How to distinguish an iPhone 11 from a fake

Operating system differences

When you turn on the smartphone, the Apple logo should appear. If the device is fake, then the Android icon will appear, and in advanced cases. the name of the firmware that was ported to the model from another Android device. Also smartphones without iOS cannot connect to Apple services. iTunes and AppStore. If you get error messages when you try to sign in to iCloud, your phone is a fake. It is worth looking through the list of applications. if Google Play services are indicated there, and system applications have a “green man” icon by default, then these are the main signs of an Android smartphone installed. It is also worth connecting the device to a computer. to transfer files to a real iPhone, you will need to install the desktop version of iTunes. Without installing software, files are only transferred to the fake iPhone.


The second way to tell the difference between a fake iPhone 10 is to take a close look at the case. When the model first appeared on the market, fraudsters did not pay attention to appearance, focusing on the main differences between the “ten”. “bangs” and a double camera. Over time, the appearance of the copy began to exactly repeat the lines of the original model. It is important to ensure that the speaker and camera portion of the display is cut into the screen and not part of the matrix. So far, the Chinese have not learned to fake such features qualitatively. There are other features that can be seen with the naked eye:

  • a real iPhone does not have a protective film on the screen;
  • the smartphone is not equipped with antennas;
  • there should be no additional connectors for the mini-USB interface, as well as slots for a memory card and a second SIM card. the iPhone has only one SIM card;
  • the back panel of the device can only be removed using additional tools;
  • the lid bears the words Assembled in China, iPhone and Designed by Apple in California;
  • also on the rear panel there is a model number and a certification mark. text in English, no errors or typos.

How to tell an iPhone X from a fake?

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iPhone 10 has become a breakthrough in the global electronics market thanks to the top-end “filling”, updated operating system and catchy appearance. At the time of the start of sales. Therefore, “craftsmen” were immediately found, in pursuit of profit, releasing the iPhone 10, the fake of which brings an unprecedented income. Previously, fakes were not of high quality; it was possible to recognize them from afar. In order not to run into a clone, it is important to know how to distinguish an iPhone 10 from a fake. technology helps fraudsters to achieve an exact similarity between the copy and the original.

Supplied complete set

The first thing to look at when buying an iPhone is the appearance of the box and the supplied equipment. The fake box either matches the original or exceeds the size. The original box will not contain any inscriptions in Chinese, typos, errors or other textual defects. To the touch, the material of the copy is unpleasant, slippery, and also has an unpleasant glossy sheen. Inside, in addition to the smartphone, the original contains:

  • adapter for Lightning connector;
  • EarPods (Lightning input);
  • USB / Lightning cable;
  • adapter for USB;
  • documents and instructions for the smartphone.

The set of fakes is not so rich, it’s good if ordinary headphones and a USB charger are put inside. There are also situations when the set of the copy corresponds to the original, but the accessories are dummies. When buying, do not hesitate to check the functionality.

Serial number

Another verification option is to search for the serial number of the device on the official Apple website. The company has specifically provided for a similar method of protection against fraudsters. Information about the serial number is located in the “Settings” of the smartphone. If it is not possible to open the application and view the information, then it is worth opening the SIM card tray. the IMEI number is printed there, which is also suitable for identifying the device. There are situations when there is no access to the device. In this case, it is possible to find the serial number or IMEI of the smartphone in other places:

  • information is indicated in AppleID. it is possible to enter the account from any computer;
  • the phone box also has a sticker with the number and IMEI;
  • if the AppleID account is authorized on several devices, then at the bottom of the profile page in the smartphone settings there is a complete list of devices on which the account is used.

There is nothing complicated in the iPhone X verification methods, so the buyer will be calm about the investment. Even if the seller brings the smartphone to his home, no one will allow the device to be activated before the purchase. Therefore, take a closer look at every little thing so as not to get a fake instead of a real iPhone 10.

Is it possible to distinguish the original from the copy by the set?

When buying an iPhone, the equipment should also be checked. Remember: iPhone equipment has never changed. The box should contain:

An envelope with a colored instruction inside. The manual has a high-quality look and two stickers with the Apple logo on the cover. The needle for removing the SIM should also be located in the same envelope.

White SZU weighing about 60 grams, manufactured at Foxlink or Flextronix factories. There is no need to take iPhone scales with you to check: all information must be present on the charging itself.

USB cable. The original cable can be distinguished from a fake by the inscription “Designed By Apple.”. it is barely visible on the real product, but on the copy it is applied with bold paint. The cable is also white.

Headphones. It is most difficult to distinguish them from a fake. outwardly, a complete copy is likely. “Fake” can be detected by touch. the wire of the original headphones is softer. however, such a check makes sense only when there is something to compare with.

distinguish, iphone, fake

The absence of one of the kit elements, as well as the presence of an extra one, is a signal for canceling the iPhone purchase deal.

Pay attention to such a trifle as the packaging of accessories: all components must be neatly packed in a box and wrapped in transparent film. The absence of a film and “chaos” in the opened box do not always indicate that the iPhone is fake or used. perhaps the sellers simply used accessories for their own purposes, which, however, is also unpleasant for the buyer and unacceptable. If possible, ask for an iPhone from the warehouse in a sealed package.

Check the Settings menu

Follow the path “Settings”. “General” and try to find the section “Software update”. In original devices, it is located directly under the section “About this device”.

There is no this section in the settings of Chinese fakes.

Pay attention to the quality of the Russification of the menu. The Russian language is considered one of the most difficult, so spelling mistakes in the names of sections and paragraphs of Chinese iPhones are not uncommon.

Check Siri

The presence of the Siri voice control program distinguishes the original iPhone from a fake. the Chinese have not yet learned how to integrate this program into their “fakes”. Just hold down the Home button for a few seconds and see the result.

Go to AppStore

The presence of touch buttons

There is only one button on the front of the real iPhone. “Home”, and it is physical.

Connect your gadget to iTunes

This is the most effective and simplest way to distinguish an original iPhone from a “fake” one, but it requires a computer or smartphone at hand. When you connect the original iPhone via USB cable, iTunes will definitely try to recognize and sync it. If iTunes remains indifferent, most likely you are in front of a fake.

You can also check the Apple smartphone for originality by the serial number and IMEI. how to do this, read here.

Stylus included

No modern manufacturer (including Apple) now produces gadgets with resistive displays. Among the originals, the stylus in the kit can only be found on the Samsung Note series.

How to tell a real iPhone from a fake one?

iPhone is incredibly popular not only among mobile users, but also among numerous Chinese manufacturers. Copies of the “Apple” gadget (often extremely low quality) are widespread in Russia. you can be sure that if the seller offers an iPhone for a pittance, the original is out of the question.


All the contents of the box should lie nicely and evenly in their grooves. The wires are held together with a transparent film, the ends of which are connected evenly. What is included in the iPhone X package: the phone itself, Lightning adapter, branded EarPods wireless headphones, USB power adapter, cable, device passport.

IPhone X appearance

After examining the box, examine the phone. Suddenly it turns out that the box is from the original, and inside is a fake. Scammers will stop at nothing to get their profit.

In very primitive copies of the iPhone X, you can find an antenna for watching TV or USB charging. Also, the phone will be able to put a second SIM-card or memory card. All this is not typical for the original iPhones in principle. We are generally silent about the removable back cover. In the original, it is screwed on with screws.

If these details are not found in the sample you are considering, then check a couple more points:

  • whether there is a protective film on the screen of the device. If the answer is yes, we return the fake to the seller.
  • look at the back cover of the device. In fakes, it can be empty, without inscriptions. The original cover has a branded “Apple”, as well as a serial number and IMEI.

How to distinguish an original iPhone X from a copy

The iPhone X has been around for years. And until now serious passions are boiling around him.
Although the screen without borders is not a novelty for users, manufacturers have endowed their brainchild with unique chips. Therefore, it cannot be said that the creators of the iPhone X are repeating their South Korean competitors.

Among the innovations, the Face ID function can be noted. the phone scans and recognizes the face of its owner, happily greeting him with its bright color screen. In addition to the new design of the case, the phone was equipped with an improved camera of its kind and emoji were revived.

Since the smartphone screen has no boundaries, the front side is made entirely of glass. Or almost completely.

During the time that the iPhone X has been on sale, Chinese craftsmen have managed to study its appearance inside and out. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to distinguish the last copies from the original in appearance. But still, there are some tricks that allow you to calculate the fake.

OS check

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  • As you turn on your device, notice how it greets you. If it’s fake, the Android logo may appear instead of the Apple logo.

Find the operating system information in the setup menu. basic. about your device. It should be labeled iOS 11. Other letters and numbers indicate a different operating system. The serial number of the device can also be found there. We compare it with the one on the box. Then we break through the Internet on the official website. If the site provides information about the iPhone, then everything is fine. An error message is a reason to doubt the originality of the device.

Although the iPhone X’s screen is completely glass, the manufacturers have left a small black niche on it at the top. This camera area is not part of the screen. Copymakers don’t yet have the ability to create screens like this on their creations. Therefore, on a rectangular screen, using the program, they simply paint this area with black. Turning on the device immediately shows a black rectangular frame. That is, the border fake screen still has.

Remember, too, that Original iPhones are made from high-end materials. Therefore, they cannot be very cheap. Low price. a reason to doubt the quality of the device offered to you.

If there is no such money on the iPhone X, then our tips will definitely come in handy at the time of purchase.

Where is the iPhone made?

Apple equipment sold in Russia was created at factories located in the PRC and in other Asian countries.

Accordingly, the question of how to distinguish a Chinese iPhone from the original is not entirely correct. It is rather about how to distinguish a gadget made in a factory owned by Apple and which is real, from a phone created “clandestine” in an enterprise that produces imitations.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?

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At the bottom of the box, the manufacturer has allocated a place for a sticker containing information.

  • Full model name.
  • IMEI.
  • Serial number.
  • Drive volume data.

iPhone 11 Fake/Clone. [Purple]. Things Are Getting Serious!

The information is read without problems. no blurry areas, fuzzy numbers, confused typographic marks, smudges, etc.


The iPhone comes with:

distinguish, iphone, fake
  • USB adapter;
  • cable;
  • headphones.

The real phone in the box lies on a thick paper envelope, which contains:

  • stickers;
  • clips for removing and installing the SIM card;
  • Supporting documentation.

The quality of the components must be checked before purchasing the phone. Do not be shy about the seller, you need to open the envelope and study the documentation, open the packages and check the cable, adapter, headphones.

Sellers offering original Apple items have no fear of people leaving the room without buying a phone. On the contrary, sellers themselves strive to open the packaging and demonstrate to buyers both the phone itself and its components.

Type of gadget

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People who are able to compare the original and the imitation claim that the differences are obvious, and it is simply impossible to ignore them or not notice.

iPhone pleasantly cools the palm when touched, its weight is felt in the hand. This feature is due to the fact that the body is made of aluminum, not plastic. Plastic case. a sign of counterfeit.

Authenticity is also guaranteed by the following nuances:

  • Tightly fitted details that give the impression of a monolithic product body.
  • The switch, like the buttons, is devoid of even a hint of backlash and is triggered by a barely perceptible touch.
  • On the back cover. IMEI, the numbers of the numbers are similar to those indicated in the documentation and the sticker on the box.

The main feature of the original is the aluminum body. Even a copy, indistinguishable at first glance, is never made of metal. As a rule, counterfeits are made of plastic. Taiwanese knockoffs combine aluminum inserts and plastic.

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Software analysis is a surefire way to spot imitation. Checking your phone is easy. you need to turn it on.

Impossible to fake functionality:

  • Find iPhone;
  • sync with iTunes;
  • App Store;
  • Siri.

Of course, the imitation will not pass verification, it will not be possible to synchronize it with Apple services and devices. Accordingly, a simple and effective way to detect imitation is to connect services and register a phone before purchasing it. Sellers offering originals will not oppose such a client’s request, on the contrary, they will connect the gadget themselves and explain to the buyer exactly what they have done and how to use these functions.

how to distinguish an iPhone from a fake?

How to tell an original iPhone from a fake one?

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a fake one? This question arises for every person who first decided to purchase an iPhone. Appliances and devices made by Apple are famous for their quality, and there is not a single person who does not know how expensive these things are.

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And, of course, not a single person wants to pay very impressive money for imitation, forgery. After all, counterfeits have nothing to do with real “Apple” devices, technically they are significantly inferior to them.

Box decoration

Apple, like other large companies that produce expensive things, cares not only about product quality, but also about packaging. Accordingly, the difference between real and fake packaging is no less noticeable than between fake and original phones.

Special features of the original box:

  • Non-recyclable dense coated laminated board.
  • Clear printing that is flawless even when viewed through a magnifying glass.
  • Embossed logo.

The corners and edges of the box are even. If you press on them with your fingers, nothing happens. It will take considerable effort to deform the box.