How to download movies on iPad


  • Connect PC and mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • In the PlayerXtreme menu in the Wi-Fi item, set Enabled.
  • Copy the IP address from the Web bar, paste it into the browser bar on the PC.
  • The page will open, click “Add files”, select the videos to be dropped.
  • Click the arrow button next to the file name, the download will start.

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This way you can copy videos to iPhone in different formats. Only the transfer speed will not be very high. large files are transferred for a rather long time, compared to downloading via cable.

iTunes: any format

Let’s figure out how to transfer videos from computer to iPhone in other formats. To do this, first install one of the following players, and copy the files to it via iTunes:

  • VLC for Mobile. produces many formats, including directly from cloud services, there is a broadcast of media servers. Does not support AC
  • OPlayerHD Lite is a simple player that can smooth the video stream, which makes it easier to watch on a weak device. Plays streaming broadcasts from the Internet.
  • AVPlayerHD is paid but very functional. Lots of settings, disable decoders, file management. For each movie, the size, duration and pause point are displayed. a convenient function when watching a series.

How to upload a video to any of these utilities:

  • Connect the device with a cable to PC, launch iTunes.
  • In the “Programs” block, go to “Shared files”, select the required application.
  • Click “Add”, transfer the video files to the window. They will be copied to the device.

ways: how to download videos to iPhone and iPad

The internal organization of iOS is different from the usual Windows, you cannot directly copy video files to it, simply by connecting a mobile device to a computer. But you can still watch your favorite TV show on your tablet. Let’s figure out how to download video to iPhone quickly and cost-effectively.

iTunes: to MP4

We will tell you how to download movies to iPad using the official app from Apple: Through iTunes, you can synchronize a tablet or smartphone with a computer, copy a phone book, audio and video recordings, photos. If you need to transfer movies from your computer, iTunes will do a great job.

But first look at what format the video is saved in. iPhone only supports MP4 by default. If your recordings are stored in a different format, you can convert them to MP4 or use third-party applications that can work with other types of files.

To transfer videos from computer to iPhone:

  • Connect the device with a cable to the computer.
  • Open the program, select the connected iPad or iPhone.
  • In the “Media Library” section, go to the “Films” sub-item. Make sure “Sync Movies” is checked.
  • In the main menu, select “Add File to Library”, select films in MP
  • When the files appear in the list, mark them with checkboxes and click “Apply” and “Synchronize”.

After the download is complete, disconnect your mobile device from the PC. You will find the downloaded video on your iPad in the Video system app, under the Home subsection.

iTunes Store

To save money, you can use the rental function. It costs several times cheaper to get a rental copy, but after 30 days it will be automatically deleted from your device.

After purchasing from the iTunes Store, open the Video app. the selected movie will appear there. Click on the cloud icon next to it, the file will be saved to the memory of the tablet or smartphone.

Download from the Internet

How to upload a movie directly from any site? The AppStore has free utilities for downloading videos directly from the Internet to an iOS device without a computer. They do not always clearly fulfill their function and often the developers abandon them, but it is worth trying them.

  • Video Saver Pro: can download video files and manage downloads, show videos directly from DropBox and Google Drive services.
  • My Video Downloader Free: download and watch video files from the Internet, including Wi-Fi and 3G.

Converting to mp4

How do I save a video in a different format? You cannot simply change the file extension by writing MP4 instead of AVI, MPEG, DIV or MOV. no video player recognizes such a record. You need a special program. a converter that will change the internal structure of the file.

Many applications are capable of converting. You can use online services to avoid installing new programs: Online-convert or OnlineVideoConverter. If the movie is large, you will need a good Internet connection to transfer it to the server. Or convert with free utilities like Free MP4 Video Converter.

How to download a movie from computer to iPad

iPad, like any other tablet, can be used to watch movies. But, users who had no previous experience with Apple technology often have difficulties with downloading movies from a computer. If you also faced similar difficulties, then we offer you two ways at once, how you can download a movie from your computer to iPad.

Method of Uploading a Movie to a Third-Party Video Player.

First, let’s take a look at an easier way to download a movie from a computer to an iPad. It consists of using a third-party video player on the iPad and iTunes on a computer. The advantage of this method is that you will not need to convert movies before watching them on the iPad, but the disadvantage is that the downloaded movies will need to be watched through a third-party video player, you will not be able to use the standard Video application.

So, first you need to install a video player from some third-party developer on your iPad. Almost any player will do, the main thing is that it supports a large number of different video formats, otherwise you may face the fact that after downloading the movie to iPad it simply will not open.

After you have installed the video player, you need to connect your iPad to your computer and run iTunes on your computer. In iTunes, you need to click on the iPad icon, which should appear in the upper left corner of the window.

Thus, you will be taken to the settings of the iPad. Here you need to go to the “Programs” section, the link to which can be found in the left side menu, right below the image of your iPhone.

In the “Programs” section there will be a lot of different information, scroll to the very end, to the “General files” block. This block consists of two parts. On the left is a list of applications, and on the right are files that belong to the selected application. In order to download a movie from a computer to an iPad, you need to select the video player that you have installed (in our case, it is VLC), and select the movie using the “Add file” button.

Immediately after choosing a movie, it will start downloading to the iPad. You can follow the download progress by the indicator that appears at the top of the iTunes window. After the download is complete, the movie will appear in the video player of your choice (VLC) on the iPad.

It should be added that this method of downloading files is universal. With its help, you can upload to iPad not only videos, but other types of files, for example, books. Install an application for reading books on the iPad, load books into it as described above and read.

Method of Uploading a movie into a standard video player.

The second way to download movies is a little more complicated and time-consuming. It consists in using the standard Video application on the iPad, video converting software and iTunes to download movies from your computer.

So, in order to upload a movie to iPad using this method, the movie must first be converted to MP4 format, which is supported by iTunes and the Video application. For conversion, you can use any program you like. We will demonstrate how this is done using the example of the free program iWisoft Free Video Converter.

First, launch iWisoft Free Video Converter on your computer and add a movie to it that you want to download to your iPad. The movie can be added using the “Add” button or using the usual drag-and-drop file.

Next, you need to select the format into which you want to convert the movie. To do this, open the drop-down menu “Profile” and select the MP4 format (it is located in the iPhone section).

After the format is selected, select the folder for the MP4 file and start the conversion using the “START” button.

After converting the movie to MP4 format, launch iTunes, open the “File. Add File to Library” menu and select the movie in MP4 format

Next, the selected movie should appear in iTunes in the “Movies. Home Video” section.

Now the movie can be downloaded to iPad. To do this, connect the iPad to the computer and click on its icon in the upper left corner of iTunes.

We turn on the synchronization of films there and mark the film that needs to be downloaded to the iPad.

Then click on the “Synchronize” button at the bottom of the window. After syncing is complete, you can open the Video app on iPad and watch a movie.

Directly from the Internet

You can download a movie to iPad directly from the Internet, without a computer. To do this, you need to use the appropriate application with the function of downloading video files. For example, “Offline Video Player” available in Appstore.

  • Install app.
  • Most of these applications are an enhanced downloadable browser. Therefore, when watching a video, you will need to click on the download icon.
  • When the video is loaded, it can be played from the same application.

Third party players

The two methods described above related only to how to download and watch the movie format only in MP4, because the standard iPad player does not support other formats. But you can also use third-party players that can play not only MP4.

  • Install a third-party player from the App Store on your device. For example AVPlayer.
  • Download the required video to your computer.
  • Open iTunes on PC and connect your tablet to it.
  • Open the “Applications” tab in iTunes preferences.
  • Select AVPlayer.
  • Find the tab “Shared files” and click on the inscription “Add”.
  • Select an already downloaded item to watch it offline.

This method is good because iTunes allows you to download files directly to the application, and not to the gadget as a whole.

ways to download movie to iPad

There are six different ways to download movies to iPad. Most users choose a couple of convenient methods for themselves, and only use them.

Via iTunes

The easiest option for how to download movies to iPad is to use the iTunes software installed on your computer.

  • Install iTunes software on your computer. The latest version can be downloaded from this link. If your computer is running an operating system from Apple, then iTunes is already in it.
  • Now you need to download the movie to your PC in order to later download the movie to your tablet computer. As mentioned earlier, you need to download an m4v or mp4 file. If you can’t find the video you want in this format, just upload a different file type and then convert to m4v or mp4. Conversion is carried out through the appropriate program on a PC, or through an online service. And that, and another, in abundance.
  • On the PC, you need to create a folder, and then move the movie from the computer to the created folder.
  • Now you need to connect the tablet to the computer via a wire, and open the “Control Panel” in iTunes.
  • Here you need to check the box next to the inscription “Process video manually”, and click on the button “Apply”.
  • Then you need to find the “Movies” tab under the heading “On My Device”. Click on this tab.
  • All you have to do is drag the video file from the previously created folder to the open “Movies” tab.

This method doesn’t even have to sync iTunes to your device. In my opinion, this is the most convenient option for downloading videos on iPad for free.

How to download movies on iPad for free to watch without the Internet

Due to certain features of the closed iOS operating system, downloading files to iPad is not as simple and straightforward as on Android or Windows. Therefore, you need to understand how to download a movie on the iPad, which will be discussed in the article.

Using Apple Connection Kit

Apple Connection Kit is an adapter for downloading photos from a memory card to iPad. But you can use this technique to download movies as well.

Since the Apple Connection Kit was originally designed to load photos from a memory card that was used on the camera, you will have to use some tricks:

  • Create DCIM folder on memory card via PC.
  • Download files in MP4 format only.
  • Rename these files as the photo would be called on the camera. For example, PICT0001, PICT0002, PICT0003, etc.

After that, you can insert the memory card into the Apple Connection Kit, connect the adapter to the iPad and move movies for the iPad.

Cloud storage

You can watch movies on your iPad using a pretty tricky yet obvious way.

This option implies the use of a cloud service, for example, Dropbox. You need to upload the desired file to this cloud service via a computer or a third-party device on Android / Windows.

After that, all that remains is to open the cloud from the tablet and play the previously downloaded file. over, it must be in mp4 format.

Video formats that iPad reads

Before downloading a movie to iPad, you need to know what video format is supported on the device. The standard player on the iPad only supports MPEG4, because videos on the iPhone and iPad are recorded in this type. MPEG4, in turn, supports the m4v and mp4 extensions.

The most common video file formats are:

  • ASF is a Windows Video format that was especially popular a few years ago;
  • AVI is another Windows Video format currently popular for movies and TV shows;
  • MP4. a format with several extensions, usually used for short videos, clips, trailers;
  • Movie. a format with MPG and MPEG extensions, which are popular for TV shows and movies;
  • SWF is the Adobe Flash Media format used in online players;
  • WMV is another popular format for movies and TV shows.

Before downloading movies to your apple tablet, I recommend finding out its type. If this is an unsupported format, then you can install a suitable player, or recode the file into a supported form.

Download video from iTunes

The bottom line is to transfer the movie to the memory of the gadget before watching, to do this, press the appropriate button.

You can start the video in different ways: using your preferred video player or the program where this movie was downloaded.

Downloading from file sharing networks

Safari (a browser) is considered to be a common tool for downloading a movie from file-sharing networks. This is despite some inconvenience in terms of the lack of display of the download status.

And also for the purpose of saving videos, they use Documents 5, this application:

  • common because it is convenient and free;
  • has a built-in browser where you can find the desired site, page (for example, the file hosting service) in order to download the movie;
  • provides the ability to select a download location, after which the download is instantly carried out;
  • has a number of additional and useful functions;
  • has a home page and syncs with iCloud;
  • allows you to open files in another player, as well as rename them.

Most users do not note the negative sides of this program, but when working with heavy files, additional waiting time may be required.

  • Large files can take a long time to download

How to Download a Movie on iPad (iPad) Absolutely Free: Five Easy Ways

With the development of technology, gadgets have entered people’s lives that can bring as much comfort as possible to everyday life.

Tablets are considered one of the most convenient portable devices for watching movies, playing games, etc. At the same time, the question arises about how to download videos to iPad.

Often iPad users use iTunes. This application is suitable for the Apple operating system.

iTunes allows you to rent a movie, but remember that on such a gadget you can only watch videos in MP4 format. Therefore, some movies may have to be reformatted with applications like Free MP4 Video Converter.

In addition, it is possible to use the services of online services.

However, there are ways to download a movie to iPad for free.

Using torrents

One of the most common ways to download videos using a torrent is to jailbreak your iPad.

This procedure is not illegal in the Russian Federation and the United States of America, although it is not approved by Apple.

Jailbreak opens up opportunities that were previously absent due to Apple rules.

Nevertheless, if the jailbreak is done on a gadget, then you can download an extension called iTransmission from the now available Cydia browser.

After this procedure, you can download the.torrent file by opening it in the application, then downloading.

If there is no jailbreak on the gadget, it is possible to install the torrent in another way, for this you need to:

  • Opening the iPad settings folder, change the date to any other in the range of 2012.
  • In the Safari browser, open the Emu4iOS site, where you need to find iTransmission in the list and select “install”.
  • After this procedure, before downloading a movie with.torrent ending in Safari, a window should appear prompting “open in iTransmission”. You need to click on it, which will lead to the download.
  • These files are opened with the appropriate application.

Heavier files will load slightly slower than lighter ones.

Enjoy the process and watching!

In a minute, the video will appear on your iPad in the TV / Videos app.

Now you know how to download a movie on an iPhone 7 (or 8, or any other), iPad or any iPod model.

Program for downloading movies to iPad. WALTR

The application is easy to use and does not require additional settings. WALTR 2 works on both Mac and Windows. This is a program for downloading movies to iPad in a minimum amount of time.

How to download movies for free on iPhone / iOS devices | No Jailbreak | 2020

WALTR converts any video and movie formats on iPad without using iTunes. just on the go.

Now, to download a movie directly to your iPad, you only need 3 easy steps:

iTunes is already a little outdated. Now WALTR is the future.

Have you tried downloading a movie to iPad without iTunes using WALTR? Then you couldn’t help but notice how fast this program for downloading movies to iPad works. Chances are, up to this point, you’ve been constantly freaking out about iTunes. But now you can easily forget about iTunes and enjoy the fast and easy work of WALTR.

The program for downloading movies on iPad works with all popular (and not so) formats MKV, AVI, FLV, OGG, TTA, APE, FLAC, WMA.

Movies and Videos Download to iPad without iTunes

Supports iPad, iPhone, iPod of any generation and model

Apple devices support: iPad, iPhone, iPod

Downloading videos and movies is equally easy for all Apple devices. WALTR can download not only video, but also music to iPhone, iPad and iPod.

If you have an iPhone, then WALTR 2 will help you:

Upload a video, movie, clip or whole series

Since we’re talking about iPhones, we’ll tell you right away how to download a movie to an iPhone from a computer.

How to Download Movies to iPad without iTunes

Sometimes it takes a user a long time to download a movie to iPad without iTunes, but we want to show you one of the easiest and fastest methods on how to download a movie to iPhone or iPad in 2020. The video will be available in any format and you can download it in 5 minutes.

Our development team is sad when we have to manipulate the converters, and then also launch iTunes and synchronize the file with the device. Then Softorino decided to create a program that would replace both the converter and iTunes combined.

How to download a movie on an iPhone without aytyuns (from a computer)

To do this, you must already have a movie file on your computer. Disconnect iPad and connect iPhone. WALTR should recognize it too.

Once you have pressed “Trust the device” on your phone, you are ready to work with WALTR. For your convenience, you can drag the movie file to your desktop.

drag the movie file into the WALTR window

Earlier we wrote that you can download TV series. Yes, whole seasons at once. How? Read on!

How to Download Movie on iPad and iPhone in 5 Minutes Without iTunes

4.8 Stars rating for all Softorino products (2,013 Reviews)

Agree, watch movies on iPhone or iPad. a pleasure, especially when you are on the road, sitting in a cafe or lying on the couch at home. And yes, you want to download a movie on your iPhone or iPad as easily as you want to watch it.

In the last article, we described how to download a video to iPad, and in this article, we will take a closer look at how to download a movie to iPad from a computer. 9.7-inch iPad with high-quality color reproduction and a powerful battery. what could be better?

The native format for iPad is MPEG4. The advantage of this format is good compression of video and sound without significant loss of quality. But if you take it and compare it with the same AVI, then the size of MPEG4 files will be many times larger.

iPad recognizes movies and other videos in MP4 and M4V without conversion. However, if you want to download movies for iPad from the Internet, then you cannot always find them in this format. But they exist in the well-known MKV and AVI formats, which iPad does not recognize without conversion.

IPad users have a limited choice of video and movie formats to watch. Have to look for a way to convert MKV, AVI, FLV, OGG, TTA, APE, FLAC, WMA.

# 4: Email

Having set up an email client on your iPad, you can upload yourself an attached video. Everything is very simple. we send the video from the computer to our e-mail, open the letter from the tablet, download. The video will appear in the application of the same name. The only problem. a large video may not load (attachment size limits). It is clear that this cannot be done without the Internet.


In general, the limitation of user actions in the file system (hereinafter FS) does not surprise anyone now. The ability to rub system files and interfere with the operation of a mobile phone in every way, one might say, has already become a tradition. That only cost push-button Motorola or Siemens, allowing you to create with your mobile phone almost anything you want (on the software side). By itself. firmware, patches and other modifications were installed from a PC.

Perhaps it is precisely because of the expanded opportunities (which an open FS provides) that they received a national vocation on the territory of Russia and the former CIS. But the products of Samsung, for example, initially sought to simplify the interface and prevent any interference with the operation of the software. This trend began to be seen starting with the E250.

Almost the same thing began to happen with the development of the modern generation of smartphones (Android and iOS). And if with devices based on Android, things are not so bad. mass customization, graphic decorations of the interface, etc., then with iOS you will definitely not be able to “have fun” in this way.

However, everyone has loopholes and deviations from the norm. what was the cost of the Knox system and the meter belonging to it in devices from a well-known Korean company. Almost any change in the software provoked this ill-fated mechanism, due to the operation of which the user could lose the warranty due to changes in the software. In practice, a strange situation turned out. in the service centers they both refused and accepted such phones for repairs (how lucky you are). A similar software “plug” for software modification hit the impenetrable wall of the human factor and general confusion in certified services.

# 2: download files from PC

  • iTunes (you can download it from the official website)
  • Movie or video itself in MP4 format
  • iPad (hardly possible without it) and a cable for connecting to a computer.

We got the required format, now let’s deal with the download directly:

  • We connect the device to the computer;
  • Launch the installed iTunes program;
  • Going to the “Media Library” section, notice the “Films” item. go there;
  • Be sure to check the status of the “Synchronize Movies” line. if it is inactive, then use it;
  • Returning to the main menu of the program, click “Add file to the library”, marking the videos we need;
  • If you did everything right. mark the displayed video in the list with a tick and click “Apply” and then “Synchronize”.

Making coffee and enjoying the newly downloaded HD video on iPad.

# 5: download videos from third-party services

There is a lot of high quality content on video hosting now, it’s not without reason that they have gained such crazy popularity lately. Educational films, lectures. see whatever your heart desires. But what if you need to watch the desired video at a time when the Internet is not nearby? Of course, download it in advance on your iPad.

Any of the above methods are fine for downloading content. With only one amendment. you can get the desired video from YouTube using third-party utilities. At the end of the download, the video should be passed through the converter (if necessary) and only then downloaded to the tablet.

# 1: App Store

Don’t want to pay a lot. rent a video. It is several times cheaper. Standard life limits are typically up to 30 days. When the license expires, the file will “slam the door” from your iPad on its own. A fully paid (purchased) movie can be downloaded to your smartphone with one click on the “cloud” next to the file.

Multiple Ways to Download Movies to iPad

So we come directly to the main topic. A person who has used an Android device and switched to Apple may experience a shock. Movies from a computer cannot be downloaded directly, there are also problems with music, there is even no need to talk about other files. This is where all the specifics of the iOS architecture are revealed to us. you can, of course, download files to your iPad mini, but only using the proprietary program. Let’s take a look at several ways to download content on iOS.

How to download a movie to iPhone / iPad

Owners of “apple” technology are slowly becoming more and more, and the number of newly arrived connoisseurs of Apple products is only growing every year. often, a person starts with Android devices, and when he is satiated, he begins to lean towards ergonomics and simplicity of design, which distinguish Apple devices.

Only now, an unprepared user often does not even know how to download a movie to an iPad. This is not surprising. after all, the difference between the architecture of iOS and Android is very different. Let’s consider in more detail.

# 3: download a movie to iPad wirelessly

A similar method is used here with a slight correction. we transmit it wirelessly. Some players can share content using Wi-Fi. we will use this. Let’s look at the example of the PlayerXtreme player:

  • Combine PC and tablet into one Wi-Fi network;
  • In the program menu, on the wireless connection tab, set “Enabled”;
  • Copy the network address on the Web and drag it to the browser on your computer;
  • After opening the page, click “Add files”, select the desired video and start the process with the button.

How to Download Movies In Hindi In Your Ipad, Iphone, Ipod

If you did everything according to the instructions. a progress bar will appear (as in the picture). There is also a loophole. transfer from the player allows you to download to your iPad not only video in MPG4, but also other formats.

How to Download a Movie on iPad: Three Proven Ways

Few Apple users know how to download a movie to an iPad. And sometimes it is very necessary to do this.

The fact is that the policy of the “apple” company is that each user pays for all the files that he downloads from the Internet. These include music tracks and, of course, films.

But for an ordinary citizen of the CIS, paying for each file is just an exorbitant burden. over, if the user attempts to download something in the same way as in Windows, that is, by simply clicking on the “Download” button on the corresponding site, the restriction comes into force. It prevents the download link from being opened. But there are at least three workarounds. We will now tell about them.


This method is exactly familiar to many who have ever worked with a computer, smartphone, tablet or any other modern technology that supports the storage of information.

The fact is that there are quite a few cloud services. To put it simply, it’s like a folder, the same as on a computer, but it is stored not on the hard drive or in the internal memory of the iPad, but on a remote server.

Thanks to this, it can be seen from a tablet, a smartphone, and a computer. over, its contents and appearance will be the same everywhere.

Such an opportunity is provided by some services, such as Dropbox, Cloud @ and, of course, iCloud, Apple’s own such service.

So, these services have programs for computers and applications for tablets, including those on the iOS platform. And this means that the user can install the same Dropbox on his computer, drop a movie into some folder, and then quite calmly open it on the iPad. Again, the file must be in mp4 format.

This is how it looks like viewing folders on Dropbox using the official website of this service. To move a movie here, you just need to drag it with the mouse cursor, as in a regular folder.

And here is what the application of this cloud service looks like on the iPad (link to download from iTunes).

Here you can see all the same files as on the computer. Other cloud services work the same way.

It is worth remembering that you will have to pay for space on some remote server. Only a limited amount of free space is provided, usually not very much.

Therefore, before using “clouds”, be sure to look at several available options that can work both on a PC and on a tablet (they have a corresponding application). Perhaps you will like the tariffs of some specific services more.

Above is an example of Dropbox, because it is one of the first full-fledged cloud services. The there are not very “human”, so you better look for other options.


Of course, when you mention that some files can be transferred to the iPad or iPhone for free, a standard program for such purposes immediately comes to mind. It’s called iTunes.

This is a “native” program for all Apple devices, so in such cases, you should resort to it first.

To download a movie to iPad using iTunes, you need to follow a series of simple steps:

  • Download the latest version of the program from the official website (here is the link) and install it on your computer.
  • Launch the program and connect iPad to PC or laptop using a regular USB cable. If the connection fails, try the reverse order of actions, that is, first connect the device, and then launch iTunes.
  • Press the “Ctrl” and “S” buttons on the keyboard at the same time. This will allow you to quickly access the menu of items on the left side of the screen.
  • This sidebar has a section called “Media Library”. If it is not already open, expand it. There will be a “Films” item. Click on it. On the right, the largest block will open the movies that are on the device at the moment.
  • Now just transfer movies from any folder on your computer to this very block.

Attention! All files that you plan to transfer to iPad must be in mp4 format. This is the only valid format in this case, so this advice is relevant for other methods within the framework of this article.

If there is no “Video” item in the above section, press the “Ctrl” and “,” buttons simultaneously. This will open a new menu called Sources. There you need to put a tick next to the “Films” item and repeat all the above steps.

Special programs

This method assumes that we will be able to reset a movie without a computer, only using the iPad and its capabilities.

This is possible due to the fact that there are programs that bypass link blocking (we talked about it at the very beginning). That is, after clicking on the link, a window appears with the words “Download”. This is how iDownloader works.

This set of tools allows you to download movies, music and other files from the Internet, bypassing the internal ban on Apple products from doing this.

How to Download FREE HD Movies on Ipad/ Iphone [No Jailbreak!!!]

In fact, iDownloader is a standalone browser with a ban blocked.

Although, on the other hand, we can say that this application simply has wider functionality than regular browsers for iOS. Since the developers did not try to bypass the blocking, but simply added the function of opening links in the same way as it happens on Android devices.

When you open the iDownloader application (here is the download link), you just need to open a page on the Internet where you can download the movie and click on the link intended for this.

A window will appear, as shown in Figure 5. There will be two buttons: “Download” and “Copy link”. After clicking on the first, a new window will appear, where you will need to specify where the file should be saved.

Then it will remain, in fact, to enjoy watching the movie.

It uses exactly the same principle of work as in iDownloader. There is a built-in browser that allows you to download files available on various sites.

Here, after clicking on the “Download” button on a site, a slightly different window appears. It offers playback through the previously selected player (the topmost button), the actual download (item “MP4 Document”) and “Downloads”.

The first one allows you to configure through which player the selected file will be played. Near it, on the right, there is a settings button (in the form of a small gear), which allows you to select the desired player.

The second is responsible for the normal download. After clicking on it, the movie will be downloaded to the internal memory of the tablet.

And the third one allows you to select a folder to download. By default, this is the Downloads folder, but you can select it by clicking on this item. When the desired option is selected, it remains just to click on the “Finish” button at the top right.

Of course, before that, you need to download the application (here is the link to iTunes), install and run. Everything is standard here.

This method involves the use of torrents familiar to all of us. Of course, all Apple products do not allow downloading them, but there are certain ways to get around this ban.

In this case, a special extension is used, which must be installed on your iPad (here is the download link). After installing it, you just need to go to any torrent tracker, find the desired movie, click on the “Download” button (everything is the same as on a computer).

The next window will display the name of the torrent file and the link “Open with iTransmission”. It remains to wait until the movie is loaded, and then quite calmly watch it in the selected player.

If you haven’t changed anything, the downloaded file will be in the Downloads folder. everything is standard.

True, for all this to work, you need to jailbreak iOS, and this, as they say, is “a completely different story.”.

In any case, as we have seen, it is possible and necessary to download movies to the iPad. over, this is done quite easily and naturally.

Movies to download to iPad

Most of the sites I know for watching movies online are described in detail in the Online Movies for iPad article. Therefore, feel free to take any link from there and upload films, cartoons, serials. in general, whatever you see fit 🙂

How to download movies directly to iPad

Many people want to download movies, TV series and other videos to their iPad for further viewing. But when trying to download a file, one of the following usually happens:

  • the movie does not download at all;
  • in order to download something, you need to enter your phone number. Honestly, I don’t know what will follow, but I don’t want to try and experiment. On principle, I do not enter my phone number in such dubious services;
  • downloading movies comes from well-known file hosting services, which actually takes a very long time. I don’t want to wait a few hours. I need a fast download (within reason, of course);
  • you need to download the file first to your computer, and then sync it with the iPad to transfer movies. It doesn’t suit me either.
  • something else, for example, the site to which you followed the link from Yandex does not work at all, or some other small dirty tricks that prevent you from downloading the movie.

Now I will tell you how to download movies for iPad without these problems. The download speed will depend, of course, on the speed of your internet connection. It takes me an average of 15-20 minutes for one film.

Frequently asked questions while downloading

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this article, visitors ask questions that are very often repeated. It is clear that not everyone will read the huge list of Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this page to find the answer to their question. In this regard, I have to answer some of them ten or more times.

Therefore, I will answer the most popular questions here, and delete them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. That, on the one hand, will significantly reduce the list of Комментарии и мнения владельцев themselves, and, on the other hand, will help visitors to solve emerging problems faster and more efficiently.

Once again I want to draw your attention: if you did not find your comment under the article, then the answer to your question is described in this section and in this regard, the comment has been deleted.

    Question: “Where was the movie downloaded? I can’t find it anywhere”.

Answer: There is a gear icon in the “Tube Download” downloader at the top right. Click on it, and then on the left in the list, select the “Documents” section. This is where you can find your uploaded movies.

All films are first downloaded into the downloader and you first need to open them from there. In the future, they can be transferred to the “Photos” folder, just about that. next question.
Question: “Can downloaded movies be saved to the main Photos section on iPad?”.

The answer is yes you can! To do this, follow these steps:

  • click on the gear icon located at the top right of the bootloader
  • select the “documents” section on the left
  • next to the desired movie on the right, click the “” icon located on the right
  • select the item “record in camera rol”
  • wait a bit. When the film is recorded in the main section “Photo and Video”, you will be informed about it in a small window

Please note that the film in the “Photo” section is exported without a name, so if you write a lot of files there, it will be difficult to figure out which of them which film is located.

Question: “The movie has been downloaded, but it does not start. The message” Unable to open the file is displayed. Frame loading has been prevented by “”.

Answer: This error occurs if you renamed the file name before recording. The name of the movie must have the extension.mp4. To fix this error, simply rename the downloaded file by correcting the extension.
Question: “I click on the download triangle, but the window does not appear, and the film is shown immediately.”.

Answer: to download a movie, you first need to go to the downloader, and then enter the page address in the address bar. You are most likely trying to download a movie directly from the Safari browser, forgetting to launch “Tube Downloader”.
Question: “I did not find a link to narod on the page”.

Answer: if not found, then it is not. Search on another site, or try to download the movie in the first way (i.e. from the page with online viewing)
Question: “Do I need to first download the movie to my computer?”.

Answer: no, in this way, movies are downloaded directly to the iPad, without a computer and synchronization
Question: “Will I be able to watch the downloaded movies without the Internet?”.

Answer: yes, you can watch them without the Internet

How to Download Movies from to iPad

Everything here is completely similar to the actions described above. Through the Tube Downloader application, go to, just for downloading, click on the “Download via direct link” button, and then select “Download”.

In this case, the film is downloaded directly, without the service, that is, it is a little easier than on previous sites. Unfortunately, not all files have a direct link.

In this case, select the “Yandex people” button, by which you can download a movie from However, to be honest, this button is also not available for all films.

How to Download Movies from to iPad

  • So, we write in the address bar of the tube application:
  • Finding the movie we need.
  • We go to the page with the selected movie and go down. We find a link with the word “narod” or “yandex”. If you chose “narod”, then proceed as follows:
  • Click on this link, you will see a window in which you will need to enter the number that you see in the picture. Then we press the button “download”.
  • After that, you will see a download link, it will look something like the picture on the left. Click on this link.
  • In the window that opens, select “Upload”.
  • At the top right, you will see a download window, in which you will see how your movie is being downloaded, at what speed it is being recorded on the iPad.

You can also pause the download there, as well as cancel it (by clicking the “change” button in the upper right corner of the window and then deleting the line with the download).

  • From the same list (after the download is complete), you can run the file for execution. Next, I will talk about how else you can run downloaded movies.
  • If you have chosen to download the link “yandex”, and not “narod”, then you will download the movie from Yandex.disk. It’s even easier here. So, click on “yandex”. a window opens in which we press the button “download” and then “save”. That’s it, your movie will be uploaded to iPad soon.