How to Distinguish Original Apple Watch Series 3

Smart watches from Apple cost a lot, but users are not wasting money, because in return they get multifunctional, high-quality and reliable accessories. What can not be said about fakes. That’s where it is. a waste of finance. How not to fall for the tricks of scammers?

Smart watches have several branded chips that will help customers to 100% verify the authenticity of the Apple Watch. What should I pay attention to first of all: the box, the appearance of the chronometer, the presence / absence of connectors, the appearance of the OS, something else? We figure out how to distinguish the original Apple Watch from a Chinese or any other fake.

How to Distinguish Original Apple Watch Series 3

Features branded Apple Watch

As always, it’s worth going into the world of some popular premium gadget, scammers immediately begin to “clone” it. So it happened with Apple’s wrist accessories. Therefore, it is important to understand the features of the watch phone in order to know exactly how to distinguish the original Apple Watch from a cheap or not very fake one. Below are the distinguishing features of the original watch.

There are no connectors

Apple Watch. ultra-modern gadgets that do not use connectors for connecting with a smartphone, connecting accessories or recharging. With iPhone, Bluetooth headphones and a charger, connectivity is via wireless technology.

Therefore, the surefire way to distinguish a fake from the original Apple Watch is to check the case for any connectors. If they are not there is a chance that the buyer has the original, and if suddenly there is a 100% replica.

Magnetic induction charging

A smart watch is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which periodically needs to be recharged. But the charging cord is not inserted into the accessory itself, but into a special charging magnet, which, in turn, is in contact with the device without wires.

It is a round “pill” that is applied to the back of the chronometer (there are marks where the charger should be magnetized). The magnet cable can be connected to the USB-connector of a PC, a bank, a laptop, or you can use a conventional outlet.

On a note: There is another way to charge a wrist accessory: use a special docking station on which smart watches are placed and energized.

Special hardening housing

What the manufacturer himself tells about the manufacturing process of smart watches, for example, White Ceramic Case with White Sport Band:

  • the future shell is pressed at the beginning of manufacture;
  • then it is heat treated;
  • at the end. polished with a diamond slurry for a perfectly smooth surface.

According to the brand, it takes several days to create each chronometer case. In addition, Apple launches the latest smart watch models in a durable case made of aluminum and steel. Moisture and dust protection of the shell is provided. For example, with Apple Watch 4 series in the case of gold color you can swim.

Counterfeiters, of course, do not have the same production capabilities as Apple, so the copies are fragile, rather heavy, without any hint of protection against dust or splashing water.

No inputs for SIM cards, memory cards

The smart watch from Apple does not have openings for installing a memory card. Also in the accessories there is no place for a SIM card. These features are strictly supported in all Apple Watch series: from the first to the fourth.

Copies, on the contrary, are designed so that they can be used without reference to smart. Therefore, fake devices often have a SIM card slot and even a place to install a memory card.

For information: Apple Watch can also be used without a smartphone, but full functionality is revealed only when pairing: smart watches iPhone.

What you need to do to recognize a fake

The appearance of the original box for Apple Watch is an oblong box made of thick cardboard. White color. On one side there is always a concise inscription Watch with the image of a branded apple.

Already at this stage of the inspection, you can determine the fake. It should be wary if the box with a smart watch has:

  1. Creases, dents and a sloppy look. Of course, this can be attributed to transportation flaws, but the Apple brand monitors the “face” of its products by packing them in very thick cardboard with a special coating.
  2. Fuzzy, blurry letters, spelling errors in the name and series.
  3. A grayish or other shade that differs from the original white color of the package.

Another way to check the Apple Watch for originality is to open the package and inspect the accessories. In addition to the watch itself, there are 2 sizes of the strap included in the package, a “tablet” charger with a USB cable and a brochure for users.

Nuance: In Apple Watch 4 series, the supply of components is slightly different: the watch is additionally packed in a soft case (previously the device and the strap were just inside inside in 2 separate boxes).

If, upon opening the package, a shortage of components is found, or, for example, not magnetic, but standard USB or another charge, then the fake buyer is in front of the buyer.

Check design and availability of extra parts

The original watch has a touchscreen display, a rectangular case with rounded corners and edges, as well as a button and the Digital Crown signature wheel on the right side. In the last 4 episode of Apple Watch, you can feel light clicks when scrolling the wheel. Here in such a device Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band these clicks are.

On the left are the holes for the microphone and speaker. On the back of the chronometer there are “marks” for connecting a magnetic charge.

We emphasize again: there are no connectors and slots for SIM cards, memory cards in the original Apple Watch of any series!

Design. concise, neat. There are no sharp protrusions and extra details here. What is the difference between a fake and a branded gadget? It can be large frames on the sides of the screen, or a too small display. In addition, the fakes are larger, thicker and, accordingly, heavier than the original.

View installed OS

The final touch check. turn on Apple Watch and check the operating system. Originals work only on watchOS (for example, this MTEY2FS / A).

Manufacturers of copies instead of branded OSes most often in fakes use an adapted version of Android or unknown firmware. In addition to poor-quality translation, there are many other bugs in fake OSs: it is impossible to change the theme of the dial, there is no Siri assistant, there are no useful Apple branded applications and so on.

Finally, another way to check the original Apple Watch. This time we use the serial number of the watch. What do we have to do:

  1. Go to the chronometer settings.
  2. Open the “General” section, then “About this device”.
  3. Find the serial number (alphanumeric).
  4. Go to the official website of the brand.
  5. Go to the section with checking the right to service and support.
  6. Enter in the appropriate IMEI box.
  7. Enter the verification code and press Enter.

If the system provides information about the model (such as, for example, Apple Watch 4 series in silver). everything is ok, the original is in front of the user. If an error appears. fake.

Comparison of the original Apple Watch and fakes

So, the main differences between the branded device and the fake: