How To Distinguish A Turtle Boy From A Girl

How to determine the gender of land turtles: the main signs

These turtles live in fresh water, have a distinctive decoration in the form of a bright red speck located near the eyes. The sex of the animal is already easy to determine from a year old, even for beginners.

If we consider two red-eared turtles of the same age, then the size of a one-year-old female will be larger than the size of a male. But the boy has longer and thicker claws on the front legs, which are designed to scratch the neck of a partner during mating.

Consider the tail of a reptile; in a boy it is longer and thickened.

Pay attention to how the anus is located – the cesspool. In a female, it is closer to the frame and resembles an asterisk in appearance. The male cesspool has the shape of a longitudinal line and has a smaller hole diameter.

Sex can be determined by the behavior of reptiles. Boys are more active, “caring” for girls with light nibbles and nodding their heads up and down.

According to all the above signs, it is not so difficult to determine the gender of the red-eared turtles. And proper care and a competent approach will reward the owner with numerous offspring.

It is equally easy to distinguish the sex of these representatives of reptiles.

Examine the tail of the turtle carefully. In the male, it is longer, besides it is bent inward. The female has a straight tail and a little shorter.

The girl’s form of cloaca is larger, resembling an “asterisk”, the cloaca’s boy has an elongated, smaller size.

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It is easy to spot differences by plastron. Turn the animal over and examine it, if the plastron is concave, it means a boy in front of you, straight – you are holding a girl in your hands.

In male land turtles, there is still a distinctive sexual characteristic – the presence of femoral spurs.

How To Distinguish A Turtle Boy From A Girl

The “men” of land turtles, as well as the red-eared, are more active and watch the girls with interest, showing them all kinds of signs of attention. Therefore, the difference is not difficult to notice if there are heterosexual animals in the terrarium.

It is easiest to notice gender differences in any species of turtles after reaching the age of five. In giant reptiles, 100% can be done at the age of 18-20 years. The larger the carapace, the more clearly the sex differences are expressed, as the animal is fully formed and ready for reproduction.

We examined the differences between the most popular turtles, which are mainly kept at home – land and rubella. It is also easy to distinguish a boy’s turtle from a girl in other, more rare reptiles.

In addition to all of the above characteristics characteristic of most of these exotic animals, the Indian yellow turtle “boy” has a pink nose, the “girl” of a swamp (river turtle) is much smaller in size from males of its age.

Before you get such an interesting pet, take an interest not only in its gender, but also in its species, in order to know all the details of its maintenance, care, nutrition and breeding at home.

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By acquiring a tiny baby turtle, you are unlikely to be able to accurately determine whether she is a boy or still a girl. If this is extremely important for you, then get a pet at the age of five years or older. Even an experienced seller will not be able to 100% determine the age of a small reptile.

Having acquired a couple of turtles, you will be able to watch with interest how the male cherishes the “young lady”, admire their mating games, and, of course, rejoice at the new offspring of your pet that has been born!

External “sexual” signs appear in turtles upon reaching the maturity pore. Speaking about how to determine the gender of land turtles, we will talk only about adults. So, to determine the gender, you need to carefully look at the pet, turning it and having studied all the parameters. There are 2 main “indicators” of the turtle’s gender:

  1. Plastron – the lower (abdominal) part of the shell.
  2. Tail.

Females have a completely flat plastron. You can see this by turning the turtle upside down. The male has a distinctly concave plastron, which is understandable and justified, if you recall how exactly the mating occurs in these reptiles.

How To Distinguish A Turtle Boy From A Girl

Helps determine the sex of land turtles and comparing their tails. So, in males, the tail is longer, and on the plastron near it, a figure in the form of the letter “V” is visible. In addition, males possess pronounced femoral spurs.

The "rubies" are strikingly beautiful and always a little embarrassed. Scarlet spots on the head – a distinctive feature that gave name to the red-eared turtles. To find out the gender of the “rubella”, you will have to carefully observe its behavior and external attributes.

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Do you want to know exactly how to determine the gender of red-eared turtles in order to accurately identify “girls” and “boys”? Pay attention to the following 5 signs:

  1. Look at the ponytail! The male is longer and thinner. The red-eared female has a wider tail, since the oviduct is located in it.
  2. The female’s anus is closer to the carapace — the upper part of the carapace.
  3. Males are much more active and show violent temper in the presence of relatives, demonstrating their superiority and chasing females.
  4. The diameter of the hole between the carapace and plastron in females is larger, since they lay eggs.
  5. Sexually mature “girls”, as a rule, are much larger than their peers “boys”.

The turtle represents invulnerability, immortality, wisdom and longevity. Now you have a little turtle wisdom, since, thanks to new knowledge, determining the sex of a reptile has become a completely solvable task!

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