How To Disconnect Earphones On Huawei

To plug Bluetooth-Headphones to a smartphone are simple and its order is described in the article “How to connect a Bluetooth headset to a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?”.

But when connecting stereo headphones to a smartphone, certain difficulties may arise in pairing it with a mobile phone or in its further configuration. A similar problem is due to the fact that not all models of wireless headphones can work with music files.

How to pair Bluetooth stereo headphones with a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

As a rule, difficulties arise when configuring the protocol Bluetooth. Typically, a smartphone automatically pairs the Bluetooth protocol when paired.

Protocols used for headphones:

  • Hsp (Handset Profile) and Hfp (Hands free Profile). these are the profiles necessary for the normal operation of the Bluetooth mono headset,
  • A2DP and AVRCP used for stereo headphones.
  1. Protocol HSP (Handset Profile). provides the basic functionality necessary for the interaction of the smartphone and headset during telephone calls.
  2. HFP protocol (Hands free Profile). enhanced functionality compared to the HSP protocol, which are used to control a mobile phone from a station in the hands free car unit (“free hands”).
  3. Protocol A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). transmits stereo audio signals. It delivers much better sound quality than the mono sound used by HSP and HFP.
  4. Protocol AVRCP (Audio / Remote Control Profile). is used to transfer commands (for example, pause, play, go forward and backward) from the stereo headphone control unit to the smartphone.

Usually, at the first pairing, the procedure is as follows:

How to pair Bluetooth devices with a smartphone for the first time Huaewi (honor):

1. On your phone, turn on Bluetooth. To do this, swipe down the curtain of the Notification Panel from the top line of the screen down and on the Notification Panel, click on the “Bluetooth” icon.

2. With the stereo headphones turned off, press the power button and hold it for 10-20 seconds. At the beginning, the stereo headset will turn on and the LED indicator will turn on for 1-2 seconds, as a rule, in blue. After a while, while you hold the power button, the LED indicator will flash alternately, usually in two colors blue and red or blue and white. It is possible that the indicator lights up in continuous light. This means that the headset has switched to pairing mode in which it will be from 30 to 60 seconds.

3. On the phone, click on the “Search” icon.

After that, the smartphone will make a list of the Bluetooth devices it finds, ready to connect.

4. Next, on the smartphone screen in the list of detected devices, click on the icon of your headphones. After that, the headphones will be paired with the smartphone.

On some models of headphones, you may be asked to enter a password, type “0000” (four zeros) or another specified in the device’s instructions.

At the first pairing, the smartphone remembers the profile of the connected headphones and enters it into the list of connected Bluetooth devices.

How to pair Bluetooth devices with a smartphone Huaewi (honor), which was previously connected:

1. The next time you connect the headphones to the smartphone, it will be enough for you to turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone first

2. And then turn on the stereo headphones.

The smartphone itself will see that a Bluetooth device, previously included in its list, has appeared in the surrounding space and will automatically connect the stereo headphones to the smartphone.

What are the difficulties and how to eliminate them when connecting Bluetooth stereo headphones to a Huawei phone (Honor).

1 case. First of all, the headphones must be charged.

2 case. The smartphone cannot detect your headphones because they were excluded from the list of automatically connecting previously added Bluetooth devices. In this case, it is necessary to carry out manual pairing as during the first connection in the manner described above.

3 case. The smartphone connects Bluetooth-headphones, but the sound is mono and very poor quality, or does not indulge. This means that in the pairing settings of the smartphone with this device, only one HFP / HSP protocol is defined. And the protocol for transmitting A2DP stereo sound is not defined.

This could be due to the fact that during pairing on the air there could be interference that did not allow the devices to be tuned in precisely. Therefore, errors may appear in the recorded settings.

In this situation, there are 3 ways to troubleshoot the problem:

1 way: Turn both devices off and on again.

2 way: remove from the list of previously paired devices and perform pairing as when you first turned on:

A) To do this, go to the Bluetooth settings in the Smartphone Settings, for which you need to lower the curtain of the Notification Panel with a swipe from the top line of the screen down and on the Notification Panel, click on the “Bluetooth” icon and hold it for some time.

Notification bar. Press and hold the Bluetooth icon for a few seconds

B) Turn on Bluetooth, to do this, press the switch Enable Bluetooth at the top of the screen.

C) In the list of “CONNECTED DEVICES” opposite the name of your headphones, click on the icon i “ in a circle and holding it for 3-4 seconds to lower. So you will go to the “Paired Bluetooth device” section of your headphones.

D) Remove from the list of previously paired devices by clicking on the inscription “Cancel pairing”.

How To Disconnect Earphones On Huawei

Screen No. 1. turn on Bluetooth and enter the settings of the paired device. Screen 2. remove the paired device from the list.

E) Perform the pairing again as at the first power-up described in the paragraph “Procedure for the first pairing of Bluetooth devices with the HUAWEI smartphone (honor)”.

3 way: If methods 1 and 2 did not help, then all that remains is to return to the factory settings.

Some headphones have such a function for resetting all settings and returning to the factory settings described in the instruction manual.

The following is the text of the response of the Chief Editor of the site about headphones ( to the question about the specifics of pairing Bluetooth headphones with a smartphone:

Bluetooth is an interface, i.e. software and hardware that runs at the lowest level and provides physical data transfer from one device to another.

A profile is a purely software solution that determines the functionality of a device. The A2DP profile allows you to transmit a stereo signal, i.e. listen to music. If the wireless headphones do not support the A2DP profile, but you can’t listen to music on them, you can only make voice calls for which the Hands free, Headset profiles are responsible.

A codec is a method of encoding and decoding transmitted data. In headphones, for listening to music, the following codecs are now used:

  1. SBC is the simplest and most universal codec. If the headphones have an A2DP profile, then they necessarily support the SBC codec. This is a basic codec, all other codecs are optional.
  2. AAC. This codec transmits music with slightly better quality than SBC.
  3. aptX. this codec delivers music with much better quality than SBC and with slightly better quality than AAC. Manufacturers claim that aptX is similar in quality to conventional CB quality, but this is marketing. Although the quality is quite good and without specially prepared music tracks in the blind testing mode, not everyone distinguishes the sound of a CD from aptX.
  4. Aptx HD is a more advanced version of the aptX codec, it differs in that it transfers more information per second of time, i.e. the sound becomes a little more dense.
  5. LDAC. today it is the most advanced codec for transmitting music via Bluetooth. Its qualities are indistinguishable from CD. The problem is that this codec is owned by Sony and not all third-party manufacturers license it to integrate it into their phones.

The process of determining the profile of the connected device is automatic. In manual mode, you can turn it off and on again, but only if the phone and headphones agreed upon during the connection that they both support the A2DP profile. If during a connection (a service data transfer session between devices that transmit information to each other about supported interfaces, profiles and codecs), the devices do not agree on mutual support of the A2DP profile, then it is impossible to turn it on manually. At least in the standard phone interface. Perhaps in developer mode this can be done forcibly, but I do not recommend using it without urgent need. “