How to display a video from Android to TV

Connecting a phone to a Wi-Fi TV for watching movies-broadcast from Android on Smart TV Samsung and LG

Today I will clearly show how to connect the phone on Android to the Wi-Fi TV to broadcast the image and transmit the video to the large monitor Smart TV. This is convenient for watching films, as well as for games, as a tablet or smartphone turns into a semblance of a game console, and TV is used as a screen. This instruction is suitable for connecting any Android phone, including Samsung, Huawei, Honor and Redmi, to the Smart TV TV from Samsung and LG to Philips, Sony, Xiaomi, Dexp, Haier and the rest.

As always, you first need to decide on what exactly you need to connect a smartphone to the TV.

  • You want to play files recorded in the phone’s memory (music, films, photos) on the TV screen, or broadcast the smartphone screen onto the TV, thereby turning it into an additional monitor?
  • The second thing you need to understand is how to connect the Android phone with TV (or Smart TV)-by cable or without wires via Wi-Fi?
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Depending on the goal, one of the following methods will choose:

  • By USB cable. Suitable for the case if you need to connect the phone to TV as an outer disk and see on the monitor all files available for reading.
  • Through the HDMI wire. Used for the second option to duplicate the smartphone screen onto the TV
  • Using the DLNA server, the essence is that the application is installed on the smartphone that turns it into a media server for distributing files by Wi-Fi. Then you can connect to it from any device from a local network, including TV.
  • According to Miracast technology, a universal wireless way that is suitable for broadcasting films and cloning the screen on TV

Connection of the phone to the TV using OTGMHL

The easiest and most obvious option is a wire connection using the appropriate adapter.

On the one hand. Yes, in the era of wireless technologies, connecting a wire is generally last century and it is unclear why there are so many wires in the house. On the other hand, it is this method that transfers the image directly from the phone without any delays, so in some situations it is the most appropriate. In addition, the use of the OTGMHL adapter allows you to connect a keyboard, mouse or joystick to the smartphone and turn the phone into a full.Fledged game or computer, and use the smartphone itself as a system unit.

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Through Wi-Fi Direct

Videoview. Android Studio Tutorial

NOTE! If you do not see your phone, then most likely the TV is not connected to the same network of a home router. Check the network settings on the telly.

If the TV does not have a built-in Wi-Fi module, then you can try to connect through the wire. Many people carry charging with them. Everything is simple here, we stick one end into the phone. As usual, and the second in the USB connector on the TV.

  • And so now we have three types of connection:
  • PTP. Only photo transmission.
  • File transfer. On the TV will be displayed a file system with which you can run photos and videos. It is not very convenient if you don’t know where what lies. In this case, we act as a flash carrier.
  • MIDI. There is a display and duplication of the Android phone screen on TV.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via DLNA

Devices with support for the DLNA integral are able to unite into a single system if you are in the home network. It is important that a special router with DLNA support will be required to broadcast from the phone to the TV. Unfortunately, not all video formats can be displayed in this way. Also, the phone must be on the Android operating system, which for some users can become a problem.

As a result, for normal work, a TV and a router with DLNA support will be required. You can connect to such a network only with a certain type of phone with the installed application. For example, Bubbleupnp for Dlna. All devices must be connected to one Wi-Fi network.

If a TV without Wi-Fi

In this case, you will have to use a wired connection. It is most convenient if your smartphone is equipped with USB-C-it will be enough to purchase an adapter on HDMI or VGA (depends on available connectors on TV) and connect a phone through it. As a rule, modern TVs are equipped with HDMI. This integration allows you to broadcast the picture and digital sound and is well suited for output to a large screen of games and cinema.

You can also find MicroUSB adapters on HDMI on sale, but they are already less common than with USB-C.

After you physically connect the devices with a cable, go to the TV settings and change the signal source to the desired HDMI port-then the picture from the phone will be displayed on the big screen.

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What is required to connect?

To connect the phone to the television receiver, it is necessary to have support for at least one technology:

  • HDMI connector. You need to make sure that there is an appropriate inscription on the back or side panel. The connection is carried out using a special cord, and the phone should have support for the broadcast of the image through HDMI.
  • Wi-Fi Connection-not for all models of television receivers, but only the latest. When connecting to the same network as a smartphone. Difficulties when setting up, as a rule, does not arise. You can use “Android TV Box”.
  • Bluetooth. Modern models often have a similar module. If it is absent, then the acquisition of a special adapter is necessary. Then there should be a distance of no more than 10 meters between TV and a smartphone. But the distance may also depend on the power of the module.
  • USB port-in this case, you can use the standard cable in the phone conflict for connecting.

Even if TV does not have support for modern standards, and there is an input “tulip”, it can be connected to the “Android”. Then it remains to buy an adapter. In this case, the picture when watching your favorite movie will not be the best quality.

Final advice

In addition to the general techniques and technologies considered in the article, most TV manufacturers offer their own original solutions. These include, in particular, the SCREEN MIRRORING function from Samsung. All these options are fundamentally the same and often differ only in the name. Which means that you can easily master the new method if you acquire a model of another manufacturer.

Note that some functions, and even as popular as Wi-Fi Direct, are not supported by some TV models. Fortunately, the problem is gradually a thing of the past, but in order to enable duplication, you may still need to use the HDMI cable or a special prefix. The wired connection has undeniable advantages: in particular, you will not have to engage in complex multi.Stage settings and worry about the quality of wireless connection.

We will tell you how to work correctly with the Screen Mirroring function:

  • Entering the subsection “Other Networks”, you activate the corresponding option. The subsection will be in the main section “Connections”. In parallel, you can configure playback parameters. Otherwise you will have to do this after duplication is started.
  • When a list of available devices appears on the smartphone display, select TV, which you would like to start broadcasting. Be patient: the synchronization process, even on modern phones, can take up to several minutes.
  • Turn on any available content on a smartphone. It will automatically duplicate on a wide diagonal.

The use of technologies described in the article allows you to broadcast on TV any content. Far from only videos. We advise you to choose a few most suitable methods for repeating the screen: if it doesn’t work out with one, immediately go to another. All the technologies listed in the article allow you to get the video stream of equally good quality at the exit. If the question arises, ask it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, try to help.

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Wireless connection

This is the most convenient type of connection. You do not need to think about where to put another wire, you do not need to approach the TV for connecting a smartphone. The only unpleasant moment concerns that your TV should support Wi-Fi. If this is not the case, then you will have to take care of the purchase of additional accessories.

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How To Mirror Phone To TV (No Wifi, Cable or Chrome Cast Needed)

To connect a smartphone to the TV, you will need to buy a chromecast media player. Fortunately, it is not worth it and cost you only 3500-4000, and if you add about 3 thousand more, you can purchase Chromecast with Google TV. In this case, you will not only be able to broadcast content from a smartphone, but also get a full-fledged TV setup that turns your TV into Smart-TV.

And so, you bought Chromecast, what’s next? Connect the prefix to the TV via HDMI and install Google Home for Android or iOS on the smartphone smartphone. After that, switch the source of the TV signal to the HDMI port of the console and make it setting up, following a simple and understandable step-by-step instruction.

General broadcasting scheme video from phone on TV

Special programs for transferring files from a smartphone to TV a lot. Almost every major manufacturer develops internal services for their brands TV. In this case, you can deduce the general algorithm of actions when you need to transfer the video from the phone to TV:

display, video, android
  • Understand what you need to send: a file that is stored in memory or a movie with online download.
  • If it is necessary to send only files to connect the wired way the fastest. To do this, determine the presence of connectors and the desired adapter. Additional synchronization and settings are practically not needed.

Watching online films can only be implemented with Smart TV. This will require a wireless connection or special devices.

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