How to Display a Shortcut on Phone Screen

How to display a shortcut from a menu “All programs”

For example, display the shortcut of the Word program on the desktop.

Press the Start button 1. Then move the cursor (without clicking the mouse button) to the All Programs menu 2. A list of programs installed on your computer opens. Follow the arrow to this list and move the cursor to the folder you need. Microsoft Office 3.

A list of programs included in Microsoft Office opens. Move the cursor to the program we need:
Microsoft Office Word 2003 4

Now, hovering over Microsoft Office Word 2003, right-click.

You will see a context menu.

After releasing the right mouse button, move the cursor to Send 5, on the right a submenu will open in which you select Desktop (create shortcut) 6 and press the left mouse button.

That’s all, now you can admire the program shortcut that appears on the desktop and run Microsoft Office Word with it.

How to Display a Shortcut on Phone Screen

If you did not find the necessary program in the Windows Main Menu

But sometimes in the main menu it is not possible to find the desired program (someone accidentally or deliberately deleted a shortcut). Do not despair, the matter is reparable. If the program is on the computer, then you need to find the launching program file and from it put a shortcut on the desktop.

For a Word text editor, the path will be like this. Using Windows Explorer or Total Commander file manager, find the Program Files folder in it. Microsoft Office folder, then
open the OFFICE11 folder and find the WINWORD.exe file in it

Right-click on the found file to call the context menu, and then proceed
already proven way. Do the same with any other program.
Find its folder in Program Files, then find the file that starts the program in the folder
(most often it has the.exe extension but there are others). If you do not immediately understand which file is launching. double-click to start it. If the program starts. then everything is correct, this is the main file. Display a shortcut from it to the desktop by the method,
shown above.

Note: You cannot delete anything in the Program Files folder using the Delete button. Otherwise, the program
which is in this folder will stop working!

How to rename a desktop icon

If the name assigned to the shortcut by Windows, you don’t like, for example, Shortcut for Word then you can change it.

To do this, moving the cursor over a label (icon), right-click on the context menu and select Rename. Immediately the caption text under the label is highlighted and you can delete the words “Shortcut for”, or completely rename the shortcut. After that, be sure to press the Enter key. only then your name will be saved.

Please note that such actions (rename, delete) can be performed only with shortcuts (they have a small black arrow in the lower left corner of the shortcut). Files
Programs located in their folders in Program Files cannot be renamed! Otherwise, they will stop working. You can only display shortcuts from them, and do whatever you want with the shortcuts!

How to display a site shortcut on the desktop

A site visitor asked me a question: “How to display a site shortcut on the desktop?”. At first I thought that this makes no sense, because links can be placed in Favorites. But having experienced this option, I was convinced that this method of opening a site has a right to exist. After clicking on the shortcut, the web browser starts and the site opens simultaneously (two actions at the same time). How to create on your desktop a shortcut to your favorite site that you open daily? Since Internet Explorer is installed with Windows on any computer, create a shortcut with it.

So, open Internet Explorer, in it open the desired site. Now, in the File menu, move the cursor to the Send link, then to the right and click the link Desktop shortcut. Everything shortcut (icon) is already on the desktop. You can check!