How to Distinguish Fake Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Differences in appearance

Despite the resemblance, the fake still does not repeat the original exactly, which makes it possible to determine its appearance.

How to Distinguish Fake Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  1. So, in the original model there is a touch screen with a diagonal of 5 inches, around which there is no frame. Unlike copies that “sin” with a sufficiently large space between the display and the edge of the device.
  2. Another important fact is the appearance and location of the buttons. The original is characterized by chrome plastic on the Home button, which is located exactly in the middle of the space under the screen. On copies, the button is often located just slightly below the screen, and in appearance it is very easy to distinguish from what the Korean manufacturer offers us.
  3. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that fake phones very often lack touch buttons located on the sides of the Home button. In copies, they are replaced with the corresponding buttons located on the screen itself or made in the form of physical buttons.
  4. In addition, when buying, pay attention to the location of the logo and its appearance, the integrated LED flash, as well as the general feeling of the weight of the phone and the material from which it is made.

As a rule, copies cannot boast of high-quality performance of individual elements, and the case material is not particularly pleasant to the touch.

Installed Software

Having defined the external aspects, we turn to what is inside. the software. If you are holding the original Galaxy S4 in your hands, Android 4.2.2 must be installed in it, with the TouchWiz interface. Only in this way, and nothing else. You can determine the software version by going to the settings menu. Pay attention to the fact that an earlier version of the software can be installed, on top of which decorations are simply “hung” to change the appearance of the system. Before buying, it will also not be superfluous to look at the network screenshots from the original firmware Android 4.2.2, which will allow you to consider the fake in time.

In addition, the original Galaxy S4 is “stuffed” with exclusive features and programs that will not be in copies. As a rule, fake phones are much “poorer” in their functions compared to the original model.

To summarize

Choosing a phone is a very responsible process. Here you should not chase cheapness, acquiring a model from the first Internet you get. seller. As a rule, such savings do not lead to anything good. What aspects should you pay attention to when buying a Samsung Galaxy S4:

Pay attention to the packaging and equipment of the phone. Copies often suffer from “crooked” text on the packaging, and Chinese phones come with everything and more. Enjoy the shopping!