How To Do It On Ipad


When there is a lot of contrast in the lighting in your shots, it’s a good idea to use HDR. This function allows you to combine pictures with different metering, resulting in more natural looking shots. But. When using HDR, you need to hold the iPhone firmly, and no moving objects should be caught in the frame, otherwise part will be blurred.

Use Burst Mode for Moving Subjects

If you are photographing children, animals, or athletes while playing, be sure to turn on Burst Mode (available starting with iPhone 5s). Just press the shutter button (or volume button) and hold until you see fit. Forgetting about such a simple rule, you risk being left with only blurry pictures.

How To Do It On Ipad

Think in advance what the final result should be

The standard Camera application has several shooting modes: standard, square, and panorama. So that after shooting you do not have to worry about a picture that does not fit all the necessary details, think in advance what your photo should ultimately be like. If you are doing it in order to then send it to Instagram, you should initially choose a square format.

Use the camera icon on the locked screen

If you come across an unusual picture that needs to be captured as quickly as possible, tap the camera icon on the locked screen and swipe up. You will quickly be taken to the standard application that will allow you to capture what you see.

Follow the rule of thirds

I already told you in a separate article about the rule of thirds. It almost always works, so I advise you to read about it and enable the Grid in Settings to make it easier to follow.

Lock focus

When shooting with an iPhone, especially macro, be sure to lock the focus! To do this, you just need to click on the screen on the desired object and hold it for a couple of seconds.

Installing an Intel Xeon LGA771 processor on a 755 socket. How to save Live as gif on Mac (method 1)

This method is only possible if Media Library in iCloud is activated on an iOS device and Mac (details). In this case, Live Photos will automatically appear in the application on Mac.

1. Open the app on Mac.

2. In the right menu, select the Live Photos section.

3. Select the desired “live”.

4. Go to the File menu and select Export → Export GIF.

5. Select the path to save.

All! The image will be saved in GIF format.

How to convert live to GIF via an online service

Converting on a computer

Connect iPhone using a standard USB cable.

  • Find the folder on the device containing the desired folder (If you have a Mac, it is convenient to use Image Capture).
  • Find. Along with the JPG picture, you will see MOV- captured at the same time.
  • Convert the MOV file to GIF using a program (GIF Brewery, for example) or online at a site like MakeaGIF.
  • Instructions for MakeaGIF: drag your MOV file to the special area on the site page.
  • After it is downloaded and converted, your new GIF will be assigned an age rating (18 or Everyone) and can be downloaded and used for its intended purpose.

    How to make a GIF from a living

    One of the cool features of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is the so-called Live Photos. But if you suddenly want to send such a picture to a device without iOS 9, the photo will not be able to “play”. Now, if it was or an image in GIF format. Wait, maybe convert a picture?

    Fortunately, this can be done using the most common application from the App Store. Load Live GIF on iPhone and select any of the live photos that you want to convert to another format. You will be prompted to choose whether to turn the snapshot into or GIF file. After conversion, you can send it to social networks or via email.

    This is how one program in two clicks gets rid of the restrictions that (maybe not specifically) set in Apple. And if it was missed in the App Store, then Cupertino is not at all against such procedures.

    Live GIF costs 119 rubles, but without ads and in-app purchases. Already bought an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, or are you just planning to buy? Then look towards this application.

    Title: Live GIF
    Publisher / Developer: Priime, Inc.
    Price: 119 rub.
    In-App Purchases: No
    Compatibility: For iPhone
    Link: Install

    Live Photo is a good thing. By adding a little animation to the photo, you will turn it from ordinary to really interesting and lively. We have already covered how to take, view and send live ones, as well as how to convert them to stills. Now we will tell you three ways how to make a gif from a live one so that you can easily post it on the Internet.

    Live Photo is nothing more than a combination of JPEG and MOV files. The camera records 1.5 seconds before and after the moment of photographing, the result is a mini-video, which is called a live photo. Naturally, there is a desire to place this on non-iPhone sites, for example, VK, Facebook or Twitter, or post it to a blog. This can be done without much difficulty by converting to GIF format.

    Apple offers two options for creating slideshows.

    Ios 10: How to Make and Share In-App Music Slideshow on iPhone or iPad

    Apple has seriously decided to make the app a competitor to Google. In iOS 10, it got the Memories tab with the ability to group photos by events and create slideshows from them.

    Option 1 (create a movie from all photos in the album, save option)

    1. Click on the arrow in the line with the album creation date (see screenshot below). 2. Click on the top animated thumbnail with a play icon. Creation of a movie from begins and then it is played back in full screen.

    3. Tap the screen to change the settings. Choose a soundtrack (dreamy, sentimental, soft, light, funny, cheerful, disco club, etc.).

    4. To save to tape or share it with friends, click the Share button in the lower left corner.

    How to make and share a music slideshow (from) in an iPhone or iPad app

    Open the app on your iOS 10 device and select the Albums tab. Select the desired album to create a slideshow (movie).

    Option 2 (creating a movie from selected photos of the album more possibilities for choosing animation effects and musical accompaniment)

    1. To select everything for the slideshow, click on the first photo in the album. To create a slideshow from selected photos, press the Select button and select the required images.

    2. Click the Share button in the upper left corner.

    3. Select Slideshow. Slide show starts automatically in full screen.

    4. Tap the screen to change the settings. Click the Options button to change the slideshow settings.

    In the Music section, select one of the five default songs or music from the Music app (Apple Music).

    In the Theme section, choose a style for displaying your slides. To repeat the slides, activate the Repeat item.

    To decrease or increase the speed of picture playback, use the turtle and hare slider.

    Changing the soundtrack entails rearranging the entire clip to match the tempo and tone of the composition.

    It should be noted that the slideshow created using the second option does not provide the ability to save and send to friends. The created slideshow can only be viewed on an iOS device or transferred to a TV with an Apple TV set-top box.

    Ios 10 is already available for developers, a version for public testing is expected in July for everyone.

    However, even now, the top ten can be set by anyone (via the configuration profile). The release of the final version is scheduled for September this year.

    How to do on iPad

    We note right away that sample photos, as well as some nuances, will take into account only the older model (“iPad 4”), but in most cases the information is typical for the entire line of devices.

    1. How stupid it is? A person who photographs on an iPad looks a little ridiculous from the outside, at least that’s how the public classifies his behavior. In fact, people who call on 6-inch “phones” or, even worse, tablets look much more inadequate. How do people look in Google Glass? Therefore, it was decided: to take pictures on “iPad”. This is absolutely normal!

    2. The second point is to discuss ease of use for the user. Everything is debatable here. Thus, a tablet without a case is an excellent “device”, while taking pictures in a case is not very convenient. All in all, if you plan on using your iPad as a camera often, think about the right case for your pet.

    3. Let’s take a look Camera application. The interface of the device is very minimalistic, both in terms of appearance and in terms of functionality. On the right is the shutter button, it fits exactly under the graph’s thumb. At the bottom of the toolbar, a quick transition to the gallery is available, control of parameters (there is only turning on and off the grid), switching the front and main cameras, as well as switching to shooting mode.

    4. What about the quality of photos? It is perfectly acceptable and is similar to that of other mobile devices. A serious drawback is the lack of at least some kind of flash, which makes it absolutely pointless to shoot in the evening, as well as in dark rooms. Below you can see the quality of images in different conditions, outdoors and indoors. The photos were not processed in any way, and were also made without any special frills (pull out of the bag, unlock, turn on the camera, press the trigger).

    5. What’s wrong third party applications for? There are actually a lot of applications. Less, of course, than for the iPhone, but quite enough. What is the “iPad” version of “Camera”!

    6. “iPad” as photo editor. Everything is generally good here. There is a complete set of photo editing applications. They may be somewhat inferior to their counterparts who live in desktop computers, but certainly not in ease of use. It is worth noting the excellent Snapseed, Photoshop Touch, Image Blender, Photo Eraser, Diptic, Pixlmatic, Tiny Planets, Phonto.

    7. “iPad” as photo viewer. It doesn’t matter what device you were shooting on, any watch. And the material is most comfortable on the large and colorful tablet computer screen from Cupertino. By the way, pay attention to a variety of gadgets, with which you can, bypassing the computer, dump photos from the camera directly to the iPad in the field (we just reviewed them recently).

    8. “iPad” as an assistant in working with professional equipment. It is interesting that a new trend among manufacturers of professional devices (such as Sony, Canon, Nikon) has become the creation of companion applications on the Apple mobile platform. With the help of them, you can remotely control shooting, which gives a bunch of new opportunities in terms of work and creativity. Such applications allow you to see frames in real time, which will help you organize, for example, hidden shooting. Let’s hope that in the future such goodies will be implemented as ordinary functions of any device.

    9. “iPad” as photo tutorial. And finally, an interesting fact is the possibility of using a tablet computer as a personal art teacher. You can download a huge variety of educational literature to your tablet and use this information before, after and while photographing something.

    Let’s draw some conclusions. Well, I think we have provided enough arguments that the “iPad” can be both an excellent independent tool, and an additional assistant for a professional and amateur.

    Take a screenshot

    Do one of the following:

    Models with a Home button. Press and then release the Home button and the top button at the same time.

    Other models. Press the top button and the volume up button at the same time.

    Tap the screenshot in the lower-left corner, then tap Done.

    Select “Save to” or “Remove Screenshot”.

    If you save the snapshot, you can view it in the Screenshots album in the “” app or in the “Everyone” album if you are using the iCloud service.

    Council. To quickly create a PDF file from a web page, document, or email, take a screenshot, tap a thumbnail, then tap the Entire Page option

    How to take a screenshot on iPad

    Take your iPad and select the image on the screen that you want to capture for the future. You can take a screenshot of the screen in absolutely any application. It can be a game, mail, navigator or even just a desktop.

  • Press the Power button and the Home button on your iPad at the same time. In case you did everything correctly, the screen will blink with a light flash for a split second.
  • Check out the finished screenshot in the standard “” application on your iPad. All created screenshots, like other downloaded images on Apple gadgets, are saved to a common stream. From there, you can already send it to someone as a regular photo in any of the available ways.

    Similarly, you can take a screenshot on the iPad mini (iPad mini) and the new iPad Pro (iPad Pro).

    And if you have a computer from Apple. Macbook, iMac or Mac mini, then you can find out how to take a screenshot on any of them in one of our previous articles.

    You can take a screenshot: an image showing how the screen looks at the moment, or record actions on the screen, and then send to other users or use in documents.

    How to make a screenshot of the screen on an iPad

    Taking a screenshot on the new iPad Pro is not the same as before. This is not surprising, because the new tablet does not have a Home button.

    To take a screenshot, simultaneously hold down the power and volume up buttons. Just like on the iPhone Xs and other bezel-less Apple smartphones.

    Step 1. Go to the screen you want to capture.

    Step 2. Move the switches to the required position, enable specific functions or activate other features that you want to show in the screenshot.

    Step 3. Press the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time.

    Step 4. The screen will blink white, you will hear the shutter sound, if the minimum volume is not set on the tablet, and the screenshot is ready.

    The thumbnail of the screenshot you just took will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on it and you will be taken to the familiar editing menu and you can add any necessary notes to the picture. [i]

    (4.56 out of 5, rated: 9)

    The user of any electronic gadget, sooner or later, but most likely will need to take a screenshot of the screen of his device, and iPad users are no exception.

    The reasons can be very different. To send a friend the results in the game, to save important data when there is absolutely no time to copy or write it, as well as many other cases when you need to take a screenshot on your tablet. Therefore, it is advisable to know in advance how to do this in order not to waste time in an urgent situation.

    You will learn exactly how to take a screenshot on the iPad in this small instruction.

    Recently, we have already talked about how to take a screenshot of the screen on an iPhone. In the tablets of the “apple” company, the process, in principle, is not particularly different. Following these instructions, you can take a screenshot on any version of iPad, from the very first iPad 1 to the new iPad Pro.

    The iOS mobile operating system has built-in tools for taking screenshots, so you don’t need any additional applications, and the process itself is quite simple and can be solved by pressing just a couple of buttons, so anyone can handle this task without any problems.

    Create screen recording

    You can create screen recording, including audio, on your iPad.

    Go to Settings Control Center Customize Controls and tap the button next to Screen Recording.

    Open Control Center, tap the button, then wait for the three-second countdown to end.

    To stop recording, open Control Center, tap the red status button or menu at the top of the screen, then tap the Stop button.

    Open the app “”, then select screen recording.

    Reset settings on iPad mini

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    A factory reset will erase all personal data, user-configured settings, and installed apps. Resetting the iPad to the factory state is performed after clicking on the first button to restore iPad and confirming the action in another window, where you need to click on restore again. I would like to note that, in addition to completely removing all user intervention, you can also partially reset the settings on the iPad. Ipad mini has been hard reset. Disable Find iPad and reset all content and settings Settings. General. Reset.

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