How to Download Games on Nokia Lumia

Despite the fact that there are not many games in the play market from Microsoft, there are more than a dozen of high-quality and cool toys. And, most importantly, most of them can be downloaded to Nokia Lumiya for free!

We have collected the 10 best, in our opinion, games for Lumiya, and we hasten to share with you:

Best games:

WoT is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world, and Blitz is its mobile version. In World of Tanks, you have to participate in mass battles, discover and upgrade armored vehicles, study tank battle tactics, get acquainted with the history of tanks and guns of World War II, and much more.

We tested WoT Blitz on Nokia Lumia 1520 with Windows 10 Mobile. The screen size of this smartphone allowed us to play comfortably without straining our eyes.

2. Prime World: Defenders

If you are looking for the best Tower Defense game for Lumia, then the first thing we would recommend is to download Prime World: Defenders.

How to Download Games on Nokia Lumia

The uniqueness of this game lies in the combination of tower defense and a collectible card game.

  • 26 different towers with the possibility of improvement
  • 13 types of spells
  • 36 types of monsters
  • beautiful 3D graphics and effects
  • several game modes, including a storyline campaign

3. Asphalt 8: Take Off

The most popular racing game for mobile devices has not spared the Windows Phone platform, thanks to which owners of Nokia Lumiya smartphones will be able to enjoy these magnificent races.

A huge selection of cars, several dozen tracks, gorgeous 3D graphics and animation: this is not a complete list of the advantages of this game. Read more about Asphalt 8: On take-off, you can read in our review.

4. Sonic Dash

The famous Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most beloved characters of many children and adults in the 90s. And if earlier it could only be seen on consoles, now, with the Sonic Dash game, you can feel the taste of childhood on smartphones and tablets.

Sonic Dash is a classic runner, similar to other games of this genre, such as Lara Croft Relic Run and Temple Run 2. The main highlight of the game is, of course, Sonic the hedgehog itself, which has unique abilities.

5. Modern Combat 5: Eclipse

Mobile first-person shooter and, in combination, a new part of one of the best gaming series for smartphones and tablets!

At your disposal are six types of fighters, each of which has unique characteristics, combat tactics, weapons and ammunition: sniper, attack aircraft, paratrooper, reconnaissance, mercenary and support.

Modern Combat 5 has a large selection of diverse tasks, amazing graphics and sound effects. It is very pleasing that such a cool game can be downloaded to Nokia Lumiya for free.

Unfortunately, on devices with 512 MB of RAM, such as the Lumia 520, the MC5 will not work.

6. Overkill 3

Continuation of the popular series of games of the 3D-shooting range. The game is striking in the quality of graphics, detailing of models of people and weapons, as well as amazing visual effects.

When you play Overkill 3 on a smartphone, you get the feeling that you are actually watching a console shooter in Full HD quality (the graphics and effects are really very cool). A significant minus of all this “coolness” is that on budget devices Nokia Lumiya, the game is likely to slow down.

We tried to play on the Lumia 640. the flight is normal.

7. Order and Chaos 2: Redemption

If World of Warcraft or Lineage is not an empty phrase for you, then be sure to try Order and Chaos 2.

Without exaggeration, this MMORPG can be called the best WoW clone on mobile devices.

A huge open world, thousands of weapons and spells, several game classes, hundreds of different quests, and, most importantly, a lot of people online on each server and at any time. Read more about Heroes Of Order and Chaos 2 on our website.

8. Monster Go!

An unusual game of the Runner genre, in which you will see your character from the side, instead of the usual look from the back. Various monsters act as heroes, each of which has unique features.

9. Township

This is the only free game for Nokia Lumiya, combining two genres at once. “farm” and “urban planning”.

Township has very nice graphics and characters. In general, a pleasant game for every day. You will not regret!

10. Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

A tactical war game in which you will manage a special forces detachment and carry out various missions. from saving innocent people to destroying enemy military bases. The game has a lot of weapons, ammunition and tactical capabilities.

Create the perfect squad and lead it to victory! You can read more about this game in our review of Tiny Troopers 2.

Here we have such a list of the best games that can be downloaded for free to Nokia Lumiya. If you know other cool games, please write their name in the comments. We will try to play them and, possibly, supplement or correct our list.