How To Display Contact On Samsung Home Screen

How to display whatsapp on the phone screen

Whatsapp is a fairly convenient and popular messenger all over the world due to the ability to exchange messages and make calls for free. However, during the first installation, an inexperienced user may encounter some difficulties in operation. For example, a person does not know how to display the Watsap icon on the phone screen. There are also some special functions that will simplify the work with the program, for example, adding shortcuts for quick access to correspondence.

How to return the WhatsApp icon to the main screen of the phone if accidentally deleted

After installation, access to the program automatically appears on the desktop. By clicking on the shortcut you get access to contacts with whom you can exchange messages.

If the reboot did not work, then restore it through the settings menu. The process does not take much time and is similar for almost all brands of phones. Details can be found on the website wotsap24.Ru.

If both options did not work, then you need to clear the phone cache. The method is quite radical and is not possible on all types of gadgets, but it also allows solving complex problems. For example, when whatsapp crashes.

With the power off, simultaneously hold down the power button and volume up until the name of the operating system appears. In the opened smartphone recovery menu, use the volume up / down buttons to select the Clear Cache (Wipe cache partition) item. Before pressing, make sure you do not reset to factory settings, as sometimes the above functions may be combined. If there is no Factory Reset item, start clearing the cache, then restart the phone.

There is another method, which is more suitable for Samsung phones, and allows you to display the icon on the lock screen. After opening the screen “Home” you need to go to settings, then to “Lock screen” and “Labels”. After clicking “ChatON” you need to select the icon of interest in the list of applications. Whatsapp will appear on the lock screen instead of “ChatON”.

How to add a chat icon to your smartphone screen

When there are many conversations, it is often possible to miss some messages in the constant stream. For easy navigation and quick access to important contacts, you can display the most necessary chats on the phone’s main screen as follows:

Add chat icon
very easy.

  • We open Vatsap;
  • Select the chat you want to pin;
  • Select the chat by pressing for 2-3 seconds;
  • From above, in the highlighted line that appears, select the menu (three vertical dots);
  • Select the item in the menu “add to home screen”;
  • In the window that opens, click on the tab “add icon”.

After that, the chat icon will appear on the desktop. When you click on it, you immediately go to the chat window without going to the WhatsApp application. The number of repetitions of this procedure is not limited. However, the feature is only available for Android phones. If it was not possible to correct the situation, then you need to take a screenshot in WhatsApp and send it in the comments. We will try to help.

Android how to put a contact on the smartphone desktop

Open the Contacts section. Press and hold the name of the selected person. The phone displays a menu.

Depending on the device, select one of the options: transfer to desktop or add a shortcut (samsung devices).

If this does not work (depending on the phone), then on the desktop in an empty place and hold your finger until the menu appears. Select it Shortcuts.

Now in the next menu, select speed dial whenever you want to be able to quickly call a person or send an SMS.

Next, open the Contacts section and point to the required one. It remains to move the icon to a convenient place on the desktop. This way multiple desktop shortcuts can be created.

How to add a contact to the android desktop

In old phones, you could bring a contact to a specific key. Then holding it down you can quickly make a call.

On android samsung and all the others it is not provided for this, but you can transfer the shortcut to the desktop.

Yes, there is no possibility to set a phone contact to a specific button, but you can make a speed dial even to a group of contacts.

To do this, you can use the program, which you can download at the end of the recording or use the tools of your smartphone.

With the tips below, you can create a contact icon and learn how to attach to your chosen contact on the main desktop of your smartphone. This operation is very simple and works under the same conditions in most phone models.

By the way, you may have a built-in widget, then just call it (who does not know how, then here is the instruction) and click on the Contacts icon.

The program put a contact on the android desktop

If the above recommendations did not help, then you can use the Contact Widget program or use the already built-in one on many phones.

Then, depending on your needs, choose what you need: quick message, quick call or Contact.

I choose quick call. A shortcut is placed on the desktop, and the phone book opens to me, I need to press and hold my finger.

Live on the required and the contact will instantly appear on the desktop.

If you download the widget below., Then the actions with it are almost the same, only the first one is automatically added in it, which of course you do not want. Then just click on it from your desktop and click change.

Now you can change the number, name, ringtone and many other parameters (to do this, click below).

Boot your Samsung device into recovery mode

The first way to put your Samsung phone into recovery mode is as follows:

Step 1. Turn off your Samsung device. Then press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power at the same time.
Step 2. When the phone vibrates, release the power by holding down the other two buttons until the Samsung screen appears.
Step 3. In the main menu of Recovery Mode, select wipe cache partition (You can press the volume down button and the power button to select it.)
Step 4. After clearing the cache partition, your Samsung Galaxy will restart automatically.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Black Screen of Death

Some have reported that after switching on the smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy series will have a black screen. The problem is the Galaxy buttons light up as usual, but the screen stays black and nothing appears. The Galaxy screen won’t turn on at random times for different people, but a common problem is that the screen won’t wake up. There are several factors explaining why this happens, mostly related to the software of the device. However, is it possible to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / S5 / S4 / Note 9 / Note 8 / Note 5 / Note 4 black screen of death? Please keep reading the next article and you will find an easy way to fix black screen Samsung phone and recover all data from it.

You can read:

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Sudden Death and recover data from it?

The first step you need to face and this can be done by launching the Android Toolkit with your computer and choosing the scan option. After it has finished scanning, you click the button named Broken Android Data Extraction, which you need to click.

Step 1. Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to Computer
Then connect your Samsung to your computer via USB. After that click on Broken Android Data Extraction and proceed to next step.

Step 2.Choose your Samsung sticky type
You have to choose the stuck situation that suits your device.

Here you have to select Black Screen And then click Next.

Step 3. Choose your name and phone model.
You should understand the fact that the software and data extraction program is different for all Android devices. So you have to choose the correct Android version as well as the exact model you are using.

Step 5. Put Samsung Galaxy into Download Mode.
After connecting your Samsung which is stuck on a black screen to your computer, a popup will appear with the Android toolbox as shown below. Select one of the displayed situations in the pop-up to continue.

This is the step to enter phone boot mode and start with screen recovery.
There are three separate steps you must follow, which include:
1) Hold the power button to turn off the phone
2) Next, you must simultaneously press the volume down key, power key, power key and the home key.
3) Next, leave all the keys and press the volume up key to enter the phone boot mode.

Step 6. Download the appropriate recovery package
When the phone goes into download mode successfully, the Android toolkit will detect it and display the device model, Android version, etc. The software will start downloading the appropriate recovery package for the Samsung device.

Step 7. Fix Samsung Galaxy Black Screen
After the download of the recovery package is complete, the software will automatically start to repair the phone and return it to normal. The phone will reboot and return to normal as usual.

Step 8.Start data recovery from black screen Samsung phone
After installing the repair package on your broken phone, the program will help you scan and recover all files from Samsung phone with black screen, click Recover”, To extract and save all Samsung data on computer.

Download Android Toolkit for free. Broken Android Data Extraction and try to fix black screen, you can get data from it as well:

Part 2: How to Fix Black Screen Samsung Phone and Extract Data for Backup?

To fix Samsung Galaxy black screen and recover data from it, you need to use third party Samsung Black Screen Fix tool.

This Broken Android Data Extraction and Fix Tool can help you download recovery package for your Samsung devices and fix Samsung Galaxy black screen death problems with just a few steps to fix your black screen Samsung phone quickly and safely. Over, this broken Android data recovery app allows you to recover contacts, text messages, call logs, WhatsApp messages, photos, music and more from black screen Samsung Galaxy S6 / S5 / S4 / Note 5 / Note 4 / Note 3. Even if your phone cannot be turned on or the touch screen is completely inaccessible, the program can make the data on the phone accessible and recoverable.

Over, this powerful Android Data Recovery allows you to easily recover data from Samsung (Galaxy S4 / S5 / S6 / S7 / S8 / S9 / S10, Galaxy Note 3/4/5/8/9/10, Galaxy J2 / J3 / J5 / J7 / J8, etc.), Huawei, Google Pixel, HTC, LG, Sony, Google Nexus, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony, Sharp, Oppo, OnePlus and other brands on Android devices, and also recover data from SD card on Android device. You can not only retrieve deleted and lost data from Android devices, but also use Android Data Backup Restore function to easily backup and restore Android data on your computer, including photos,, audio files, music, call logs, messages, attachments messages, etc.

Broken Android data extraction functions:

  • Flexible recovery: you can scan, view, select and recover the file types you want.
  • Broken Android Recovery: You can recover file from broken Samsung phone or devices that are damaged in any other way, such as stuck in a reboot loop.
  • Fix Samsung Devices: Fix Freezing, Broken, Black Screen, Virus Attack, Samsung Galaxy S / Note Smartphone Screen Lock to Normal.
  • Recoverable Files: You can recover all items like Contacts, Call Log, WhatsApp Contacts and Photos, and Messages, as well as all important files and folders that you have.
  • Samsung Support: Support most Samsung phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc.

There are several different ways to fix Samsung phone blank screen problem, follow the steps below to find out how to fix Galaxy black screen turning on problem.

Part 1: what causes Samsung black screen of death

We often discuss what causes Samsung phone black screen of death, the following reasons may cause your phone to get stuck in black death status screen.

  • Black screen after software update
  • Black screen issue when running on official firmware
  • Black screen not responding
  • Black screen after falling
  • Random black screen of the question of death
  • System crash, slowness or lag, multiple restarts, battery drain faster and green blinking can cause black screen of death

Steps to fix Samsung phone with black screen of death

Note: It is highly recommended that you back up your Android data before opting to repair Android.

Step 1. Launch Android Toolkit on Windows computer
Download, install and run Android Toolkit on Windows 10/8/7 / XP computer, then click Repair”Go to Android system fix function.

Step 2. Connect Samsung Phone to Computer
Connect your black Samsung Galaxy phone to your computer with a USB cable. Click Android Repair among the 3 options.

Step 3. Select your Samsung phone model and additional information
On the device information screen, select the correct brand, name, model, country / region, and media information. Then confirm the warning and click Next.

Select device information

Step 4. Confirm to fix your Samsung phone
Android recovery can erase all data on your device. Enter 000000 to confirm and continue.

Step 5. Boot Samsung Phone in Download Mode
Before repairing your Samsung phone, you need to boot the Android phone in download mode. To boot your Samsung phone in DFU mode, follow these steps.

For Samsung phone with Home button:
1) Turn off your phone or tablet.
2) Press and hold the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons for 5 and 10.
3) Release all buttons and press the volume up button to enter download mode.

For Samsung phone without Home button:
1) Turn off the device.
2) Press and hold the Volume Down, Bixby and Power buttons for 5 and 10.
3) Release all buttons and press the volume up button to enter download mode.

Step 6. Start Downloading Firware Package for Samsung Phone
Then click Next. Android Toolkit starts downloading the correct firmware for the device.

Step 7. Fix Android System to Normal
After downloading and checking the firmware, the program automatically starts fixing system problems on your Samsung phone.

Step 8. Restart your Samsung phone
After a few minutes, the Samsung phone will restart and return to normal.

Android Toolkit. Restore (Android) for Windows version and start fixing Android system to normal.

How to set weather on Android phone screen

In one case, you need to make a long tap on the screen (in other words, press and hold your finger on the screen) until the widget menu appears or close your fingers, the so-called chips on the device screen.

How to Display Weather Widget on Home Screen on Samsung Phone

  1. Spin your fingers across the screen.
  2. In the menu that appears, select Widgets.
  3. Then choose from the offered weather widgets.
  1. Determine which weather widget you want to install on your Samsung phone home screen.
  2. Then select an area of ​​the screen by dragging and dropping in the place where you want to display the weather widget.
  3. Click on the widget icon and allow to determine your location or select the required region yourself.

    How to set weather on Android screen

    Your android Android OS Weather widget on the Android screen

    Weather widget for Android phone is always handy. If for some reason there is no weather on your main screen of your smartphone, in this post you will learn how to display the weather on the screen of Android phones Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor and Huawei.

    Regardless of the manufacturer, every shell on Android has weather widgets, they may look different, but most importantly, they should show information! By the way, you may be interested in step-by-step instructions on how to remove the Goolge search bar from the main screen on Android.

    To display the weather on the home screen of your Android device, you need to add a widget. Adding widgets for each smartphone manufacturer can be implemented in different ways.

    How To Display Contact On Samsung Home Screen

    Weather widget on the Android screen

    How to display the weather widget on the home screen in Xiaomi phone

  1. Press and hold your finger on an empty spot of the main screen in the Xiaomi smartphone, hold until the menu appears at the bottom.
  2. Next, select the Widgets section.
  3. Select Weather from the list of offered widgets.
  4. Weather widget, hold and drag your finger to the desired area of ​​the home screen.

    How to display the weather widget on the home screen in Huawei and Honor phones

  1. Long tap by pressing and holding your finger on the main screen of your Honor phone, hold your finger until a menu appears at the bottom.
  2. Next, select the Widgets option.
  3. Select Weather from the list of offered widgets.
  4. You need to press and hold the Weather widget until it moves to the home screen of your smartphone.
  5. Drag the widget to the desired location.

    Now you know how to put a weather widget on your Android phone screen. If your phone has a different method not specified in the publication, we will be glad if you write about it in the comments.

    On Samsung Galaxy, the screen images have become in the form of a negative how to set up to return the usual view.

    Let’s see what to do if the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen starts displaying images in negative. Most likely, the negative mode was activated on the phone, perhaps by accident or because of whatever widget on the phone. For those who encountered a similar problem, when the Samsung Galaxy began to show everything in the form of a negative on the screen, we will try to explain several ways how to exit this mode and restore the normal display of the picture on the phone screen.

    Try the following methods:

    1) Turn off the negative mode on the Samsung screen like this. Go to the Settings Menu Accessibility Negative, on the contrary, put or uncheck the box.

    2) This method will also allow you to turn off the negative mode on Samsung Galaxy, for this we call the main screen menu by holding your finger on the phone screen, then you will see the “Home screen” menu on the screen where we select “Applications and widgets” and get into the menu with widgets. Find the “Negative” widget in it and drag it to the desktop. To enable or disable negative mode, you just need to touch it on the display.

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