How to Display Screen Recording On iPhone

Using the AssistiveTouch function, you can adjust the volume, lock the screen, use multi-finger gestures, restart the device, and replace one-touch button presses.

Enable AssistiveTouch

When the AssistiveTouch function is turned on, an on-screen button appears. You can drag it to any edge of the screen where it will remain until you move it. By default, a single press of a button opens the AssistiveTouch menu. To close the menu, just press the screen once outside the menu.

You can enable AssistiveTouch in several ways.

  • Select “Settings” “Universal access” Touch and check the AssistiveTouch box.
  • Use the “Hello Siri” function and say “Enable AssistiveTouch”.
  • Select “Settings” “Universal access” “Quick Commands” and enable the AssistiveTouch parameter.

You can also add the AssistiveTouch function to the quick universal access command for quick access from the “Control Center” or using the side button or the Home button.

How to Display Screen Recording On iPhone

Using AssistiveTouch instead of gestures

Use menus and controls that require gestures on the screen, such as:

  • Command centre
  • Notification center
  • Spotlight
  • Home
  • Program switch
  • Screen out loud

Using AssistiveTouch instead of clicking buttons

The menu provides access to functions that are also activated by pressing physical buttons or moving the device. A few examples:

  • Using a quick universal access command
  • screen lock;
  • volume control;
  • call Siri;
  • device restart;
  • save screenshot
  • simulate shaking device.

Using AssistiveTouch instead of multi-finger gestures

  1. From the AssistiveTouch menu, select “Device” “” and click “Gestures”.
  2. Indicate how many fingers are involved in the gesture: 2, 3, 4, or 5.

After selecting, a few dots will appear on the screen, indicating the places where virtual fingers touch the screen. Moving one finger across the screen or performing clicks will control all virtual fingers at once. After a few seconds of inactivity, the virtual fingers will automatically disappear.

AssistiveTouch Menu Settings

To change the order, number and contents of buttons in this menu, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Settings” “Universal access” Touch and check the AssistiveTouch box.
  2. Check the “Top Level Menu” checkbox, then click the icon whose function you want to reassign.
  3. Using the “” and “-” buttons, you can change the number of buttons in the menu.

To roll back the changes and restore the default menu settings, click the “Reset” button.

Custom actions

To assign AssistiveTouch to a single, double, or long press of a button, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Settings” “Universal access” Touch and check the AssistiveTouch box.
  2. In the “Configure Actions” section, select “One Touch”, “Double Touch” or “Long Press”.
  3. Select an action from the list to assign it to a gesture.
  4. Return to the “Settings” screen by pressing the AssistiveTouch button.

You can adjust the time interval for double-tapping in actions or the length of time the button is held for a long press.

Create new gestures

You can record arbitrary touches and finger movements using the touch screen and save them in the AssistiveTouch menu.

To create a gesture, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Settings” “Universal access” and check the “Touch” box.
  2. Select AssistiveTouch, then Create New Gesture.
  3. Recording starts automatically when you tap the screen, so tap or swipe when you’re ready.
  4. When finished, click Stop.

To view the recorded gesture, click Play. To overwrite the gesture, click “Record”. Click “Save” to indicate the name of your gesture.

If it is difficult for you to perform a gesture using several fingers at once, you can record individual movements and they will be grouped. For example, draw two horizontal dots in the upper half of the screen and a semicircle in the lower part of the screen, then click Stop. When you click the Play button, all points and lines will appear simultaneously.

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