How to Disconnect Headphones On Iphone 6s

In iPhone phones, as in iPad tablets, there are two volume modes. Headphones and Ringtone. On the one hand, this is convenient, since these two modes exist each on its own, which allows you to remember the volume level of each mode. For example, we listened to music on headphones with a volume level of 50%, turned off the headphones and entered the Call mode, where the volume level set earlier is 100% and you can adjust the volume so that you don’t need to hear an incoming call ringtone. After some time, I decided to listen to music (instructions for downloading music), I connected the headphones and did not go deaf, as again the volume level independently switched to 50%, i.e. value set last time for this mode. The volume mode is displayed on the screen in the form of a pop-up window with a bell (or speaker) when connecting and disconnecting headphones from the iPhone.

But sometimes, iPhone users are faced with the problem of automatic mode change. This happens as follows: disconnecting the headphones from the iPhone, the phone does not go into the Call mode, while remaining in the Headphones mode, while the iPhone does not have sound. There may be several reasons for the failure in the volume modes. dirt, dust, water, excessive humidity falling into the connectors, and finally mechanical damage. In such cases, users have a question. how to turn off the headphone mode in the iPhone on their own?

Buyers of used (used) Apple-phones, be sure to check the operation of automatic switching of volume modes in the iPhone.

To do this, it is advisable to have any headphones with you. We turn on the headphones and listen to the clicks of the virtual keyboard (or the sound of blocking), and the sound of clicks should sound only in the headphones (if, in addition to the headphones, the phone itself makes the click sound, then this is a malfunction). We turn off the headphones, now the iPhone speaker should make the click sounds. If there are no headphones to check with you, then unlock the screen and press the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone, while the volume indicator should be in the. Call mode. If, when the headphones are disconnected from the connector, as a result of pressing the volume buttons, the indicator displays the. Headphones mode, then this is a malfunction or malfunction. If there is no sound in your iPhone without headphones and when adjusting the volume level we see the Headphones mode, it is advisable to contact the service center for help. But, at your own peril and risk, you can try to turn off the headphone mode in the iPhone yourself at home. Choosing the method below, first analyze the previous manipulation with the phone and remove the cover.

  • Charging cable and reboot. The first thing to try is to connect the charging cable to the iPhone (without headphones), turn off the phone and turn it on again. If it does not help, then we do the same, but with the power adapter plugged into the outlet and instead of turning it off / on. apply a hard reboot.
  • Toothpick. If you practically did not use headphones, then iPhone connectors may be clogged, they can become clogged with pocket dust and even pieces of clothing, and contact contamination is also possible. In good lighting, consider the headphone jack and shrouded clean with a toothpick, as well as the charging connector, clean Lightning with a piece of paper. In addition to toothpicks, they use a corner of paper, a needle, a cotton swab, alcohol, the main thing is not to make it worse.
  • Vacuum cleaner. If the iPhone could fall into the snow, get wet, then the vacuum cleaner will help, in general, vacuum all the connectors. Thus, pulling moisture. If a lot of time has passed since the ingress of snow and water, then the contacts may oxidize and the vacuum cleaner will not help. With a vacuum cleaner, you can collect dust residues after a toothpick.
  • Reset. How to reset settings and content read here. “Reset to iPhone”
  • Hair dryer. In the case of water and snow, a hairdryer is sometimes used after the vacuum cleaner to dry the connectors.
  • Refrigerator. Well, the most frostbitten option is to put the iPhone in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.
  • Reader Tips. Some readers of this manual have suggested ways to solve the problem: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
How to Disconnect Headphones On Iphone 6s

All these methods helped people turn off the headphone mode in iPhone 4, 5, 5s 6, 7 and other models without resorting to the help of the service. The main thing is to do everything carefully without fanaticism and pressure. If you are afraid, then bring it to the SC. About which method helped you, write in the comments.