How To Disassemble Sony Headphones

There are several different ways to fix your headphones at home.. In some cases, this can be done without even having any tools at hand (for example, repairing broken wires without a soldering iron).

In this article, we briefly consider all the main options for fixing headphones (a more detailed repair with a soldering iron is described in the article: how to properly solder the headphones).

How to fix a wire

How To Disassemble Sony Headphones
  • Is it possible to fix the headphones at home? In 90% of cases it is possible. (the membrane may still be faulty, “the speaker itself”, but this is very rare)
  • And if possible, how to repair the headphones? There are many methods, it all depends on the breakdown. The most common are broken wires. The simplest and most obvious solution method is soldering. But there are other solutions.
  • How much does it cost to fix the headphones? In adequate service centers from 2-20.
  • Which is better: home repair or service center? If you did not hold a soldering iron in your hands, you do not have it, you do not want to waste time and are afraid of a chance to ruin everything, then it is better to take it to specialists. It is inexpensive and usually fast. If everything is exactly the opposite, on the contrary, there is a soldering iron, you all know how and want &# 128526; , then of course it is worth repairing at home and with your own hands, it is also fast and free.

Headphones can be repaired now almost anywhere. But it’s worth starting the search with service centers. The easiest way to find on the official website of the manufacturer. Usually the repair section (service centers and the like) is immediately visible, just select your city.

In addition, of course, headphones can be repaired anywhere with the sign "repair of mobile phones." Most of these masters take on the repair of headphones, and it will cost less than in a licensed service center. But, most often, the quality of work will be lower. without guarantees.

  1. How to fix earphonesGeneral recommendations ⭐
  2. How to fix wireless bluetooth headphones
  3. One earphone not working (one ear). How to fix.
  4. Headphone repair with microphone (from phone)
  5. How to ring headphones with a multimeter
  6. How to fix headphones of different designs. Large, vacuum, liners, gaming.
  7. How to repair different headphones. Different manufacturers. On examples.

1. How to fix the headphones

Repairing headphones at home is often not as difficult as it sounds. Especially if it’s an inexpensive wired model. Even a soldering iron is not necessary, but “straight” hands are needed. To begin, consider the general logic of how to “fix” headphones.

  1. Identify the cause of the problem. Manually or with equipment.
  2. We disassemble the headphones. Entirely or pointwise.
  3. We make the necessary repairs.
  4. Check performance.
  5. We collect, use.

The algorithm is understandable, below we will analyze in more detail. And then we will consider some cases separately.

Soldering 4 wires to a 3-pin plug

3.3 Connector Repair. This does not apply to fixing headphones as such, but the information may come in handy. All that can be done with the connector at home is to clean it. We do not recommend disassembling the source and soldering contacts, everything can be very tricky inside. How to clean the connector can be found in the article on the "drying" of headphones. The logic is the same: gently blow out or “pick out” dirt with a toothpick or napkin.

  • If possible, check whether it was possible to repair the headphones., necessary before you collect them. This is logical: if something is not soldered, it will be heard immediately. You can finish it without disassembling anything again.
  • Assembling headphones is usually not more difficult than disassembling. Sometimes you have to stick something (for example, ear pads or cases). The main thing is not to lose spare parts (like screws) and remember that in what order it was disassembled.
  • How to fix a headphone wire. video

    Video: How To Disassemble Sony Headphones

    How to repair a headphone plug. video

    How to fix a connector. video

    2. How to fix wireless bluetooth headphones

    Repairing bluetooth headphones is not much different from repairing wired ones, the general instructions discussed above are quite suitable. But in wireless headphones, the breakdown can also be in the electronic "stuffing" (Bluetooth-module, DAC, battery). We do not recommend repairing these parts yourself.

    If you did not find a wire break (between the headphones), then it is better to take them to a service center.

    Another option how to repair wireless headphones at home is to clean them. This applies to “gags” and inserts. Carefully remove the sound guide’s mesh, if you need to disassemble the case in half (in both cases you will have to use glue for reassembling), clean it with air, a toothpick or a cotton swab / napkin with alcohol. Read more about the analysis, cleaning and repair of Bluetooth headphones (and not only) in our specialized article.

    3. One earphone (one ear) does not work. how to fix it

    If one of the headphones does not work, then you can fix them as described above. We check that the problem is in the cable at the case or inside it. If one of the two is true, then the repair will be quite simple. But if the damage is in the emitter itself, then most likely it will not work to fix the idle earphone on its own. We definitely do not recommend it.

    For example, I’ve started to move the wire in my favorite headphones. One “ear” does not work, respectively, the headphones must be repaired. That’s just the hand until it rises to disassemble. But it’s time. &# 128521;

    4. Repair headphones with a microphone (from the phone)

    You can fix headphones with a microphone (from the phone or not) according to the instructions above with a couple of nuances. There is a different number of wires in the cable and contacts on the plug (2 additional wires in the microphone cable and 1 contact on the plug), it is important to understand where to solder them. Also, you need to have an idea about the microphone operation device and the control panel on the cable in the headset.

    Headphone repair with microphone. video

    5. How to ring the headphones with a multimeter

    Headphones (contacts) can be dialed both on the plug and directly on the wire itself. For this:

    1. Set the dialing mode on the multimeter.
    2. Attach one probe to the contact on the plug that is responsible for the ground (we examined the device of different types of plugs in more detail here), and apply the other one to the remaining contacts and follow the multimeter.
    3. Normally, the resistance on each of the headphones should be about 30-35 ohms (depending on the cable). If the multimeter shows 1 on any contact, the resistance is too high, the circuit is broken, in other words, it is necessary to look for a break point on this wire.

    How to check the headphones with a multimeter. video

    6. How to fix headphones of different designs (form factors)

    6.1 How to fix full-size (large) headphones?

    You can fix large (full-size or overhead) headphones as described in the basic instructions above. The only thing is that the cable break can be inside the bowl, then it will need to be disassembled, and there are nuances. They are described in our special article.

    It is also important to carefully remove the ear pads. Sometimes it may seem that they are glued, and they can be removed much easier. It is only necessary to study from all sides. &# 128521;

    6.2 How to fix vacuum earphones?

    Vacuum headphone repair also follows the general logic of the main instructions above. But here you no longer have to unscrew the screws, but cut the housings at the seams. Accordingly, you will also need to collect it with glue.

    On the cases you can always find a seam, it must be carefully cut with a thin knife or scalpel. And then divide by it. In more detail. in a separate article. If your vacuum headphones have cable damage, then there are no differences from the basic instructions.

    6.3 Earphone repair

    Repair of liners is no different from the repair of "plugs". General logic is the main instruction, the nuances are described a little higher. The liners do not have cylindrical sound guides, but disassembling the housings will also require a knife.

    6.4 Repairing gaming headphones

    Gaming headphones are basically full-size models with a microphone. Accordingly, it is worth referring to the instructions above. Here it is especially important to mark contacts so as not to confuse what to solder.

    7. How to repair different headphones

    7.1 How to fix earphones from iPhone?

    AirPods or EarPods

    Apple earphones can be repaired if it is Earpods. But Airpods is not worth trying to repair manually. They are not particularly repairable. But Apple wired liners can be repaired. It is enough to follow the basic instructions. And on the features of how to parse EarPods there is a lot of information in our other article.

    How to fix headphones from iPhone. video

    7.2 How to fix JBL headphones?

    JBL has a wide range of headphones, how to fix them depends on the design. All the nuances are described above. The easiest way to follow the basic instructions. In addition, do not forget that most JBL headphones are wireless, and you can fix them as described above.

    How to fix headphones (earphone wire) JBL T450BT. video

    7.3 How to fix Samsung headphones?

    Samsung headphone repair can be safely done according to the basic instructions above. There are few models, less popular ones. The video below shows how to fix (disassemble) the Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones. They are surprisingly easy to disassemble. For a fully wireless model.

    How to repair Smasung Galaxy Buds headphones. video

    7.4 How to repair Sony headphones?

    But Sony has a wide range of headphones, There are options with and without wire, but the repair does not fundamentally differ from the main instructions. Except for the most expensive models. But in principle, you should not try to repair them yourself.

    How to fix Sony headphones. video

    For example, Sony MDR-ZX110AP

    7.5 Xiaomi headphone repair

    I think it’s not even worth mentioning that Xiaomi has many options for headphones (and far from just headphones, down to socks &# 128521; ) Consider Xiaomi headphone repair on the example of Xiaomi AirDots