

    The first account is for personal life, family, relatives and friends.

  • The second account is for work and corporate life.
  • Before you differentiate the two areas of life into different two Viber, you should know that a separate mobile phone number must be associated for each of the applications. You cannot install and use two Vibers on one phone.

    At the same time, you will not notice any difference in functionality, or in the set of emoticons or stickers. The two Viber applications will be completely identical in interface. Only the list of contacts and personal profile information will differ. This is primarily due to the fact that each account must be listed under a different mobile phone number.

    How to install two Viber on one iPhone

    Viber is a mobile application designed for free communication. You can call or correspond with any users connected to the Internet who also have this application installed. To start using the Viber messenger, you need to register, and the registration of you as a user by the application is tied to your mobile phone number. You can register Viber for several mobile numbers, however, when you switch from one profile to the second, the chat history is completely lost. Therefore, the question remains relevant. How to have two Viber, if you have an iPhone?

    Is it possible to install 2 Viber on an iPhone

    Unlike Android operating systems, iPhones have two SIM card slots, and this feature has appeared only in the latest models, from X and up. But this does not mean at all that the owners of Apple products are deprived of the right to register in two or more accounts in Viber. To use two Viber profiles at the same time and switch between them, it is not necessary to have two active SIM cards inserted into this smartphone. You can insert a second SIM card into another phone at the time of activation, the rules of Viber does not prohibit this. Over, it is much easier to install two application platforms for different accounts on an iPhone than on Android systems. In Apple smartphones, you can bypass the installation of additional clone applications.


    What is jailbreak? Jailbreak is a special application that allows the user to make changes to the operating system, in other words, these are special privileges for configuring and managing a device. Considering that many applications for Apple smartphones are not available or are paid, this problem can be solved with the help of jailbroken. This method is not legal, therefore it can be dangerous for the device.

    The most famous application installer is Cydia. You will need to download the installation file and select the “Regular user” mode when starting the program. Cydia will then update the list of available applications, where you need to find Viber. Click “Install” and then “Confirm”. The download will start, and after the second Viber icon appears, you can register.

    In addition to installing two Viber, the presence of a jailbreak will also allow you to use unavailable or paid applications for iPhones.

    Thus, there are two ways to download and use two Viber applications on one iPhone phone at once, under different mobile numbers. This function is often used by employees of PR departments, especially if the messenger is installed not only on a smartphone, but also on a computer. However, ordinary users should be aware that such changes to the operating system of the device can negatively affect the operation of both the application itself and the phone.

    Installation procedure

    You can download Viber for the fourth version of iPhone, but the installation process will directly depend on the version of your operating system.

    How to install Viber on iPhone

    To a smartphone with iOS 10.0

    Go to the App Store from your phone.

  • At the bottom, click on the search icon (magnifier).
  • A search bar appears at the top, where you enter the name of the application. Viber.
  • According to the search results, select the Viber messenger and click “Download”.
  • The download will start automatically and take only a few seconds. After its completion, the application will appear on the main screen of the phone. The standard lilac Viber icon with a handset. It is already ready for use and does not require additional installation. Launch and register using your mobile phone number.

    Without iOS 10.0

    If your iPhone has an old version of the operating platform, that is, below iOS 10, then you will not be able to install the latest version of Viber, since the technical characteristics of the system do not fall under the requirements of the application. Therefore, you will only be able to install the old suitable version of the messenger. How to do it:

    How to install Viber on iPhone 4

    The iPhone 4 was once a very popular smartphone model from the prestigious Apple company. Today this phone model is considered outdated, but it still has a number of updates and popular applications. The developers of the Viber Media company pay special attention to the iOS operating system, so any owner can download Viber on his iPhone. Downloading and installing Viber on an iPhone is very easy. The installation method depends on the new version of the iPhone 4 operating system.

    Does Viber exist for iPhone 4

    Due to the outdated platform, many iPhone owners face this system error when trying to update the messenger:

    Thus, it is possible to install the Viber application on the iPhone 4, however, with small remarks in the instructions. That is, this means that the download of the file and its installation will take place in a non-standard mode due to the outdated platform. There are two ways out here. Download an old suitable version of the messenger for your iPhone 4 or upgrade the operating system through an update.

    How to update an iPhone

    If you like the first option of downloading the messenger more, and you also want to receive updates for other programs, then you need to update your operating system on your phone to the maximum possible. This can be done in two ways:

    Via phone.

  • Via computer with iTunes.
  • To update the operating system to iPhone 4 from your phone, you need to go to “Settings”, then “General”, click “Software Update”. Before doing this, you must have your smartphone connected to Wi-Fi. In the “Software update” section, a search is made for an available new version of the operating system, and if there are any, then a line with the version number and the “Update” button appears. Click on it and wait for completion.

    Updating the system through iTunes may seem much more difficult, but this method is considered more effective:

    Install iTunes and sign in to your iCloud profile from your computer.

  • Connect the phone via the cord to the computer.
  • Wait until the two devices are paired and a black smartphone icon is displayed at the top left.
  • Click on it, select the “Update” item, in the case of available new versions, the iOS OP on your four will be updated.
  • The procedure for installing Vatsap on an iPhone

    We can talk about all the advantages of the program for a long time. We only note that this messenger allows you to exchange messages, various information, including audio and files, as well as make calls. And all this is completely free. However, in order to use all the functions of whatsapp on your iPhone and plunge into the world of unlimited communication, you must install the application correctly.

    So let’s not hesitate. Let’s move on to how to install WhatsApp on an iPhone. Over, we will immediately reassure you. This procedure is simple. Over, we will provide detailed step-by-step instructions:

    Go to the App Store.

  • In a special search box, we drive in the name of the program. Also whatsapp can be found in the Top Free section. In this case, be sure to choose messenger. Search may suggest other applications that have the word “whatsapp” in their names. For example, Run WhatsApp on tablet.
  • We load the messenger and wait for it to download. It usually takes less than one minute with sufficient internet speed.
  • We start the installation. This operation takes even less time than downloading the original file. Then we open whatsapp.
  • A window will appear where there will be a link to read the user agreement. To study it or not is up to you. All you need to do is click the “Accept and Continue” button.
  • Next, you need to go through the registration procedure. To do this, enter your phone number. Expect a message with a code. Then enter it on the special line.
  • This completes the installation.

    Note that whatsapp cannot be installed on the so-called “Chinese iPhone” (various copies of the original Apple product) using the method described above. Such a device is incompatible with the AppStore and iTunes. You can run watcap on it only by downloading it from a PC or laptop via a cable. Over, the Chinese iPhone must also support Java applications.

    Is it possible to install two whatsapp on iphone?

    This option is not provided in the official version of the application. However, different craftsmen have come up with a couple of ways to make sure that a watsap with two different accounts works on one phone. At the same time, both accounts were active at once. What should be done?

    Download and install whatsapp on an iPhone.

  • Open the Safari browser. Go to the website ios.Othman.Tv
  • You will see a list in which you need to select the item “whatsapp 2”.
  • After that, under the icon with the application, click on the green button.
  • Next, press the install button in the window that appears on the display.
  • As soon as the installation procedure is over, go to the “Settings” section. From there to the “Basic” subsection, where we select “Device Management”.
  • In the proposed list, you should find a certificate whose name begins with “VNE Software and.”. Then you need to click on it and select “Trust”.

    After all these manipulations, another messenger icon will be displayed on the iPhone desktop. We click on it and set up the second account, not forgetting to link it to another SIM card.

    How to install WhatsApp on iPhone

    One of the most popular messengers is whatsapp (Russian-language options are vatsap, watsap, etc.). It is actively used by almost a billion people. Over, every day this application is downloaded and installed by thousands of people around the world. Many have difficulties or have questions related to the installation procedure. Therefore, we decided to tell you how to install whatsapp on iphone correctly and easily.

    What is important to know before installing WhatsApp on iPhone?

    Let’s start with the fact that the owners of old “apple” smartphones may not run this messenger on their device. Whatsapp requires iOS 7 or later. Thus, the application functions only on iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s and other devices that “come” with IOS 8, 9, 10 and 11 (recall, this is iphone 6, 6s, 6 plus, 6s, 7 etc.).

    How to set up whatsapp?

    We figured out the installation of the messenger. Now let’s talk about how to set up WhatsApp to use it as conveniently as possible. To do this, we recommend doing the following:

    • Go to profile settings and add a photo to your avatar. You just need to click on the pencil icon in the lower right corner. Then a gallery will open where you can upload your favorite or a picture.
    • Limit access to personal information. Again, go to the profile settings, find the item “Privacy”. Here you can mark who will see the date of the user’s last login to the messenger, pictures, statuses, payments and much more. That is, the user can hide what he wants from the visitors of his profile. Also in this paragraph there is a function that allows you to block an intrusive and unwanted interlocutor.
    • Configure the interface. We go to the settings for chats and calls. Here you can “adjust” the font and their size to your liking, set the screen length and width, wallpaper options, etc.
    • Set a personalized notification ringtone. It is very convenient. After putting the original “sound”, you will be less confused and know when the message came to your colleague, husband or wife, and when to you. In addition, in the “Notifications” item, you can configure pop-up windows, enable / disable vibration, and select the color of the indicator (if available on your smartphone).
    • Itunes

      To date, to install Viber on an iPhone via iTunes, you will have to resort to installing not the newest version of the media combine. 12.6.3, and only then install the messenger client. You can download the iTunes 12.6.3 distribution kit for Windows of the required bitness (32- or 64-bit) from the link:

      Download iTunes 12.6.3 for Windows with the ability to access the AppStore

        Completely remove the already installed ayTunes from your computer. If you haven’t installed the tool before, skip this step. The procedure for uninstalling iTunes is described in detail in the material on our website, use the verified instructions.

      To avoid problems when launching an older version of the program later, after uninstalling iTunes, additionally delete the “iTunes” directory located along the path:

      After the installation is complete, run ayTunes 12.6.3.

      Call up the list of options by clicking on the menu of the sections displayed in the program.

      Select “Edit Menu”.

      Next, check the checkbox next to the “Programs” item in the list that opens and click “Finish”.

      Select “Apps” from the list of components available in iTunes, click “Apps for iPhone” and then click the “Apps in AppStore” button.

      Enter the query “viber” in the search field, then select “viber media sarl.” present in the resulting list of results.

      Click on the name of the application “Viber Messenger”.

    • On the page of the iPhone messenger client in the AppStore, click “Download“.
    • Log in to the iTunes Store,
    • By entering your AppleID and password and then clicking “Get” in the registration request window.

      Wait for the Viber package to download to your PC. The name of the “Download” button will change to “Downloaded” at the end of the procedure.

      Connect iPhone to the USB port of your computer and confirm requests to provide access to information on the device in the iTunes window,

      And then on the smartphone screen.

      Go to the device control page by clicking the button with the smartphone image in the iTunes window.

      Next, select the “Programs” section on the left side of the application window. The Viber for iPhone downloaded from the AppStore by following paragraph 10 of this instruction is in the list of applications.

      Click “Install”, which will change the name of the button to “Will be installed”.

      Click “Apply” in iTunes.

      When prompted to authorize your computer, confirm it,

      And then enter your AppleIDY password and click “Authorize”.

      Click “Finish” in the iTunes window. In fact, the installation of Viber on an iOS device can be considered complete, it remains only to wait a little.

      Take a look at the iPhone display after unlocking it. After a while, a new application icon will appear on the screen. Gradually, Viber will load and will be installed in the iPhone memory. Then it will be possible to launch and activate the messenger.

      .After logging into the service, you can start using the features and benefits of Viber for iPhone!

      Additionally. For users of devices with an outdated iOS version (below 9.0)

      For owners of, for example, iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2, the above described method of installing Viber is one of the few opportunities to get the desired application on the device. But you should act somewhat differently than recommended above.

      Follow the instructions for installing Viber via iTunes from point 1 to point 12 inclusive.

    • Enter the App Store from your smartphone and go to “Updates”.
    • Next, you need to select “Shopping”. A list will open containing all applications that have ever been installed in an iPhone using iTunes or App Store on the smartphone itself.
    • Tap “Viber” as a result of which a notification will appear about the impossibility of installing the current version of the application in the environment of an outdated version of iOS.
    • Confirm that you want to download a compatible version of Viber. After that, the iPhone will appear, although not updated, but quite functional service client.
    • Methods for installing Viber messenger on iPhone

      Cross-platform messenger Viber takes pride of place in the list of the most frequently used programs on a wide variety of devices, including Apple smartphones. In the article offered to the reader’s attention, several methods of installing Viber for iPhone are considered, which make it possible to quickly gain access to the service’s capabilities in various situations. The process of installing Viber on an iPhone is feasible in just a few steps, which are available for performing, including by novice users of Apple products and software.


      Iphone users who prefer to fully control the process of installing applications on their device and are not used to putting up with the restrictions introduced by Apple, for example, regarding the possibility of installing not the newest versions of programs into their own devices by official methods, can use.Ipa files to install Viber on the iPhone.

      C: \ Users \ username \ Music \ iTunes \ iTunes Media \ Mobile Applications.

      In the future, ipa packages, and Viber among them, can be installed in the iPhone using tools created by third-party developers. One of the most popular unofficial software tools for working with Apple devices, including installing applications from a PC, is iTools.

        Download and install iTools on your computer.

      Installation instructions can be found in the material, which details the functionality of the tool and its benefits.

      Run the iTools app

      And connect the iPhone to the USB port of the computer.

      Go to the “Applications” section by clicking on the item of the same name in the menu on the left of the iTools window.

      Call the “Install” function by clicking “” next to the advising inscription at the top of the window. In the “Explorer” that opens, determine the location of the Viber ipa file, select the package with the application and click “Open”.

      Wait for the download to the program, check and unpacking of the archive offered by iTools, containing the software for installation into the device, are completed.

    • After some time, Viber will be installed in the iPhone without user intervention and will take its place in the list of installed applications displayed in iTools.
    • Unlock iPhone screen, check for Viber icon among other software tools. Start the messenger and activate your account in the service.
    • Viber on iPhone is ready to use!

      How to install Viber on iPhone

      It should be noted that both the creators of the iPhone and the developers of Viber for iOS tried to simplify as much as possible the procedure for installing the messenger client for users of Apple smartphones. Some difficulties with the solution of this issue may arise only for the owners of devices operating under the control of outdated versions of iOS, but, following the instructions below, it is almost always possible to get access to the information exchange system.

      App Store

      The above methods of installing Viber on the iPhone are very effective and the only effective in certain situations, but they cannot be called the simplest. For owners of fully customized iPhones running iOS 9.0 and higher, the best solution would be to use the official Viber installation method offered by Apple. Downloading from the App Store, preinstalled on all the manufacturer’s smartphones.

        Open App Store by tapping on the service icon on the iPhone screen.

      Click “Search” and enter the query “viber” in the field to find the page of the messenger application. The first result displayed on the list is the target. Click on it.

      Tap on the “Viber” icon to go to a screen with more detailed information about the application.

      Tap the cloud with the downward arrow and wait for the downloads. After downloading the required file, the automatic installation of Viber will begin, which ends with the appearance of the “OPEN” button.

      This completes the installation of the Viber iOS client application. Open the app, activate the ID.

      You can start transmitting / receiving information through one of the most popular services!

      Thus, users of Apple smartphones can very simply and easily join the participants of the modern and multifunctional information exchange system Viber. In most cases, there is no difficulty in installing the iOS messenger client application and the process takes only a few minutes.

      What problems may arise during installation

      It is not difficult to install Viber on your iPhone yourself. The application does not take up much space, works in Russian, downloads in a few seconds. If you encounter errors during installation, follow these steps:

      • Check your internet connection;
      • Clear iPhone memory;
      • Restart your device;
      • Check the operating system version and update it.

      Most often, problems are associated with a lack of internet or full memory. If you can’t install Viber, you will have to contact support.

      Viber features on your phone

      You can download Viber for free. Immediately after installing the messenger on the iPhone, the following features become available:

      • Free calls all over the world;
      • Built-in stickers;
      • Sending messages and voice recordings;
      • Creation of groups, communities;
      • Joining group chats;
      • Built-in network games;
      • The ability to connect a landline number using Viber Out.

      Viber on iPhone is updated automatically. Use the latest version of the app to access all the listed features.

      How to sign in to your Viber profile

      You can enter Viber‘s profile on iPhone immediately after installation is complete. To enter, you will need to provide a phone number.

      Step-by-step instructions on how to enter Viber’s profile through an iPhone:

      Launch the messenger by clicking on the icon on the desktop.

    • Click “Next”. If you wish, you can read the terms of use of the messenger by clicking on the corresponding link.
    • Type your phone number, select your country of residence, click “Next”.
    • Wait until the end of the activation of Viber on the iPhone.
    • After activation, you can change your profile, print your name, email address, select your date of birth.

      To go to the chat menu, click on the checkmark at the bottom right. You can start chatting with friends immediately after entering your profile.

      How to install Viber on iPhone

      How to install Viber on an iPhone phone, instructions

      You can install Viber on your phone or tablet for free. It takes a few minutes of free time to download.

      How to install Viber on your iPhone for free in Russian:

      The download will start automatically. Immediately after installation, the messenger icon will appear on the desktop. To run, tap on this icon.

      Install Viber for iPhone for free in Russian

      Viber can be used on mobile phones, computers and tablets. To work, you need an internet connection and a phone number. We will figure out how to install Viber on a phone for free in Russian on an iPhone, how to enter a personal account, what problems may arise during installation.

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