How to disassemble iPhone 7 at home

Clean the iphone 7 speakers with a toothbrush or tape

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You can also use a soft bristled toothbrush for cleaning. The ports should be cleaned with light strokes. This should remove dust and dirt from the holes.

You can also roll up small pieces of tape so that the side with the glue is facing outward.

Then roll them in sequence to the speaker holes. The adhesive surface should wipe off all dirt and dust.

Clean the speaker on iPhone 7 with compressed air

Phones attract dust much more than other objects. This is due to the electromagnetic field generated by the devices.

To get rid of dust and particles from the speaker, it is good to stock up on a can of compressed air and direct the nozzle horizontally to the holes.

Quiet speaker during calls on IPHONE 7

Very often, iPhone 7 users complain about the top earpiece. During a call, the caller / person who is calling us can be heard very quietly, despite setting the maximum volume using the side buttons.

The problem is often not with the loudspeaker but with replacing the top mesh from the loudspeaker.

It is recommended to clean the speaker mesh with a brush or compressed air at least once a month to avoid similar problems in the future.

It is very important to carry out all maintenance professionally and not damage the LCD during repair.

Contrary to its appearance, a lot of dirt can collect in the speaker. You cannot avoid this without stubs.

It happens that even the most efficient equipment fails. In the case of the iPhone 7, it sometimes gets damaged.

As a result, we do not hear the interlocutor in the telephone or voice communication. It also happens that other sounds are incomprehensible.

In this situation, you can try to diagnose and repair yourself.

Clean the iphone 7 speakers by disassembling

Dirt, dust, water and iron filings are attracted by a magnet, as well as mechanical damage.

All this affects the iPhone 7. After all, a speaker is not only a telephone receiver, where we hear our interlocutor.

It is also multimedia and speakerphone. A similar situation applies to microphones installed in the iPhone. In the latest models, it can be three or even four microphones.

If the sound is still quiet despite the highest volume, make sure the speaker grill is clean.

To do this, the easiest way is to take a cosmetic stick (for example, for the ears), moisten it with alcohol, squeeze it well, make it wet, but not wet, and wipe the speaker surface.

Sometimes the speaker works, but the sound comes out like clicks. In this case, the membrane, which is made of very thin foil, is likely to be damaged.

In older models, the membrane is rather strongly affected by external conditions. metal filings were attracted by the speaker magnet, cutting and destroying the membrane film.

In the iPhone 7, the earpiece is housed in a plastic case with an output channel, but despite this, it continues to wear out and be damaged. In case of sound quality problems, the speaker should be replaced with a new one.

There may also be another issue related to the lack of communication on the motherboard, which is achieved with the speaker flex tape, but also recording microphone sound in speakerphone and FaceTime video camera.

Unfortunately, in this case it is necessary to check the cause of the malfunction by trial and error by placing new elements and testing the device. If such a problem occurs, you should look forward to a replacement cable.

Only you are unlikely to dare to replace the train yourself. In the service, the time of such repairs should not exceed 30-60 minutes.

If it is necessary to replace the module together with the microphones, the repair time depends on the model. For iPhone 6S, including Plus models, the repair time should not exceed 30-60 minutes, but for models 7 and above, the repair time is about 2-3 hours.

How to clean your iPhone 7 earpiece and earpiece by yourself. dust, dirt or water cage

The iPhone 7 debuted on September 16. Since then, various experts have subjected the smartphone to various extreme tortures.

It even turned out that, despite Apple’s promises, it is not waterproof, but despite many negative statements, the phone is on sale.

However, the latest messages, potentially unpleasant for Apple, could make the iPhone 7 unpopular.

It turns out that a fairly large group of iPhone 7 Plus users are complaining about the sound quality during phone calls.

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus users claim that the sound coming from the speaker is severely distorted. Decreasing the volume helps to cope with the problem, but this is a temporary solution.

Of course, not only does a lot of dirt accumulate in the ports of the iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus, but it can easily get into the ear or speaker (loudspeaker) speaker. In these places, dust and dirt collects, as a rule, from the s of our trousers.

Fortunately, the service is not required for you, and you can independently clean the iPhone 7 speakers from dust, dirt and even water at home.

Below are the different options for cleaning the front and bottom speaker, from simple to complex. Everyone can choose the best option for themselves.

ATTENTION: you will not believe, but there is an application that can clean the speaker. it applies the sound of a special frequency. Try it. here is the description.

Use a toothpick to clean the speaker in iphone 7

Toothpicks Are Helpful Tools In Dealing With Dirty iPhone Speakers.

Just like with everything else, you have to be careful with them, ensuring that you don’t press too hard on the thin grate.

Use the tip of a toothpick to gently wipe the speaker by dragging any dirt around the edges where you can pick it.

You should be able to chunk off pieces of dirt, although if this is difficult you can slightly dampen the tip of a toothpick.

Be careful not to chip the toothpick, creating even more clutter on your iPhone.

Use a toothpick to gently brush into the dirt. However, you must be extremely careful when wetting a toothpick, as the liquid can very easily end up behind bars and cause irreparable damage.

How to protect your iphone 7 speaker from dust and dirt

Most of the available cases have a notch for the phone speaker, so they don’t affect the sound quality.

People who often carry smartphones in their s or keep them in dusty places can opt for a unique case.

Despite the fact that the speaker in the case is closed, the cover does not affect the quality of the music and information signals being played.

The extremely elegant Wood Cases are made from high quality woods and are available in a smooth and engraved version. Success.

How to reflash a found or locked iphone

A locked or found iphone can be fixed in the same way as described above. Only you can expect a very unpleasant surprise, and possibly a tragic one.

The fact is that in a locked iPhone (the blocking of restrictions is not taken into account. it is easy to remove it) the “Find Iphone” function can be enabled, and without knowing the account data and ID you will not be able to disable it.

Even services refuse to accept such devices for flashing. In the official service center, this service can be turned off, but they will require documents to confirm that this is your phone, and this service is not free.

Step four. reflash the iPhone yourself via dfu

To do this, first connect your device to your computer. The second is to turn off the device.

Hold the power button for 3 seconds, then press the Home button without releasing the power button for 10 seconds.

Release the power button, but continue to hold the Home button until iTunes informs you that it has found a device in recovery mode.

Further actions, as when flashing through Recovery Mode.

NOTE: There is no home button on the iPhone 7. Therefore, after connecting, press and hold the “Power” button and without releasing it, hold down “Volume Down” and hold both buttons for 10 seconds. If the logo appears (picture below), then the buttons were held for too long. repeat the process.

If the display stays black and iTunes displays a message stating that a device has been found in recovery mode, then you’ve put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Use this method if the flashing through Recovery Mode for some reason did not work.

How to reflash any iphone yourself at home

Why did you suddenly decide to reflash your iphone 5s, iphone 4s, iphone 6, iphone 5, iphone 4, iphone 7, iphone 6s, iphone se, iphone 3gs or another, now is not the time to find out.

There are many reasons: your iPhone may be locked, found, and so on. The main thing here is calmness and the right approach. so I will describe everything step by step.

From the first lines I also want to reassure you, if something goes wrong, for example, the files are unpacked, and the installation will not work, do not panic.

You just have to go to the service, where this process will be completed with the help of more advanced tools.

Re-flashing in the service is not expensive. depending on the region, it fluctuates between 5-10.

The main purpose of this post is how to reflash an American iphone, although I think I’ll write about a Chinese device too.

Step two. reflash the iPhone yourself via a computer, via iTunes

As you have already noticed, you need a computer (laptop) and a cable to connect the PC to the iPhone. I think you have it.

Then if not yet, download the iTunes program from here, install and connect the computer to the phone, but do not turn it on, unless you want to make a copy, which will never hurt to recover from a flashing failure.

It is advisable to place the downloaded iOS on the computer desktop so as not to search for a long time, although this does not affect the process itself, wherever it is.

We have completed the initial stage, we move on to the second. set up the iPhone for flashing.

Since I have already mentioned the iPhone 5 above, I will use it as an example, but on other devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and so on, everything happens the same way, except for entering DFU mode.

Step one. completely reflash any iphone yourself at home

To flash any iPhone you definitely need the firmware you want to install.

Where to get it. Below there are two sites where you can download any official firmware, just be sure to find out the exact name of your iphone and select the appropriate firmware.


By the way, if you, for example, have an iPhone 5, then there are several firmwares for it. I recommend choosing the latest 10.3.3 right away and paying special attention to the modifications of GSM and CDMA (if, for example, a phone with CDMA communication, then GSM will not be installed).

Install iphone 5 or iphone 5s with iOS 11, do not even try. it will not pull it because of the processor installed in it.

Step three. reflash the iPhone yourself

ATTENTION: be sure to charge the battery to 100%, otherwise you can be very sorry (if the battery cannot withstand you will have to open the device).

NOTE: Before flashing, be sure to disable the “Find Iphone” function.

Now, for flashing, you need to enter Recovery Mode or DFU on the iPhone. One won’t work use the second.

To use Recovery Mode, turn off the iPhone completely, then connect it with a cable to a computer or laptop while holding the Home button.

Now launch iTunes and wait for iTunes to find the iphone. If the “Restore” window appears, click “OK”.

If the message does not appear, select “Restore iPhone” while holding down the Shift key.

A window will appear in which you need to specify where the firmware is located. We indicate the firmware file that you should have already downloaded, and I recommended that you put it on your desktop. Select and click “Open”.

This stops your intervention. iTunes will do everything itself. At the final stage, we disconnect the cable and turn on the iPhone as usual.

I hope the flashing was successful, and if not, it’s certainly sad, but there is another option. through DFU.

How to reflash iphone without computer and without iTunes

To reflash the iPhone without iTunes, that is, there is no possibility with the phone’s tools. you can only update the device using the iCloud storage, or rather restore it, if, of course, a copy is stored there.

For this, you will definitely need the Internet to the Internet, preferably via Wi-Fi, since a large amount of data will be transmitted and it is better if it is high-speed.

It is even more difficult to reflash without a computer. all this is done for security purposes. You can also restore iPhone without iTunes using CopyTrans Shelbee.

She is also able to store data, and later move it to the iPhone (you need to create a backup file with contacts, messages, photos, videos, settings, and so on)

How to reflash a Chinese iPhone

The Chinese are known to counterfeit everything that catches their eye. including iPhones. Apple says they infringe on patent by copying case design.

Their copies look so similar that consumers may not see the difference, but this is only in appearance. inside they use the developments of the Android, only the firmware itself is installed from the iPhone.

Before flashing a Chinese iPhone, you first need to choose the right one. this is very important.

Next, you need to download the program. Flash Tool to your computer. After installation, you need to run it as administrator, click on “Scatter loading” and specify the path to the sketch file. this is the “txt” file.

After clicking “Open”, select “Download” and connect the phone to the computer using a cable, while holding the “Home” button on the phone.

When you see a red line in the program, release the Home key. After that, a purple line will appear, and then a yellow one, which will indicate the start of the flashing.

When finished, you will see a message that the firmware has been successfully installed. Now, shut everything off and start your Chinese iPhone. Success.

The vagaries of iPhone repair

In principle, Apple’s basic policy is focused on the fact that it is better to replace, rather than repair in the field, a damaged gadget.

Anyone who addresses the problem of a broken screen will first of all be offered the opportunity to replace the broken iPhone with a new one. with an additional charge. Instead of a broken one, you get a factory tested gadget that meets high quality standards, with a full cycle of a one-year warranty.

Please note that in the event of any intervention (not by authorized center employees). during the warranty period, you automatically lose the ability to replace the iPhone with a new one (with a surcharge). This is the main condition of this program.

Therefore, even a broken smartphone should not be opened. He will then be sent to the manufacturer. to perform professional repairs and complete restoration of all settings, in accordance with the standards of the enterprise.

What do you get when you contact a third-party service center? In the best case. a couple of months. for a second call for free, with an unpredictable result. And all this for about the same money as when exchanging with a surcharge, plus you can forget about the manufacturer’s warranty.

In general, replacing the broken glass of the screen is a very scrupulous business. Often, service centers offer to change the entire screen module at once. And with the right “donors”, you know, it’s still stressful. smartphones are new. A large number of original spare parts (or their counterfeit equivalents) should appear only by the end of January-February 2017. And they will cost 20-30 thousand rubles.

But how then to be? Do not pay almost half the cost of a gadget to replace the display. And besides, it is not known how successful the replacement procedure will be. Nobody guarantees you the same high performance as the working original.

And again, damage to damage is different. If the “seven” has a crack on the display, just temporarily close it by sticking any protective film, it will protect from further depressurization and simultaneously strengthen weak points.

In cases where the screen is cracked in many places after the fall, but continues to work, the touch “Home” responds adequately to commands. it makes sense to try to replace only the glass. We recommend not to postpone the trip to the workshop, as microscopic debris can damage the matrix. And then you will have to change it, and this will definitely cost a pretty penny.

The main problem here is that it is very difficult to remove the glass and reattach it, avoiding the appearance of uneven adhesion to the screen. Even professionals don’t always get it right. In this regard, we strongly recommend not to engage in amateur performances, but to contact verified offices.

Also, to carry out such work, you will need special glue and a whole list of additional devices and materials, which are not advisable to purchase for a one-time procedure. So you shouldn’t experiment, like “it won’t work,” on such an expensive device as the iPhone.

And it’s better not to save money, and replace the entire display module in the assembly. You can easily cope with this procedure yourself. That’s just for now, the problem is to find a spare part as close as possible to the original. If you are lucky enough to get a new display module, you can try to dismantle the old one, and reassemble the smartphone as “Lego”. How to do it. see further.

IPhone 7 glass replacement at home

Despite the fact that the new Apple flagships, starting in 2016, have become dust and water resistant, this did not save them from other mechanical damage. Shattered display glass tops the top 10.
As ill luck would have it, the weighty iPhone accelerates onto the fragile display, not the solid metal back. No matter how strong and hardened the glass is, it cannot tolerate close contact with asphalt (concrete). And a line of frustrated users goes to the workshops, whose devices have lost in the battle of technology against Earth’s gravity.

ALGorithm for self-replacement screen iPhone 7

If this does not scare you, and, most importantly, you managed to find a suitable donor (or a new spare part), you can try to install it yourself. There is nothing extra-complicated about it.

Disassembling the sealed iPhone 7 is a little more difficult than its predecessors. his joints are glued with a special insulating compound. To facilitate the process, we recommend that you warm them up a little with a hair dryer to soften the glue joints. Next, you need to unscrew the two bolts near the only lightning port with a special star screwdriver.

Walk around the perimeter of the joint under the top panel of the screen with any suitable object (a plastic spatula, for example), starting from the area near the port. This will allow you to peel off and detach the side latches, then gently pry up and slowly begin to detach the top of the screen from the case. Do not make sudden movements. this can damage the latches and thin connecting cables that power the display.

We draw your attention to the fact that new iPhones open like a book. Therefore, when disconnecting, you need to move from the port. and along the left edge (on the side opposite to the camera window).

Now our task is to unscrew a lot of bolts on the strips that protect the loops. We remove them in the places marked with arrows and unfasten the trains with a spatula. To avoid a short circuit, it is imperative to de-energize the system by disconnecting the loop coming from the battery! Then detach the cable leading to the camera and speaker.
After that, you can completely remove the top of the screen. Now it’s time to mount a new replacement module. in the photo it is on the left. We need to transfer the camera, the top speaker and the “Home” button from the native device to it.

Carefully remove the tape securing the connecting wires and the bright protective film from it, then remove the speaker and camera module from the home part of the screen (on the right in the photo). To do this, unscrew the screws marked in the photo below, and, pushing the camera cable away, take out the ear speaker, then carefully disconnect the rest of the camera cables and pull it out. This is what should happen. Now it’s time to dismantle the home button “Home” from the broken display module. Again, we unscrew the screws at the marked points, disconnect the cables and take out our unique button (it will fall out by itself. in the direction opposite to you). The cover plate can be removed from the broken display. Unscrew the screws again at the points indicated in the photo. Unfasten the connecting cables and remove the cover. Now you need to rearrange “Home” on the new display module. Turn it over and reinsert the Home button, pushing the factory protective film off the screen. Connect the cables to it and reassemble all the parts in the reverse order. We remind the sequence of installing the camera module and speaker. First, the camera is inserted into the opening, then the speaker (with the golden side up), and then the contacts are connected. Finally, rearrange the metal protective strip, connect the screen cable. Do not forget to screw in all the screws! In fact, this is not an easy task. after all, they are all different sizes. In order not to lose and not get confused, it is better to lay them out on a sheet of paper, along the way making notes where they are from.

Do not use too much force when screwing them back in, as excessive pressure will apply pressure and may damage the board components or the screen itself.

That’s it, our screen unit is assembled and ready for final installation. After inserting the side latches into the grooves, fasten the cables back, the last will be the power cable. At this stage, you need to check the functionality of the installed module. Press the power button and check that the start-up proceeds normally. Examine the screen for dead pixels or blackouts. Check whether the Home button responds correctly to pressing, whether the application lists are scrolling in the menu, whether the camera starts, test the sound. If everything is fine, turn off the device and continue assembling. We fasten the protective pads to the connection points of the cables. first the ones above the power supply, then the ones near the camera, then put the halves of the smartphone together, starting to snap them. Control the pressure, you should not press hard. It remains to screw in two pentalobe screws and that’s it. It is clear that after the procedure, your device will lose its tightness. But with a strong desire, it can be restored, many centers already offer such services.

Calm down! Here, get up on Pikuk

To know exactly what is happening with the body, the Picooc company (read as pikUk) offers several models of smart electronic scales, Picooc S3 and Picooc Mini, which determine as many as 12 biometric parameters of a person:

The weight
2. BMI (body mass index)
3. Total percentage of adipose tissue
4. Visceral fat index
6. The rate of general metabolism
7. Total muscle mass
8. Skeletal muscle mass
9. Bone mass
10. Percentage of water content
11. Body type
12. Biological age

No, do you understand? You just need to stand with bare feet on the scales and in a few seconds all this data will appear on the screen of your smartphone.

If it’s not cool, then I don’t know what else you can surprise.

All the data obtained instantly becomes available in the iPhone application (download in the App Store). statistics of changes are kept, according to the weighing results, points are given in the program, beautiful and motivating graphs and recommendations are shown.

If you don’t have an iPhone, it doesn’t matter: there is an application for Android smartphones too, here at this link.

When you first start the application, you need to enter your parameters (height, weight, age), and follow the prompts on the smartphone screen for a successful connection with the scales.

An interesting point: one of the parameters at the stage of setting the weights. the choice of ethnicity. you can choose between European, Mongoloid, Hispanic and Negroid.

This is an important parameter, because depending on the racial characteristics of the body structure, the calculation aLGorithms change, showing more accurate information about the owner.

The principle of measurement of most body parameters with Picooc balances is based on passing very weak and safe electric currents through the body.

The calculation of the ratio of fat, bone tissue and water is based on the analysis of the transmission rate and the percentage of impulse losses: adipose tissue “muffles” the signal, while water and muscles conduct it much better.

Why Picooc is a smart scale?

The Picooc company only specializes in the production of “smart” scales. over the past 4 years, more than 3,000,000 of these devices have already been sold worldwide.

The closest competitor is Xiaomi with its Mi Smart Scales, but even in comparison with them, Picooc can offer the user much more useful functions and “goodies”:

  • convenient application
  • taking into account the racial characteristics of the physique
  • setting goals for weight loss or gain
  • recommendations for achieving goals
  • detailed analysis of health status in Russian
  • Compatible with Apple and Google Health Ecosystems
  • autodetection of the user if several people use the gadget

In controlling your weight, it is important to weigh yourself regularly, and the Picooc application will remind you to weigh yourself according to the set schedule using push notifications on the iPhone.

After several sessions, the application will generate statistics, on the basis of which you can monitor the dynamics of changes in your body and receive useful recommendations.

iPhone 7 Teardown and Reassemble Guide.

I got 2 models for the test, which differ in size, color and capabilities:

Picooc Mini. a comfortable and compact scale, the base is made of impact-resistant plastic, the upper platform, on which you need to stand up with your feet, is smooth, made of tempered glass.

The dimensions of this mini version of the smart scale are 25.9×2.2×25.9 cm; weight. 1.1 kg. Available in 2 color versions: white and black. The LED screen is built-in under the tempered glass, so that the luminous numbers and the indicator of connection to the smartphone are well readable in any light.

Picooc S3 is a bathroom scale for people with long feet. The dimensions of this gadget are 34.2×25.9×2.3 cm; weight. 1.5 kg. Available in white only. Ideal for a large family where everyone cares about their health.

In addition to external differences, Picooc Mini and Picooc S3 differ in connection methods: the mini version connects only to a smartphone and only via Bluetooth.

And the S3 can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network just once, and then you just need to open the application on the iPhone to get the latest data at any time, while in the range of your home Wi-Fi network.

How to measure your belly at home in 3 seconds

21st century. the century of a healthy lifestyle: diet, sports, that’s all.

One of the most important accessories for keeping track of your body is a scale. Sometimes the whole life in the apartment revolves around this magical device: a little something. more likely to be weighed!

After all, “I ate a fried sesame seed after 18.00 and I feel how my cheeks are getting fat!”

I need it? Yes!

Regular weighing helps to build the right diet and exercise. It is especially important to control the percentage of fat. after all, when losing weight, the body tends to replace part of the burned fat with water.

Picooc smart scales are convenient for the whole family to use, because the application can store data for 10 users.

In the everyday struggle for a beautiful body, the smart scales Picooc Mini and Picooc S3 will become an indispensable assistant for both an experienced athlete and an ordinary person who wants to be fit and slim.


The most extraordinary and even inhumane method is the use of chewing gum. First you need to chew it and make it soft. Then you need to attach it to the mesh covering the speaker. All the dirt will eventually stick to the gum, but it is best to clean the speaker first with a needle, then with a brush, and only then use the gum.

  • How to clean your phone speaker at home
  • How to dry your phone
  • How to make your phone speaker louder


There is a heavier and more extreme option. to use an ordinary needle to clean the speaker. This method is suitable for cautious users, as caution is the most important thing.

A needle will help where a toothbrush cannot cope, that is, in cases where dirt gets into the speaker or hardens. To clean the speaker, you need to carefully puncture the layer of dirt, and then fluff up the dirt by running a needle over it.

Speaker cleaning rules

Before you start repairing your phone and cleaning its speaker, you need to understand a few rules that must be followed:

  • You need to clean the phone without haste, carefully performing all the actions.
  • All parts of the mobile device must be directly in front of the user and at a safe distance for him. This is very important, because otherwise some small parts and parts may not be neatly or moved from their place, or thrown off the table on the floor.
  • Special knowledge is not required when cleaning the phone speaker, but it is important to understand the essence of the repair process.
  • Be patient while working.

Keeping the rules in mind, you can start cleaning the speaker of your mobile device.

Basic methods of cleaning your phone speaker

How to clean your phone speaker at home


Every home has toothbrushes, and it is they that will be useful to a person in order to clean the speaker of a mobile gadget. However, it is important to remember that the brush used for this should not be very stiff. Using a stiff brush is likely to damage the mesh that covers the speaker. When using a toothbrush, you do not need to disassemble the phone at all, so this method is effective and efficient.

All you need to do to clean the speaker is to take an old and unnecessary toothbrush and gently brush it over the speaker mesh several times. This will help the bristles drive dust out of the speaker mesh.

How to finish cleaning the speaker

After the speaker has been cleaned, it is necessary to clean it completely with hydrogen peroxide. To do this, you need to take a cotton swab, moisten it a little and wipe the speaker with it. At the same time, it is important to moisten the stick a little so that peroxide does not drip from it.

How to disassemble iPhone 5

This manual describes in detail how to disassemble iPhone 5. We strongly do not recommend doing this at home. But if you nevertheless took a chance, then make sure in the correct sequence of actions. If not, contact a qualified technician. The device is complicated and expensive, it would not be very pleasant to spoil it.

Free consultation! Free diagnostics! Warranty for work!

Select a partition: td Apple products

Repair iPhone iPad repair iPod repair MacBook repair iMac repair Dr. Apple products

We can fix all Apple equipment ☎ 7 (812) 953-94-11

  • special pentalob screwdriver;
  • sucker;
  • plastic spatula.

It should be warned that during the disassembly of the device the following problem is not uncommon: the side edges are scratched, showing the true metallic color. To avoid gray stripes on a black background, you need to be especially careful and attentive.

Unscrew 2 screws with a five-sided slot located on the bottom of the case, on the sides of the “Lighting” charging connector.

iPhone 7 Take Apart Repair Guide. RepairsUniverse

The display is connected to the motherboard via a connector. You should unscrew the screws, and later use a plastic spatula to completely separate the two halves of the phone. with a display and with a “filling”.

Important! All subsequent manipulations should be carried out in a clean space, after washing your hands. Any contamination inside the device can lead to some kind of disruption in its operation in the future.

To avoid electric shock, disconnect the battery at this point. We unscrew the screws, disconnect the connector, pry the battery with a plastic spatula. It is not glued with the strongest glue, but there will still be little resistance.

Disconnect the motherboard by carefully unscrewing the bolts from the case. We take it out carefully.

Almost every component on the mat. the board is bolted. We untwist and remove the camera module.

The A6 processor is under a silvery film, gently tear it off.

Unscrew the 8-pin Lighting port, along with the headset jack, speaker, Wi-Fi antenna and one of the microphones.

We put the parts and the body of this half aside, proceed to the analysis of the part with the display.

The voice speaker looks like this. Removable with a screwdriver.

The Home button is reinforced with a new bracket. Disconnect.

Unscrew the metal plate.

That’s all. This iPhone 5 can be considered completely disassembled.

How to disassemble iPhone 6 at home

Disassembling an iPhone by yourself is the fastest and most reliable way to get rid of the warranty, but sometimes you have to go to extreme measures. I would like to note, just in case, that if a problem occurs, it is best to contact Apple technical support, where they will most likely help you.

If you feel competent enough and want to disassemble the iPhone 6 yourself, and are also ready to forget about warranty service, this article is for you.

You don’t need to have a lot of tools to disassemble an iPhone 6, here is a list of everything you need:

Screwdriwer set
Plastic spatula

I warn you, it is very dangerous to disassemble Apple devices. one wrong move, and you will end up with a brick worth several hundred dollars. You should not take on this business if you are not confident in your own abilities, as well as in the need for surgery.

IPhone 6 disassembly step-by-step:

  • 1. Disconnect iPhone 6.
  • 2. Remove the screws on either side of the Lightning port. There are a lot of screws of different sizes in the device, please mark them.
  • 3. Using a plastic spatula, gently pry the LCD display on several sides, then use a suction cup to gently detach it from the front panel. Do not damage the motherboard ribbon.
  • 4. Remove the 5 screws that secure the motherboard ribbon cable to the shield.
  • 5. Disconnect the motherboard ribbon cable from the screen using a plastic spatula.
  • 6. Remove the battery. On iPhone, it is glued to the back, but the glue is not too strong, so the battery can be easily removed.
  • 7. Remove the 2 screws that secure the metal cover of the battery connector and built-in speaker.
  • 8. Unscrew the 3 screws near the Home button.
  • 9. Lift the connector of the Home button and gently pull the Home button out.
  • 10. Remove the 2 screws that secure the metal cover of the main speaker and front camera.
  • 11. Eliminate the front camera and main speaker.
  • 12. Unscrew the 6 screws on the side panel.
  • 13. Lift the connectors and remove the SIM card slot.
  • 14. Unscrew the 2 screws that block the metal covering above the cable of the power button and volume buttons.
  • 15. Unscrew the 10 screws that secure the motherboard, pay attention to the hidden 2 screws under the black part at the top.
  • 16. Lift the ribbon connecting the power button to the motherboard.
  • 17. Unscrew the screw at the top of the device.
  • 18. Remove the motherboard
  • 19. Unscrew the 2 screws that secure the cover above the main camera, remove the camera.
  • 20. Unscrew the 3 screws that secure the internal speaker and remove it.
  • 21. Remove the 3 screws that secure the headphone jack.
  • 22. Remove the 4 screws that secure the Lightning port.
  • 23. Unscrew the 2 screws that secure the vibration motor and remove it.

To assemble the device, follow the same instructions in the opposite direction.

How to disassemble iPhone 4s at home?

What screwdrivers are needed to disassemble the iPhone 4s?

For iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 / 5C / 5SE you need a Phillips screwdriver, while iPhone 6/6 Plus / 6S / 6S Plus requires a Phillips screwdriver.

How to replace battery on iPhone 4s?

How to replace iPhone 4S battery at home?

  • Turn off your iPhone 4S. Be sure to turn off your device before performing any repair work.
  • Remove the back cover.
  • Remove battery and ground clamp.
  • Replace battery and install earth clamp.
  • Install the back cover

How to disassemble iPhone 4s?

If you want to remove the iPhone 4S Home button, slide the black latch in the direction shown by the arrow and gently lift the button off the other side of the base. To remove the charging connector, unscrew the two round screws, then carefully remove the long orange ribbon.

How to insert a SIM card into an iPhone 4?

In order to remove or insert a SIM card into the iPhone 4g, you need to have a special key at hand that comes with the phone. If you have lost it, then a paper clip or a needle with a blunt end is suitable for you.

How to open iPhone 4 for SIM card?

To open the SIM card tray, insert a paperclip or SIM eject tool into the hole next to the tray. Push the tool into the iPhone without using excessive force.

How to remove the cover from an iPhone 4 s?

How to remove the back cover of iPhone 4 / 4S?

  • Step two. unscrew the Philips screws at the bottom of the phone.
  • Step three. put your thumbs on the back cover as in the picture
  • And we push forward, it should look something like this:
  • Carefully separate the cover from the phone, voila. you’re done!

How to disassemble iPhone 5.instructions

For most users, the question of how to disassemble the iPhone 5 is of purely academic interest. This is relevant exclusively for employees of service centers. Disassembly with the help of a hammer and some mother (more precisely, the tip of a knife), so beloved by homebrew “masters”, will surely ruin the device.

What you need to disassemble the iPhone 5

The list is short enough:
Pentalobe screwdriver;
Small cross screwdriver;
Suction cup for raising the display;

Iron nerves (considering the cost of the device) and accuracy can be added to the list. The program for the Android firmware is definitely not needed, since the iPhone does not work with this operating system.

IPhone 5 Disassembly Procedure

Unscrew the external screws with a Pentalobe screwdriver.
2. Raise the screen with the suction cup. When disassembling it for the first time, most likely you will have to pry it with something thin, but there is a risk of scratching.
3. Unscrew the screws for securing / protecting the cables.
4. Disconnect the antenna connectors and all cables, remove the display. A plastic spatula is used to work with loops.
5. Unscrew the protection of the cables located on the motherboard, on which the Navitel for iPhone can be installed.
6. Disconnect the battery and remove it. It is glued to the body, so we separate it with a spatula.
7. Unscrew the two screws holding the camera.
8. Disconnect the cables of the microphone, speaker, Lighting connector and headphone output.
9. Remove the antenna cable.
10. Remove the SIM card tray. It is recommended to do this before disassembly, but is required at this stage.
11. At the top of the rear panel, disconnect the cables that connect the motherboard to it.

At the next stage of disassembling the iPhone, you can remove the motherboard.

You can remove the motherboard by disconnecting the interfering cables and unscrewing the screws that hold it.
13. Having unscrewed the two screws securing the camera to the motherboard, remove the camera.
14. Having unscrewed the three retaining vibration screws, remove it.
15. Near the headphone jack, unscrew the screws: two next to it, and one to the right of the bottom cable.

After unscrewing the 4 remaining screws of the lower cable, remove it. That’s all you need to do before disassembling your iPhone.

As you can see, the disassembly process is extremely difficult, so it is highly discouraged to repeat it in whole or in part at home.

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How to disassemble an iPad with your own hands. iPad repair yourself

Continuing the series of materials on how to dispose of a technician from Apple at home, today we will tell you how to get to the “insides” of the iPad tablet.

If in the case of the iPhone, the disassembly process does not differ depending on the model, and after practicing on the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, you can easily disassemble the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, then when disassembling the iPad, the process will slightly differ depending on the year of manufacture. devices.

For example, to detach the iPad 2 screen, you only need a metal spatula, while in later versions of the tablet, the display is glued, and you need a hair dryer to soften the glue.

Of the tools that will be used when disassembling different versions of the iPad, you will need:

  • vacuum suction cups for removing glass surfaces;
  • hairdryer (ordinary household or industrial);
  • Phillips screwdriver (type Ph0x2mm);
  • dielectric plastic spudger;
  • plastic picks (8 pcs.);
  • special metal spatula for removing the front panel and other parts.

To begin removing the iPad 2 screen, just gently pry the screen with a metal spatula around the perimeter. Since the part is not glued, it will easily come off the back. It is important here not to use sudden movements and remember that the screen is connected to the back panel with a ribbon cable.

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After the iPad is split in two, proceed to detaching the components attached to the back of the device. There are not very many parts in the basic configuration of the iPad without 3G support. The first thing that catches your eye is the large battery, which takes up almost all the internal space, and the empty space intended for the 3G module.

The next step is to disconnect the display data cable. This part is removed in two stages: first, the retainer is removed, and then the cable itself is pulled out of the connector.

Next, using a plastic spatula, the connector of the volume buttons, turning on and turning the screen is disconnected.

Disconnecting the motherboard

After that, it was the turn to disconnect the motherboard. It is attached to the rear panel with T4 Torx screws.

The disconnected motherboard is hidden by protective electromagnetic shields, which are quite easy to remove.

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The iPad 2 was equipped with an A4 processor from Samsung. NAND flash module also manufactured by South Korean partner Apple.

In models of mobile gadgets with the Apple logo until 2012, before the iPhone 5, Apple used a wide 30-pin connector. On iPad 2, it is secured with just one screw. Having disconnected the cable, you can see that the WI-FI / Bluetooth 802.11n board is integrated into the part.

remove the speaker module

It is quite large and looks like a component from MacBook Unibody laptops.

Disconnect the battery and other components from the back cover

The next step is to detach the battery from the back cover. It consists of two 3.75 V lithium polymer batteries welded to provide increased capacity.

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After removing the battery, only the antenna located behind the Apple logo and the headphone slot remain on the back cover. To remove the antenna, you need, as in the case of the screen, use a metal spatula.

A few more unscrewed screws, and the headphone slot and microphone will be disconnected from the cover, connected by a single ribbon cable. Interestingly, there is a moisture indicator on the headphone jack. Therefore, if the device stops working properly due to the ingress of water or other liquid, Apple will have a legitimate reason to refuse warranty repairs.

As with the iPhone, with all the details on the back of the iPad sorted out, proceed to unscrewing the monitor from the front. To do this, you will have to unscrew the huge number of small T4 Torx screws around the perimeter of the cover. Next, you need to carefully pry the display and detach it from the plastic frame. It is important to remember here that the parts are glued together, and you need to disconnect them from each other very carefully, without damaging anything.

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At this, the disassembly of the iPad 2 can be considered complete.

Screen capture in iPad 4

IPad 4 and later are not easy to remove.

In subsequent Apple tablet models, the screen is glued, so you will need plastic picks and a hair dryer to remove it. When heating the circuit for attaching the display to the front frame of the gadget, you need to carefully and very carefully peel off the display when the glue softens. To prevent the screen from sticking back, we use picks located around the perimeter of the screen.

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After the glue is fully warmed up and the picks are positioned over the entire surface, use vacuum suction cups to remove the glass. Next, unscrew all the screws that secure the front panel to the back, and detach the screen. Here again, it is important to remember about trains and not to pull anything abruptly.

The subsequent steps are not much different from the disassembly of the previous iPad model, with the exception of a few points.

Disconnecting the motherboard in iPad 4

The main differences between the two devices are the motherboard and the Lightning connector.

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This motherboard model for iPad 4 is based on the A6 processor from the iPhone 5 and has custom ARMv7 cores inside. In the previous model, the chips were protected by metal plates, in this model the A5X chip is welded.

The motherboard also contains:

  • Red chip. A6X with 1.4GHz dual-core processor and four PowerVR graphics cores;
  • Orange = 16GB Hynix Flash.

As for the Lightning connector, it also appeared in the iPhone 5 and replaced the standard 30-pin connector used by Apple in all previous models of its mobile technology.

For greater safety and reliability, the connector is not only screwed to the back cover with a screw, but also glued, so to disconnect it, you will need to use a hairdryer and soften the glue.

Further, the process of detaching the remaining parts and disassembling the screen does not differ from similar actions when disassembling the previous iPad model.

Despite the fact that at first glance it seems very easy to disassemble the iPad at home, we still recommend resorting to self-“picking under the hood of the device” only as a last resort.

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