How To Distinguish A Fake From An Original Iphone 6

Enough time has passed after the presentation of the sixth generation iPhone. Chinese companies, as usual, began to copy a new generation of popular “apple” smartphones. After a short period of time, the mobile market of the Celestial Empire was flooded with Chinese clones of iPhones, which have already reached the Russian counters. A few years ago, it was very simple to distinguish the “Chinese” from the original: poor-quality display, poor assembly, cheap case materials. Now, Chinese manufacturers are collecting so high-quality copies that even experienced geeks at first glance can not distinguish the original from a fake. If you decide to buy an iPhone and are afraid that you might be sold a Chinese copy, then most likely you will think about the question of how to distinguish iPhone 6 from a fake?

The fastest and easiest way to distinguish a fake smartphone from the original is to check its serial number. If the iPhone 6 is made by Apple, then information on it will be available on the official website of the company. Open the iPhone 6 menu, go to settings and select the “Basic” tab. Then go to the “About this device” tab and select “Serial number”.

How To Distinguish A Fake From An Original Iphone 6

Go to and enter the hardware serial number in the appropriate window. Click Continue for information about the entered serial.

If the smartphone is original, then the Apple website will give you information about the model and the warranty period.

If you have a Chinese fake in your hands, then you will see the inscription “Unfortunately, this serial number is not correct. Check your data and try again. ”

There is no smartphone or tablet with Internet access at hand? There are other ways to distinguish iPhone 6 from a fake. Remember that not a single Chinese copy has the iOS operating system installed. This OS is installed only on smartphones from Apple. All fakes mainly work on Android with a modified graphical shell. Do not trust the appearance of the operating system. Better carefully check the menu items. Chinese manufacturers often admit flaws in the Russification of the smartphone. If somewhere there was an error, be sure that you have a Chinese clone of iPhone 6 in front of you.

In the original iPhone 6 it could not be:

  • external antenna and two slots for SIM cards;
  • removable memory card and TV antenna for viewing channels;
  • removable back cover and other interfaces besides the Lighting connector.

If, at the time of purchase, it is not possible to turn on the iPhone, and the box with it is sealed, then pay attention to the packaging and the code applied to it. On the box with the iPhone 6 should not be any characters. It will not be superfluous to check the serial number of the hardware on the above site. When opening the box, be sure to compare the number on the sticker with the serial number in the smartphone menu. Both numbers must match.