How to Distinguish Original Iphone 6s Headphones

AirPods wireless headphones are very popular due to their technology and usability. Manufacturers (sellers) of fakes and copies also want to profit from this, while at the same time posing as their original products. In our publication, we want to show how to distinguish the original AirPods from a fake, so that you can identify the real Apple headphones or copy you are offering.

How to distinguish wireless AirPods from fakes

So, when buying Apple Wireless Headphones, you should inspect your future purchase before giving the money to the seller. Of course, buying online at a bargain price, you will certainly buy not a genuine, but a very high-quality replica, which has nothing to do with Apple.

Below, we will show you what we should pay attention to when inspecting AirPods, in order to understand that this is an original or a fake. By the way, we have a useful article for you on how to set up your iPhone as new.

Appearance of the AirPods box

Those who have already bought original Apple products know that the company refers to the packaging of their devices. The box of the original AirPods is made in a minimalist design of high-quality thick cardboard.

Features of the original AirPods box:

  1. On top of the front side of the package, two headphones are drawn (the image should be clear).
  2. At the two ends of the box should be shiny embossed Apple logo (also pay attention to the clarity of the print).
  3. On the other side of the box should be the inscription AirPods shiny embossing.
  4. On the fourth side of the box on the side should be a brief description of the configuration, characteristics and serial number of the headphones.

If all of the above specifications of the original AirPods box match, check the serial number of the AirPods on Apple’s website.

How to Distinguish Original Iphone 6s Headphones

AirPods Headphones

Opening the box of original AirPods earphones you will see:

  1. Quick Start Guide for Apple Outbred Headphones.
  2. Case with headphones in a protective film.
  3. Lightning to charge.

In fake AirPods, there will usually be no manual in the kit, perhaps some kind of leaflet with inscriptions in Chinese. The film in which the case is wrapped will be very showery, inaccurately packed. And also the packaging film may be blue. then there’s no need to even look further and look for authenticity where it does not exist. Pay attention to the Lightning cable, it must be neatly laid in a box and secured in a paper wrapper. If you see twisted cable in the film, these are also signs of fake AirPods.

Features of the original AirPods case

So, we turn to the charging box of the so-called AirPods case:

  1. The case cover fastening mechanism is a neat connection, the metal fastening design.
  2. The connection loop in the original case must not protrude from the plastic sides and be labeled “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China. ” In fakes, there is often no inscription or it looks crooked, and the hinge of the connector sticks out in fakes and the material looks frankly cheap.
  3. The most important difference, the original case looks neat and has small dimensions, in contrast to fakes, the case of which will be much larger and more massive.
  4. The original case is very easy to open / close, while copies can be tightly opened or closed with a click.
  5. When you insert AirPods into the case, they literally fly into place thanks to attractive magnets. In fake headphones, this effect will not be.

Features of the original AirPods headphones

Now let’s take a look at distinguishing original and fake AirPods:

  1. The main difference is the size, the real AirPods are really miniature headphones, and here the handicraft manufacturers will not do anything to their “creations” larger and do not stick in your ears.
  2. The original speakers are made of metal mesh; copies of AirPods are made of fabric.
  3. In real wireless headphones from Apple, there are no buttons, while in the “undercuts” are.
  4. When you bring the case with the headphones closer to the iPhone, a “Connect” notification will immediately appear on the screen, which can also be considered a check for originality.

If you have not yet visually understood that this is an original or all the same a fake, you still have to tinker with connecting the headphones, and at this stage if there is no iPhone recognition then all of you are in the hands of fake AirPods, such headphones will not be able to call Siri and stop the music in double tap.

Original Apple AirPods Wireless Headphone Prices

The price of the original AirPods at is 159.00 at ₽ 13 719.00

From these prices, and start from the purchase of Apple AirPods wireless headphones in other unverified sources.

In the end, we want to warn you even if you know that this is a fake, do not buy copies, replicas, do not fall for the sweet speeches of sellers that this is the “most accurate, highest quality” copy. As a result of buying fake headphones, you will get a headache from the sound they make and how they work.