How to Download Play Market Android

How to Download Play Market Android

The Play Market application store is perhaps the main resource for all users of equipment with the Android operating system. Because it makes life easier by solving all issues related to finding, selecting and installing applications. If you are just starting your acquaintance with the Google operating system and are wondering, “how to set up a play market,” just read this article to the end.
So, here you have a brand new gadget on Android in your hands. Having familiarized yourself with the menu, settings and characteristics of your device, of course, you will want to expand its capabilities by putting the programs and games you are interested in. This can be done using the Play Market application, which is usually included in the list of programs originally installed by the manufacturer. The icon looks like a paper bag for shopping with a beautiful multi-colored triangle. Click on the icon, the application opens.

Install the Play Market app

If there is no account:

  1. Click “add account”.
  2. Choose “new”.
  3. We write the name and surname in the lines.
  4. We come up with some insanely original username. It is also the “name of the box”.
  5. Create and repeat the password. It must include at least 8 characters: numbers and letters.
  6. We select and answer the secret question. It is useful for password recovery, if you suddenly forget it.
  7. We decide if we want to join the Google social network right now. This can always be done later, if that.
  8. We think whether we want to receive the newsletter with Google news and include web history. Accordingly, we put or remove the checkmarks.
  9. Enter the letters from the picture.
  10. We decide if we want to link our credit card to this account.
    This is necessary in case we plan to install paid applications. If not, click “Not Now.”
  11. Allow or deny data backup. This is a very useful feature that allows you to save settings and applications.

Done! You now have a Google account and mailbox.
But it so happens that this application is missing. For example, if it was accidentally or intentionally deleted by a previous gadget user. In this case, use the instructions below.

How to install Play Market

  1. We go into the browser (any, at least standard, at least opera will do).
  2. Enter the address
    Or you can simply enter in the search bar something like “play market install” and find the official Google site in the list of sites.
  3. Press the button “Play Market.apk” (green)
  4. Click “download” (red button).
  5. Next, we allow the gadget to install the Play Market.
    After that we accept the terms of the agreement, put a tick in “I accept.” and click the “continue” button.

The application is installed and will require you to create a Google account or log in to an existing one (we already discussed this at the beginning of the article).

Please note, if you want to install the play market in Russian, you need to select Russian in the phone or tablet settings in the system language. If the gadget came to you from abroad, and its system language is set to English, you should change it to Russian in the settings. Without this, installing the Russian Play Market will not work.

Install Play Market on your phone or tablet, even a child can do it

As you can see, installing the Play Market app is not at all difficult. On average, it takes 7. 13 minutes, if you think up the address of the box for a long time. 17.
If you do not have these precious 17 minutes, but access to applications is needed right now. there is another option. He still needs a Google account, but you can save the time it takes to install the Play Market application if you download the program you need simply from the official site This is best done through the Google Chrome browser.

And if there is no time for this, you can download applications from the Play Market without registering at all.

Hundreds of thousands of books, films, tons of music, convenient social networking applications, useful programs for study and work, fun games for adults and children, photo and editors. all this you will find on the Play Market.
In order to fully appreciate the functionality of this application, check out its settings. There you can not only choose which of the installed applications will be updated automatically, and which ones according to your desire, but you can also see your search history, and if the gadget is designed for a child, enable the “parental control” function and restrict access to unwanted groups of applications.