How to download books on iPad from a computer

How to throw books and PDF from a computer on iPhone and iPad

If you are used to reading e.Books on your iPhone or iPad, it is not necessary to buy a library of books from the official store App Store. You can just download it to your computer, and then transfer the book from a computer to iPhone. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to download PDF books and files on iPhone 6/6s/7/7 Plus X/8/8 Plus from a computer.

In addition to photos and videos, the user may need to copy pdf documents or download electronic books from a computer to iPhone. In order not to look for complex ways, we know the easiest way to do this. Using the Tenorshare icarefone program. Before you download the book from the computer on the iPhone, first download it to your PC. The process of transferring from a computer to the iPhone is very simple and takes a minimum of your time.

Ibooks. How to upload books via iTunes

Ibooks understands only two formats at the moment PDF and EPUB. Epub is considered native format. Now this format is already very popular. Many online libraries post books immediately in this format. And it is not so complicated for programs. There are programs that easily convert books into the EPUB format, for example from FB2. We assume that you have a hard disk there are several books in EPUB format (if not, download or read the conversion instructions on how to convert books for iPad)

Installation of iTunes. (miss if iTunes is already installed)

For OS x the instructions are not required. Itunes is a member of the operating system.

Preliminary setting iTunes. (miss those points that you have already done)

A) In iTunes 11 in Windows, the default menu line is hidden. Turn it on. It is more convenient with her. In the upper left corner of the program, click on the icon and in the drop.Down list click show the menu line (or click Ctrlb)

B) authorize your computer with your account. In the menu store. Authorize this computer.

C) turn on the display of the side menu. In the menu, select a view-order side menu (or click Ctrls).

D) if there is no book subsection in the media section, then turn on its display through the settings. In the menu of editing-setting. In the tab, the main ones must be placed in the book field.

E) It should be remembered that when the books are added to the media, the files and folders themselves physically do not move anywhere. Plus this method. Saving a place on a hard disk. The downside is that the files are scattered along the hard drive and you can even purely accidentally delete the file on it, and then only remember what it is in the media text. In general, I recommend:

Collect a media text in one place. In the menu file-media-organize the Meditect.

In the window, put the “Collect Files” checkbox and click OK.

Then you can turn on the setting so that the files automatically when added to the media, get into a special folder. In the menu of editing-setting. In the add.On tab, you need to put the box in the field copy in the iTunes Media folder when adding to the media.

F) connect to the iPad (iPhone or iPod Touch) computer.

Quanting books to iTunes media

On the left, ITUNES should have a special section of the book. And while it is empty.

Twist books of books (EPUB or PDF) from a computer to iTunes. If the books are not pulled (and I have Windows 8 iTunes 11 on my configuration.One.2.32 Books did not pull), that is, a way of pumping books through the menu.

  • The file is on the menu. Add the file to the media. Add a specific file to the iTunes media. The disadvantage of the method is that in this way you can download one file.
  • The file is on the menu. Add the folder to the media. Add all the contents of the folder to the iTunes media. The advantage of the method is that you can prepare a special folder in which there are many, many books and pour it into the media whole. The downside is that iTunes makes books duplicate without any questions. That is, if the book was already in the media text and it is in the pumped folder, then two identical books will appear in the iTunes media text.
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After adding files to the media, the book section looks something like this:

Synchronization of books with iPad

Next, go to the section on the left of our iPad. The book tab. There we put a checkplace “synchronize books” and a switch, since we need. I usually synchronize all books from iTunes, since they still do not take up much space. The screenshot shows that you can choose what exactly synchronize.

After synchronization, the books will be in iBooks. In the future, you will only need to add books to the media, as in step 3 and perform synchronization.

Second way: how to transfer EPUB / PDF files to iPad using Fonetrans (without iTunes)

Most e.Books lovers love EPUB and PDF books because they can be opened and read in most e.Books reading programs such as Kindle, IBOOKS, Adobe Reader, etc. D. This is really an easy way to use iTunes to import EPUB / PDF on iPad. For reading is convenient. But if you want to transfer the EPUB or PDF file from the iPhone on the iPad, what can you do?

Link to Fonetrans comes. It helps you not only copy the EPUB and PDF files from the computer on the iPad / iPhone / iPod, but also transfer EPUB and PDF e.Books between iOS devices. Just follow the article below to copy the EPUB and PDF files from the iPad computer using a powerful transmission application.

  • AISEESOFT FONETRANS. This is a professional iPhone synchronization tool for transmitting all iOS data data between iOS devices, moving data from iPhone to Mac / iTunes and data synchronization from Mac to iPhone.
  • Synchronize photos, music, playlist, etc. D. With iPhone in iTunes directly.
  • Transfer of contacts, calendar, photos, etc. D. From iPhone to computer (Windows PC and Mac).
  • Transferring data from a computer to iPhone.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS.

How to get an EPUB / PDF file on iPad using fonetrans

Step 1 Install and open the EPUB / PDF transfer and connect to the iPad.

After loading this application, install and run it on your computer and connect the iPad to the computer. Then the EPUB transmission on the iPad automatically recognizes your iPad.

Step 2 Press the Books in the EPUB / PDF boot program.

When your iPad is displayed in this software, click the “Books” in the left menu.

download, books, ipad, computer

Step 3 Add EPUB / PDF file from a computer to iPad.

Finding “Books”, click “Add the element” or “Add” “Add a file (s)”, after which you can freely transfer Epub / PDF books from your computer on iPad. And you will see EPUB and PDF files in the window.

After the transmission is completed, you can view and read your PDF and EPUB books using the EPUB file reading program or PDF reading program for iPad. In addition, you can also click “Export V” to export the selected EPUB books and PDF file from the iPad to the computer directly using this iPad Epub Transfer. In addition, this software can help users transfer EPUB and PDF books from iPad to other portable devices Apple (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad).

When you feel boring on a long journey, you can transfer the video to the iPad for viewing.

How to download pdf files on iPad? Read this article to easily transfer PDF to iPad.

If you want to synchronize iPad with iTunes, just follow the instructions to finish it.

In this article you will get acquainted with the three simplest ways to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad directly.

Downloading books on the iPad from App Store and other sites

Books can be immediately loaded from the Eplovsky store. To do this, open iBooks and select “Shop” item. You will get to the Apple library, where there are a great many books available. Both for money and free. The truth of books in Russian there is very few.

You can do without upstore and computer. If you find a site where books are laid out immediately in the right format and not flashed, then you will only need to click on the download button. A file with a book will open on a separate page, and then everything is according to the old scheme. “Open in iBooks”.

How to download an e.Book on iPad

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One of the advantages of possession of iPad is the ability to read books anytime and anywhere. However, books have different formats, and different applications are needed for their reading.

  • If the iBooks application is installed on the tablet (and you simply cannot find it), the App Store will notify you of this.
  • If the iBooks application is installed on the tablet, only one option will be displayed. “Open” (launch). Click on it to start iBooks.

Find the necessary books. Look at the right top of the iBooks screen, and you will find a search line there. Enter the name or author of the desired book.

download, books, ipad, computer
  • If the book can be loaded for free, “Get” will be displayed on a small rectangle (download).
  • If the book is sold, its price will be displayed on a small rectangle.

Find the book in the IBOOKS application. At the end of the book loading process, look at the lower left corner of the iBooks screen, where you will find the My Books option (my books). Click on it to view the list of uploaded books. [3] X Source of Information

Read books. Just click on the selected book, and it will open in iBooks. For the pages of the pages, draw a finger on the screen from right to left on the screen.

Launch the iTunes application. You can also download books on iPad through iTunes. Launch iTunes and find the search bar in the upper right corner of the screen. [4] X Source of Information

Search for a book. In the search bar, enter the name or author of the desired book. After that, various categories will be displayed at the top of the screen. One of the categories will be “Book”. Click on it to display only books.

Buy or download for free selected book. After you have found the book you need, click on a small rectangle next to it. It will be displayed on it either “get” (download), or the price of the book. Enter the ITUNES password and click OK. [5] X Source of Information

Launch iBooks. To read the downloaded books, it is necessary to install the iBooks application (if it is not installed). Launch iBooks and view the list of downloaded books. Click on the book you need to open it.

  • If the iBooks application is installed on the tablet (and you simply cannot find it), the App Store will notify you of this.
  • If the iBooks application is installed on the tablet, only one option will be displayed. “Open” (launch). Click on it to start iBooks.
  • Kindle format is a closed format that is supported only by Amazon products. Nevertheless, for the iPad there is a “reader” that supports Kindle format (such a “reader” can be downloaded from the App Store).

Wooding books from the Internet

Copyright holders close many sites from curious eyes. Including Flibusta (Flibusta.IS).

  • VPN. Install any VPN application from the App Store (for example, BrowSec VPN. Unlimited VPN). We set up. Launch. We go to any site.
  • Tor Browser. Install an alternative torus. We go to any site.

We go to the page with the downloaded book. Click on the desired format. Keep in mind that free iBooks understands and discover only EPUB and PDF.

The browser will tell you applications in which you can open a book. Choose your reader. The book will open in the selected reader.

Run ANY OS on iPad or iPhone!

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Hello. I have a question of this nature, iBooks works perfectly any complaints. Books are also pumped without problems, but the question is that this is what. When I open the very program to read, it starts to think. Can it be the reason that there are too many books I put it or is it from the fact that the RAM 256? Thank you

How to Transfer iBooks and EPUBs Between iPad and Windows PC

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Tell me, how to download Word-Ov? I have a number of lectures I have printed, I want to download them in iPad and go to lectures (I am a teacher) thanks!

The most standard one who first comes to mind https: // iPadstory.Ru/Office-HD-OFIS-Dlya-Ipad.Html If you like the beauty of iBooks in the office Open and recalculate the files in the PDF, which we upload to the iPad. We use iBooks

Yes, I have it installed. Only now how I have previously created files to upload there? What should I do? Connect the iPad to the computer and what’s next? Sorry if I ask noticeable questions. Thanks! Lara

Use iTunes to download electronic books on iPad

Perhaps the easiest way to add books on iPad is iTunes, especially if you are already using a computer to synchronize content with iPad.

To do this, first add books to iTunes. For Windows users, open itunes and drag electronic books to the section on my device to the left of the program. If you use Mac, open the program “Books” and drag books into books.

Finally, synchronize iPad with iTunes to copy books on iPad. Books will be loaded directly to the “Book” application in the library section.

The steps described above for Windows are only the latest version of iTunes.

If you use iTunes 11 in Windows, the steps are slightly different. Select books on the left side of the program and set the flag next to the synchronize books. Before the iPad synchronization with iTunes, choose whether you want to synchronize all books or selected books.

How to throw a book on iPad

In principle, no big difficulties await you, but a couple of nuances that will still have to be followed. One. First of all, of course we need a program with which we will read books. I chose for a long time and still came to the conclusion that it is better to find a standard iBooks program, you are unlikely to find. She reads formats.EPUB and.PDF, it does not bug at all and finally created it by Apple for its devices. At first there was a version only on the iPad, but then the versions for the iPhone and MacBook appeared slowly.

download, books, ipad, computer

Now it’s tedious to prepare what exactly we will read. If you downloaded files in PDF format, it is wonderful, but if in another, you will have to take a couple of extra steps.

If you still found EPUB format, then it is wonderful. But you can not always find and therefore there are special converters, for example, this site: https: // go4convert.COM/toepub_ru.

He can convert almost any format in EPUB, he personally checked Just click the red button to select the file and literally in a couple of minutes the file will be ready, just save it in the place you need.

The final and last step remained how to throw off the book on the iPad, which can be implemented in iTunes. Launch it and look for the edit button after which we press the settings On the tab, the main ones are looking for a book point and put a checkmark opposite it Now we have in the media (from above: music, films, sounds, etc.D.) the book paragraph will appear on it and drag the prepared books into this windowConnect our Apple device by pressing the button on the top of the top, for example iPhone We go to the book tab, put the box to synchronize the books and click the synchronization button.

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